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Sublight v4.8.5492

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Sublight is a software that enables you to search for movie subtitles and download them to your computer. It can search for subtitles based on several criteria such as movie title, year and more. The results are presented in list from where you can preview and download the title you want. Other features include playback integration with several popular media players, publishing of subtitles and optional Windows Explorer integration.

  • access to over million subtitles
  • autodetects over 100,000 movies and tv series
  • Office 2010 look and feel with Ribbon user interface
  • Sublight is currently translated to 19 languages
  • supports 46 subtitle languages
  • plugin support for accessing subtitles from different sources
  • user can choose default subtitle encoding (ANSI, custom code page, UTF-8, Unicode)
  • movie playback with subtitle support with double click
  • possible to play RAR compressed video files
  • possible to publish new subtitles
  • simple subtitle editor
  • subtitle synchronization
  • users can preview subtitle before download
  • possible to view new/favorite subtitles
  • includes "My Movies" library
  • supports 9 favorite video players
  • possible to integrate subtitle search in Windows Explorer
  • users can vote/report subtitles
  • includes cross-platform tool SublightCmd for batch subtitle download (advanced users)
  • and much more...

    Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or later required
  • Screenshots:

    Sublight v4.5.5434 Sublight v4.5.5434 Sublight v4.5.5434

    Other editions:

    sublight search download movie subs subtitles synchronization

    License type Freeware1
    Author's homepage Visit the author's site
    Date added 17 Mar 2018
    Downloads 13,513
    File size 607.71 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
    Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch
    Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

    1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

    17 Mar 2018Sublight v5.4.1007(Latest stable version)
    25 Nov 2017Sublight v5.4.1005
    25 Nov 2017Sublight v5.4.1004
    20 Aug 2017Sublight v5.4.1003
    29 Jun 2017Sublight v5.4.1002
    31 May 2017Sublight v5.4.1001
    17 May 2017Sublight v5.4.1000
    22 Apr 2017Sublight v5.3.1006
    19 Apr 2017Sublight v5.3.1005
    16 Apr 2017Sublight v5.3.1004
    01 Apr 2017Sublight v5.3.1003
    18 Mar 2017Sublight v5.3.1000
    05 Mar 2017Sublight v5.2.1008
    16 Feb 2017Sublight v5.2.1007
    06 Dec 2016Sublight v5.2.1006
    27 Oct 2016Sublight v5.2.1005
    16 Oct 2016Sublight v5.2.1004
    24 Jun 2016Sublight v5.2.1003
    22 Apr 2016Sublight v5.2.1002
    13 Mar 2016Sublight v5.2.1000
    29 Jan 2016Sublight v5.2.0
    24 Jan 2016Sublight v5.1.0
    05 Jan 2016Sublight v5.0.2010
    10 Nov 2015Sublight v5.0.2008
    12 Oct 2015Sublight v5.0.2007
    08 Oct 2015Sublight v5.0.2006
    29 Sep 2015Sublight v5.0.2005
    19 Sep 2015Sublight v5.0.2004
    31 Aug 2015Sublight v5.0.2003
    23 Aug 2015Sublight v5.0.2001
    18 Aug 2015Sublight v5.0.2000
    08 Aug 2015Sublight v5.0.1032
    04 Aug 2015Sublight v5.0.1031
    01 Aug 2015Sublight v5.0.1029
    31 Jul 2015Sublight v5.0.1028
    20 Jun 2015Sublight v5.0.1022
    31 May 2015Sublight v5.0.1021
    29 May 2015Sublight v5.0.1018
    24 May 2015Sublight v5.0.1016
    16 May 2015Sublight v5.0.1015
    01 May 2015Sublight v5.0.1013
    28 Apr 2015Sublight v5.0.1012
    27 Apr 2015Sublight v5.0.1011
    13 Apr 2015Sublight v5.0.1010
    04 Apr 2015Sublight v5.0.1006
    01 Apr 2015Sublight v5.0.1005
    30 Mar 2015Sublight v5.0.1004
    24 Mar 2015Sublight v5.0.1003
    21 Mar 2015Sublight v5.0.1001
    14 Mar 2015Sublight v5.0.1000
    13 Mar 2015Sublight v4.8.5492
    12 Mar 2015Sublight v4.8.5491
    08 Mar 2015Sublight v4.8.5490
    06 Mar 2015Sublight v4.8.5488
    04 Mar 2015Sublight v4.8.5487
    26 Feb 2015Sublight v4.8.5486
    22 Feb 2015Sublight v4.8.5484
    15 Feb 2015Sublight v4.8.5483
    08 Feb 2015Sublight v4.8.5482
    02 Feb 2015Sublight v4.7.5480
    29 Jan 2015Sublight v4.7.5477
    25 Jan 2015Sublight v4.7.5476
    18 Jan 2015Sublight v4.6.5475
    11 Jan 2015Sublight v4.6.5472
    04 Jan 2015Sublight v4.6.5471
    26 Dec 2014Sublight v4.6.5470
    24 Dec 2014Sublight v4.6.5467
    14 Dec 2014Sublight v4.6.5461
    13 Dec 2014Sublight v4.5.5458
    10 Dec 2014Sublight v4.5.5456
    08 Dec 2014Sublight v4.5.5454
    06 Dec 2014Sublight v4.5.5453
    01 Dec 2014Sublight v4.5.5447
    20 Nov 2014Sublight v4.5.5436
    18 Nov 2014Sublight v4.5.5434
    06 Nov 2014Sublight v4.5.5421
    01 Nov 2014Sublight v4.5.5418
    25 Oct 2014Sublight v4.5.5410
    13 Oct 2014Sublight v4.5.5398
    06 Oct 2014Sublight v4.1.5391
    30 Sep 2014Sublight v4.1.5386
    14 Sep 2014Sublight v4.1.5370
    06 Sep 2014Sublight v4.1.5362
    23 Aug 2014Sublight v4.1.5347
    16 Aug 2014Sublight v4.1.5341
    10 Aug 2014Sublight v4.1.5334
    05 Aug 2014Sublight v4.1.5330
    30 Jul 2014Sublight v4.0.5323
    22 Jul 2014Sublight v4.0.5315
    22 May 2014Sublight v4.0.5250
    22 Apr 2014Sublight v4.0.5222
    06 Apr 2014Sublight v4.0.5208
    24 Mar 2014Sublight v4.0.5194
    16 Mar 2014Sublight v4.0.5188
    05 Mar 2014Sublight v4.0.5172
    23 Feb 2014Sublight v4.0.5167
    09 Feb 2014Sublight v4.0.5153
    03 Feb 2014Sublight v4.0.5146
    26 Jan 2014Sublight v4.0.5139
    05 Jan 2014Sublight v4.0.5118
    04 Jan 2014Sublight v4.0.5116
    15 Dec 2013Sublight v4.0.5097
    28 Nov 2013Sublight v4.0.5079
    09 Nov 2013Sublight v4.0.5061
    07 Sep 2013Sublight v4.0.4997
    01 Sep 2013Sublight v4.0.4991
    24 Aug 2013Sublight v4.0.4984
    21 Aug 2013Sublight v4.0.4981
    15 May 2013Sublight v4.0.48832 beta
    14 May 2013Sublight v4.0.4882 beta
    13 May 2013Sublight v4.0.4881 beta
    13 May 2013Sublight v4.0.4880 beta
    10 May 2013Sublight v4.0.4878 beta
    04 May 2013Sublight v4.0 preview
    13 Nov 2012Sublight v3.6.5
    13 Aug 2012Sublight v3.6.2
    19 Jun 2012Sublight v3.6.0
    09 May 2012Sublight v3.5.2
    03 May 2012Sublight v3.5.1
    18 Mar 2012Sublight v3.3.0
    05 Mar 2012Sublight v3.2.0
    30 Jan 2012Sublight v3.1.0
    17 Aug 2011Sublight v3.0.0
    18 May 2011Sublight v2.7.1
    02 May 2011Sublight v2.7.0
    27 Apr 2011Sublight v2.6.9
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    Sublight v5.0.1011

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