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More than 2 years ago

EA, Zynga settle plagiarism case out of court (16 Feb 2013)

Facebook 'Like' button is subject of patent lawsuit (11 Feb 2013)

Apple's Tim Cook didn't want Samsung lawsuits, but Steve Jobs did (10 Feb 2013)

Apple fights alone as Justice Dept settles e-book case with Macmillan (10 Feb 2013)

Apple's Samsung complaint will get final ruling from ITC in August (07 Feb 2013)

Google not responsible for advertiser messages, Australian court rules (06 Feb 2013)

State Supreme Court backs Apple in credit card payments lawsuit (05 Feb 2013)

U.S. court won't fast track Apple appeal seeking ban of Samsung device sales (05 Feb 2013)

Samsung and LG settle display patent dispute (05 Feb 2013)

Microsoft sued over patents related to search (03 Feb 2013)

Google settles with French book publishers (02 Feb 2013)

Judge: Samsung did not willfully infringe Apple patents (31 Jan 2013)

CEA: "AutoHop" is protected tech (27 Jan 2013)

Sony settles its breach of contract suit against 'Kevin Butler' actor (20 Jan 2013)

AMD claims former managers stole secrets, before joining Nvidia (16 Jan 2013)

Google settles FTC anti-trust case (04 Jan 2013)

Apple drops Galaxy S III Mini from patent lawsuit (30 Dec 2012)

Pinterest sued (30 Dec 2012)

Apple must pay $165,000 to Chinese writers (30 Dec 2012)

LG seeking an injunction on Samsung tablet sales in Korea (29 Dec 2012)

RIM pays Nokia $65 million in first patent licensing payment (29 Dec 2012)

Marvell looking to void patent verdict (27 Dec 2012)

Marvell loses massive patent case (27 Dec 2012)

Instagram sees class action lawsuit over ToS changes (24 Dec 2012)

Kim Dotcom extradition trial pushed until August (23 Dec 2012)

U.S. and Russia to team up to fight IP violations (23 Dec 2012)

Kodak sells patent portfolio for $525 million (20 Dec 2012)

Apple denied injunction on Samsung products (18 Dec 2012)

How the ITU is leading the way to the 20th century (05 Dec 2012)

Nokia wins patent case against RIM (28 Nov 2012)

Ericsson files patent lawsuit against Samsung (28 Nov 2012)

Apple must spill details on HTC settlement to Samsung (24 Nov 2012)

HTC bashes reports of Apple settlement estimates (21 Nov 2012)

New Senate bill lets government read your emails without warrant (21 Nov 2012)

Microsoft sued over Surface tablet internal storage claims (15 Nov 2012)

Apple to get $8 per HTC phone sold with new agreement? (12 Nov 2012)

HTC settles with Apple, start 10-year licensing agreement (11 Nov 2012)

Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $368 million over patents (08 Nov 2012)

Apple must re-write Samsung apology within 48 hours (02 Nov 2012)

Microsoft sued over Windows 8 Live Tiles (01 Nov 2012)

Megaupload case: Hold the government accountable! (31 Oct 2012)

EFF backs Aereo N.Y. TV service in appeals court (29 Oct 2012)

Ceglia charged for scheme to defraud Facebook (26 Oct 2012)

Apple posts 'apology' to Samsung on UK website (26 Oct 2012)

Samsung infringed Apple patents: ITC judge (24 Oct 2012)

Apple patents ruled invalid in U.S. (24 Oct 2012)

EU won't investigate Windows 8/RT browser complaints (24 Oct 2012)

Dutch court: Apple patent not infringed by Samsung (24 Oct 2012)

Nintendo prevails in 'exercise system patent' case (22 Oct 2012)

Bridgestone sued by Sony over Kevin Butler character (08 Oct 2012)

Japanese downloaders can now face prison time (02 Oct 2012)

Motorola Mobility loses appeal in their Xbox software lawsuit against Microsoft (01 Oct 2012)

California governor signs bill to block employers from asking for social networking passwords (29 Sep 2012)

Toys R Us sued over new kids tablet (26 Sep 2012)

Swiss Rail accuses Apple of stealing clock design (22 Sep 2012)

Label Century Media sues music downloaders (19 Sep 2012)

Canadian carriers Rogers, Bell, and Telus sued over misleading ads (16 Sep 2012)

Feds seeking $1 billion from price-fixing LCD maker (13 Sep 2012)

Apple injunction case against Samsung will begin in December (31 Aug 2012)

Apple loses patent case to Samsung in Japan (31 Aug 2012)

Samsung posts internal memo regarding loss to Apple (28 Aug 2012)

Scoblelizer: Samsung loss to Apple actually a victory (27 Aug 2012)

Tim Cook's memo to employees following Samsung verdict (25 Aug 2012)

Apple wants injunctions on Samsung products, Samsung responds (25 Aug 2012)

Samsung owes Apple $1.05 billion after patent victory (25 Aug 2012)

Judge does not approve Facebook 'sponsored stories' settlement (19 Aug 2012)

Oracle paid two bloggers during trial against Google (19 Aug 2012)

University in Taiwan sues Apple over Siri-related patents (30 Jul 2012)

EU looking into optical drive makers dubbed a cartel (24 Jul 2012)

ITC tosses out Kodak patent case against RIM, Apple (23 Jul 2012)

Patent troll sues creator of 'Minecraft' (22 Jul 2012)

EU begins browser antitrust investigation of Microsoft (17 Jul 2012)

Apple is involved in 60 percent of all mobile patent suits (13 Jul 2012)

LG, Toshiba will settle in display panel price-fixing case (13 Jul 2012)

Samsung forced to remove 'universal search' from GS III (13 Jul 2012)

Apple settles with Chinese company over iPad trademark (02 Jul 2012)

Judge rules against Apple in Motorola case (23 Jun 2012)

Apple, book publisher price fixing trial set for 2013 (23 Jun 2012)

Sprint to pay $19 million to settle MMS case (21 Jun 2012)

Facebook settles privacy suit for $10 million (17 Jun 2012)

Student guilty of copyright infringement for running subtitle site (10 Jun 2012)

Apple settles over misleading iPad 4G advertising in Australia (08 Jun 2012)

Samsung, Apple talks fail to reach compromise (24 May 2012)

Jury decides against Oracle in Google case (23 May 2012)

ITC: Apple, RIM not violating Kodak patent (23 May 2012)

Supreme Court declines petition from doctorate student sued by RIAA (22 May 2012)

Samsung, Apple CEOs to talk in court on Monday (21 May 2012)

Apple seeks Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban in U.S. (20 May 2012)

UK gov websites to miss cookie regulations target (20 May 2012)

Facebook targeted in new Privacy lawsuit (19 May 2012)

Simon & Schuster settle in ebook price fixing case (18 May 2012)

Iran threatens to sue Google over Google Maps (18 May 2012)

Appeals court revives Apple patent claim against Samsung (15 May 2012)

MP3Tunes files for bankruptcy (11 May 2012)

British court dismisses Nokia patent appeal (10 May 2012)

Net Neutrality law passes in Netherlands (09 May 2012)

U.S. judge doubts IP addresses can identify pirates (09 May 2012)

U.S. judge throws out Proview iPad lawsuit (09 May 2012)

Judge won't clear Motorola to enforce Xbox ban in Germany (08 May 2012)

Apple in dispute over (08 May 2012)

Perfect 10 sues Tumblr over alleged piracy (08 May 2012)

Google's Android infringes Oracle copyrights, says Jury (07 May 2012)

Man sues Apple for $5 million after being charged for $1.29 song twice (06 May 2012)

Legal fees starting to pile up for Paul Ceglia in Facebook ownership case (05 May 2012)

Nokia sued by angry investors (05 May 2012)

Judge says Android lost Google money throughout 2010 (03 May 2012)

Microsoft ordered to remove Xbox 360 and Windows 7 from Germany (03 May 2012)

Microsoft drops support for CISPA (29 Apr 2012)

Apple, Samsung battle reaches 50 lawsuits (28 Apr 2012)

Yahoo adds new patents to lawsuit against Facebook (28 Apr 2012)

Uh-oh: House of Reps passes CISPA (26 Apr 2012)

Nokia loses German patent case (22 Apr 2012)

Samsung and Apple CEOs ordered to meet (18 Apr 2012)

U.S. files antitrust suit against Apple, major book publishers (11 Apr 2012)

28 companies sign up for new 'SOPA,' CISPA (10 Apr 2012)

Facebook countersues Yahoo (04 Apr 2012)

Google offered to pay Oracle revenue from Android, was rebuffed (29 Mar 2012)

Hasbro denied sales injunction in 'Transformer Prime' riff with Asus (28 Mar 2012)

Lady walks into Apple glass door, sues for $1 million (26 Mar 2012)

Minnesota school district sued for Facebook search (13 Mar 2012)

Yahoo sues Facebook for patent infringement (13 Mar 2012)

Aereo countersues the major broadcasters (13 Mar 2012)

Feds: Hacker 'Sabu' also sold drugs, was being evicted (10 Mar 2012)

Proview Shenzen tells distributors to stop iPad sales in China (10 Mar 2012)

EFF warns about vague cybersecurity bill in Congress (10 Mar 2012)

Apple can't continue pursuing patent claims against Kodak (10 Mar 2012)

Apple, book publishers threatened with lawsuit by DoJ (08 Mar 2012)

Samsung files another lawsuit against Apple (08 Mar 2012)

Google sued by man caught peeing in Google Street View (02 Mar 2012)

U.S. broadcasters sue Internet TV firm Aereo (02 Mar 2012)

Yahoo threatens Facebook over IP licensing (28 Feb 2012)

'Conan the Barbarian' downloaders beware, studio starts mass lawsuit (28 Feb 2012)

Proview sues Apple in the U.S. (25 Feb 2012)

Kim Dotcom released on bail, apparently no longer a flight risk (22 Feb 2012)

President of EU Parliament speaks out against ACTA (14 Feb 2012)

Apple now going after Samsung in the U.S. (13 Feb 2012)

Netflix settles lawsuit for $9 million (13 Feb 2012)

U.S. DOJ to clear Nortel patent purchase (09 Feb 2012)

People in former dictatorships take the lead in ACTA fight (07 Feb 2012)

Slovenian ambassador apologizes for signing ACTA (05 Feb 2012)

Is ACTA a foregone conclusion or will it meet SOPA's fate? (03 Feb 2012)

French judge says free Google maps are anticompetitive and illegal (02 Feb 2012)

Samsung wins initial battle to avoid German ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1N (02 Feb 2012)

AP: Megaupload data will soon be deleted (31 Jan 2012)

Megauploader users to sue U.S. over lost files (28 Jan 2012)

Jimmy Wales says the MPAA should fire Chris Dodd (25 Jan 2012)

The Pirate Bay says they are like early Hollywood pirates (23 Jan 2012)

US advocacy group lobbies European Commission to block Google's Motorola buyout (23 Jan 2012)

Olympus to be sued by shareholders over fraud (22 Jan 2012)

Apple sues Samsung for patent violation in Galaxy Nexus (21 Jan 2012)

SOPA and PIPA: Bills postponed indefinitely (21 Jan 2012)

Netflix facing new lawsuit over 'misleading statements' to investors (18 Jan 2012)

Wikipedia joins January 18 SOPA/PIPA protest (16 Jan 2012)

Apple fails to convince ITC to ban Motorola smatphones in the US (16 Jan 2012)

White House opposes key SOPA provisions but promises future anti-piracy law (15 Jan 2012)

UK judge okays extradition of college student for copyright infringement case (14 Jan 2012)

CD Projekt RED drops their harsh anti-piracy stance (13 Jan 2012)

Artists are doing better than ever according to the US Labor Department (12 Jan 2012)

Congressman asks gaming community to take action against SOPA (12 Jan 2012)

Reddit to go dark for 12 hours in protest of SOPA/PIPA (11 Jan 2012)

Influential US legislator bows to Reddit pressure and speaks out against SOPA (09 Jan 2012)

Finnish ISP forced to block The Pirate Bay (09 Jan 2012)

Major League Gaming pulls over 100 domains from GoDaddy (05 Jan 2012)

GoDaddy customers transfer more than 32,000 domains in 36 hours (30 Dec 2011)

Internet activists take aim at legislators pushing SOPA (30 Dec 2011)

Google wins a small victory against Oracle as parts of one patent are invalidated (29 Dec 2011)

Apple fined in Italy over misleading guarantees (28 Dec 2011)

GoDaddy continues backpedalling on SOPA support as domain name exodus continues (27 Dec 2011)

Latest Apple patent covers in-call multitasking - get ready for the lawsuits (22 Dec 2011)

As expected, Hasbro sues Asus over 'Transformer Prime' name (22 Dec 2011)

HTC fix to avoid US smartphone ban already being tested (21 Dec 2011)

Sony sued over lawsuit provision of PSN service agreement (21 Dec 2011)

RIAA and Homeland Security the latest organizations accused of illegal downloading (21 Dec 2011)

Senators ask FTC to investigate Google (20 Dec 2011)

Irish ISP's 3 strikes plan shot down by Data Protection Commissioner (20 Dec 2011)

Apple wins ban of HTC smartphones in the US - or maybe not (20 Dec 2011)

BT sues Google over Android Market, Maps, Search, Plus and Offers (19 Dec 2011)

Jury deadlocked in Novell suit against Microsoft (19 Dec 2011)

Carriers and handset vendors provide senator information about Carrier IQ deployment (19 Dec 2011)

UMG takes down Megaupload video then claims they did nothing wrong (16 Dec 2011)

HTC: ITC postponed ruling in Apple lawsuit (14 Dec 2011)

Sony 'OtherOS' lawsuit dismissed in U.S. (14 Dec 2011)

C Spire, Sprint lawsuits against AT&T gets delayed (13 Dec 2011)

Wikipedia may stage a protest against SOPA (13 Dec 2011)

AT&T / T-Mobile antitrust case on hold as they decide whether to give up on buyout (13 Dec 2011)

Legislators want your input on OPEN, an alternative to SOPA (13 Dec 2011)

Members of Congress start digging for details of blog seizure (12 Dec 2011)

Judge sceptical of AT&T's focus on DoJ trial (11 Dec 2011)

Motorola wins Apple patent case in Germany (10 Dec 2011)

Entrepeneurs, investors, and others join forces to protect tech industry from threats like SOPA (09 Dec 2011)

Google, Amazon, and others sued for infringing on cloud computing and search patents (09 Dec 2011)

RIAA spokeswoman attempts to rewrite history claiming file sharing lawsuits succeeded (08 Dec 2011)

Chinese court rules against Apple in 'iPad' case (08 Dec 2011)

IPCom demands retailers halt HTC sales in Germany (08 Dec 2011)

Public Knowledge requests DMCA exemption for format shifting DVD content (07 Dec 2011)

Kaspersky to drop Business Software Alliance membership over SOPA backing (06 Dec 2011)

Apple expert claims iPhone and iPad designs aren't primarily functional (06 Dec 2011)

US proposal to free additional wireless spectrum could impact DTV broadcasts (06 Dec 2011)

Non-profit CEO fears SOPA's affect on the disabled (06 Dec 2011)

Sunlight Foundation shows entertainment industry donated tens of millions to SOPA/PIPA sponsors (05 Dec 2011)

AT&T blasts FCC staff report (04 Dec 2011)

Apple loses - Judge refuses to ban Samsung Galaxy tablet (03 Dec 2011)

Dutch royalty collection executive forced to resign in extortion scandal (02 Dec 2011)

Carrier IQ hit with its first class-action lawsuit (02 Dec 2011)

Samsung Galaxy tab ban extended in Australia (02 Dec 2011)

FCC grants AT&T / T-Mobile approval withdrawal (30 Nov 2011)

Facebook reaches settlement with FTC (30 Nov 2011)

EU to harmonize data protection laws (29 Nov 2011)

IPCom pushes for HTC sales halt in Germany (28 Nov 2011)

Appeals judge questions Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban in Australia (25 Nov 2011)

Lawsuit over iPhone Jew app is dropped (24 Nov 2011)

ECJ: ISPs can't be forced to adopt piracy filters (24 Nov 2011)

Grooveshark: Universal lawsuit claims are blatantly false (24 Nov 2011)

HTC loses patent battle to Apple (22 Nov 2011)

ICANN sued over .XXX domains (18 Nov 2011)

Internet entrepeneur sues CNET for distributing P2P software (16 Nov 2011)

UMG sues insurance company to reimburse them for back royalties (16 Nov 2011)

Over 100 law professors protest SOPA / E-PARASITE bill (16 Nov 2011)

European Parliament refuses to disclose legal opinion on ACTA (15 Nov 2011)

RIAA threats against ReDigi show why copyright law doesn't work for digital content (15 Nov 2011)

Samsung gets expedited trial date in Australia, will not seek iPhone ban in South Korea (15 Nov 2011)

Warner Brothers blames faulty DMCA takedowns on their computers (14 Nov 2011)

EMI sale might not pass regulatory muster in Europe (12 Nov 2011)

Senate votes down anti-net neutrality resolution (11 Nov 2011)

Barnes & Noble complains to DOJ about Microsoft patent shakedowns (11 Nov 2011)

President Obama vows to defend FCC net neutrality rules (09 Nov 2011)

Patent troll sues Apple for a second time (09 Nov 2011)

Senators push resolution opposing FCC net neutrality rules (08 Nov 2011)

Chuck D royalty lawsuit could make it hard to sell EMI (07 Nov 2011)

Google patent attorney says Microsoft sues when they fail in the market (07 Nov 2011)

Apple faces German iPhone / iPad ban (07 Nov 2011)

Chuck D reveals record label accounting in download royalty lawsuit (05 Nov 2011)

Judge agrees with himself instead of EMI in MP3Tunes case (04 Nov 2011)

MPAA / RIAA report says they're doing just fine (04 Nov 2011)

European Commission jumps into Apple / Samsung patent fight (04 Nov 2011)

Judge says Sprint and C-Spire lawsuits to block AT&T / T-Mobile deal can proceed (03 Nov 2011)

Spanish tablet maker asks for antitrust investigation of Apple (02 Nov 2011)

Samsung demands to see Apple source code in Australian patent suit (01 Nov 2011)

New E-PARASITE Act would gut DMCA protections (27 Oct 2011)

Appeal of Australian Galaxy Tab ban to be expedited, Italian iPhone 4S ban not so much (27 Oct 2011)

Apple continues to collect touchscreen patents (27 Oct 2011)

RIM hit with trademark lawsuit over new BlackBerry operating system (25 Oct 2011)

Microsoft signs yet another Android licensing agreement (24 Oct 2011)

UK legislators propose changes to defamation law to protect website operators (21 Oct 2011)

RIM sued for trademark infringement for BBX OS (21 Oct 2011)

French 3 strikes law used in another email scam (20 Oct 2011)

Could the Galaxy Nexus replace the Galaxy S II? (20 Oct 2011)

Video: Senator Ron Wyden explains his opposition to PROTECT IP (19 Oct 2011)

Bill Gates to defend Microsoft in one final Windows 95 antitrust suit (19 Oct 2011)

Viacom begins appeal of YouTube ruling (18 Oct 2011)

ITC denies HTC request for US ban on Apple products (18 Oct 2011)

Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available to Australians despite last week's ban (17 Oct 2011)

Samsung sues Apple to halt iPhone 4S sales (17 Oct 2011)

Samsung denied iPhone 4S ban in Netherlands (14 Oct 2011)

FCC wants answers about job claims before approving AT&T purchase of T-Mobile (14 Oct 2011)

US Senator demands congressional oversight of ACTA (13 Oct 2011)

FCC chairman announces plan to increase broadband availability in US (07 Oct 2011)

Ruling on Galaxy Tab ban in Australia likely next week (07 Oct 2011)

Samsung is challenging iPad design protection in Europe (05 Oct 2011)

Supreme Court decides not to hear ASCAP appeal for download royalties (05 Oct 2011)

Samsung to file for iPhone 4S ban in France and Italy (05 Oct 2011)

Apple says no deal to Samsung in Australian patent suit (04 Oct 2011)

ACTA would allow copyright holders to veto new technology (03 Oct 2011)

22,000 alleged 'Hurt Locker' pirates are let off the hook (02 Oct 2011)

AT&T tries to get antitrust suits from competing carriers thrown out (30 Sep 2011)

Verizon sues FCC over net neutrality rules (30 Sep 2011)

Samsung offers Apple a settlement in Australian patent suit (30 Sep 2011)

Another patent troll sues Nintendo over Wii remote (30 Sep 2011)

Will Samsung's patent deal with Microsoft protect them from Apple? (29 Sep 2011)

Google wins battle to submit bid for US government cloud services (29 Sep 2011)

Free Press sues FCC alleging discrimination against mobile Internet users (29 Sep 2011)

DOJ asks for more information in review of Google / Motorola Mobility deal (29 Sep 2011)

Apple loses bid to trademark term 'multi-touch' (28 Sep 2011)

Secretly negotiated intellectual property treaty, ACTA, to be signed October 1 (27 Sep 2011)

Controversial FCC net neutrality rules to take effect in November (26 Sep 2011)

Samsung will be taking the patent fight to Apple (23 Sep 2011)

US Senators accuse Google of search fixing (22 Sep 2011)

LightSquared claims to have solved GPS interference problems for their 4G network (22 Sep 2011)

Regional carrier adds their voice to antitrust suit against AT&T (20 Sep 2011)

Oracle and Google CEOs meet for settlement talks in Android / Java lawsuit (19 Sep 2011)

Samsung goes on the attack, may seek to ban iPhone 5 in South Korea (19 Sep 2011)

FTC looks to update child privacy rules (16 Sep 2011)

LightSquared 4G service faces major technical and political hurdles (16 Sep 2011)

New PSN service agreement requires Sony permission for class action lawsuits (15 Sep 2011)

Did eBay employees steal confidential information from Craigslist? (14 Sep 2011)

Apple-Samsung patent battle spills over French border (13 Sep 2011)

Apple asks for temporary stay in Motorola patent suit (13 Sep 2011)

Mobile Internet devices to eclipse PCs by 2015 say researchers (12 Sep 2011)

RIAA targets label sanctioned downloads in DMCA takedowns (12 Sep 2011)

Twitter sues Twittad (11 Sep 2011)

EA wins dismissal of lawsuit over American football player's image use (10 Sep 2011)

AT&T, T-Mobile fight back against Justice Dept. in court filing (10 Sep 2011)

German judge affirms ban on Galaxy tablets with round corners (09 Sep 2011)

Tech entrepeneurs send message to Congress opposing PROTECT IP (08 Sep 2011)

Is Apple's suit against Samsung in Japan really about the new iPhone? (08 Sep 2011)

Judge in AT&T antitrust case looks for compromise (07 Sep 2011)

Samsung removes 7.7-inch tablet from IFA following court order (07 Sep 2011)

Sprint files lawsuit to block AT&T purchase of T-Mobile (06 Sep 2011)

Judge: False advertising lawsuit against Groupon can proceed (28 Aug 2011)

Pandora's losses highlight DMCA's effect on Internet radio (26 Aug 2011)

PROTECT IP threatens the future of DNS security (26 Aug 2011)

DMCA safe harbors reaffirmed in MP3tunes ruling (25 Aug 2011)

Google settles with government over illegal pharmaceutical ads (24 Aug 2011)

RIAA appeals Thomas-Rasset case (23 Aug 2011)

German privacy official bans Facebook "like" button (19 Aug 2011)

Apple seeks EU-wide ban on all Galaxy tablets, smartphones (19 Aug 2011)

Court rules ‘do it with a computer’ doesn't make an idea patentable (18 Aug 2011)

Music publishers give up on YouTube infringement lawsuit (18 Aug 2011)

Paul Ceglia accuses Zuckerberg legal team of forgery in Facebook ownership dispute (18 Aug 2011)

Hotfile to countersue Warner Bros. over anti-piracy abuse (17 Aug 2011)

South Korean iPhone users sue Apple (17 Aug 2011)

Facebook submits evidence in ownership case (16 Aug 2011)

German court lifts Samsung Galaxy Tab injunction outside its borders (16 Aug 2011)

Samsung Galaxy Tab escapes Dutch ban, for now (16 Aug 2011)

Microsoft sued over Xbox Live bill (14 Aug 2011)

Samsung, Apple in German court on August 25 (14 Aug 2011)

German retailers continue selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (14 Aug 2011)

Apple and five publishers sued over e-book price fixing (14 Aug 2011)

Sony, LG squash patent disputes (11 Aug 2011)

Apple targets Motorola Xoom in Europe (10 Aug 2011)

Apple wins Samsung Galaxy tablet block in EU (10 Aug 2011)

Google responds to series of lawsuits based on Android, calls out rivals (04 Aug 2011)

ITC to probe Apple patent claim against Samsung (04 Aug 2011)

Apple fined in South Korea over location data collection (04 Aug 2011)

Court delivers blow to massive BitTorrent lawsuit (03 Aug 2011)

Alcatel-Lucent patent victory over Microsoft revised to $70 million in damages (01 Aug 2011)

Spotify sued over its music streaming technology (31 Jul 2011)

Nortel patent trove purchase facing extra scrutiny from DOJ (31 Jul 2011)

Rovi sues Hulu over patent infringement (31 Jul 2011)

HTC willing to work patent deal with Apple (26 Jul 2011)

Jammie Thomas-Rasset has massive file sharing penalty reduced (24 Jul 2011)

Sony insurer doesn't want to pay, following PSN breach (24 Jul 2011)

Apple files new patent suit against HTC (12 Jul 2011)

Apple loses patent case to Personal Audio LLC (09 Jul 2011)

Judge rejects Apple's request for preliminary injunction in App Store trademark case (07 Jul 2011)

Apple asks ITC to block Samsung imports (07 Jul 2011)

Judge lets Google Wi-Fi snooping lawsuit proceed (02 Jul 2011)

Apple seeks injunction against Samsung in patent row (02 Jul 2011)

Amazon may dump California affiliates over web sales tax (30 Jun 2011)

Samsung wants ITC to ban iPhone, iPad imports (30 Jun 2011)

French company sues Google (29 Jun 2011)

ESA reacts to Supreme Court decision on California violent game restrictions (27 Jun 2011)

Report: Apple to drop Samsung for A6 SoC production (27 Jun 2011)

Supreme Court halts California violent games law (27 Jun 2011)

Apple sues Samsung in South Korea over patents (25 Jun 2011)

Sony seeing class-action lawsuit over PSN outage (25 Jun 2011)

Cablevision sued by Viacom over mobile streaming (24 Jun 2011)

Winklevoss twins finally drop case against Facebook (23 Jun 2011)

Google to receive subpoenas from FTC (23 Jun 2011)

Microsoft misusing DMCA in Xbox 360 case: EFF (20 Jun 2011)

BSA urges U.S. Congress to pass Data Breach legislation (20 Jun 2011)

Man agrees to tweet his apology 100 times in defamation case (04 Jun 2011)

Privacy group gets cut of Google privacy settlement (01 Jun 2011)

Nokia wins partial review of patent case it lost to Apple (30 May 2011)

Apple settles with teen who sold white iPhone 4 kits (28 May 2011)

Google sued by eBay, PayPal over trade secrets (27 May 2011)

EU Cookie law postponed by a year in UK (26 May 2011)

Facebook, Google use e-G8 to warn about Internet regulation (26 May 2011)

TiVo posts profits following settlement deal (25 May 2011)

Zediva countersues MPAA (21 May 2011)

Kodak wins decision against Apple over patents (16 May 2011)

Sony Ericsson drops lawsuit against Clearwire (16 May 2011)

LimeWire settles with record labels for $105 million (13 May 2011)

At least 23,000 to be sued for downloading 'Expendables' (10 May 2011)

CNET sued for distributing LimeWire (06 May 2011)

Sony sees first lawsuit over massive PSN security hack (29 Apr 2011)

Apple sues Samsung for "copying" tablets, phones (19 Apr 2011)

Geohot donates remaining defense funds to EFF (18 Apr 2011)

Sony settles with Geohot over PS3 hacking case (12 Apr 2011)

Time Warner and Viacom sue each other over iPad streaming TV app (09 Apr 2011)

Nokia files new ITC complaint against Apple (29 Mar 2011)

Site agrees to pay $950,000 for pirate Beatles music sales (29 Mar 2011)

Federal judge backs mass file sharing lawsuits (27 Mar 2011)

Kodak patent case against Apple, RIM still alive (26 Mar 2011)

ITC panel: Apple didn't infringe Nokia patents (26 Mar 2011)

Steve Jobs ordered to answer questions about possible monopoly iTunes (23 Mar 2011)

Judge rejects Google Books settlement (23 Mar 2011)

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble, Foxconn over alleged patent violations (22 Mar 2011)

Limewire finally settles with music publishers (09 Mar 2011)

Sony says PS3 consoles seized in Netherlands (04 Mar 2011)

FileSoup torrent admins walk free after prosecution drops case (26 Feb 2011)

GeoHot begins asking for donations to fight Sony lawsuit (22 Feb 2011)

Hotfile sued by Hollywood studios (09 Feb 2011)

Toshiba hit with gender bias lawsuit (02 Feb 2011)

Microsoft wants to block TiVo from U.S. (25 Jan 2011)

ITC dismisses Kodak patent suit against Apple, RIM (25 Jan 2011)

Warner Music Group CEO convicted of insider trading (23 Jan 2011)

Hotfile and 1000 Hotfile uploaders sued over infringement (19 Jan 2011)

U.S. Supreme Court won't hear music antitrust case (11 Jan 2011)

RapidShare wins appeal in Atari case (07 Jan 2011)

EMI sued over 'Chipmunk' music royalties (07 Jan 2011)

LimeWire determined not to go down quietly (05 Jan 2011)

Sony files patent infringement complaint against LG (03 Jan 2011)

Apple, app developers sued over giving away personal info without user consent (28 Dec 2010)

Anti-trust lawsuit against EA cleared for trial (26 Dec 2010)

Apple, Canon, LG, TiVo sued over video patents (23 Dec 2010)

Judge tosses 'Android' trademark suit (23 Dec 2010)

UK Conservatives want complete Internet porn block, to force users to opt-in (21 Dec 2010)

Judge demands evidence of actual music industry damages in LimeWire case (20 Dec 2010)

Nokia files patent infringement complaints against Apple in EU countries (17 Dec 2010)

Apple accused of infringing copyrights by Japanese publishers (15 Dec 2010)

Judge tells Paul Allen's lawyers to be more specific in patent suit (14 Dec 2010)

UFC sues Ubisoft over 'Fighters Uncaged' (11 Dec 2010)

'Cypress Hill' band member sues Rockstar Games for $250 million (10 Dec 2010)

Trial for Xbox 360 modder gets delayed after judge bashes prosecution (02 Dec 2010)

UK Home Office mulls changes to data laws (01 Dec 2010)

Caltech sues Nokia, LG, Pantech over patents (27 Nov 2010)

Pirate Bay founders lose appeal in file-sharing case (27 Nov 2010)

Axl Rose sues Activision over track in 'Guitar Hero' (24 Nov 2010)

Man convicted over Tweet loses appeal (14 Nov 2010)

Motorola counter-sues Microsoft over patents (12 Nov 2010)

Motorola sued by Microsoft over Xbox patent (10 Nov 2010)

Jammie Thomas hit with another gigantic P2P verdict (05 Nov 2010)

Record label abandons net piracy cases after BT deletes data (03 Nov 2010)

ITC staff sides with Nokia in Apple patent dispute (03 Nov 2010)

Google sues U.S. government over software contract (02 Nov 2010)

U.S. Senator: Cyber security bill unlikely to pass this year (31 Oct 2010)

Apple counter-sues Motorola for patent infringement (31 Oct 2010)

EFF: Repeal EU's Data Retention Directive (30 Oct 2010)

German court reduces damages in file sharing suit to 15 euros per song (29 Oct 2010)

Gemalto sues Google, HTC, Motorola, Samsung over Android (26 Oct 2010)

School district in webcam spying case settles litigation (13 Oct 2010)

Australia PM still pushes controversial web filter (13 Oct 2010)

Eminem publishers demand $2.2 million from iTunes, Universal (13 Oct 2010)

FCC looks to tackle mobile phone 'bill shock' (10 Oct 2010)

Motorola suing Apple over patent infringement (06 Oct 2010)

Microsoft sues Motorola over Android phone patents (02 Oct 2010)

New ruling could eventually lead to blocking of used game sales (14 Sep 2010)

New scam alert: Fake copyright infringement letters (04 Sep 2010)

Sony wins the first Other OS case (01 Sep 2010)

Microsoft asks Supreme Court to intervene in i4i patent case (30 Aug 2010)

FTC ends LimeWire ID theft investigation (30 Aug 2010)

Studios sue Triton Media in effort to stop ads on piracy sites (30 Aug 2010)

Facebook sues social networking site for using "book" in its name (26 Aug 2010)

DMCA is a failure for the content industry declares RIAA president (25 Aug 2010)

Former Apple manager was hiding $150,000 in shoe boxes (24 Aug 2010)

Former Apple manager pleads not guilty to kickback charges (17 Aug 2010)

Apple employee charged with receiving over $1 million in kickbacks from suppliers (15 Aug 2010)

VirnetX to sue more companies over patents (14 Aug 2010)

Google sued by Oracle over Android (13 Aug 2010)

Viacom appeals YouTube verdict (13 Aug 2010)

Intel settles U.S. anti-trust suit (05 Aug 2010)

Microsoft, settle over patent dispute (05 Aug 2010)

Wikipedia lawyer Godwin schools FBI on the law (03 Aug 2010)

Would-be 84 percent owner of Facebook was once convicted for shrooms (28 Jul 2010)

Consumers still shouldn't jailbreak their iPhones says Apple (27 Jul 2010)

iPhone jailbreaking and Android rooting get DMCA exemption (26 Jul 2010)

Video Daily: Facebook says '84 percent' contract was 'forged' (24 Jul 2010)

Prominent US legislator applauds seizure of websites by customs (23 Jul 2010)

Dell will settle over accounting fraud (23 Jul 2010)

14 Million Americans don't have access to broadband says FCC (21 Jul 2010)

Google had to spend $100 million to defend against Viacom suit (17 Jul 2010)

RIAA paid lawyers over $16 million in 2008, recovered less than $1 million from suits (14 Jul 2010)

eBay sued for $3.8 billion in patent suit (14 Jul 2010)

Chinese regulator seeks more restrictions on web (13 Jul 2010)

Man sues Facebook, claims he owns 84 percent of site (13 Jul 2010)

Class action suits against AT&T, Apple cleared by judge (12 Jul 2010)

Judge reduces penalty in Tenenbaum piracy case (10 Jul 2010)

NTP suing Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft and Motorola over email delivery patents (09 Jul 2010)

'Twilight' cam 'pirate' sues movie theater (03 Jul 2010)

RIAA president calls YouTube victory 'bad public policy' (02 Jul 2010)

Finland makes broadband Internet a legal right (01 Jul 2010)

Dell employees knew about faulty computers (30 Jun 2010)

Google wins copyright lawsuit over Viacom (24 Jun 2010)

Google, Twitter back (22 Jun 2010)

Music labels now going after Google search results (22 Jun 2010)

Intel, Federal Trade Commission in settlement talks (22 Jun 2010)

Pakistan wants Facebook CEO Zuckerberg dead (19 Jun 2010)

Microsoft sues spammers over abusing Hotmail spam filters (19 Jun 2010)

FSF 'firm, simple' declaration takes aim at ACTA (18 Jun 2010)

Oracle sued for overcharging on their software products (17 Jun 2010)

Indonesian communications minister wants Internet blacklist (17 Jun 2010)

U.S. ITC to investigate HTC complaint against Apple (12 Jun 2010)

Labels want to freeze LimeWire's assets (09 Jun 2010)

Dish, Echostar win against TiVo (09 Jun 2010)

RIAA wants LimeWire shut down for good (06 Jun 2010)

"Hurt Locker" producer files suit against 5000 alleged pirates (29 May 2010)

Warner Bros. sued over stealing anti-piracy tech (25 May 2010)

Apple sued over patents relating to iTunes Store (25 May 2010)

IsoHunt issued permanent injunction, will likely shut down in U.S. (23 May 2010)

Microsoft sues over patent infringement (19 May 2010)

Microsoft to pay VirnetX $200 million after settling suit (18 May 2010)

iPhone contractor Wintek sued over alleged poisoning (17 May 2010)

ITC will follow up on Apple's patent suit against Kodak (15 May 2010)

Nintendo sues another R4 flash cart seller (15 May 2010)

R.I.P Limewire? (13 May 2010)

'Hurt Locker' producers to sue thousands of pirates (13 May 2010)

HTC countersues Apple over patent infringement (12 May 2010)

Twitter user convicted after 'menacing' message (11 May 2010)

Sony sued again over their decision to remove PS3 'OtherOS' feature (10 May 2010)

ATM hacker suspect used alias "Barack Obama" and wore wig (09 May 2010)

Nokia sues Apple over patent infringement related to iPad (08 May 2010)

Court rules in favor of RapidShare over filtered uploads (06 May 2010)

Sony sued over PS3 firmware update that removes 'OtherOS' feature (29 Apr 2010)

Apple rep says iPhone OS is open, Flash is closed and proprietary (23 Apr 2010)

Apple countersues Kodak over patent suit (21 Apr 2010)

Google, Yahoo countersue Xerox over patent complaint (16 Apr 2010)

Japan adult entertainment firms threaten piracy lawsuits in Taiwan (15 Apr 2010)

Adobe on verge of suing Apple? (15 Apr 2010)

US government using made up piracy figures says GAO report (14 Apr 2010)

McAfee sued over pop-ups (14 Apr 2010)

Nintendo wins patent appeal over controllers (14 Apr 2010)

Video: Verizon CEO says net neutrality is anti competitive (12 Apr 2010)

Apple, HP, Dell, more sued over Bluetooth patent (10 Apr 2010)

Google sued by photographers (08 Apr 2010)

Court rules FCC has no authority to enforce net neutrality (07 Apr 2010)

Court rules in favor of eBay in Tiffany suit (03 Apr 2010)

Microsoft sues Datel over third-party Xbox 360 controllers (02 Apr 2010)

Appeals court declines to reconsider Microsoft patent appeal (02 Apr 2010)

Sony Pictures CEO threatens to stop selling DVDs in Spain (02 Apr 2010)

Record label EMI faces bank takeover due to debts (02 Apr 2010)

UPDATED: IsoHunt ordered to take down torrents, site likely to close (02 Apr 2010)

ACTA would make service providers copyright police (25 Mar 2010)

Credit card hacker Gonzalez was paid $75k a year by Secret Service (24 Mar 2010)

UPDATED: EA to sue South Park writers over Tiger Woods episode (22 Mar 2010)

Slyck threatened by ACS: Law (22 Mar 2010)

Victorious, VirnetX sues Microsoft, again (20 Mar 2010)

HTC responds to Apple patent violation accusations (19 Mar 2010)

Microsoft ordered to pay $106 million in patent case (17 Mar 2010)

NVIDIA hosts PR site 'against' Intel (15 Mar 2010)

Nokia, Apple to seek U.S. court hearing mid-2012 in patent fued (15 Mar 2010)

IFPI stops trying to force Telenor to block Pirate Bay (15 Mar 2010)

Appeals court upholds decision against Microsoft (14 Mar 2010)

Nokia asks judge to toss out Apple patent case (13 Mar 2010)

BT chief executive says filesharers should be fined, not suspended (11 Mar 2010)

EU Parliament demands access to ACTA details (10 Mar 2010)

Pink Floyd, EMI battle over royalties (10 Mar 2010)

File sharer-targeting law firm under investigation for harassment (07 Mar 2010)

TiVo wins court ruling over Dish, Echostar, shares explode (04 Mar 2010)

RealNetworks settles with Hollywood studios over RealDVD ripping software (03 Mar 2010)

German court strikes down data retention law (03 Mar 2010)

Judge tosses out Windows XP downgrading suit (03 Mar 2010)

Apple sues HTC over iPhone patents (02 Mar 2010)

DEB copyright provisions do not excuse open WiFi (28 Feb 2010)

College student told to pay $27,500 for unauthorized sharing of 37 tracks (27 Feb 2010)

Yelp sued over being 'extortion scheme' (27 Feb 2010)

Software industry lobbyists claim open source promotes piracy (25 Feb 2010)

US government looking for comments on IP enforcement (25 Feb 2010)

EU data protection supervisor criticizes ACTA provisions (24 Feb 2010)

School officials continue dodging questions about webcam surveillance (23 Feb 2010)

Google sued over 'Buzz' (22 Feb 2010)

MPAA calls 2 year sentence for Dark Knight cammer "appropriate" (22 Feb 2010)

Video Daily: FBI opens investigation into school webcam spying suit (21 Feb 2010)

ITC agrees to investigate Apple's patent complaint against Nokia (20 Feb 2010)

School officials accused of spying on students via webcam (19 Feb 2010)

ITC to investigate RIM and Apple smartphones after Kodak complaint (18 Feb 2010)

Adult studio tackles 'tube sites' (18 Feb 2010)

Danish man's home raided by anti-piracy group (16 Feb 2010)

Veoh founder confirms bankruptcy and liquidation (13 Feb 2010)

Apple sued again over iPhone technology (01 Feb 2010)

Fujitsu to sue Apple over 'iPad' name rights? (28 Jan 2010)

EU to monitor Virgin Media's P2P snooping trial (28 Jan 2010)

150 claim they were wrongy targeted with Internet piracy legal threats (28 Jan 2010)

RIAA prepares for third trial in file sharing case (28 Jan 2010)

IFPI loses Baidu copyright case (28 Jan 2010)

Microsoft sued over virtual MS Points (27 Jan 2010)

Justice Department supports $675k file sharing verdict (24 Jan 2010)

Rambus wins crucial decision in Nvidia patent battle (23 Jan 2010)

Motorola files patent infringement complaint against RIM (23 Jan 2010)

Nokia will 'defend itself vigorously' against Apple patent claims (23 Jan 2010)

Federal Judge cuts $1.86 million from Jammie Thomas' file sharing penalty (23 Jan 2010)

Intel payout drives AMD profit (22 Jan 2010)

Bluesman, record company dismiss copyright lawsuit (21 Jan 2010)

UK Government won't provide ACTA documents to elected MPs (21 Jan 2010)

TiVo sued by Microsoft over patents (20 Jan 2010)

Apple fires back, files complaint with ITC against Nokia (16 Jan 2010)

Microsoft has no plans to exit China (15 Jan 2010)

Kodak sues RIM, Apple (15 Jan 2010)

Korean research institute sues 22 phone makers (14 Jan 2010)

Google ready to settle with China over online books (10 Jan 2010)

Microsoft appeals Word XML case, again (09 Jan 2010)

UFC will sue individuals for PPV piracy (06 Jan 2010)

Apple wins appeal over iPod hearing loss case (03 Jan 2010)

Long standing Seagate patent lawsuit gets new evidence (30 Dec 2009)

Nokia files complaint with ITC over Apple patent infringement (30 Dec 2009)

Comcast pays up for torrent throttling (26 Dec 2009)

isoHunt guilty of inducing copyright infringement (25 Dec 2009)

Microsoft updates Word to comply with court order (24 Dec 2009)

Microsoft sued over 'Bing' name (20 Dec 2009)

Psystar denies shutting down for good (19 Dec 2009)

Hacker Gonzalez asks for reduced sentence, cites autism (19 Dec 2009)

Congress allocates $30 million for anti-piracy (17 Dec 2009)

FBI arrest alleged 'Wolverine' workprint uploader (17 Dec 2009)

'Twilight' cam piracy case tossed out (12 Dec 2009)

Apple countersues Nokia in patent dispute (11 Dec 2009)

AMD collects $1.25 billion check from Intel (11 Dec 2009)

Netflix, Blockbuster win patent infringement case (10 Dec 2009)

Nintendo to appeal French flash cart decision (09 Dec 2009)

Record labels sued over 300,000 pirated tracks (08 Dec 2009)

Microsoft increases anti-piracy efforts worldwide (07 Dec 2009)

Psystar officially stops Mac clone sales (02 Dec 2009)

Nokia sues LCD, CRT display makers over price-fixing (01 Dec 2009)

RIM, Motorola sued over visual voicemail (24 Nov 2009)

Nintendo DS flash cart case thrown out of Spanish court (24 Nov 2009)

Proposed UK law would force ISP sanctions against file sharers (21 Nov 2009)

Microsoft to face class action lawsuit over Xbox Live bans (20 Nov 2009)

Judge rules in favor of Apple in Psystar case (16 Nov 2009)

Switzerland sues Google over privacy (16 Nov 2009)

Intel and AMD settle all legal complaints (12 Nov 2009)

iPhone app developer sued for 'stealing' user's numbers (07 Nov 2009)

EMI granted injunction over website for alleged illegal sales of Beatles tracks (06 Nov 2009)

Secret ACTA Internet chapter leaked: Global DMCA and 'three strikes' (05 Nov 2009)

Former MP3tunes founder appeals court decision (04 Nov 2009)

Barnes & Noble sued over Nook e-reader (03 Nov 2009)

Illegal downloaders stlil buying more music than most (03 Nov 2009)

UK government to adopt 'three strikes' Internet piracy bill (28 Oct 2009)

Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi facing antitrust probe in U.S. (27 Oct 2009)

MEPs back down on due process for disconnecting file sharers (25 Oct 2009)

Apple sued by Nokia for patent infringement (22 Oct 2009)

MPAA revamping antipiracy strategy (22 Oct 2009)

LCD makers sued over price-fixing (21 Oct 2009)

Lawmakers join ISPs in criticism of UK 3 Strikes proposal (20 Oct 2009)

Pirate Bay trial appeal moved to next summer (20 Oct 2009)

Senate Judiciary Committee approves radio royalty bill (20 Oct 2009)

Two Dungeons & Dragons pirates settle suits (18 Oct 2009)

'Three strikes' law is 'naive', says UK ISP (16 Oct 2009)

Judge throws out ASCAP's ringtone money grab (15 Oct 2009)

Nintendo, others sue four R4 flash cart sellers in Japan (15 Oct 2009)

AT&T exec continues attacking Google in FCC iPhone probe (15 Oct 2009)

Judge shoots down RIAA request to sanction New York lawyer (13 Oct 2009)

70s Acts prepare for showdown over recordings (13 Oct 2009)

Radio stations could face fight over songwriter payments (13 Oct 2009)

RealNetworks appeals RealDVD ruling (09 Oct 2009)

Man arrested for brandishing gun, threatens his iPhone (04 Oct 2009)

Fox, Warner seeking Redbox lawsuit dismissal (03 Oct 2009)

Eminem publisher and Apple settle music dispute (02 Oct 2009)

Judge overturns $388 million patent award in Microsoft case (01 Oct 2009)

Apple, Eminem publisher likely heading to trial (23 Sep 2009)

Controversial broadband tax in UK will be law (23 Sep 2009)

French Parliament approves 'three strikes law' (23 Sep 2009)

WTO film, music decision appealed by China (22 Sep 2009)

FCC head wants internet competition and ISP transparency (21 Sep 2009)

Songwriter groups want downloads classified as public performance (19 Sep 2009)

iPod owners could get future OS versions free (18 Sep 2009)

eBay sued by Skype founders (18 Sep 2009)

Swedish ISP will appeal order to cut off Pirate Bay (16 Sep 2009)

Universal Music Group loses case against Veoh (15 Sep 2009)

German retailer to pay damages over Sony BMG rootkit DRM (15 Sep 2009)

European electronics websites 'breaking consumer protection laws' (13 Sep 2009)

Albert Gonzalez pleads guilty to stealing 170 million credit card numbers (13 Sep 2009)

Courtney Love threatens lawsuit over Kurt Cobain likeness in Guitar Hero 5 (13 Sep 2009)

Microsoft dodges $358 million patent damages for now (12 Sep 2009)

Lawsuit alleges Windows Genuine Advantage is 'spyware' (09 Sep 2009)

U.S. trade panel to investigate continued infringement in Funai case (09 Sep 2009)

Sony Music office raided in Mexico after artist dispute (08 Sep 2009)

Japanese mobile operators to monitor for piracy? (08 Sep 2009)

Psystar will support OS X Snow Leopard on its machines (08 Sep 2009)

Canadian i4i says it will win patent case against Microsoft (05 Sep 2009)

Dish Network ordered to pay $200 million in TiVo case (05 Sep 2009)

U.S. appeals court stays injunction on Microsoft Word sales (04 Sep 2009)

HP, Dell back Microsoft in patent fight (28 Aug 2009)

Redbox wants to 'save low cost disc' rentals (24 Aug 2009)

Dell accused of 'dishonest business practices' (24 Aug 2009)

Yahoo wins case, does not have to pay Internet radio royalties (24 Aug 2009)

Microsoft files appeal on Word injunction (20 Aug 2009)

ShareConnector admin heading to re-trial (20 Aug 2009)

Porn producers sue South Korean pirates (17 Aug 2009)

DOJ calls Jammie Thomas' $1.92 million file sharing fine "constitutional" (15 Aug 2009)

Apple sued over iPhone MMS (15 Aug 2009)

Update: Microsoft knew about i4i's XML patent (13 Aug 2009)

Appeals court overturns original Kaleidescape decision, another blow to legal DVD copying (13 Aug 2009)

Bandspeed sues Sony, Nintendo and Apple in patent dispute (13 Aug 2009)

Microsoft blocked from selling Word (13 Aug 2009)

DVD Jon receives subpoena (12 Aug 2009)

Joel Tenenbaum opens FAQ to help explain file sharing ruling (11 Aug 2009)

Warner sues 'disc destruction' company (07 Aug 2009)

IFPI shuts down two Argentinean file sharing sites (06 Aug 2009)

Nintendo DS pirate gets jail time (05 Aug 2009)

Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde resigns (03 Aug 2009)

Pirate Bay sued by FPM, FIMI (03 Aug 2009)

Joel Tenenbaum fined $675,000 over copyright infringement (01 Aug 2009)

Review: TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 (30 Jul 2009)

Landlord sues tenant over Twitter post (29 Jul 2009)

Movie studios sue The Pirate Bay (28 Jul 2009)

Apple, Microsoft sued over touchpads in Zune, iPod (19 Jul 2009)

Microsoft, Yahoo, Real sued by MCS Music (04 Jul 2009)

Xbox Live lawsuit near conclusion? (03 Jul 2009)

Jammie Rasset-Thomas to appeal damage award (02 Jul 2009) loses case to RIAA (02 Jul 2009)

Rapidshare to appeal German court decision (29 Jun 2009)

Square Enix sued over 'hidden fees' (26 Jun 2009)

A few Sharp HDTVs banned from US import (25 Jun 2009)

YouTube sued again over copyright infringement (24 Jun 2009)

Italian illegal music download sites forfeit $3.3 million USD (24 Jun 2009)

Even RIAA witness 'shocked' by Jammie Thomas verdict (23 Jun 2009)

Grooveshark sued by EMI (22 Jun 2009)

Jammie Thomas can possibly use bankruptcy to get out of RIAA debt (20 Jun 2009)

Online music fraud 'gang' arrested (12 Jun 2009)

D-Day for DTV transition in the US finally arrives (12 Jun 2009)

Swedish court says Pirate Bay judge not biased (12 Jun 2009)

Wikipedia blocks Church of Scientology from editing entries (30 May 2009)

Pirate Bay judge handpicked and biased - appeal sent (29 May 2009)

Paris Hilton sued for not promoting movie (24 May 2009)

Funai sued over TV patent infringement (23 May 2009)

Spanish man sued over creation of file-sharing software (22 May 2009)

Judge rejects experts employed by RIAA (21 May 2009)

RIAA lawyers oppose Jammie Thomas getting time to find a lawyer (19 May 2009)

RealNetworks accuses MPAA of anti-competitive practices (18 May 2009)

House committee votes 21-9 in favor of new radio royalties (14 May 2009)

RealNetworks shows off DVD jukebox in court (14 May 2009)

European Parliament says court order required for ISP disconnection (11 May 2009)

MPAA promotes Cam copies for college professors (09 May 2009)

Activision sued over underpaid royalties (01 May 2009)

French 'three strikes' bill back for Parliamentary debate (30 Apr 2009)

EFF files lawsuit against Apple (29 Apr 2009)

Hollywood attacks RealDVD in court (25 Apr 2009)

Sony sued over PS3 feedback patents (25 Apr 2009)

Gibson, Activision settle 'Guitar Hero' suit (25 Apr 2009)

Swedish movie industry group threatens torrent trackers (24 Apr 2009)

Pirate Bay judge faces conflict of interest allegation (23 Apr 2009)

European Parliament approves 70 year copyright for sound recordings (23 Apr 2009)

Another study shows P2P users buy plenty of music (22 Apr 2009)

U2 fanclub exclusive available on P2P (22 Apr 2009)

Torrent trackers close to avoid Pirate Bay's fate (21 Apr 2009)

Copyright lobby targets "Pirate Bay for textbooks" (21 Apr 2009)

The ESA are fans of Pirate Bay decision (21 Apr 2009)

RIAA wins appeal over webcast of Tenenbaum hearing (17 Apr 2009)

ACTA authors want content owners to set damage awards (17 Apr 2009)

Consumer Watchdog says UK Copyright laws are the worst (16 Apr 2009)

Time Warner's bandwidth cap plans are drawing criticism (12 Apr 2009)

Microsoft fined over alleged price fixing of Office (12 Apr 2009)

Microsoft must pay $388 million in patent case (10 Apr 2009)

Researchers warn of P2P 'guilt by association' attack (10 Apr 2009)

Wizards of the Coast sues alleged file sharers (09 Apr 2009)

French National Assembly rejects 'three strikes' legislation (09 Apr 2009)

IPREDATOR anonymity service signs up over 100,000 (09 Apr 2009)

Microsoft, Lionhead settle alleged homophobia suit (06 Apr 2009)

RealDVD lawsuit finally gets court date (05 Apr 2009)

Anti-piracy law cuts Internet traffic in Sweden (03 Apr 2009)

RealNetworks speaks out about RealDVD lawsuit (28 Mar 2009)

Charter Communications files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (27 Mar 2009)

Samsung wins LCD patent dispute over Sharp (24 Mar 2009)

Microsoft settles infringement case (16 Mar 2009)

Book publishers in Germany to sue file sharers (16 Mar 2009)

'Exploding' iPod Touch leads to lawsuit (15 Mar 2009)

NY governor drops proposed 'iTunes tax' (13 Mar 2009)

Hitachi fined over LCD price fixing (11 Mar 2009)

Band to sue French President over copyright infringement (01 Mar 2009)

Nearly 2 weeks into Pirate Bay trial and we're still waiting for evidence (26 Feb 2009)

Prime Minister blames UK, US for New Zealand 3 strikes law (25 Feb 2009)

Investigator paid by Warner not available for Pirate Bay trial (24 Feb 2009)

French legisators ready 3 strikes legislation for final vote (24 Feb 2009)

Minors can purchase violent video games in California, again (24 Feb 2009)

80% of torrents on Pirate Bay are for legal content says defendant (23 Feb 2009)

IFPI website hacked to protest Pirate Bay trial (19 Feb 2009)

SoundExchange misses deadline for webcaster royalty deal (18 Feb 2009)

Liberty Media rescues Sirius from bankruptcy (18 Feb 2009)

DOJ may go to court in defense of RIAA lawsuit (17 Feb 2009)

Pirate Bay admins win half their case in a day (17 Feb 2009)

First large scale DTV switch in the US occurs today (17 Feb 2009)

Apple sued again over iPhone (16 Feb 2009)

Apple battles EFF, calls iPhone jailbreaking piracy (14 Feb 2009)

EU gets another step closer to 95 year copyrights (13 Feb 2009)

Live Nation and Ticketmaster plan merger (12 Feb 2009)

FCC turns down 123 requests to stop analog service on February 17 (12 Feb 2009)

Audio from Pirate Bay trial to be streamed online (12 Feb 2009)

US Senator tries to slip ISP copyright enforcement into stimulus bill (11 Feb 2009)

A third of US broadcasters still plan to be all digital on February 17 (11 Feb 2009)

Retrevo's DTV voucher exchange lets you skip the waiting list (09 Feb 2009)

Veoh investors are safe from liability (08 Feb 2009)

Norway drops complaint over Apple's FairPlay DRM (05 Feb 2009)

Finger pointing over DTV delay begins at the FCC (05 Feb 2009)

Justice Department starts to fill up with entertainment industry lawyers (05 Feb 2009)

TorrentSpy set to appeal MPAA lawsuit (05 Feb 2009)

19 US Representatives find time to fight for radio royalties (05 Feb 2009)

U.S. Congress approves DTV-switch delay (05 Feb 2009)

Fairlight member pleaded guilty (04 Feb 2009)

DTV delay gets support from police and fire officials, broadcasters and telecoms (04 Feb 2009)

Jennifer "steals just one copy" Pariser hired to head RIAA legal team (04 Feb 2009)

New version of DTV Delay bill starts over in the House today (03 Feb 2009)

UK licensing agency warns businesses to pay royalties just in case (03 Feb 2009)

European Parliament to consider legal measures against P2P sites and users (03 Feb 2009)

USTR fights release of IP treaty details citing national security (31 Jan 2009)

Eircom settles with Big 4 labels (30 Jan 2009)

US trade officials spin WTO loss to China as major victory (30 Jan 2009)

Comcast, AT&T to help RIAA? (28 Jan 2009)

DTV Delay Act shot down by House of Representatives (28 Jan 2009)

Interim FCC head promises reform and transparency (28 Jan 2009)

European Commission considers regulating MP3 player volume (28 Jan 2009)

Republicans introduce bill to keep DTV transition on schedule (27 Jan 2009)

Broadband tax headed to the UK? (27 Jan 2009)

Nearly 6 million households still not ready for DTV (26 Jan 2009)

Apple to sue Palm? (26 Jan 2009)

OiNK uploaders get community service (24 Jan 2009)

The truth about RIAA lawsuits: A look at the Joel Tenenbaum case (24 Jan 2009)

Swedish file sharers' privacy in jeopardy (21 Jan 2009)

RIAA fights to keep laywers off-camera in P2P case (19 Jan 2009)

Judge tells RIAA no damages without proof (19 Jan 2009)

ISPs to become piracy police in UK (18 Jan 2009)

Wal-Mart and Netflix sued over 'conspiracy to create a monopoly' (17 Jan 2009)

Datel sued over PSP-3000 'hacking tool' (17 Jan 2009)

95 percent of music downloads are unauthorized, says IFPI (17 Jan 2009)

Circuit City begins liquidation (17 Jan 2009)

Echostar confident TiVo's 'Time Warp' patent is invalid (15 Jan 2009)

Obama appoints RIAA lawyer to Department of Justice (10 Jan 2009)

'Popeye' goes copyright free in Europe (05 Jan 2009)

MediaSentry dropped by RIAA? (04 Jan 2009)

Time Warner and Viacom settle over fees (02 Jan 2009)

RIAA denied appeal (31 Dec 2008)

NY Governor Paterson wants to tax iTunes downloads (27 Dec 2008)

Australia to block all P2P? (23 Dec 2008)

RIAA to stop lawsuits, will instead pressure ISPs (21 Dec 2008)

Canadians to pay more for blank CDs (14 Dec 2008)

Microsoft sues more pirates (12 Dec 2008)

RIAA sues hospitalized teen (02 Dec 2008)

Beatles music to iTunes gets delayed (26 Nov 2008) facing litigation from MPAA (23 Nov 2008)

Sony guilty of copyright infringement (22 Nov 2008)

Finland to add royalty fees to mobile phones, USB drives? (14 Nov 2008)

TorrentValley shut down in a raid (13 Nov 2008)

RIAA lawyers still fighting to stop Jammie Thomas' new trial (13 Nov 2008)

RIM sued for patent infringement (03 Nov 2008)

Split decision by WTO over Chinese piracy case (14 Oct 2008)

Hollywood suit against RealDVD meant to stifle innovation, says EFF (11 Oct 2008)

Restraining order on RealDVD stays in place (08 Oct 2008)

Lost your job? Blame a pirate (07 Oct 2008)

RealDVD taken down temporarily (06 Oct 2008)

RIAA suit against MP3tunes' CEO gets dismissed (05 Oct 2008)

RealNetworks sues Hollywood over RealDVD (30 Sep 2008)

Internet Radio saved? (30 Sep 2008)

Norway to sue Apple in hopes of opening up FairPlay DRM (30 Sep 2008)

Judge dismisses iPhone battery suit (28 Sep 2008)

'Three strikes' plan is struck down (28 Sep 2008)

Anti-videogame lawyer permanently disbarred (26 Sep 2008)

Jammie Thomas gets new trial against RIAA (26 Sep 2008)

EA gets class-action sued over Spore DRM (25 Sep 2008)

Comcast submits final details on broadband management (22 Sep 2008)

Spanish court rules its legal to share P2P download links (20 Sep 2008)

Japanese man arrested for pre-release upload of 'Wanted' (20 Sep 2008)

RIAA to sue Ray Beckerman (18 Sep 2008)

DECE - Media industry's best and last hope for DRM? (14 Sep 2008)

isoHunt sues CRIA on legality of torrent search engines (12 Sep 2008)

OiNK uploaders charged with infringement (11 Sep 2008)

JK Rowling wins Harry Potter copyright case (11 Sep 2008)

Court says Edonkey server admin cannot be held liable for infringement (10 Sep 2008)

EliteTorrents admin gets 18 months in jail (10 Sep 2008)

EA loosens up a bit on Red Alert 3 DRM (09 Sep 2008)

The Pirate Bay is under fire again (06 Sep 2008)

Comcast appeals FCC ruling on net neutrality (06 Sep 2008)

BitTorrent tracker Araditracker shut down (30 Aug 2008)

Pirate Bay trial delayed at least a couple of months (29 Aug 2008)

Veoh wins copyright suit, sets precedent (29 Aug 2008)

Man arrested over leaking Guns N' Roses songs (27 Aug 2008)

Immersion to pay Microsoft over controller dispute (27 Aug 2008)

RIAA close to victory over Jeffrey Howell (27 Aug 2008)

Update: Comcast has no traffic management plan yet (22 Aug 2008)

Warner wants to shutdown Mygazines over copyright infringement (17 Aug 2008)

RIAA pays $108,000 in lawyer fees, sets precedent (15 Aug 2008)

UK government to increase online copyright penalties (13 Aug 2008)

Ray Beckerman urges defense lawyers to go after MediaSentry (13 Aug 2008)

Verizon asks FCC for equal access to cable boxes (13 Aug 2008)

Universal Music sued over digital royalties (12 Aug 2008)

Judge limits RIAA damage award for "Innocent Infringement" (11 Aug 2008)

Update: BitTorrent responds to news of layoffs (08 Aug 2008)

CCTV sues Xunlei over Olympics piracy (07 Aug 2008)

Central Michigan University asks regulators to shut down RIAA investigators (06 Aug 2008)

American federal agents can now take your laptop, iPods without reason (04 Aug 2008)

EFF releases tool that hunts BitTorrent throttling ISPs (03 Aug 2008)

YouTube sued by Italian broadcaster (31 Jul 2008)

The MPAA sues two more movie streaming sites (30 Jul 2008)

Defendant says RIAA damages unconstitutional (29 Jul 2008)

Nintendo sues distributors of R4 device (29 Jul 2008)

US Senator concerned 'The Dark Knight' will lose money from piracy (28 Jul 2008)

FCC set to punish Comcast for breaking net neutrality laws (27 Jul 2008)

'Violent videogame' bill signed by NY governor (23 Jul 2008)

New class action lawsuit against Comcast in Federal Court (23 Jul 2008)

Universal claims fair use is fair game for DMCA takedown (21 Jul 2008)

Mom fights music giant over DMCA takedown notice (19 Jul 2008)

Library of Congress report is critical of DMCA (19 Jul 2008)

Apple tries to put Mac clone maker out of business citing EULA terms (19 Jul 2008)

Lionsgate and YouTube strike an ad-sharing deal (17 Jul 2008)

MediaSentry investigated over North Carolina RIAA lawsuits (14 Jul 2008)

MTV calls 'Rock Band' lawsuit "baseless" (14 Jul 2008)

Konami sues over Rock Band patents (11 Jul 2008)

Free publication offers video creators advice on fair use (10 Jul 2008)

German court clears WiFi theft victims of responsibility for copyright infringment of others (10 Jul 2008)

Universal lawyers call MediaSentry investigators, not experts (09 Jul 2008)

Comcast tries to dodge fraud issue in P2P throttling lawsuit (09 Jul 2008)

MediaSentry denies being investigators to avoid licensing (07 Jul 2008)

Ray Beckerman denies Impeding Universal Music investigation (05 Jul 2008)

LeaseWeb loses court appeal to BREIN (04 Jul 2008)

'3 Strikes' legislation moving to the full EU (04 Jul 2008)

EMI sues sites over user-uploaded videos (04 Jul 2008)

Judge tells YouTube to turn over viewing logs to Viacom (03 Jul 2008)

EliteTorrents administrator found guilty (28 Jun 2008)

Prince gets tribute album for birthday and promptly sues (26 Jun 2008)

New York Senate passes 'violent videogame' bill (26 Jun 2008)

Judge once again affirms award against RIAA in Tanya Andersen case (26 Jun 2008)

Report says 1Gbps internet needed for US to stay competitive (25 Jun 2008)

Apple, Dell named in portable touch screen technology suit (24 Jun 2008)

Music industry targets radio station piracy - demands more royalties (24 Jun 2008)

Bell Canada has some explaining to do - to the public this time (23 Jun 2008)

EFF shoots down "making available" argument in Jammie Thomas case (23 Jun 2008)

Pirate Bay bringing SSL encryption for its users (22 Jun 2008)

Microsoft denied appeal in patent case (22 Jun 2008)

AP resolves copyright dispute with blogger (21 Jun 2008)

MPAA to judge: We don't need no stinking proof (21 Jun 2008)

RIAA prepares to drop long running P2P suit for a lack of evidence (20 Jun 2008)

Law professors argue against making available as infringement in Jammie Thomas appeal (20 Jun 2008)

French parliament expected to vote on 3-strikes anti-piracy bill in the fall (20 Jun 2008)

Poison sues Capitol Records for cheating them out of royalties (20 Jun 2008)

Spain's Telecinco sues YouTube (19 Jun 2008)

Kid rock tells fans "Download it illegally - I don't care" (19 Jun 2008)

XM / Sirius merger appears close to conclusion (17 Jun 2008)

AP goes after bloggers and faces public backlash (17 Jun 2008)

New study: young people prefer to reward artists and peers for music (17 Jun 2008)

BPI CEO gets defensive about Virgin Media partnership (17 Jun 2008)

German court throws out P2P lawsuit (15 Jun 2008)

Verizon shuts down access to Usenet (15 Jun 2008)

Lancashire police accused of playing music without a license (15 Jun 2008)

RIAA allegedly seeking piracy tax on internet access (14 Jun 2008)

RIAA goes judge shopping in New York (14 Jun 2008)

Modchips declared legal in the UK (13 Jun 2008)

Canadian copyright bill proposal includes $20,000 fines (13 Jun 2008)

Federal court says UMG can't stop the sale of promo CDs (12 Jun 2008)

EMI and XM Satellite radio settle lawsuit (11 Jun 2008)

Vizio sued by other TV manufacturers for alleged patent infringement (10 Jun 2008)

Comcast sued over BitTorrent throttling (09 Jun 2008)

Record labels sue P2P pioneer for $20 million USD (08 Jun 2008)

Xbox 360 does not violate Alcatel patents, rules jury (06 Jun 2008)

MPAA accuses laser printer of illegal file sharing (06 Jun 2008)

Radiohead and Prince in fight over copyright (01 Jun 2008)

TiVo sued by DISH Network and EchoStar (31 May 2008)

MediaDefender's illegal tactics take down legal video site (30 May 2008)

RIAA claims victory over AllofMP3 (27 May 2008)

Controversial intellectual property treaty being drafted in secret (27 May 2008)

Finnish appeals court overturns controversial CSS ruling (27 May 2008)

MPAA wins case against ShowStash and Cinematube (24 May 2008)

Zhongsou is guilty of copyright infringement (24 May 2008)

Comcast invests in P2P streaming startup (20 May 2008)

Set-top box hackers sentenced to prison (15 May 2008)

Circuit City challenges FCC authority for DTV related fines (14 May 2008)

Finnish Pirate Party to be established - founder interviewed (14 May 2008)

Apple settles iPod lawsuit (10 May 2008)

TorrentSpy will not be paying $110 million USD fine (10 May 2008)

PRO IP bill easily passes House of Representatives (09 May 2008)

The MPAA wants $15 Million from The Pirate Bay (08 May 2008)

MPAA awarded $110 million in TorrentSpy suit (08 May 2008)

CoreCodec issues and retracts DMCA claim over open source project (05 May 2008)

AOL, Real and Yahoo! could lose $100m to songwriters (01 May 2008)

Judge shuts down RIAA in music piracy case (30 Apr 2008)

Eircom stands against record companies (24 Apr 2008)

Alcatel-Lucent sues Microsoft over Xbox patent (23 Apr 2008)

Key witness against The Pirate Bay was employed by plaintiff (21 Apr 2008)

Pirate Bay to sue IFPI over access block (16 Apr 2008)

Microsoft didn't infringe video patent, will appeal jury's decision on others (06 Apr 2008)

IFPI pressuring Swedish ISPs (28 Mar 2008)

Chinese movie site sues MPA (27 Mar 2008)

TorrentSpy shut down (27 Mar 2008)

China unblocks BBC site access? (25 Mar 2008)

SXSW panel to discuss mandatory online music licensing (13 Mar 2008)

Record companies target Irish ISP Eircom (11 Mar 2008)

FCC chairman hints at action against Comcast (11 Mar 2008)

MPA settles Jeebo piracy case (06 Mar 2008)

RIAA argues for basing songwriter royalties on revenue (04 Mar 2008)

Baidu sued over copyrights again (02 Mar 2008)

Comcast limits public access to FCC hearing by paying to fill seats (27 Feb 2008)

FCC chairman ready to take on ISPs over net neutrality (26 Feb 2008)

FCC hearing Monday on ISPs' network management practices open to public (25 Feb 2008)

Musician says RIAA reminds him of Mafia (23 Feb 2008)

Clarification to British copyright proposal (23 Feb 2008)

RIAA to prosecutors: beware of crack dealing pirates (22 Feb 2008)

Australia falling in line with music industry talking points (19 Feb 2008)

EU commissioner wants to extend copyright to 95 years (18 Feb 2008)

Rapidshare to fight against German court ruling (16 Feb 2008)

SIIA targets eBay sellers in anti-piracy efforts (16 Feb 2008)

Comcast defends BitTorrent blocking in response to FCC (14 Feb 2008)

FCC to consider net neutrality and ISP network management (13 Feb 2008)

White space wireless fails second round of FCC testing (13 Feb 2008)

Sharereactor admin found guilty (12 Feb 2008)

Three strikes law for internet piracy to be proposed in Britain (12 Feb 2008)

Update: Pirate Bay sees increase in Danish traffic (11 Feb 2008)

Samsung gets sued over Blu-ray incompatibility issues (11 Feb 2008)

Department of Justice investigates labels over TotalMusic (08 Feb 2008)

The Pirate Bay fights back against ISP block (07 Feb 2008)

EFF worried patent reform will halt watchdog project (06 Feb 2008)

RIAA contractors accused of illegal investigation in New York (06 Feb 2008)

Baidu gets sued again by record industry (05 Feb 2008)

The Pirate Bay to be blocked in Finland? (05 Feb 2008)

OiNK's bail date extended (05 Feb 2008)

Xunlei loses piracy suit in China (03 Feb 2008)

TiVo gets a victory in Dish Network appeal (02 Feb 2008)

Finnish Christian Democrats want censorship for games (01 Feb 2008)

Nearly 200,000 USD claim for Pirate Bay (31 Jan 2008)

U2's manager: time to end ISPs' free ride (31 Jan 2008)

Verizon VP says no plans to examine customer traffic (31 Jan 2008)

EU court shoots down attempt to force ISP disclosure of customer data (30 Jan 2008)

France to mandate ISP monitoring of customers for copyright infringement (29 Jan 2008)

Swedish prosecutors to charge Pirate Bay owners as accesories to copyright violation (28 Jan 2008)

Warner sues SeeqPod over infringement (25 Jan 2008)

P2P downloads outshine digital sales 20:1 (25 Jan 2008)

Apartment owners appeal FCC decision banning exclusive cable contracts (24 Jan 2008)

EU culture committee finalizes recommendation to Parliament without IFPI changes (24 Jan 2008)

MPAA admits incorrectly estimating college piracy losses (23 Jan 2008)

Woman takes on Prince over DMCA takedown (30 Oct 2007)

YouTube bans anti-Creationism group for DMCA takedown complaint (23 Sep 2007)

US copyright official loves DMCA but admits she's not tech savvy (18 Sep 2007)

Man defeats Viacom in DMCA takedown dispute (14 Sep 2007)

Schwarzenegger appeals violent video game ruling (06 Sep 2007)

Google's decision to discontinue video may alter DMCA enforcement (13 Aug 2007)

EFF sues Universal over DMCA takedown (25 Jul 2007)

Paranormalist's legal claims highlight DMCA problem (09 Jul 2007)

Webcasters want appeals court to delay new royalty rates (02 Jun 2007)

Finland's DVD backup case goes to Appeals Court (30 May 2007)

Hong Kong man appeals Internet piracy verdict (10 May 2007)

DMCA-type bill making its way to Canada (16 Apr 2007)

European EFF targets IPRED2 directive (13 Apr 2007)

Google says Viacom is abusing DMCA (31 Mar 2007)

NFL violates DMCA with takedown notice (23 Mar 2007)

EFF takes on DMCA abusers (18 Mar 2007)

New DMCA exemptions granted (23 Nov 2006)

Unintended Consequences: Seven Years under the DMCA (15 Apr 2006)

VideoLAN may disappear due to EUCD (05 Dec 2005)

Finland adopts EUCD (05 Oct 2005)

Mobile phone unlocking software violates DMCA? (05 Oct 2005)

Appeals court says no to broadcast flag (07 May 2005)

French Appeals Court prohibits DVD Copy Protection devices? (25 Apr 2005)

CRIA to appear in appeals court (19 Apr 2005)

French appeals court rules in favour of downloader (16 Mar 2005)

Appeals court says FCC has overstepped its authority (23 Feb 2005)

Denmark to join Poland opposition to the EU directive on software patents (01 Feb 2005)

Australia welcomes American DMCA (03 Aug 2004)

EUCD info site opened (08 Jun 2004)

Kazaa appeals raid ruling (11 Mar 2004)

European IPR enforcement directive passed with amendments (09 Mar 2004)

Appeals court overturned DeCSS decision (27 Feb 2004)

Appeals court: RIAA can't get subscriber info without suing them (22 Dec 2003)

SBC challenges RIAA over DMCA-subpoenas (22 Nov 2003)

EUCD takes effect in UK (31 Oct 2003)

EFF disappointed at DMCA ruling (29 Oct 2003)

Appeals court speeds up the process for P2P trial (18 Jul 2003)

DVDFab development stopped due to German version of EUCD (18 Jul 2003)

Germany becomes the fifth country to implement EUCD (15 Jul 2003)

Sweden's EUCD proposal online (18 Jun 2003)

RIAA sends erroneous DMCA notices (13 May 2003)

Appeals court extends Verizon's deadline (11 May 2003)

Update to the "Super-DMCA" conversation (29 Mar 2003)

Let your opinion on DMCA be heard! (21 Mar 2003)

Date set for Verizon appeals hearing (10 Mar 2003)

Labels fight back to hold DMCA ruling (09 Feb 2003)

Finland kills EUCD -- for now (31 Jan 2003)

Johansen will have to face the appeals court (20 Jan 2003)

EUCD implementation delayed in most EU countries (17 Dec 2002)

Finnish government's proposal for EUCD implementation (10 Oct 2002)

UK Patent Office's preparations for EUCD are online (10 Aug 2002)

CEA: "DMCA is a very flawed law" (02 Aug 2002)

Appeals court rejected 2600's request (17 May 2002)

Sony sends DMCA notice to Blizzard (14 May 2002)

DVD Copy Plus makers challenge DMCA (23 Apr 2002)

Dutch appeals court: KaZaA is legal (28 Mar 2002)

Appeals court says that federal court was right in Napster's case (25 Mar 2002)

Appeals court rules in favor of studios in DeCSS case (29 Nov 2001)

Appeals court allows Napster to resume its service (20 Jul 2001)

Appeals court refuses to re-hear Napster (25 Jun 2001)

EFF wants appeals court to reject the court order against 2600 (24 Jan 2001)

Prof who cracked the SDMI fears DMCA (17 Jan 2001) appointed a former appeals court judge to their board (02 Nov 2000)

Napster appeals court judges selected (25 Sep 2000)

Fed appeals court sets the court date for Napster (29 Aug 2000)

Appeals court grants Napster emergency stay (28 Jul 2000)


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