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Version history for Sublight

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Changes for v5.4.1005 - v5.4.1007

  • fixed Subscene plugin
  • cosmetic updates

Changes for v5.4.1004 - v5.4.1005

  • disabling SubDivx plugin due to high CPU usage

Changes for v5.4.1003 - v5.4.1004

  • removing obsolete subtitle databases
  • •plugin improvements

Changes for v5.4.1002 - v5.4.1003

  • monitored folders functionality now honors recursive search option (batch / advanced options)

Changes for v5.4.1001 - v5.4.1002

  • minor improvements

Changes for v5.4.1000 - v5.4.1001

  • fixing startup crash on some graphics cards

Changes for v5.3.1006 - v5.4.1000

  • faster startup
  • trying to fix startup crash for some users

Changes for v5.3.1005 - v5.3.1006

  • Batch improvement: videos without subtitles are now searched more frequently
  • •other minor improvements

Changes for v5.3.1004 - v5.3.1005

  • Sublight could crash on startup in some cases

Changes for v5.3.1003 - v5.3.1004

  • updated components
  • •compiled with C# 7

Changes for v5.3.1000 - v5.3.1003

  • trying to fix batch download crash which affected some users

Changes for v5.2.1008 - v5.3.1000

  • improvements

Changes for v5.2.1007 - v5.2.1008

  • updated plugin:

Changes for v5.2.1006 - v5.2.1007

  • updated components to newest versions
  • updated translations

Changes for v5.2.1004 - v5.2.1005

  • windows border was not rendered in some cases
  • Dutch support for

Changes for v5.2.1003 - v5.2.1004

  • background poster was not updated
  • •optimizations
  • •updated translations

Changes for v5.2.1002 - v5.2.1003

  • •updated translations
  • •minor improvements

Changes for v5.2.1000 - v5.2.1002

  • updated translations
  • •more improvements
  • Sublight 5.2.1001 - released on 4/13/2016•improved OpenSubtitles plugin

Changes for v5.2.0 - v5.2.1000

  • Monitored folders bugfix: Sublight could occasionally switch to batch mode, even if you didn't use monitored folders at all
  • Chinese translation was added

Changes for v5.0.2010 - v5.1.0

  • fixed Google search
  • •optimizations
  • •minor improvements

Changes for v5.0.2008 - v5.0.2010

  • improved plugin
  • Sublight 5.0.2009 - released on 12/16/2015•
  • updated language pack

Changes for v5.0.2007 - v5.0.2008

  • added new translations
  • •better support for high resolution displays (for example Microsoft Surface tablets)

Changes for v5.0.2006 - v5.0.2007

  • Sublight 'about' page: added Sublight Trophy Case
  • •optimizations
  • •updated translations

Changes for v5.0.2005 - v5.0.2006

  • dark theme is now default for new users
  • •updated translations
  • •optimizations

Changes for v5.0.2004 - v5.0.2005

  • added trending poster on search page

Changes for v5.0.2003 - v5.0.2004

  • added Message Center (Premium users can hide it)
  • added support for promotion codes
  • optimizations

Changes for v5.0.2001 - v5.0.2003

  • search result title grouping (experimental, please send feedback if you think search results are wrong)
  • Sublight 5.0.2002 - released on 8/30/2015
  • •improved title detection
  • •making batch functionality more robust

Changes for v5.0.2000 - v5.0.2001

  • added option to optimize Sublight startup time
  • added new translations

Changes for v5.0.1032 - v5.0.2000

  • application modules moved from top to left (Windows 10 style)
  • •added new green theme
  • •usability improvements
  • •optimizations

Changes for v5.0.1031 - v5.0.1032

  • added integration with (turn on in Sublight settings / watched)

Changes for 5.0.1030 - v5.0.1031

  • improved batch functionality: possible to drag and drop / remove multiple folders at once

Changes for v5.0.1028 - v5.0.1029

  • better handling of previously selected directory in open video file dialog
  • •bug fix: possible double entries in batch log
  • •added Polish translation
  • •updated language icon

Changes for v5.0.1027 - v5.0.1028

  • compiled with C# 6.0
  • •more stable batch download
  • •improved monitored batch download: if subtitle is not yet available at some time it will try to reschedule new search as long as Sublight is running

Changes for v5.0.1021 - v5.0.1022

  • •improved OpenSubtitles plugin

Changes for v5.0.1018 - v5.0.1021

  • improved OpenSubtitles plugin
  • •Sublight Debug window renamed to Sublight Console (you can access it by pressing CTRL + ALT + T)
  • •improved plugin diagnostics
  • Sublight 5.0.1020 - released on 5/30/2015
  • •trial expired message on startup is now displayed only once
  • •added new subtitle provider:

Changes for 5.0.1017 - v5.0.1018

  • users with expired version can now use free version with limited functionality

Changes for v5.0.1015 - v5.0.1016

  • added new plugin:

Changes for v5.0.1013 - v5.0.1015

  • overhauled Google authentications (some users had difficulties)

Changes for v5.0.1012 - v5.0.1013

  • added hearing impaired preference (settings / subtitle priority)
  • •added Norwegian (Bokmål) translation
  • •added Subby mascot glow
  • •optimizations and some other small improvements

Changes for v5.0.1011 - v5.0.1012

  • Added new translations: Catalan, Danish, updated Italian translation

Changes for v5.0.1010 - v5.0.1011

  • added trial mode

Changes for v5.0.1009 - v5.0.1010

  • improved video detection
  • improved plugin diagnostics (CTRL+SHIFT+D)

Changes for v5.0.1005 - v5.0.1006

  • ad support for non premium users
  • disabled Podnapisi.NET plugin due to site renewal

Changes for v5.0.1004 - v5.0.1005

  • Sublight Updater can now use Microsoft BITS technology (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) if needed

Changes for v5.0.1003 - v5.0.1004

  • improved support for KMPlayer
  • added support for SPlayer

Changes for v5.0.1001 - v5.0.1003

  • more reliable 'Feeling Lucky' option from Windows Explorer
  • Sublight 5.0.1002
  • added new batch functionality: batch / monitored folders

Changes for v5.0.1000 - v5.0.1001

  • added batch / advanced options / ignore filenames pattern
  • added feedback link (about tab)

Changes for v4.8.5492 - v5.0.1000

  • version based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Sublight 4.8.5493 - released on 3/14/2015•updater tries to detect if switch to Sublight 5 is possible

Changes for v4.8.5491 - v4.8.5492

  • local settings optimization
  • updated language pack

Changes for v4.8.5490 - v4.8.5491

  • updated language pack

Changes for v4.8.5488 - v4.8.5490

  • •better filtering for TV series from third party providers when searching by video file
  • •progress bar on startup during auto log in
  • v4.8.5489
  • •faster startup
  • •updated language pack

Changes for v4.8.5487 - v4.8.5488

  • 'remember me' functionality now works also for Google authentication
  • •updated language pack

Changes for v4.8.5486 - v4.8.5487

  • updated language pack

Changes for v4.8.5484 - v4.8.5486

  • added batch diagnostics
  • v4.8.5485
  • •Sublight batch bug fix which we introduced in previous version (really sorry for inconvenience)
  • •Sublight batch should now be faster
  • •updated language pack

Changes for v4.8.5483 - v4.8.5484

  • updated language pack

Changes for v4.8.5482 - v4.8.5483

  • upgraded translation framework
  • added partial user interface translation for following languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Slovenian, Spanish

Changes for v4.7.5480 - v4.8.5482

  • included multilingual toolkit (access it with CTRL + SHIFT + E)
  • seen tab: added movie sharing link
  • seen tab: displaying approximate runtime
  • poster settings crashed Sublight
  • darker dialog overlay
  • experimental support for smaller displays

Changes for v4.7.5477 - v4.7.5480

  • improved Addic7ed plugin
  • Sublight 4.7.5479 - released on 1/30/2015
  • •average remote call duration in status bar (users can more easily report how fast/slow their connection is)
  • •main form is disabled during auto login process
  • •minor visual changes
  • Sublight 4.7.5478 - released on 1/29/2015
  • •added connection timeout for third party subtitle providers

Changes for v4.7.5476 - v4.7.5477

  • temporary removed support for very long file paths due to problems on some machines

Changes for v4.6.5475 - v4.7.5476

  • added support for authentication with Google account
  • •added support for very long file paths (longer than 248 characters)

Changes for v4.6.5472 - v4.6.5475

  • subtitles with low ratings are marked with red color
  • •added poster download capability (see 'settings / poster')
  • Sublight 4.6.5474 - released on 1/15/2015•improved Sublight update
  • Sublight 4.6.5473 - released on 1/14/2015•optimizations

Changes for v4.6.5471 - v4.6.5472

  • minor changes to log in and sign up dialogs
  • •bring app to top if application is already running

Changes for v4.6.5467 - v4.6.5470

  • •optimization: Sublight.exe is now more than 30% smaller
  • •optimization: faster application startup
  • •used new open-source C# Roslyn compiler

Changes for v4.6.5461 - v4.6.5467

  • •improved dark theme
  • •improved plugin when searching TV series
  • Sublight 4.6.5465
  • •bugfix: settings were loaded after plugins were initialized
  • Sublight 4.6.5464
  • •faster startup
  • Sublight 4.6.5463
  • •faster application startup by trying to use multi-core JIT compiler (if available)

Changes for v4.5.5458 - v4.6.5461

  • improved dark theme
  • •application themes can now be changed without restart
  • •possible to select dark theme (settings / general / application theme)

Changes for v4.5.5456 - v4.5.5458

  • using newest version of mahapps.metro UI toolkit
  • optimizations

Changes for v4.5.5454 - v4.5.5456

  • optimizations
  • •added new subtitle provider for Russian language (

Changes for v4.5.5453 - v4.5.5454

  • more subtitle providers: (ex-Yugoslavia subtitles), (Swedish subtitles), (Chinese subtitles)

Changes for v4.5.5447 - v4.5.5453

  • improved File Explorer integration

Changes for v4.5.5436 - v4.5.5447

  • Support for 'dir' command line parameter which can search subtitles for first video file found in directory. Example: C:\Program Files\Sublight\Sublight.Loader.exe dir=PATH_TO_VIDEO_DIRECTORY

Changes for v4.5.5434 - v4.5.5436

  • added title reporting link
  • using info from .NFO file if available

Changes for v4.5.5421 - v4.5.5434

  • improved Subscene plugin

Changes for v4.5.5418 - v4.5.5421

  • bugfix: Sublight crashed on saving subtitle if filename contained { } characters
  • Podnapisi.NET is using same new version of hash as Sublight

Changes for v4.5.5410 - v4.5.5418

  • single instance or multiple instance app is now configurable in 'settings / general'

Changes for v4.5.5398 - v4.5.5410

  • auto update improvements

Changes for v4.1.5391 - v4.5.5398

  • phase two of re-architected video detection system
  • when searching subtitles by video: it is now possible to mark subtitle as synced/unsynced for all subtitle databases
  • it is now possible to rate subtitles from all databases (rating will be used to better sort subtitle list)

Changes for v4.1.5386 - v4.1.5391

  • re-architected video detection system (completed phase one of planned big changes in Sublight architecture)
  • optimizations
  • Sublight 4.1.5390
  • foundation for improved recommendation system

Changes for v4.1.5370 - v4.1.5386

  • subtitle is searched if you drop video file to Sublight icon
  • support for webm video format
  • Sublight can now handle corrupted UTF-8 BOM header

Changes for v4.1.5362 - v4.1.5370

  • after some time of using Sublight you will be displayed feedback form which will help us improve Sublight

Changes for v4.1.5347 - v4.1.5362

  • improved IMDb search on publish tab

Changes for v4.1.5341 - v4.1.5347

  • detecting invalid subtitles returned from plugin

Changes for v4.1.5334 - v4.1.5341

  • possible to fine-tune subtitle priority when searching multiple languages (go to settings / subtitle priority)

Changes for v4.1.5330 - v4.1.5334

  • much faster initial login

Changes for v4.0.5323 - v4.1.5330

  • more robust batch search
  • adding folders on batch tab: now using modern folder selection dialog on Windows Vista and newer
  • Podnapisi.NET bugfix: login did not work if you used special characters in your password
  • optimizations

Changes for v4.0.5315 - v4.0.5323

  • Sublight is now using Microsoft Async framework for better user experience (easier multitasking and parallelism)
  • search speed optimizations and third party timeout lowered from 15 seconds to just 5 seconds (you can change this in settings)
  • (please report any issues)

Changes for v4.0.5250 - v4.0.5315

  • more user friendly error message for external subtitle download problem
  • third party subtitle provider improvements
  • application toolbar is now by default fully visible (it can be collapsed, new state is remembered)
  • improved window manager
  • slightly updated icons

Changes for v4.0.5222 - v4.0.5250

  • added support for database (you can turn it on in 'settings / plugins' + click 'save' button)

Changes for v4.0.5208 - v4.0.5222

  • updated share icon
  • optimized resources
  • changed color of title bar buttons
  • using progress ring when search is active

Changes for v4.0.5194 - v4.0.5208

  • batch tab: asynchronous folder loading
  • optimizations

Changes for v4.0.5188 - v4.0.5194

  • about tab: added approximate information about saved time
  • better title detection

Changes for v4.0.5167 - v4.0.5172

  • slightly smaller executable
  • welcome dialog animation

Changes for v4.0.5153 - v4.0.5167

  • cosmetic changes: toolbar is now blue with white buttons

Changes for v4.0.5146 - v4.0.5153

  • more robust Podnapisi.NET plugin

Changes for v4.0.5139 - v4.0.5146

  • updated Metro UI component
  • minor UI updates
  • share dialog: send us link and you will receive bonus points

Changes for v4.0.5118 - v4.0.5139

  • added smart phone authentication

Changes for v4.0.5116 - v4.0.5118

  • introducing powerful new SublightCmd parameter /tryEnsureLanguages and GUI support in Sublight (added checkboxes in batch / language priority)

Changes for v4.0.5097 - v4.0.5116

  • bug fix: subtitle should now be named correctly if searching for new subtitles while downloading previous one
  • improved VLC subtitle encoding support (providing --subsdec-encoding command line parameter)
  • better messages on register user dialog and login dialog
  • help overlay dialog for new users
  • more visible message when subtitles not found
  • fixed some font sizes

Changes for v4.0.5079 - v4.0.5097

  • updated Metro UI component

Changes for v4.0.5061 - v4.0.5079

  • ad displayed to non premium users

Changes for v4.0.4997 - v4.0.5061

  • updated UI component

Changes for v4.0.4991 - v4.0.4997

  • possible to deactivate account (settings / user profile)
  • countdown is displayed when searching long-running third party provider

Changes for v4.0.4984 - v4.0.4991

  • possible to cancel long-running third party search

Changes for v4.0.4981 - v4.0.4984

  • animated splash screen

Changes for v4.0.48832 beta - v4.0.4981

  • much faster grid performance

Changes for v4.0.4881 beta - v4.0.4882 beta

  • fixed batch download
  • batch tab: added "recursive search" and "log level" option

Changes for v4.0.4878 beta - v4.0.4880 beta

  • batch download has limited functionality for non premium users
  • batch tab: added advanced options
  • web proxy support (from "sign in" dialog)
  • settings tab: added subtitle settings
  • subtitle rating is now displayed (if available)
  • displaying "valid until" date for purchased points

Changes for v3.6.5 - v4.0.4878 beta

  • settings tab / video player: PotPlayer support
  • settings tab / video player: custom player support
  • about tab: added change log link, updated image
  • optimizations and minor improvements

Changes for v3.6.2 - v3.6.5

  • rare bug fix: users with Thai Buddha calendar had problem while logging in
  • invite only support: when user logs out application will no longer close
  • updated list color scheme
  • optimizations

Changes for v3.6.0 - v3.6.2

  • added Polish translation
  • bug fix: subtitle editor did not open

Changes for v3.5.2 - v3.6.0

  • optimization: much faster video file hashing from network shares
  • drag&drop support for "Batch Download" folders list
  • unified simple and standard view
  • minor bug fixes

Changes for v3.5.1 - v3.5.2

  • batch download: added refresh files button and additional improvements

Changes for v3.3.0 - v3.5.1

  • improved subtitle naming, added templates
  • added "Selected Subtitle" context tab
  • added subtitle provider logo
  • improved auto suggest on manual search
  • "My Movies" tab was replaced with "Batch Download"
  • no need to install .NET Framework 2 if .NET Framework 4 is available (ready for Windows 8)
  • optimizations and faster startup (in some cases up to 50% faster startup)
  • added Chinese translation (thanks to Alvin Liu -
  • some users with .NET Framework Client Profile experienced difficulties with plugins

Changes for v3.2.0 - v3.3.0

  • Search Subtitles tab: added subtitle release name match flag
  • Publish tab: added subtitle language auto detection
  • Publish tab: better visual notification of missing required field
  • Google Chrome like notification for some messages
  • updated SublightCmd

Changes for v3.1.0 - v3.2.0

  • support for advanced file naming (using script)
  • translations are now read from human readable XML format (previously in binary DLL files)
  • simplified wizard for subtitle language selection
  • saving settings does not elevate privileges when not required
  • added new option in Windows Explorer context menu: Play with Sublight (I'm Feeling Lucky)
  • removed proxy settings because Sublight is now using system proxy (used also by Internet Explorer)
  • primary domain updated to
  • updated Subtitle Edit Light (thanks to main developer of Subtitle Edit -
  • blog news notification moved to quick access toolbar (email icon)
  • added super fast splash window
  • optimizations

Changes for v3.0.0 - v3.1.0

  • faster startup
  • advanced filtering and sorting of search results
  • loading MRU items could block application if file did not exist anymore
  • settings: added scrollbars if needed
  • more responsive application when user cancels plugin search
  • better handling of long release names
  • plugin settings: it is now possible to define search timeout
  • plugins support hearing impaired flag
  • included SublightCmd 2.0
  • other minor improvements

Changes for v2.7.1 - v3.0.0

  • included simplified version of Subtitle Edit project for easy subtitle editing (
  • added "Air Dates" button
  • added subtitle provider (thanks to admin)
  • optimizations

Changes for v2.7.0 - v2.7.1

  • Sublight Mini improvements

Changes for v2.6.9 - v2.7.0

  • introducing Sublight Mini (very fast application for Windows Explorer integration)
  • fixed some visual bugs
  • bug fix: subtitle details image could sometimes throw exception and red rectangle would be drawn
  • other minor improvements

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