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Spyware Terminator v2.1.0.285

Vista / Win7 / WinXP
Spyware Terminator can remove spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, and other malware threats, even dangerous threats like WebRebates, Look2Me, BetterInternet, VX2, and CWS. Spyware Terminator requires minimal PC resources and has fast scanning speed. It's features include powerful real-time protection shield, advanced system scanning and safe quarantine for found spyware. You can scan your computer manually or schedule full system sweeps.


Spyware Terminator v2012 Spyware Terminator v2012 Spyware Terminator v2012 Spyware Terminator v2.2.3.444

spyware_terminator spyware terminator spyware terminator adware virus trojan

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 10 Feb 2015
Downloads 14,534
File size 9.13 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win7 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

10 Feb 2015Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.101(Latest stable version)
11 Sep 2012Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.80
08 Sep 2012Spyware Terminator v2012
09 Jul 2012Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.74
28 Mar 2012Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.69
22 Feb 2012Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.61
13 Jan 2012Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.54
23 Nov 2011Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.50
29 Sep 2011Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.45
01 Sep 2011Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.43
27 Nov 2010Spyware Terminator v2.8.2.192
02 Nov 2010Spyware Terminator v2.8.1.188
16 Sep 2010Spyware Terminator v2.8.0.18
10 Jul 2010Spyware Terminator v2.8.0.1 Beta
26 May 2010Spyware Terminator v2.7.2.125
07 May 2010Spyware Terminator v2.7.1.623
04 May 2010Spyware Terminator v2.7.0.260
30 Mar 2010Spyware Terminator v2.6.9.132
25 Mar 2010Spyware Terminator v2.6.8.101 Beta
19 Feb 2010Spyware Terminator v2.6.7.125 Beta
27 Jan 2010Spyware Terminator v2.6.6.196
21 Dec 2009Spyware Terminator v2.6.5.111
18 Nov 2009Spyware Terminator v2.6.4.165
03 Nov 2009Spyware Terminator v2.6.3.592 Beta
15 Oct 2009Spyware Terminator v2.6.2.456
23 Sep 2009Spyware Terminator v2.6.1.239
27 Aug 2009Spyware Terminator v2.6.0.110
29 Jul 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.9.223
02 Jul 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.8.145
25 Jun 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.8.35 Beta
08 Jun 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.7.140
05 Jun 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.7.140 RC
21 May 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.7.126 Beta
24 Mar 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.6.316
17 Feb 2009Spyware Terminator v2.5.5.166
18 Dec 2008Spyware Terminator v2.5.1.028
19 Nov 2008Spyware Terminator v2.5.0.567
24 Oct 2008Spyware Terminator v2.5.0.557 RC
04 Oct 2008Spyware Terminator v2.5.0.543 Beta 2
12 Sep 2008Spyware Terminator v2.5.0.532 Beta
29 Oct 2008Spyware Terminator v2.3.0.507
12 Sep 2008Spyware Terminator v2.3.0.494
31 Aug 2008Spyware Terminator v2.3.0.488
06 Aug 2008Spyware Terminator v2.3.0.487
24 Jul 2008Spyware Terminator v2.3.0.481
03 Jul 2008Spyware Terminator v2.2.3.444
18 Jun 2008Spyware Terminator v2.2.2.438
04 May 2008Spyware Terminator v2.2.1.433
10 Apr 2008Spyware Terminator v2.2.0.411
02 Apr 2008Spyware Terminator v2.2.0.355 Beta
20 Feb 2008Spyware Terminator v2.1.1.314
12 Feb 2008Spyware Terminator v2.1.0.313
31 Jan 2008Spyware Terminator v2.1.0.302 Beta
26 Jan 2008Spyware Terminator v2.1.0.285
27 Sep 2007Spyware Terminator v2.0.1.224
13 Aug 2007Spyware Terminator v2.0.0.193
30 Jul 2007Spyware Terminator v2.0.0.187
12 Jul 2007Spyware Terminator v2.0.0.165 Beta
13 Jun 2007Spyware Terminator v1.9.3.142
08 Jun 2007Spyware Terminator v1.9.2.141
06 Jun 2007Spyware Terminator v1.9.2.140
01 Jun 2007Spyware Terminator v1.9.2.137
23 May 2007Spyware Terminator v1.9.2.134
18 May 2007Spyware Terminator v1.9.2.132
17 May 2007Spyware Terminator v1.9.2.127 Beta
25 Apr 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.7.991
19 Apr 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.6.988
05 Apr 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.5.986
09 Mar 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.4.965
05 Feb 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.3.951
25 Jan 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.2.936
22 Jan 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.1.929
17 Jan 2007Spyware Terminator v1.8.0.925
02 Jan 2007Spyware Terminator v1.7.0.918
13 Dec 2006Spyware Terminator v1.7.0.899
06 Dec 2006Spyware Terminator v1.7.0.883
04 Nov 2006Spyware Terminator v1.5.00.740
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Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.101

Great software!

Unverified new user
Spyware Terminator v3.0.0.80

Got latest version and its huge upgrade from what I remember, its fully working AV, I can only recommend.

29 May 2013
Spyware Terminator v2.2.1.433

i used this for 6 months and it looked good but ended average! it uses an older version of spybot s&d database and has a clever feature to merge av protection aswell with clam!! if it worked.. the realtime shield never remembers your settings and it drives you mad. another problem would be its intrusion and i think it comes with a built in crawler toolbar which is kak and slows your browser down by 20% apprx. i also found my system ran very buggy and after i uninstalled it!! it was fine so that makes me rather suspicious! start up mechanic describes it as "something you should have nothing to do with"

Spyware Terminator v2.1.0.313

Its a very good scanner, but does not remove all threats properly. <br/> <br/>I dont recommend this to anyone. <br/> <br/>I use "Trojan Remover" it works the best, finds and removes ALLL treats. <br/> <br/>Just search "trojan remover" on afterdawn and youll find it. <br/> <br/>30day free trial

Spyware Terminator v2.0.1.224

It works on 98se too!