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DVD Decrypter -- gone forever

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 06 Jun 2005 1:04 User comments (423)

DVD Decrypter -- gone forever Not really a good way to start a new week -- this just came in via our news submit (thanks Shoey):
Hello world,
I've got some good news and some bad news. Let's start with the good.... (tumble weed passes by)Ok, and now onto the bad: DVD Decrypter is the last version you'll ever see.We hoped this day would never come, but it has, and I can promise you, nobody is more gutted about it than I am.

What started as a bit of fun, putting a GUI around some existing code, turned into something that I can only describe as "part of me" – yes, I know that's sad ;-) As I've recently been made aware (by a letter, hand delivered to my door, last Tuesday), due to some law that was changed back in October 2003, circumventing copy protection isn't allowed.

Ok so it has taken a while (almost 2 years), but eventually "a certain company" has decided they don't like what I'm doing (circumventing their protection) and have come at me like a pack of wolves. I've no choice but to cease everything to do with DVD Decrypter. I realise this is going to be one of those "that sucks - fight them!" kinda things, but at the end of the day, it's my life and I'm not about to throw it all away (before it has even really started) attempting to fight a battle I can't possibly win.

If 321 Studios can't do it with millions, what chance do I have with £50?! As I'm sure most of you have already noticed, the site has been down for a few days. That surprised me as much as the next person (slight breakdown in communication), or I would have issued this statement on it directly.

So anyway, from this point forward, I'm no longer permitted to provide any sort of assistance with anything that helps people infringe the rights of "a certain company". That means, no more emails, no more forum posts, no PMs, no nothing! END OF STORY. The domain name will be transferred over to the company by the end of the week (9th June, according to the undertakings I have to sign) so don't email it thinking "Oh, I'll just ask LIGHTNING UK! for support on this". You'll not be getting the intended recipient and could be landing yourself in sh1t!

With being the last version, it makes sense for everyone to disable the "check for new versions" feature, as obviously there won't be any. Of course what I really mean is that you should all stop using the program out of respect for the company's rights.

Anyone hosting DVD Decrypter is advised to cease doing so immediately. I've the feeling they won't stop with just me. I'm having to contact anyone I know of that is (at the very least, the "mirror" sites), and tell them to stop. Copies of those emails must also be sent to the solicitors so they can check I'm doing everything I'm supposed to. If I don't, I die.

It is of course down to the owners of those sites to react how they want to. It's not my job to force you to do anything you don't want to, I'm just giving you some friendly advice. Maybe it's just me, but I see this as a bit of an "end of an era". I realise there are other tools, but there's no telling how much longer they'll last, and not only that, mine was the oldest! I've met loads of great people over the years and I want to take this opportunity to wish them every success for the future - yes DDBT peeps, that includes you lot! I hope you've all enjoyed my contribution to the DVD scene and maybe I'll see ya around sometime.

(Author of the once "Ultimate DVD Ripper", DVD Decrypter)

Quite shocking news in deed, but not exactly unexpected, as the UK implemented their version of EUCD legislation back in 2003 and it clearly states that distribution, etc of tools that allow circumventing copy protection mechanisms is illegal. Similar fate is very likely to happen to all other DVD rippers developed by European companies (the similar legislation has been in place in the U.S. for years now).

As Finland, where AfterDawn Ltd is located, hasn't implemented EUCD to its national legislation yet, we continue to host DVD Decrypter's last version, as well as several other DVD ripping tools on our site.

I'd wish to express my sympathy to the author of DVD Decrypter, situations like this can be quite devastating. All the best!

Here's the link to the latest/last version of DVD Decrypter which is still available here at

DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0

Source: CD Freaks

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423 user comments

16.6.2005 01:34

Another sad day for everyone...... Privacy and personal freedoms are quickly becoming extinct.

26.6.2005 01:47

Man this sucks :( i love this program what do i use when newer protections come out and dvd decryptor cant remove them. :( :( :( :(

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36.6.2005 01:52

what can i say, there's far too many busybodies out there twiddling their thumbs, being petty and generally just opposing stuff like this instead of getting real jobs. Lightning UK will no doubt move onto something else or better, i know i'm not alone in wishing him all the best, and thanking him for a fantastic product, and the forums were a fantastic wealth of information.

46.6.2005 01:57

real shame to hear. dvd decrypter and dvdshrink made one hell of a couple.

56.6.2005 01:58

its bullsh*t, they wasted all that money paying macrovision and the like to make new protections, and 2 days after release decrypter broke them. Now there going for the programs authors instead....look out anydvd

66.6.2005 02:01

making it open source would be the way to go, and impossible to stop

76.6.2005 02:33

I am realy annoyed at this. I have used DVD Decryptor for ages, and it has always worked great, oh well lets hope that someone else can live to the legacy left behind.. All Salute /:(

86.6.2005 02:38

Hmmm so I take it the movie industry is now saying we are not entitled to backup our dvds which we bought and are trying to protect? The funny thing is I'm sure some folks were using decrypter on rentals but the majority of folks on here were burning a duplicate of personally owned media (umm you know what I mean :). So if they are so concerned with losing money are they going to replace a scratched or damaged dvd if the consumer provides a receipt? Seems to me to be logical or are they going to say 'you should have been more careful' and say purchase another one. It would be nice if they could provide a verified report of earnings lost due to backing up personal media vs. internet piracy. Just another way for the powers to be to huff and beat on their chest. Anyway I'm sure there will be others that will come up with a way to circumvent dvd protection and extend the life of store bought dvds. Personal thoughts from a legitimate dvd consumer.

96.6.2005 02:43

Cat and mouse game when dealing with Macrovision. Macrovision, in my opinion is losing the war simply because they invest millions on their software. Although I'm sad to see DVD Decrypter go, I know other programs will allow me to make 1 legal backup of every DVD I purchase!

106.6.2005 02:44

just read this about an hour ago..very sad indeed, DVD Decrypter was a TERRIFIC program~ and i wish the author LIGHTNING UK only the VERY best in his future endeavours, it's such a shame... :( a moment of silence~~~

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"Its better to be quiet and appear stupid, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
I am always prepared to recognize that there can be two points of view - mine and one that is probably wrong - John Gorton

116.6.2005 02:47

Lightning UK. a sorry day for us all. decrypter won't die. i for one will give my friends who wish to back up their collection the tool to do it. best wishes in the future:) geoff

126.6.2005 03:26

yup, 'greed' is the word

136.6.2005 03:48

I'm in total shock! What a start to the week!

146.6.2005 03:56

indeed, what a way to start a week...gutted

156.6.2005 03:59

Sorry to hear the hounds are barking at your door, it's a total shame things turned so bad... If only the opensource world could take on your plight and continue work on your once great program...

166.6.2005 04:22

okay, i think it's time to get my shotgun and go greedy-movie-industry-pig hunting.

176.6.2005 04:26

I'm sure that other programs will be developed thought I doubt they'll live upto being as good as DVD Decrypter though.. -Mike

186.6.2005 04:39

Atleast DVD Decrypter can still be used for now, its c*** that there will be no more updates etc but then again ps3 comes out next year and that will bring a new era to backing up games. Its more of a concern for those who back up movies, which I do but mostly ps2 games. Shops really rip you off for games and dvd's. They are really targeting piracy latly with torrent sites being closed down, now this!

196.6.2005 04:41

See what happens to Nero sales, blank media sales,dvd burners, and anyone else making money off of DVD Decrypter. Damn I still ain't happy. Hey goverment leave us kids alone.

206.6.2005 04:45

we don't need no thought control... :)

216.6.2005 04:48

my own feeling is that 1) non disk personal media playing devices, especially devices like treo 650's etc., 2) the drop in hdd prices 3) the drop in portable memory prices (sd, thumb, portable hard drives (ipod, lifedisk) 4) compression developmetns like ratdvd are all adding up to an extreme threat to bring even more people into casual "backing up" world. my 12 year old knows how to set up to watch a film on my treo during a long drive. We already have a hard drive in the x-box under the car seat that holds 50 four gb films at $1.10 a piece ($0.27/gb hard drives are now buyable). Hollywood's wet dream of making you buy every single format is really fading. they are going to try anything to respond. Ironically I am a strong believer in the reason for IP generally. I've avoided the darknet and torrents and don't feel comfortable watching a film where a fair rights fee hasn't been paid to the rights owner. But I will be damned if ayone is going to tell me on what device I have to watch something I have paid rights for. If I have rented it I feel ethcially I have the right to wach it once on any device or player method I see fit. If I have bought it, my household has the right to watch it and keep it on any device/media we prefer. If I was evil, and I am not, I would suggest a strategy beyond boycots. I think what somepeople might do is this: when you buy or rent a "post 3.5.4" protected disk, simply return it as unplayable.

226.6.2005 04:56

It's only a matter of time before the big-boys win the war, one battle at a time... how long before viewers are obliged to take a mind-scrub to erase any remains of a copy of the movie in their memory? LOL - watching a crap movie in the theatre, then walking out through the 'special' doorway, seeing a poster for the movie you've just seen and thinking..."hmm that looks good" - it's perfect! I would love to know the name of the "certain company" so I can avoid their products. Could we have an anagram maybe?

236.6.2005 05:07

Such a sad day, one shall fall another shall rise.

246.6.2005 05:09

What do you people suggest as the closest replacement for DVD Decrypter? I have always used it to rip then used DVD Shrink. What would be the best program to replace Decrypter for this method?

256.6.2005 05:11

I don't care! I want Decrypter! Decrypter! Decrypter......... *sob.

266.6.2005 05:13

What do you people suggest as the closest replacement for DVD Decrypter? I have always used it to rip then used DVD Shrink. What would be the best program to replace Decrypter for this method?
Use Slysoft AnyDVD as a substitute. Complete guide courtesy "Brother" CD Freaks :)

276.6.2005 05:14

Sorry to hear this, Lightning UK. DVD Decrypter was the best, ever. It will be sorely missed. And to MacroVision, YOU SUCK! POS Copy Protection!

286.6.2005 05:17

Whoops, I was so righteously indignated I forgot to say "thanks to all behind DVD Decrypter" - you made people's lives that bit better.

296.6.2005 05:20

@ Auslander "we don't need no thought control... :) " ? That's what they want you to think. Mwaaah-haaa-haaa.

306.6.2005 05:32

Why are people saying "what can i use now" the software can still be used just not downloaded from some sites.

316.6.2005 05:39

'd wish to express my sympathy to the author of DVD Decrypter, situations like this can be quite devastating. All the best!
Very devastating indeed! DVD Decrypter was the first forum I ever joined and the frist place I learned how to make a backup of my dvd's. I wish -LIGHTNING UK!- the very best.

326.6.2005 06:23

Thanks for the great software "UK"... best of luck to you and your family... You will be sorely miss !! sirmugen

336.6.2005 06:32

thanks alot for your program you will be missed

346.6.2005 06:46

Best program ever! It and the Lighting UK will be missed greatly.

356.6.2005 06:48

God bless you LIGHTNING UK! We wish you the best of luck.

366.6.2005 06:50

Step 1: Buy, scratch, return. Step 2: Buy, scratch, return. Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 until they give in!

376.6.2005 07:18

This is not such bad news.. First make sure you download and backup the latest version of DVD D. also I recommend doing the same for every other decrypting software you can get your hands on. As for completely stopping development on dvd d., you don't have to stop. You can continue in secret and releasing the program on the under ground seen. You've got bittorrent, Kazaa (crap now) and all the other file sharing sites. Plus you have those sites that are overseas and don't care about the US laws. Let them host it. You can make DVD Decrypter look like it was done by someone else who got their hands on the code. You should also release the code to the general public so wouldbe programmers can continue with the project.. They can release their own version of DVD Decrypter. There are soooo many ways around these situations. They can't stop us from copying our own bought DVD's. Those HOLLYwood types could just kiss my DVD Back(in up) side.

386.6.2005 07:22

peace out probably one of the best rippers in the world

396.6.2005 07:43

Thank you for all your hard work over the last few years. You will be missed. *cough* *cough* opensource *cough* excuse me.

406.6.2005 07:50

The King is dead...Long live the King!

416.6.2005 08:06

Could the offending company have been "MACROVISION" ??? Since UKL can't devulge, we can only speculate until it come to light.

426.6.2005 08:11

cough* *cough* opensource *cough* - my thoughts exactly!

436.6.2005 08:39

thank you for the good times

446.6.2005 08:59

Another one bites the dust eh, first 321 studios and know this, i signed a partion with 321 studios about this very argument, i mean why can't we make copies of our own dvd's i'll tell you why BECAUSE THE FILM INDUSTRY AND STORES ALIKE WANT OUR KIDS TO DESTROY THEM SO WE CAN GO BACK TO THE STORE AND SPEND ANOTHER £20 OR $15 ON NEW ONES BECAUSE IT SUITS THEM NOT US. LIFE STINKS.

456.6.2005 09:10

Great pieces of code are never forgotten. Good luck and thanx

466.6.2005 09:10

*cough* *cough* opensource *cough* *cough* *cough* opensource *cough* *cough* *cough* opensource *cough* OPEN SOURCE IT OPEN SOURCE IT OPEN SOURCE IT!!!!

476.6.2005 09:12

As I've already posted in similar cases it reminfs me the proposal which was under question some ages ago... when vinyl record companies suggested the retire of virgin cassette tapes from the market trying to avoid copying their products. It reminds me "my tooth pains me, so I 'll cut my head!" Once more guns don;t kill, people do, or, fast car don't kill slow drivers do! Dear gentlemen, I've already paid your interests when buying your product! Are you gonna now to provide me all possible versions and a back up for each of them? Or you wait untill I pay over and over agian for the same product? Well I believe that the battle maybe is lost, but not the war!

486.6.2005 09:17

I"m sending that guy some money for his hard work, u peeps should to. IT was some good times my friend (PAYPAL HIS ASS)

496.6.2005 09:30

I like to know why.. they still allow DVD Shrink, AnyDVD, and other software that does the same thing? ...

506.6.2005 09:32

the muppets that be, are probably working on shutting them down too.

516.6.2005 09:33

wat a tradgic day (tear*)

526.6.2005 09:51

I can't beleive those suits in Washington shut you down. DVD Decryptor was the first program I found that actually WORKED. This is a big loss to the legitimate users. I just wish that the people in Washington realize that without backing up your own games and movies, there is potential for spending more money. I hope someone will make a simillar program.

536.6.2005 09:58

eagley took the thoughts right out of my head. up fellas

546.6.2005 09:58

ya gave it one hell of a run!

556.6.2005 10:03
Inactive Afterdawn is not to host the download anymore right??

566.6.2005 10:06

Finland, where Afterdawn is hosted, apparently has better laws re copyright, for now

576.6.2005 10:06

^^never mind my previous post

586.6.2005 10:12

...not at all....laws always change...

596.6.2005 11:06

Rest easy, everyone. As long as their is copy-protection (even the upcoming encyption on Hi-Def D DVD's), there will always be a program to circumvent them. The last version of DD will still work for at least another year (until a unified standard of encryption is introduced), but this is just a guess. Until then, live one day at a time.

606.6.2005 11:10

peace out LIGHTNING UK, thanks for all that you've done, hope that you make it out of this with all then fingers.

616.6.2005 11:16

SlySoft AnyDVD CloneDVD Hint Hint

626.6.2005 11:21

How do we send him money? What was his paypal info?

636.6.2005 11:47

Thanks for the time you took making what will always be a great tool, LIGHTNING UK. I don't blame you for not trying to fight. Take it easy man, and don't stress it, you did WAY more then your part, and we all thank you.

646.6.2005 12:01

So sick that it had to come to this. Best tool out there. When will they get it through their heads that the copy protection is the real criminal activity, preventing others from legitimately backing up their property, as it is their right? But, yes, I agree with the previous posts *cough* open source *cough*.

656.6.2005 12:23

Well I have 2 kids and have lost count of the amount of shagged DVDs in my collection. DVDD was my lifesaver so it will be severly missed. As previously suggested, if the code was made open source, then the legacty will continue...asssuming of course this hasn't already been stamped on. No doubt others will follow but I wish the best of luck to LIGHTNING_UK and if there is anything I (or other DVDD users) can do to help, then please please do not hestitate to shout. B.r.i

666.6.2005 12:44

Definitely not the best way to start the week. =( Hopefully at the end of the week it will get bette. =)

676.6.2005 13:00

This is the bad news I am looking at, but, the odd thing with the two-year-old law makes this seem like Lightning UK! is fakeing us out (He wouldn't do that though). This will only drive up piracy of stuff such as AnyDVD though, which is too bad for SlySoft.

686.6.2005 13:03

you think you had a bad week i found out i have to go to summer school and my parrot(bob) died

operating system:windows xp home edition
ram:1 gig of corsair,512mb of samsung
graphics card: 7800 nvidia geoforce, AMD athlon64 3700+ processor

696.6.2005 13:17

what are you talking about phyco.. Summer school come up man. .. .. That's nothing, enjoy it while you're young, .. is working everyday after you're out of school. .. And wait untilyou have kids.. .. so quit your yabbing... You're still living under your parent roof.. ..just enjoy what you have.. After 21.. life will just fly by.. ..

706.6.2005 13:20

OMG! I can't beleive that they are gone.This was the best ripper I have ever used.It's sad to think that this is the last version available.I still remember when I purchased dvd x copy and it wouldn't work for me at all and I couldn't return because I opened the package.And then I found this software and it made up for all the bad experiences that I had with dvd x copy's software and tech support.I hope that they still host this on software was so versitile in use as a decrypter and a ripper and less than 1mb in size.If it is open source then it should be of good use.

716.6.2005 13:31

Damn good times. your a great programmer and have done alot for the community. i always hear people reccommending DVD D. i hope to see some of your future programs, even if i dont know its you that made it.

726.6.2005 13:32

Well there really shouldn't be a be big fuss,because they are not selling the program it is a freeware project.I hate to see this happen,even though I didn't really use DvdDecrypter that much it wasn't bad for getting DVD-9 images.I am sure the source will get out,but you still have to remember how long it is going take to rebuild it again with an update.Sure it is possible to build the program,but how would someone figure out the latest Macrovision codes.I think people will have to resort to something else for the time being.

...........................:SiG cReAtEd By Phantom69:............................

736.6.2005 13:37

Oh and I give the authors of the program alot of respect,because alot of people would have tried to make money off the program.I think it was cool how they made it free for everyone to use.

...........................:SiG cReAtEd By Phantom69:............................

746.6.2005 13:43

>_< . . this was my main ustencil.without updates ill be screwed soon.anybody know of any decent also going to avoid this "certain company".this is just like the war that never ended. REBEL!

756.6.2005 14:35

A sad day indeed :( the best thing we can all do is never buy an original DVD/game/piece of 'big name' software again.. i'd rather give my money to the guys on the markets & car boot sales of this world than the feckers that shut DVD Decrypter down. b*stards.

766.6.2005 14:51

DD and DVD Shrink are basically the only programs I've ever recommended to people. I've used them for virtually all of my backups. I just wonder about how long DD will keep working sufficiantly from this point on. As far as Hollywood goes, this just gives me more reason to avoid going to the movies as much as possible! It seems like every year ticket prices go up while quality of movies goes down. Think about it, for a family of four it would cost at least $30 (American) to go see ONE movie. Non-matinee of course, and that's not even including snacks! Four "small" drinks alone could cost $10! I couldn't even begin to guess the cost of everything else since I never buy anything when I actually do go. Sorry, I didn't mean to get off a rant. Sorry to see DD go, Lightning UK. I hope you find an equally enjoyable endeavor that helps people out in one way or another like DD did. Even if you have to charge for it, because I think you've earned that. Personally, I'm going to keep using and recommending DD until it becomes completely obsolete.

776.6.2005 15:01

well, this is a very unpleasant surprise. I really don't blame him for not fighting either. I honestly don't know what to say, it feels like a funeral in here. I'll bet it was Sony too. I was going to buy a PS3, now I think I'd rather give my money to Bill Gates. I'm just glad my PS2's modded, hehehe.

786.6.2005 15:07

God Bless you

796.6.2005 15:13

Sad, very Sad, the Bas!ards. Anyway thanks for all the great work over the years and for producing a great product and making it freely available to all. Respect.

806.6.2005 15:16

"F" that company that shut down DD. I am so sick of Hollywood bullies crying about how they are losing money. How about MAKE A GOOD "F"ing MOVIE! I wern't to see EP III on saturday and I noticed something really funny in the lobby - every poster was for either a sequel or remake - NOTHING ORIGINAL (Harry Potter 4, Duece Bigelow 2, Zorro 2, Bewitched (Not a remake), Bad News Bears, Dukes Of Hazzard). And they expect me to pay money for that crap. Interesting. Hollywood cries that they are losing money each year. QUIT PUTTING OUT CRAP! I'll be more than happy to support the next "genius" that devises a next gen DVD Decrypter type program! VIVA-LA DVD BACKUPS! "F" the MPAA and SONY just for the hell of it (and also for making crap movies like Little Black Book!)

816.6.2005 15:24

I has to be SONY. Think about it. Decrypter is the only free util that cracked SONYs new encription this year. So who else could it be. Now lets assume that these corprate asses succeed in getting such copyrite protection worldwide. How much do you want to bet that people would quit buying the copyrited material? Why should you be forded to buy the material a second time because you lost it or it became damaged. I see nothing wrong with makeing backups. You watch the backup and store the original in a safe place, So when the copy is damaged you just simply pull out the original and make another copy. I would just say Boycot all Copy protected material now. They would see what hurt would be put on them if the comstomer just quit buying. It realy is comming to the point where we will have to do just that. No laws are broken and Hollywood is hurt. Continue the boycot until they gid rid of these stupid greedy laws. I know it wont happen. To many people want thier movies and realy dont care about the battles. -Del

826.6.2005 15:27

All the best for creator of DD!! To those ffockers who are behind his troubles here is my massage. 90% of my DVD collection are originals. FROM NOW ON ALL MY DVD's WILL BE COPY'S !! Lick you !! You won nothing!

836.6.2005 15:38

I just read some of the post's at and - a²°- makes a good point.

"The domain name will be transferred over to the company by the end of the week (9th June, according to the undertakings I have to sign)... With being the last version, it makes sense for everyone to disable the check for new versions feature, as obviously there won't be any."
Guys, take this serious! Disable the Autoupdate function NOW if you don't want to appear on their IP's list after the domain was transferred. Block the application with your firewall to prevent further "accidental" access to the net

846.6.2005 15:45

I frankly have a hard time with his story or otherwise he would have made public the business entity intent of involving him in some adverse legal litigation. It might have occurred to him the UK is just as assinine as the united states when it comes to intellectual property. It almost sounds like the same hoax the owner/developer of the former bit torrent was foisting on unsuspecting people who donated to his legal defense. It almost sounds like the software developer was really disatified about the chump change he was making from donations being a second rate computer programmer developing and distributing his computer program and he was not making a fortune on his software like bill gates and some of the more notable ( AND RICHER ) computer software developers. I don't buy his story ................

856.6.2005 15:59

Who cares what his reason is? Just be happy that you ever HAD DVD Decrypter in the first place. You can't force him to make it if he doesn't want to. Mabey Slysoft payed him off, mabey the aliens threatend to probe him, whatever reason it doesn't matter. Still a great tool, it always will be.

866.6.2005 16:12

Those B*stards! They killed Decrypter!! My money's on Sony also. Thank you Lightning UK!! You will be sorely missed.

876.6.2005 16:32

If it is Sony... its the last straw for me... JVC will by my new choice for electronics and Microsoft for videogames..... bye bye

886.6.2005 16:35

Soon they will ban kitchen knives because "People can use them to kill others!, and not make legitimate sandwidches!" Creative use of technology will never die! They all want us to be bland droids who tow the big companys ethos! I say never! FREEDOM!

896.6.2005 16:37

So..we purchase a new DVD at an exorbitant price and have no rights over what we do with it? Is it unlawful to also copy a cake recipe from a cookbook that the wife owns? Hollywood only makes BILLIONS from new movies,and the greed factor pushes them to then release them on DVD for a few BILLION more. This is another nail in the coffin of freedom of rights. I`m disgusted by it.

906.6.2005 16:42

Folks, let's get some perspective here. Keep in mind it is the BRITISH AUTHORITIES that are stopping DVD Decrypter, so comments against the Americans in this case aren't right. We may have something to bitch about once the Supreme Court rules on file sharing/p2p programs in a couple weeks, however. Let's keep in mind.....THIS SITE IS INCORRECT THAT IT IS ILLEGAL TO DECRYPT CSS. AS of yet, anyway. We have just had a couple court rulings in circuit courts, courts that DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION AND AUTHORITY OVER ANYTHING BUT A FEW STATES. Only the Supreme Court has the final say for the entire country. It may be illegal to decrypt CSS in the DMCA, but it is a gray area, and that can't really be said until and if the SCOTUS rules that it is. And I doubt they will with their file sharing ruling coming up in the next week or two because that deals with p2p programs, not issues of copying DVDs. However, if they do issue a broad ruling that updates Betamax and continues to give American citizens the rights to copy their purchases, then circumventing CSS would be allowed. If they issue a broad ruling in which they say such circumventing for legal purposes of copying a purchased DVD for yourself as a backup is illegal, then circumventing CSS would be illegal. The good news is something else always comes along. They can't stop this. I am a conservative Republican, but I am damn sick and tired of the crap the MPAA and RIAA have pulled the point that I, who used to only copy music, is now ready to stick it to the MPAA by copying DVDs. Suck my balls. Hopefully the court will rule in favor of the rights of citizens. Thanks for all you have done, DVDdecrypter.

916.6.2005 16:45

The current version is still just that: on par with all current protection devices. I say we hold our complaints until this is false. Here's to HD-DVD Decrypter or BluRay Breaker or whatever.

926.6.2005 16:55

What other programs are there that are good for doing the same thing?

936.6.2005 16:56

Decrypter doesn't rip movies, people do! We still have guns and we should still have Decrypter. What a load of crap! Since when shouldn't I be able to protect my purchased version of a movie by making a copy of it? We've been doing it with music for years! Lightning UK will be missed and I for one, do believe your story, for those that don't, just look at 321 Studios. I don't put anything past those greedy movie mogul B---ards! Trust me, this is a sign of worse things to come if something isn't done (although I have no idea what that something is). signed: extremely PO'd.

946.6.2005 16:57

I dont like all this, what in effect this is saying is that - "You cannot make software which copys DVD's/Breaks Encryption codes", Because we dont like it (We being the big business drones) Our word is more powerfull and worthy than yours , because we have a stack of money - and you the little consumer do not. And because the worth of a human being boils down to money in modern society, normally speaking the money people will win. This is a serious issue because the natural tendancy of intelligent people is to take things apart and see how they work. If this process eventually gets you a law suit, it will make the hackers/crackers more determined to develop new ways to beat the system. just my 2p

956.6.2005 17:00

rwfromks, AnyDvd is the best of the proggys that cost $$ to get around encryption. It comes out with ways around encryption quicker than they can come out with new encryption devices.

966.6.2005 17:01

Don't even look at Negative comments ^^^ Lightning....for you have been awesome over the years and tyvm for all your hard work and dedication to the people in need of your help. As for myself, I am truely sad to see such knowledge and love for the software you have go to waste...:(...however, you are doing the right thing for you and vgl and again, thanks buddy because I really needed your help...:)

976.6.2005 17:22

This just got me thinking. It was just a few days ago that I read something (don't know if it was here or not) about the use of encryption being a valid reason to suspect criminal activity. It kinda got me thinking when I put two and two together. Maybe it could be argued that this decrypting software is also meant as a protection for DVD owners. Think about it - if encryption is a valid reason to suspect criminal activity, shouldn't we be allowed to decrypt our DVDs in the interest of verifying that we don't have any incriminating materials in our homes? If we really don't have the right to decrypt the data in our own homes, then we shouldn't be held liable when we have encrypted material that's incriminating. Am I making any sense here?

986.6.2005 17:23

Yes you make good sense, it never pays to leave the goverments with complete power over data. :o)

996.6.2005 17:37

Perhaps Lightning UK! could move to another country that allows the circumvention of CSS or doesn't have laws concerning it... French courts have ruled recently to ban some types of encryptions that block legit copying...

1006.6.2005 17:41

You know thats not a bad idea? Perhaps he could use a remote connection with a virtual desktop to a pc in a country where it is legal to produce such software. Why cant he host his site in a country where no such laws exist? Oh well....

1016.6.2005 18:17

Very sad indeed. I personally can say that I donated a couple of times because the software is so great that it was highly appreciated. DVD Shrink won't be updated anymore either, so both *KINGS* of DVD Backup are dead :O(

1026.6.2005 19:09

Ok first, are we sure this isn't just another prank, like the bit torrent site shutdown? If it is true, then this is a sad sad day. If I spend 18 dollars on a dvd, I should be able to have a backup of it wherever I want. So since I can't make a backup copy of a movie that I legally purchased, I will just take my movie back to wherever it got it when it doesn't work anymore and tell them that I paid for it, it doesn't work anymore so I want a new one for free. Since I can't backup my property Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but couldn't lighting uk just show someone how to create this program, where it is legal to make?

1036.6.2005 19:17

Well,we still have AnyDVD they can get around the protection,and from what I am hearing for PS2 ripping needs.I heard Sonix is working on a tool for ripping PS2,Xbox etc... games Apache with burning features.I am not sure if the project will be released or not,but that would cheer some members up including myself on game ripping tools.I do think we are losing our freedom for backup purposes,just because some organizations feel it shows a threat doesn't always mean it is right to get rid of them.The main point is,they actually loss not Lightning UK if you think about it.Lightning UK made themselves big enough to where they scared organizations into passing a law to force them out.I don't think we should look at it as a loss,although the program was actually good.I think we will see something similiar or even better in due time.

...........................:SiG cReAtEd By Phantom69:............................

1046.6.2005 19:27

Hmmm, does anyone wonder how all this "might" be possible with the European Charter in such dire straits? Might this piece of legislation be in jeopardy of being considered "invalid" as it may have been based on the aforementioned charter? What a sticky situation!

1056.6.2005 19:28

Thanks Lightning UK for a great product. When I went to AD to check forums, and saw the head line my jaw just dropped !! This makes me freakin' sick!! Wonder how long it will take till Decrypter stops working. I hope someone else is developing another free CSS Decrypter like Decypter. Thanks again Lightning UK and hope you come out with something else. For all those that are saying it's a hoax or, Lightning UK got paid off, say what you want but, I'm grateful for DD and will keep using it till it stops working.

1066.6.2005 19:42

I don't think it is a hoax or they even got paid off,what I am thinking is they where probably threatened so they stopped making the program.

...........................:SiG cReAtEd By Phantom69:............................

1076.6.2005 19:43

could this be a pre-curser for the new macrovision. slysoft is probably next on the list..think about it.

1086.6.2005 19:50

Actually it could happen,but if they are smart they probably have money to fight against it.Slysoft is pretty big,they not only make AnyDVD but alot more tools.To be honest they have been around a long time also,would be pretty hard to get rid of them.I'm not sure where they are located either,so the laws might not even apply to them.

...........................:SiG cReAtEd By Phantom69:............................

1096.6.2005 19:58

A few quick words from me relating on this issue.... This is BULLSH**

1106.6.2005 20:25

This is indeed sad news. As far as Slysoft is concerned I believe they are located in Antigua. I don't know anything about Antigua's laws, but this may be legal there. I can't imagine that Lightning UK would want to move there and throw away whatever career he is working at now. Obviousy DVD Decrypter was sort of a hobby since he didn't charge anything for it when I'm sure he could have. Many thanks Lightning UK. You certainly deserve them.

1116.6.2005 20:54

This opens the door for slysoft's AnyDVD to make a sh*t load of money, Anyway Decrypter still works on about 80 million dvds out there already so be happy for that holla back.................

1126.6.2005 21:22

In case I missed this elsewhere: don't e-mail dvd dycrpter now, it goes to the company; if you are using this in a country which doesn't have laws agaist this, when you use dvd dycrypter, open up setting,events and UNCHECK update,press okay. That is unless you wish to be visited by unwelcome guests. Sorry indeed.

1136.6.2005 23:02

Dvd Decrypter Phoenix. When one tools fades into obscurity, another rises. Remember when the RIAA took down napster? 40 more replaced it. its just a program. the technology and knowledge is there, and the tools will be also. With all the emphasis on Dling movies pre-release, im suprised that this was a target though. I dont really use any of this stuff, i cant find a movie i would bother copying, let alone watchin it more then the one time i rent it...really, the Movie Industry needs to worry about the garbage thats coming outta hollywood instead of a guy with a free program in the UK.

1146.6.2005 23:13

Why not e-mail decrypter. All you have to do is rename the file to something like hello.txt . When the other person gets it he just renames it to the correct format. Simple enough. -Del

1156.6.2005 23:23

This is fucked up man. When I read the news in HardOCP, I couldn't believe it. I went to check afterdawn to make sure the story was legit...DVD Decrypter has helped me backup my entire collection of anime DVD's. I too, have donated some of my dough to LightningUK! due to DVD Decrypter's awesomeness and it was money well spent. I wish the author the best...

1166.6.2005 23:52

To be honest, I used SmartRipper in 95% of my ripping needs but still... It sucks that programs which give people a certain amount of freedom are systematicaly shut down. I can understand the need to stop piracy, but this 'stopping' is done by people who enrich themselves with schemes that are often more moraly repulsive than piracy. And speaking of right and laws and such: I have the RIGHT to make a backup copy of my CD's and DVD's, yet this is made impossible because of copy-protection! And people are wondering why more and more people are fighting 'the system' in any way possible... I say stop bombing innocents and soldier, get to the fat cats in their suits, big cars and skyscrapers! The future is to those who invent, not to those who only react such as goverments.

Greetz Deznaj

1177.6.2005 00:14

Farewell DVD Decrypter & UK :( u will be missed.

1187.6.2005 01:05

yes its to bad DVD Decrypter is gone. it was DVD X Copy then DVD Shrink and now DVD Decrypter. i think we will be safe with AnyDVD since its off shore wont we? hopefully we will. other programs will rise and in the mean time we can use AnyDVD with dvdclone2 or intervideo dvdcopy3 or a few others

1197.6.2005 01:49

This just makes me sick and more determined to always find away around whatever they come up with. If those idiots in the film industry had read the string on RATDVD they would see that most people back up their collection for general use. They're biggest threat is bit torrent films finding their way on to the net before release but lets face it we have never used DVD Decrypter to decrypt files that are already decrypted. I mainly make copies for the kids in the car as it keeps them quiet so the £15.99 I paid Disney means that I don't actually own it but rent it for an indefinite period. This must be the only thing I 'own' that I don't really. There is a dark cloud on the horizon and I believe George W is putting pressure on his bed partner Tony to turn the heat up here. Well I'll carry on using DVD Decrypter until it doesn't work anymore good luck fellas>

1207.6.2005 02:31

indeed, very bad news! does someone have the sources for dvd-decrypter? just in case the are someone wanted continue development...

1217.6.2005 03:25

So long old buddy!! My flags at half mast.

1227.6.2005 03:43

I am sick and tired of governments and corporations dictating the demise of innovation, and as for the forced closure of the apps mentioned above .... well it just goes opensource hosted in countries that dont care, or underground. The challenges being faced by the 'Scene' today are not that far removed from challenges faced when the public eye was not quite so focused. Where there's a will, there's a way. What concerns me most is the rapidly shrinking rights of the consumer. "Greed will be their undoing"

1237.6.2005 05:02

I would like to add my two cents to the stroy of the demise of DVD Decryptor...It is a shame to lose this valuable utility....I use it primarily to make copies of my kids movies as they are always destroying the disks...I have gone through several copies of shrek while keeping the original intact. I will miss it greatly. It's to bad the code couldn't be "leaked" to open source and allow others who are not shackled by these laws to continue on with the program. Thanks DVD decryptor you have been a life saver on many occasions.

1247.6.2005 05:05

You know if DVD's were priced decently say $10...who would waste there time copying them. Isn't this what the music industry is finding with CD's??

1257.6.2005 05:20

I only have used DVD Decriptor when backup my dvds and it's been the best easy to handle,fast etc, etc. Still it might be No.1. Noone can stop it. Thanks a lot. I'll continue to use it. Who can stop me to. The latest version works for over years,I guess until movie makers find better method to protect their products which'll take time and money a lot. Men don't worry. In the meantime next good one comes out.

1267.6.2005 05:25

mytchm you may be missing the point of dvd back up. ok so they make dvd's $10 each, your dog eats it or your kids scratch it beyond repair, get $10 to buy another making your $10 into $20, but if you make a back up of it then it only costs $1 to replace. Has anybody tired cladDVD.NET 3.56 its not a bad ripper ive used it for about a month and its been 90% success rate. tyr it goto

1277.6.2005 05:28

This is my first ever time posting on a forum (brought about because of the catastrophe with DVDD). It like the death of another world icon (such as JFK, Princess Di, Pope John Paul II).

1287.6.2005 06:04

sorry! I lost to add important words in the first line in my last comment. That was "I only.......etc. etc,HAVEN'T I? MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE AND LOVED IT."

1297.6.2005 06:53

its a sad sad day....

1307.6.2005 07:14

Damm i hate to see that, its all bs! hollywood does not lose any money if i copy a movie rented from blockbuster, i paid my money to rent it. its not like the dvd is released at the same time with the theatre release, its months or a year after! the name of the game is options people, without it your phone bill would be 100. cable bill, light, etc options with different companies forces them to lower their price to appeal to you. this is control as to where you'll have no choice but to pay 12.00 to see a movie whether good or bad, and force you to buy a dvd using dna or some crap they are cooking up. Either way you have but one option because some millionaire wants a way to make sure all the money related to a movie he gets a cut on all sides. its looks like they are wiping out all competition, then the shall give us our choice.

1317.6.2005 08:25

Well I say that it should be $8 a DVD ($3 each additional in a set) So if you buy a tv series with 5 DVDs in it it would cost you $22 USD. Now if they want to rule world, which it seems they do, They can do this. If they make it impossible to back up our stuff then they should come up with an agreement that if your disk becomes damaged then all you have to do is send the defective disk in for a replacement. Your only cost should be shipping. This is regardless if the disk is in once piece or 5000. They get the original back and send you a new one. Of course that will mean you may be weeks without the film but it is a compromise. Alternative 2 is to somehow arrange a worldwide boycott against all DVD sales for a period of 2 months. This will send a message to them that we are fed up. They think the loose money off back ups, just imagine how much they will lose if we did a 2 month boycott. They would be pissed and would not be able to arrest anyone. This of course will take a few months of planning to pull off and we will have to suffer without the new movies for that long. Heck we could even extend the boycott to include all movies in the theater. If the boycott happen then we would have to bombard them with letters explaining our action and what we are retaliating against. Mention in the note that if they do not stop their BS in the 2 months then we can arrange for a longer period of time. I am not talking out of my ass here. They prove over and over they can walk all over us. We support them by every movie or music sale we make. Why should we support the very ones that want to take our freedoms away. The only way to get to bastards like these people is to hit them hard in their wallet. I'm sure we can live through two months of not purchasing any new DVD for 2 months. Buy all the used ones you want. Hollywood makes no money off used sales. Funny they should in turn make it illeagle to sell your media used since they make no money off it. Just think about it Guys/Gals. Would you support the action I have proposed? -Del

1327.6.2005 09:20

Just think about it Guys/Gals. Would you support the action I have proposed?
I definitely would, but I kinda doubt something so big could be organized successfully. BTW, does anyone know how well that media boycott in late April went? I think it definitely would have to be a couple months like you say for it to be noticed.

1337.6.2005 10:08

DVD Decrypter, LUK, Good luck to a super programmer.. What comes next? many here have discussed AnyDVD, who as you may know are located in the lovely sunny Antigua, with their site currently hosted in the equally lovely Ireland. How about Fengtao? their DVD "backup" programs arubaly rival AnyDVD. based in China. This is gonna be interesting..and i agree that for now these companies will make a samll fortune.

1347.6.2005 10:49

If I buy an umbrella, rip off the top, and use it to stitch up an old windbreaker, am I doing something illegal? I don't see how what we choose to do with a DVD that we BUY affects the liberal billionaires we bought it from. We already paid for their product, and as long as we are not selling copies to anyone else, we should have a right to do whatever the eff we want with it. For our comfort, I'd like to point out that the hottest place in hell is reserved for the hypocrites.

1357.6.2005 11:07

liberal billionaires?

1367.6.2005 12:02

i'm with Mr_dell 100%

1377.6.2005 12:57

Yeah, sad news. I will not add to the compliments. But : stand up armies of immortals, grab pogrammes, download, use, copy. They just can't get enough money, but strange thing, if you pay for a programme, hooo, well, you can use it and the programme lives on .......... it's money everywhere. Nothing else. So one good advice : copy.

1387.6.2005 13:00

I am in complete and utter shock. The saddest day in a long time. I never saw this coming. I wish nothing but the best for Lightning UK and am sorry I never donated money for his efforts. We can only ponder what living hell he is going through.

1397.6.2005 13:15

Please tell me this is a joke. I'm not reading this... Decrypter was like my favorite burning program of all time :( Farewell man. If you don't make another program, you have already given much to the DVD community.

1407.6.2005 14:03

Decrypter was absolutely the best ripping program available free or pay. Somehow, I'm not surprised that big money interests shut this guy down though. That's the way the world works these days. He who has the gold, makes all the rules and people be damned. Their God is the almighty dollar. Their bible is their monthly statement. Their goal? You will pay and pay and pay some more and you'll shut up about it. Anything else would be "communism" or some such nonsense. Just like the recent Marijuana Supreme Court ruling, all this will do is strengthen the underground DVD movement. Beware the new technology however. I'm sure they're working on ways to legalize inspections of hard drives next overtly or covertly. Big Brother is here. Welcome to 1984 21st century style! Salude! LUK! You Sir, are a legend.. :)

1417.6.2005 14:11

you know what - it shows that a company , whether its S*O*N*Y or Ma*cro*vis*ion or whoever, with all their millions, more like billions, are afraid of one normal (but obviously extremely talented) individual from the UK (who has contributed so much to so MANY grateful people). That shows that to feel so threatened by one person, they are greedy, technically inept, oh and did i say greedy. Good luck to Lightning for the future.

1427.6.2005 14:13

Just a few ideas....... If we could all donate now for the proramme... Couldn't the programme be registered somewhere in the world ? If hosted on physical servers where it is legal to be hosted, then why not continue updating the programme? They're not gonna put cops behind all our computers ... Send your work to anyone, this anyone uploads, and we'll f1ck the world .

1437.6.2005 14:21

Very sad news. If all the "small" people just knew the power they had against all the "big" people if we just organized ourselves... It's called collective action people... Look it up. The possibilities are endless. We have all the power but don't know how to use it. We have to remember that most of the "big" people are big because of the small people; they get to rape us at will and we pay their bills and keep their businesses going. If I was lightning UK.... I would move to another country (one that doesn't have laws about this stuff), change the name of "DVD Decrypter" to "Decrypt DVD" and start charging $$ for the software. I would pay for it and so would everyone I know. In no time, you'd have enough $$ to offset the price you paid for the move. Of course, I am not a lawyer and I know nothing about international law.

1447.6.2005 15:20

Yes Cman. Room 6 is in our very near USA future. Mcfly982 hit it on the head. They make money off us small people. So what can we do about it? STOP BUYING THIER STUFF. Had to use caps there. As I mentioned above already. If I get enough intrest in this I will see what can be done. -Del

1457.6.2005 15:30

Yes, this is sad news indeed...but somebody pls advise, does this mean the DVDD we already have on our system will cease to work after awhile??

1467.6.2005 15:58

It will be deeply missed by me.I would like to thank the follow people: The guy that invented the DVD burner, the people the invented the DVD player,the college students who bypassed macrovision,and Lightning UK for a bad ass program called DVD Decrypter.You program will be sorely missed.Also my up yours to Sony and MPAA and other assholes where ever you are.I feel Like I just attended a fueneral.This is some sad news.:(

1477.6.2005 16:09

@Guyy It will only cease to work on DVD's that have new copy protection - ones that aren't even out there yet - but I'm sure the big players are furiously working to come up with them. Keep reading the boards you'll know when one comes out. The last one was Sony Arccos (which DDVD handles) starting with Resident Evil: Apocolypse

1487.6.2005 16:58

why doesn't someone just make a clone of DVD Decrypter...its not a very big program at all....a good programmer could make a clone of it in like a week probably

1497.6.2005 18:04

It seems such a waste for it all to go to nothing ... Why don't you release the source under GPL? Or ... ahem ... someone *else* release the source -cough-, seriously other open source programs could really do with DVD Decrypter's source.

1507.6.2005 18:16

Tene has an idea. If the source was accidentaly released certain programmers could make use of it. Lightning, my best to you.

1517.6.2005 18:20

decrypter was one of my favorites and it will be hard to find another that good.however i know people that can crack anything on a disc but they prefere to stay under the radar. i think its just a matter of time before someone gets the balls to put it on the internet.
any country that sacrafices liberty for security deserves neither---ben franklin.

1527.6.2005 18:39

This is very sad indeed. I commend you on your dedication over the years. You've created a well written solid application and it will be missed. Is it still possible to donate?

1537.6.2005 18:51

viva finland! i think you guys should grant mr lighnting uk political asylum and ask him to move over. maybe one day finland will be the center of technology wonder nokia does not pop up in UK/US.

1547.6.2005 18:52

Does anyone else get the eerie feeling DVD Shrink is next on the hit list?

1557.6.2005 19:28

I wouldn't be surprised if DVD Shrink is gone within a couple of months. New programs might be required for ripping and burning HD DVD and Blue Ray but who is going to develop them when they will only be shutdown. A dark period lies ahead for those wanting to back up their own DVDs, especially when the greedy companies refuse to drop them to a reasonable price (here in Australia) and stomp on the little men trying to give people a viable option.

1567.6.2005 19:41

make it open source and then anyone can upgrade the software?

1577.6.2005 19:55

A sad day indeed, when are we as a community going to really rise up and take it to these neo-nazi big wigs who think they can make millions by breaking the backs of us average folk ! I will come right out and say that I have used DVDD as my primary source of getting around these $#$%% protection for 3 years . And I smile with glee each and every time I get the your DVD was succesfully ripped message. Sad to see you go and know that your program will live on for as long as i it able to do what you created it to do. Screw the MPAA ! up yours #$#%holes ! My burners will be busy tonite and Ebay listings and office bathroom sales plenty.

1587.6.2005 20:04

@Dimi334 @Cman DvdShrink is already as gone as it will ever get. the creator of DVD Shrink has also stopped updating the program,for different reasons,he works for Nero now. I think the final version of dvdd,like the final version of dvdshrink will always be available for download, somewhere.

1597.6.2005 21:49

I won't get discouraged by this. Is this the "ultimate victory" for the motion picture industry? There's no such thing the way I see it. It's only a matter of time before someone else picks up the torch and runs with it.

1607.6.2005 22:35

Thanks for all the work you will be greatly missed.

1617.6.2005 22:49

thanks for everything! all is not lost because no one can stop innovation! there will always be others...

1627.6.2005 23:02

Ok now I just started crying my little eyes out cause this totally sucks @ss! Seems like this is, like drD said, not a good way to start the week off. Hopefully some other companies will start making programs to continue on the trend. is up with all this stuff lately, first ET gets shut down and now this, what next...internet is only going to be used to access the news and weather? See, it is things like this that makes people do more downloading, creating programs, and everything else that the corporate slime are trying to stop. was a GREAT run with Decrypter and hope that all things turn out good for it's creators. Best of luck to you all!

1637.6.2005 23:46

Best wishes to the man who gave so much... Thx for the free ride. I will forever let everyone know that I was a part of a great time in history and have my "back-ups" as evidence. Now excuse me, I have to "back-up" some more shit before it's too late!!!

1647.6.2005 23:58

Just remember, there are thousands of movies (and games) you can still use Decrypter for. In fact there aren't any as of right now you can't use it for. It will be a long time before the ones you can't use it on outweigh the ones you can use it on. Soooo, LUK's wonderful gift is still the gift that keeps on giving. Thanx Lightening!!!

1658.6.2005 00:06

What really pisses me off the most about all of this is these big companys who say that dvd back up is illegal and yet they make all the media available for any of us to buy legally over the counter at your local pc world. In short if they don't want us making our own copies they should'nt invent the tools to do the job in the first place.

1668.6.2005 00:11

This is pretty sad indeed. DD is such a great program for backing up DVDs & PS2 games. In spite of all the "rules, laws, and regulations", I strongly deem that a similar version will somehow rise again when the time comes. Realistically speaking, there's "night" and "day", "good" and "evil", "pro" and "con", "the rich" and "the poor" etc. exist in this so called earth. With that being said; everything needs to be/have a "balance" in between in order to have a life cycle. Take for an example: this planet needs to have seasons such as "Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring" in order for the human and animal nature to survive. One can not survive without the other period. It's only a matter of times that another great program like this shall arise in the near future. My deepest sympathy goes out to Lightning UK

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How 2 downgrade Samsung BD-D5XXX Series Bluray player

1678.6.2005 00:24

Anyone have any idea who "a certain company" is? I did a whois, but it is protected as of right now.

1688.6.2005 00:39

I don't know who the company is but the website owner info displayed by whois is probably protected by Lightning UK thru some service. I have a similar service for my domain name registration as well so that no one will know who owns the domain name directly. I'm guessing though that big name companies can still subpeona domain name registration companies for real owners and thats probably one way Lightning UK got hunted down. Perhaps once the switch is done we will be able to whois it and see what company it was...if we're lucky.

1698.6.2005 01:09

Well it IS a sad day. Just want to say thanks to LUK for a great piece of software! Served me very well for a long time. mcfly982 scratched the surface of a huge issue, and I agree. George Orwell made a similar point, which is being realised day by day incrementally. The reason for this is just PURE GREED. These fat-cats make billions of dollars of profit each year on movies. Their kids will never go hungry due to folks copying a few DVDs: yet they want more and more money. I hope those greedy ba$tard$ rot in hell. The world has many more serious vices than DeCSS. Like Cockefeller, Kissinger and co. Ptwenty

1708.6.2005 01:41

Maybe George W. and Bono will do something abouth this one! DVD Decrypter best dvd tool EVER! I've been copying with Decrypter and Shrink since my copy of Xcopy stopped receiving it's updates and now this.....Shrink is definately next.... this is saddest day on this sight in over 2 years....region free tools will soon be in trouble...

1718.6.2005 03:07

Hey gambiel7 lets get'em all involved bob geldof, midge ure, lenny henry and bono and all those other celebrites who think they can change the world. Q.Whats is the difference between gon and Bono? A.God doesn't walk around dublin pretending he is Bono A worthwile dream at least.

1728.6.2005 05:01

Why can't "Lighting UK!" just transfer it's operation to another COUNTRY and distribute from this third country? The world is a pretty big place. And if the developer is afraid of being pursued then create ANOTHER product. Ok rename it and just operate as if he was in this "other" country. AfterDawn is in Finland...where am I???? So my take on this would be "the King is dead...Long Live the King" Just move. Open source would be nice. A nice subtle flip of the bird to these guys chasing Lighting UK! If it were me I would release the source code and/or move offshore. Everyone loves outsourcing? Cool then outsource this!

1738.6.2005 06:05

when I was young we would double up VCR's and copy tape to tape, no one ever cared. You know if the industry would make movies worth a F@#K and were priced right they wouldnt need to infringe our rights. Just another instance of letting our country stab us in the back over our so-called rights. Shame on you fascist. SHAME...........America is headed down a bad bad road......

1748.6.2005 08:12

I have a sneaking suspicition that lightining uk sold out his business interest in a "friendly corporate takeover " to a major business interest that is speculating pretty heavily that the anti circumvision provision of the DMCA in the united states will be changed and amended either through a major supreme court ruling or the law being changed in the halls of the US congress and they plan to cash in on the dvd copying software market . I really don't believe his bogus story about him being harassed by the MPAA. Matter of fact the MPAA is probabaly coming up with ideas how they can cash in on the dvd copying software market. The MPAA knows the handwriting is on the wall. I personally think he stands to make out like a fat rat financially speaking. He's blowing smoke up everybody's butt............ dvd encyption tools are like anything else in life. No freebies. You have to pay to play It really amazes me that most of you who ever downloaded dvd decyrpter from this website did not have any idea this was going to happen and was not copying their downloads to cd or dvd data discs all along.

1758.6.2005 08:15

I have a sneaking suspiction that lightining uk sold out his business interest in a "friendly corporate takeover " to a major business interest that is speculating pretty heavily that the anti circumvision provision of the DMCA in the united states will be changed and amended either through a major supreme court ruling or the law being changed in the halls of the US congress and they plan to cash in on the dvd copying software market . I really don't believe his bogus story about him being harassed by the MPAA. Matter of fact the MPAA is probabaly coming up with ideas how they can cash in on the dvd copying software market. The MPAA knows the handwriting is on the wall. I personally think he stands to make out like a fat rat financially speaking. He's blowing smoke up everybody's butt............ dvd decyption tools are like anything else in life. No freebies. You have to pay to play It really amazes me that most of you who ever downloaded dvd decyrpter from this website did not have any idea this was going to happen and was not copying their downloads to cd or dvd data discs all along.

1768.6.2005 08:56

you know Chesty's right, same thing did happen with author of shrink (Nero) and they haven't updated it since 2003 and will never again because he took his little source code to Nero for fat payoff. By the way Recode Sucks! Now that I think about it in this aspect the Region free tools will probably be safe to use for some time as most of them require a "pay to play" in order to get updates...Yeah I really do not see source code for Decrypter EVER leaking, this will NEVER happen...You guys all suck the bigone!

1778.6.2005 09:30

Chesty is my kind of person. Does not believe the first thing they read. Now at the moment it is hard to prove that Chesty or anyone else in here is right about what is going on. That does not matter. I’m going to be harsh now but oh well. As I read through the thread I look for commonalities. I have found a huge one. People complaining about what has happened and that’s all they will do. There is nothing wrong with complaining it shows you are aware of the situation. But just merely complaining will not fix anything. All that will do is get your hateful feelings off your chest. We need to find a way to move on to step 2. That is finding a solution to the problem and act on it. Being someone that has worked in the corporate world I know they are laughing at what we are saying. They lose a few hundred thousand dollars they really do not care. It will just be a tax write off. You can whine and complain all you want to these people but you might as well be shouting at a wall. I have said this before but time to throw in a reminder since the thread has become large. These people rely on us to buy their product. This is where their income is coming from. The only way to get a greedy persons attention is to take their money away. They will do anything to get the money back. We all have the power to take away their money. All we have to do is simply stop buying their product. Not just a day, they won’t see any damage from that. At a minimum it has to be 2 months. Assuming the entire world did this at once (won’t happen) in just two months they could lose over a billion dollars. That would definitely get their attention. Best part is it is not illegal. While this is going on they need to be bombarded with letters explaining what is going on and the demands to stop it. In some cases companies had to go out of business due to a Boycott. This is they only way we can send a message to them. Whining and empty threats just make a loud room. Yes you will be without new DVD for the 2 months but is watching the flicks more important than our freedoms? Something like this will take a few months to plan out. Buying used stuff would be OK since they make no money off those sales. -Del

1788.6.2005 10:09

Good point Del. Not only is a Boycot legal, it seems to be the only way to stop these huge corporations from doing as they please. We all know that federal, state, or local legislation doesn't do it. There are huge organizations that break anti-trust laws all the time (cough... gas prices) and compaies that take our rights straight from under our nose (cough, cough, DVD encrypting). With all the money we give them, they can afford to pay lawyers around the clock to look for loopholes in the system and therefor create their own laws. Something we can't do or fight... as individuals. Think about this for one second. We all (the little people), as a whole, sacrifice $1 every month to pay for our own team of lawyers to fight the big guys and their team of lawyers. There are over 296million people in the US alone, that's alot of lawyer under our belt. We can hire an army of lawyers... All with $1 a month. Heck, we could do it with a nickel a month. Until everyone figures out that together we can do almost anything, nothing will be done. People need to stop fighting, killing, hating. and being afraid of eachother and understand that we are all here together and that's not going to change. So if we're all stuck here together, why not stick together? It's the only way. Sorry If I sound like a preacher. -A

1798.6.2005 10:25

I hate to see DVD Decrypter go, but we have to worry about how we are going to decrypt NOW. Is there anything that comes close, or is AnyDVD the only bet.

1808.6.2005 10:26

Lightning my condolonces to the death of your wonderful program and sorry that it got you into the shit. It has been an extreme pleasure using it and I will sorely miss it. Good Luck to you in the future!

1818.6.2005 10:32

Corporate terrorism at its best. Boycot all movies and music.

1828.6.2005 10:34

what are we to do Mr. Del buy used media...? half the blanks we buy now are rip offs. Who makes the media, the companies who produce the dvd movies in the first place.....This is the whole argument of this thread to bring together all members who have actually used this software intelligently and come up with some sort solution, of course we're gonna bitch...It's one of the last rights we have... I'll say it again, they all suck on the bigone! Go back to work!!!

1838.6.2005 11:44

Open Source, open source. Let the source code goooooo! I am SURE someone out there can do some work on the code in a country where this law does not apply!

1848.6.2005 12:25

I don't know if dissun' Lightning is appropriate. I'm sure he provided a handy little program that even you used. Theres bigger issues here, and thats what this thread is about. It isn't just Hollywood, it's all big business. It's like a bad sci-fi flik where the corporations rule everything. Including the government. Being from the U.S. I can see it from the inside out. "We the people" aren't the ones that represent our country. It's big business, and the footprint of prosperity. I believe it's the whole truth, and even if not Lightning UK has been a King among thieves. Don't forget, you are a pirate after all. Salute to him and all his endeavors and all like him.

1858.6.2005 12:50

I really like the boycott idea, but it's going to require a lot of work if it's to be successful. Not to mention a lot of participants. Any idea approximately how much the movie industry makes in two months and how much we'd have to stop people from spending to make a dent? It would probably be a good idea to have a center of operations where we'd report all the people we've convinced to join so that we can have a good idea how many people have joined. Maybe a program like having each participant get five or so others to join would be good too. After just ten 'generations' we'd have a little over 12 million participants if my math is right. If we could get it to go another two generations we'd have over 300 million (probably enough, LOL). Of course, we'd have to make sure that these people are ones who regularly spend money on movies, otherwise of course, they won't be of much help, and also that they are new participants. We wouldn't be asking them to be criminals, just to make a passive statement that they don't like one of the numerous idiotic things the movie industry has been doing (suing people into backruptcy, insane overcharging for round pieces of plastic, releasing poorly made plotless movies, attacking people's rights by encrypting the data we buy, sabotaging legitimate networks that help reduce the cost of being an artist, living in luxury and still wanting more from people who can't even afford a VCR - I'm sure I've only scratched the surface here). In addition, the boycott could also introduce other suggested usages for the money the participants save on movies such as donating to non-profit groups, buying something more mind-stimulating (those ancient things called books, maybe), or just plain saving for a rainy day. Anyway, I await your input.

1868.6.2005 13:00

DVD Decrypter gone, but try cladDVD.NET v3.5.7 at: this tool even supports Movie Only Mode...:)

1878.6.2005 13:04

Unfortunately I feel we are a drop in the bucket when it comes to the total DVD sales. I of course will join any boycott, sign any petition, piss on any instituition you ask me to. You've got my support. As for you Mr. Lightning UK. I appreciate all that you have done and the abilities that you possesed to create the program(s) that you did. My hat is off to you. Best of luck with your future endevours whatever they may be. Afterdawn, Can we fly him to Findland? Godspeed, Oops

1888.6.2005 13:06

A-P-A-T-H-Y I really hate to be the voice of realism. But...........

1898.6.2005 13:18

I already started on my own I will not go see SW3 in theater I will rent the DVD once out and that it, I already told my kids that yes I want to see the movie but because of how they treated "the leak" yeah righ! I will not give more money then I could to Mister Lucas no thank you it started there for me. Maybe we should start by saying hey your movie at the theater I won't go see it and will waite the DVD instead a lot of money will be lost there and will be see as immediate not just in month it will be immediate if the world get out to boycott Hollywood movie at the theater. Just a tough but for me it wasn't I have acted.

1908.6.2005 13:21

Has anyone really seen a good English flick lately???

1918.6.2005 13:33

MJS41, I have been in contact with Mr Clad and he stated that clad will fluff on Arccos.

1928.6.2005 13:38

The music/video companies could end all legitimate argument tomorrow by 1) Reducing the cost to a sensible level - pile em high and sell em cheap would end calls for piracy - they would make as much money - just have to work a little bit harder. It would also mean that poor kids could have more enjoyment!! 2)Provide lifetime replacement CD/DVD on return of the original damaged one for the cost of postage 3)abandon regional codings and let anyone watch everything at the same time They do NOT lose a jot from piracy as the pirates wouldnt buy their films anyway - they will just go without. All this effort stops legitimate consumers protecting their property, adds to thr cost of their products and gives the whole business a bad name that it deserves. I cant imagine who the company is but S ending with Y sounds like a runner to me and let me see who manufactured my DVD recorder drive???

1938.6.2005 13:45

Greetings LIGHTNING UK! Instead of freaking people arround from day to day, they should at least offer you kind of settlement not to be such a genious you R! I think Democracy is shutting down...

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1948.6.2005 13:49

How bout we just dont purchase any DVDS from now on and rip em all of the net?How the fuck are they gunna sue every one?So MPAA go SUCK my FUCKING DICK

1958.6.2005 14:59


1968.6.2005 15:09

@ binkie7 thanx 4 ur reply

1978.6.2005 15:26

dam that sucks bad things happendt o good people . as for the selling out part if he did good for him.i hope he got paid big time for using his brain if it came down to thousands...or millions...from royaltys...shoot everybody on this forum would do it in a heart beat ....oh no i would never sell out ...yeah right get with the real world we would have gotten in legal trouble maybe down the road i say quit will your ahead..i hope his at a lake somewhere with some fina looking senoritas and some beer,wine,whatever the man does AND enjoying life you go boy long live the DVD RIPPER DVD Decrypter.KING STANDING SALUTE....................................

1988.6.2005 16:18

Here's another similar program just released. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds similar. From author's website: DVD43Free current version 3.5.3 "WHAT DOES IT DO? DVD43 removes most copy protection found on found on movie DVDs. DVD43 only works on Win2K and WinXP. If you have Win98 or WinME, use DVD Decrypter (use 'Mode' 'File') which allows you to rip all the files of a DVD to your hard drive and then copy with your favorite copy software." Page concludes with: "We obtained the source of DVD43 and furthered its development, integrating it into our products:" So, it appears that it's from maker of DVDIdle products -- DVD RegionFree [now DVD Region+CSS Free], DVDFab [Express, Platinum & Gold], DVDIdle, and DVDIdle Pro. Anyone tried DVD43Free?

1998.6.2005 16:20

Sorry, forgot to post url for DVD43Free. You can get it at: or and other sites.

2008.6.2005 16:26

Sir, Are they bullying you to give them your web site and email addresses too? Might not be a bluff but sounds like BLACKMAIL. These people are not protecting the 'bands' / 'Artists' that they rip off but attempting to maximise their income. There really is no need to rip stuff off anyway as slightly poorer quality non-original copies are easily made albeit with fewer of the quality features of a DVD. Now, of course if you are selling such copies to line the pockets of yer jackets then well you are robbing the companies which is in addition to fradulently obtaining funds by deceptive means. If you really like this stuff - BUY IT. Send teh band a donation for their efforts. And why not support the poor starvin people in Africa. These companies rip off you and me in various ways and the so called industry regulator make them pay hefty fines of $500. But you and I are bullied by imprisonment and hefty fines. I would strongly suggest that you make them pay you for your work - It must be worth £Millions to them and all the good will you have earned from your web site, friends etc - they are obviously intending to intercept your emails. This is a very serious and illegal offence and they are commiting it in a very brash and arrogant way. Its Internet harrassment and terrorism using a legal system which was intended to protect the weak and innocent NOT the RICH Big brother bully boys which Hide behind it. Reminds me of teh Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus day who for a pretense robbed and devoured widows houses. Just exactly what they are doing (not just in your case - Ive been through similar things) I strongly urge your to post your work on source forge and other boards and to ensure that it has a GNU copyright - in the interests of of computer science and technology. All algorithms must be protected. In addition youcan be certain the the US department of defence and most government agencise will also have similar software algorithms - they got mathematical genius working for them. By the WAY you MUST NOT SIGN anything until your lawyerS and adviserS carefully okay it all. BUT YOU are in the strong negotiating position and I would suggest that all your code be put into escrow or kept secret from this bib brother company. You must also ensure what legal jurisdiction they are working under. It really bugs me that my foreigh DVDs have destroyed my local DVD player. Who pays for that? You guessed me teh poor consumer - all because of the greed of the DVD suppliers. Well I could rant on and on about so much that makes me cross about these big bro companies. All the best to one and all.

2018.6.2005 17:04

I believe him. Just received a security magazine at work today talking about how the FBI set up a sting site for Star Wars III movie. People paid $8.00 to watch it as many times as they wanted not knowing their IP addresses and info was being collected until they got a knock on the door. I did not bring the magazine home so I do not remember how many they caught. So anything is possible. The MPAA has money, lots of money and they can pressure people do do their bidding, just like the insurance companies do. Just my .02 cents worth.

2028.6.2005 18:16

I think I like etcfpz's idea....afterall how can they come after you for disturbing their intellictual property by taking your intelectual property....They may be able to stop you fromn distributing it but what right do they have to stop you from retaining the rights to it....get a lawyer...I bet if you were in the US there would be lots of civil liberty type lawyers lined up to get their names on this one.

2038.6.2005 18:58

I remember like it was yesterday, almost 3 years ago, when I got the first DVD-R burner out of all my friends. I quickly wanted to find a way to burn a movie. I began by using DVD2One and copytoDVD. I remember finding a program that could let me burn a movie to my computer and from the computer to DVD2One. that program was DVDDecrypter. It was like the best program in the world! file mode was the best, and even now, when I use CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD, I passed on my old burner to my brother, and he only has that one drive. With dvddecrypter he can decrypt the movie to his hard drive first, and then be able to take his laptop on the road and not worry about scratching DVDs or lugging around to many. DVDdecrypter, was the best. and I will always miss it. I will use it to the end!

"I'm a jerk, not an asshole!!"

2048.6.2005 19:24

@ nonoitall You think like me. I was driving around today and this very thought crossed my mind. It would be great to set up a Web Site for this. It is unfortunate that I have little knowledge in that area. I'm sure somebody in here can help with that. @ gambiel7 Yes it is true they make money off the media but nowhere near as much from Movies and music. I would not worry about including Media in the boycot. Of course if it even happens. I did not say to stop bitching. There is nothing wrong with that. I was saying that it fixes nothing, just gets the anger off your chest. Haveing a plan of action to fix the problem is what is needed. end @ If whe decide to do this we are going to have to get the message out to as many message boards like this one. There are plenty out there and probaly also bitching about this very topic. I know you can go 2 months without new flicks. Renting may not also have to be included. In the USA anyway the rental stores buy the movies for $90. That is the only money the movie people will make off the sale. The rental sales go to the rental store. However stopping renting for 2 months could cause the store to not be able to buy the movies. This is a grey area. Dont forget we will need to also send tons of mail to the jerks telling them why we quit buying. This means that adresses will have to be found. -Del

2059.6.2005 01:08

LIGHTNING UK! (Author of the once "Ultimate DVD Ripper", DVD Decrypter) Thanks mate.Good luck in yer future.

2069.6.2005 01:56

Somebody with a bit of tech know-how should set up a site or something to orchestrate and/or spread the word about the boycott. We have a very powerful tool at our disposal here (the Net) and we really should use it. Personally, I will not visit the cinema again for at least a couple of years (just to be sure I boycott it when others do). Nor will I buy another new DVD from a store. I just can't bring myself to line these fucker$ pocket$ anymore. They will prosecute and jail normal people so they can have, for example 45.2 billion instead of 45.19 billion - how corrupt and comsumed by greed can people get? Especially when millions of people living a 2 hour flight away (from me) on the same planet are dying because they have no FOOD or WATER. I feel sickened now. If anybody else is as pissed off as me about this, try looking at h**p:// to see how bad it has actually got. Ptwenty

2079.6.2005 03:51

Thanks for being KING you had best take care of your self for now. I hope every thing goes alright for you and I would like to get some one to starrt a LEGAL DEFENCE FUND for you, Surely the Buisness that has you under it's thumb will allow that. Creativity is the greatest of human products, thanks for your part.

2089.6.2005 04:14

It would seem to me that if there is a new revolution it will be here on the net. But some things are missing. Leadership, Organization and a plan of action. With all we know, and are capable of, why can't the power of a group, organized on the web, based on doing the right thing, be able to influence governments and persuade business to tow the line. The problem would be apathy. Here in the US you can't even get people to hop in their cars to go vote. Where, given the oppurtunity to, people in underdeveloped countries will walk miles and risk death for the chance at a new world. Why hasn't somebody stopped the Terrorists in the mid-east from access to the web, and posting movies that only show how twisted their thoughts are. They are using the net to recruit. Why, with all we know, there has been no-one to crash their server, hack their web, or even find out where their at? How does Bin Laden get mpegs on there? Who brings them, and from where? Why aren't we watching them? With the organization of a net based group this and many more things would be posible. An organization of pirates so to speak? Capable hackers, crackers, phreakers, geeks and the moraly outraged. There is a way to get this done. Thats to start doing it! The path will show itself. Theres much to be done here. There will be the risk of corruption and greed that will threaten it's existance. As we all know, "that when it's born of contempt and evil it's never long for life". You want more?

2099.6.2005 04:50

It really is sad that the Internet, which had such promise as a medium for subversion, has now been pretty thoroughly coopted by the Establishment. The underlying problem is that so-called "democratic" governments, whether U.S., E.U. or Asian, in practice are beholden for their existence to the sources of Big Money rather than to their populaces, who have become more and more powerless. This is reflected in the widening gap between rich and poor in "industrialized" countries, most notably the U.S. I confess to being a member of the "Sixties" generation, and maybe we got some things wrong, and maybe our "revolution" failed, but at least we didn't all major in Business and aspire to being DINKs with the State for a nanny.

2109.6.2005 05:42

best wishes to you LIGHTNING UK! this reminds me of an article I saw yesterday about the top-selling albums of all time...i think it was about 28 million copies sold for the eagles greatest hits. Thriller, Billy Joel's greatest hits, AC/DC were in the top 5....all selling over 20 million copies....and, guess what...if you go buy the cd now, you still end up paying about $16. Have they not recouped their initial investment, yet? Seems like they should cut the price in half since it is all profit and not recouping the investment they put into making the album. they are just greedy and can do whatever they want. i hope there will always be a LIGHTNING UK! somewhere putting up the good fight.

2119.6.2005 05:52

Lowride66 A-P-A-T-H-Y I really hate to be the voice of realism. But........... ---------------------------------------------------- I had to repost lowrider66's contribution from above, I think it cuts right to the point. I blame myself along with everyone elese, it was easier to sit back and let the politicians run the government. I forgot one thing about a Democracy, we are the government ! I don't know about the UK but, US movie theatre (Cinema) ticket sales are practically non-existent this summer. The movie industry admits that they have been making much more money from video sales (VHS & DVD) for a while now. They have contractural agreements with theatre owners that force them to do initial releases through theatres. However, the time period between theatrical release and video release has been shrinking over the past couple of years; it's evident that this is where the money tree grows. What can I say, the one world corporate gustopo can do anything they want when they own the politicians. My hats off to France and the Dutch for voting down unification, we in the US are unified and that will console us as our political elite sell out to corporations and our country slowly goes down the drain.

2129.6.2005 08:14

Open Source the thing. Give the source code to the community!!!!

2139.6.2005 10:48

For all you have done for us Mr. LIGHTNING UK.,Hours of joy for my son and I, burning and watching movies, and learning from the best in the business, I will go down burning untill the end. after 1000s of movies for my collection. I wish you the best and a BIG... BIG... thanks.........

2149.6.2005 10:58

Sir: There is always someone somewhere that wishes to maximize his gain and hold on to it by supressing those masses of other souls that have no ability as individuals to supplant him. At times it seems hopeless, but in reality, like water seeking the ocean, the route around this blockade is always there waiting.... somewhere. We may have partially lost it under current curcumstances, but it will be found again. Moral indignation is really jealousy with a halo, in that we who have shared in your accomplishment wish we could have done so ourselves. Hopefully, this indignation will lead to the sharing of ideas and information freely without regard to personal profit. So that with a common goal of defeating unfair advantage and its use of power we may pass in legal pieces among ourselves what may be assembled in private to produce again what you have been forced to abandon. Let us all remember clearly that in cases like the one before us Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb with the ability to contest the vote. Let us not give up our ability to resist what is taking place by complete surrender, but rather stay armed and develop new ways to accomplish old goals. The Hibernian

2159.6.2005 11:07

Someone said we need leadership and organization on the internet. That person is dead wrong. If we have a central leadership for our revolution, it will just be a sitting duck, and will get shut down. These corporations have many ways to destroy organizations, including consumer action groups. Here is what we REALLY NEED: We need INDIVIDUAL action. We can't wait for others to take action, every one of us should take action against the Music Industry and the Movie Industry. WE NEED TO BE AMORAL ABOUT IT. I read these idealistic posts about democracy, and individual rights, and I feel like laughing. Idealism doesn't work, and you can't beat them at their game. What are you going to do? Beat the RIAA and MPIAA in a debate? These assholes have entire teams of smug corporate lawyers that will chew any of us up. SO what do we do? 1)ABANDON ETHICS. That's right. We give them some of their own medicine. How? RENT MOVIES ONLY!!! THEN BURN THEM ON A DVDR, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM TO YOUR FRIENDS. 2) USE DC++ to download files. It untraceable. 3) Spread the word. If Nike can brainwash almost EVERYBODY to buy their sneakers, I think we can convince some people to join our effort. 4) Remember, there is strength in numbers, and there is always strength in Surprise attacks. We Don't need leaders, we need to be our own leaders. This is an individual war, one step at a time.

2169.6.2005 11:18

Thank you, LIGHTING UK, from Canada.

2179.6.2005 11:19

The Hibernian Such eloquence and style...Sir. Your way of putting it, is without a doubt, the basis of a new moral standard. Perhaps the foundation of the movement we all seek. Who is the one among you who will accept this challenge and organize a united front to those who oppose us? I already don't do the theater thing . As all of us here, I do know what DVD Decrypter is for and us it as such in the manner you speak and at this juncture I fail to feel I have caused the MIAA or the RIAA any monetary problems.

2189.6.2005 11:23

'nor have I been suckerd into a pair of $120 shoes.....

2199.6.2005 11:42

Lightening UK, you've been the man for quite some time. Thx for all the excellent work, rest easy, you did a man's job for as long as you could.

2209.6.2005 11:51

SO what do we do? 1)ABANDON ETHICS. That's right. We give them some of their own medicine. How? RENT MOVIES ONLY!!! THEN BURN THEM ON A DVDR, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM TO YOUR FRIENDS.
Though it's tempting, this probably wouldn't reduce sales any more than a boycott (in both, customers refuse to buy merchandise). There are several disadvantages though. We would be subject to legal prosecution (not so in a boycott) and it's likely that fewer people would join, as refusing to buy something and outright piracy are two very different things and the latter is a bit much for most people who just want to make a statement. We can live without new movies for two months; we don't need to resort to piracy.

2219.6.2005 12:32

Well Me my reply is clear and for the one that said it don't give them money yes theater give them money did you know that SW3 is 70% of the money go back to the studio + they are at what now 200 millions of US dollars and I don't think it is worldwide but only US. So for me that 15 dollars X 4 = 60 dollars. Did you know that they are looking at sending movie in a digital way to the theater on a large scale now and they are doing it right now on a pilot project so that to could asses what have to be done before offering it to the theaters at large meaning lightning distribution saving in movie reel etc no more films involved in a near future. Yep if theater wasn't paying them they would not use it and no no one has to go trough a theater before releasing movie look at Walt Disney they are releasing movie for the DVD market that do not go to the theater knowing it is for kids and toddle almost they use that medium. A block buster will always want the theater first to maximize is profit and after going for the DVD for the gravy so are even saying that SW3 will hit a billions us worldwide before it even hit the DVD market. My suggestion to boycott hollywood movie at the theater is very valable and it is the only thing a corporation understand "money" nothing else counte for a corporation as I heard before outside money there is no salvation. My tough.

2229.6.2005 13:53

Another kick in the teeth for the freedom of expression. when ingenuity and technical prowess like this is snuffed out, all these companies are doing is hurting the Internet as a whole. MP3 and Divx/Xvid are just two of the things that that were created by people like this. All idea's start out with one person sat in front of a computer saying i wonder i can do this? Now there will come a point when some one will say you i wonder if i could do this? but on the other hand i cant be bothered with the hassle i will get so forget it. Without people like this around will still be listening to mp3 in another twenty years instead of "mp10" or whatever Good luck to lightening UK

2239.6.2005 13:58

At the end of the day do you really have enough time to watch / listen to this stuff? Same with all the games - just another time thief. At least Monty Python were honest enough to name one of their productions as a "Complete WASTE of TIME" Where does it all lead to - in the end, why are we doing this kind of stuff? Most of it robs individuals of their inate creative abilities by promoting the 'perfect' superstar - and most of us just dont compare. So why not make your own music and be a local could havebeen a fun person - or just record it off the radio for your personal enjoyment - isnt that what VCR were supposed to do. I guess the RIAA would like every tape to have that mission impossible self distruct built in once the tape was read. Sadly (for them) they just could not get away with it. I guess they will try to criple the SONY and other tape, disk and MP3 producing giants who knowingly sell their goods for this very purpose...

2249.6.2005 15:47

etc: news flash, The RIAA won't go after sony because Sony is one of the largest (if not the largest) record industries. The reason why the RIAA will continue to allow the sale of tapes (besides that they can't do shit about it) is the fact that every tape or cd you buy, the RIAA gets a percent of the profit. Do you believe that? A blank tape gives them profit. Nono: Piracy means stealing from someone else, correct? Isn't the RIAA and MPIAA stealing from US. They are stealing our RIGHT to use the software we want (among other things).

2259.6.2005 15:55

Great Program Lightning UK ! We all know that the program was great and now it sucks that there will be no updates, but there will always be others working to make it happen again. If built by man it can broken by man!

2269.6.2005 17:21

I used to have moral issues with piracy until I realized that companies don't care if they steal from us. Specially all companies involved in the movie industry. I must admit the last movie I saw @ the theatre was SW ep3 and trust me it will be the last. Never again will I pay 3.00usd for a soda that costs 1.00 anywhere else. Screw all the big comapanies they lie and cheat like everyone else but they can afford lawyers unlike me.

2279.6.2005 19:23

well RIP DVD Decrypter i loved u while u were around :p

2289.6.2005 19:46

Looks to me like this site either got hit with legal papers or just overloaded with DL requests... either way I couldn't DL the latest ver. today from the LINK given her on ... BUT found it on this other related site -- so if you have trouble just go directly there:

2299.6.2005 20:50

didn't realise you were uk based. i've used the prog along with shrink for a couple of years and its a pleasure to use. is DVD Shrink the next to go? i first used x copy but wasn't happy with it and decrypter along with DVD Shrink beat it hands down. cant you move out of uk to somewhere they cant touch far can you go with 50 quid.

2309.6.2005 20:58

hehe just move to canada were actaully pretty "loose" on copyrights and protections but u can always start a fund so ppl can donate to DVD Decrypter moving or posibly legal fees... just an idea a pretty crappy 1 at that but hey every1 around the world luvs DVD Decrypter so u might just get enough $$$ to fight and if not well u got paid for ur wonderful work on DVD Decrypter over the yrs

2319.6.2005 21:05

Nono: Piracy means stealing from someone else, correct? Isn't the RIAA and MPIAA stealing from US. They are stealing our RIGHT to use the software we want (among other things).
I agree with you, but fighting fire with fire just makes more fire. The courts have already decided that it doesn't matter when our rights are trampled on, but it doesn't take the same view of sharing copyrighted materials. We'd only be proving their fears are valid, and welcoming more lawsuits. The great thing about a boycott is that it's completely free and legal. No one is going to lock us up for boycotting and many more people will join the cause if they don't feel they have to become criminals to do it. The term 'passive resistance' applies well here. We can make them lose sales and they can't even touch us legally - they'll be left with two choices: 1. Go belly up. 2. Straighten up their act. I don't really care which one they choose, but I tend to think they would prefer the latter when push comes to shove.

2329.6.2005 21:10

wait is DVD Decrypter open sorce cuz if it was i think they couldnt touch u ... i think ... cuz u could argue that its not ur fault ur just a simple coder and pass around the blaim until they give up kinda like p2p they cant shut down sum of them cus the files are on other ppls comps ... i tihnk im probly wrong tho

2339.6.2005 21:19

mindgod (Junior Member) 9 June 2005 15:07 Someone said we need leadership and organization on the internet. That person is dead wrong. If we have a central leadership for our revolution, it will just be a sitting duck, and will get shut down. These corporations have many ways to destroy organizations, including consumer action groups. Here is what we REALLY NEED: We need INDIVIDUAL action. We can't wait for others to take action, every one of us should take action against the Music Industry and the Movie Industry. WE NEED TO BE AMORAL ABOUT IT. I read these idealistic posts about democracy, and individual rights, and I feel like laughing. Idealism doesn't work, and you can't beat them at their game. What are you going to do? Beat the RIAA and MPIAA in a debate? These assholes have entire teams of smug corporate lawyers that will chew any of us up. SO what do we do? 1)ABANDON ETHICS. That's right. We give them some of their own medicine. How? RENT MOVIES ONLY!!! THEN BURN THEM ON A DVDR, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM TO YOUR FRIENDS. 2) USE DC++ to download files. It untraceable. 3) Spread the word. If Nike can brainwash almost EVERYBODY to buy their sneakers, I think we can convince some people to join our effort. 4) Remember, there is strength in numbers, and there is always strength in Surprise attacks. We Don't need leaders, we need to be our own leaders. This is an individual war, one step at a time. bad plan wen sum1 gets busted they rat u out and then uve just got a whole load of ppl that get sued but good idea if ppl were loyal and dc++ is to hard 4 sum ppl to use it took me a month to learn how it worked they shud make it easier like any p2p or b/t

23410.6.2005 01:18

MAD RESPECT TO LIGHTNING UK! Through your commited efforts to improve your software and share it with the public is altruism truly at it's best! Although your efforts may seem to be pre-empted, it is without doubt that this effort to suppress your software will most definitely only result in the production of other applications to perform similar tasks existing only by the bent rules they pry until the system flexes them back. I can understand your cooperation as fighting such an alliance is poor judgement. They possess abilities that make winning the battle nearly impossible. However we are not defeated, we will always resort to different tactics to accomplish what it is we did once before, and because of this we are always a step or two ahead of them. Whether it feels this way or not. Evolving is part of the process, and undoubtedly this is what will happen, again, and again. It is unfortunate to see the system catch up to DVD Decrypter, however take pride that your work and generosity has inspired a new program or utility that will carry on such effort that seems to have been snuffed. This is the way we do it, this is the way we survive. MAD THANKS TO LIGHTNING UK! - keep the spirit alive.

23510.6.2005 03:39

This might sound a bit extreme but why dont your declare your home a republic? If you control your own country your have your own laws. No other country force you to make a law, (unless the american or british decide to invade) Thus now you make any program you want, to do anything you want as long as you follow the laws of your new country.

23610.6.2005 06:10

There are many avenues left for those of you with imagination. What the powers that be cannot outsmart they throw dollars at until they feel they have solved the problems (as defined by them) they encounter. By judicial decree because of their self styled position on DVD sales and software programs, they should be mandated to furnish free backup copies of all sales for life of movies, games and all related products. But, I doubt that the consumer can ever expect any justice of any type. You only get as much justice in this country as you can pay for!

23710.6.2005 10:36

I will miss DVD decrypted. But rather than wave your hands and try to copy ever movie in site. Why not help build new tools to keep copying available. What the public need’s is tools, not just more copies of bad movies. Downloading is good if you have the bandwidth. Even with Torrent. Sneaker net is faster. Hosting Terabytes of Hollywood’s hottest just makes you a target. Built tools and open source them. Or if you can’t build buy some of the best from companies like slysoft. You’re not likely to find a copy of the original source code out there for DVD decrypted. But I’m sure that some enterprising person, that has more free time than me. Will be able to dissemble the code and use it to make a base for new fresh tools. It’s all C++ with a very little inline machine code. Oh ya… a Big F- you to sony. Zbeast

23810.6.2005 11:36

This is an outrage and completely unfair for the author of the software. The fact that the movie companies do not how to prevent people from copying does not make the software that use to decrypt a movie become illegal. THe movie companies need to do a better job on encrypting the movie and not to find ways to shut down companies with encryption software.

23910.6.2005 12:57

The movie companies need to forget copy protection altogether - it's a violation of our right to backup things that we pay for.

24010.6.2005 17:23

Mono: It is unrealistic to expect a lot of people to just stop watching movies or listening to music (even those that are diehard file sharers and etc...) It will be much HARDER to stop the RIAA and MPIAA that way, since people simply won't join. Burnt copies, on the other hand, are a perfect and equal replacement. That way, we hit them on two levels: we don't spend money on their products as well as enjoy them. I think people will agree to that, at least those who I see buying bootleg DVDs everyday in Manhattan. And by the way, most people don't see file sharing or backing up DVDs as criminal activity, it's all hype made by the MPIAA. And they can't sue the tens of thousands of people who buy bootleg DVDs, they can only sue the seller. But here's the deal: WE ARE NOT SELLERS. We give our backup copies to our friends. No profit, so we are not criminals.

24110.6.2005 19:26

Mono: It is unrealistic to expect a lot of people to just stop watching movies or listening to music
Sorry, I must have been somewhat vague before; we don't want them to stop viewing and listening to media by any means, just to stop buying brand new movies and shelling out cash at theaters (which would also be included in the plan you proposed). Even renting and buying used media would be fine, as the MPAA doesn't make money off of it, or at least nowhere near as much as they do off new movies. As far as the courts are concerned, sharing copyrighted content over the internet or in any other form is still a crime, and there are plenty of people out there who know it. They might join a boycott, but won't want to run the risk of mass-pirating copyrighted materials. Remember, we want to maximize the amount of money that the MPAA loses, and in order to do this we need as many participants as possible. We can't afford to lose people who are afraid of breaking the law, which you can't really blame them for.

24211.6.2005 13:59

Two things: 1) Seems to me that a few weeks ago, a French court ruled that it was not legal for companies to copyprotect their DVD's (and other media). Is that corrct? If so, would that mean that if a French originated DVD-Decrypter-type program originated in France, that nobody could touch them? 2) I read on that "LIGHTNING UK" had to turn over all the source code to DVD-Decryter as a part of this judgement. If that's true, does that mean it would be easy for all future DVD's to make it so DVD-Decrypter won't work?

24311.6.2005 13:59

<removed> I just would like to spread the word and let everyone know, you can now find DVD Decrypter at: <removed> It took a lot of time to get this site back up, and it would be nice if someone could help me find a new development team and more places to host DVD Decrypter for download! Edit: Links to the hoax site removed by Ketola.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 8:52

24412.6.2005 00:22

<removed> And the point of this site is........? I would not have a problem with this other than the fact that you are trying to pass yourself off as someone you are not. You made an attenpt to put up a copy of the original site. You even left the "Nethosted" logo in. This site is not hosted there or at any normal hosting service. Heck, I've got Decrypter many do you need? Here are a few versions: Lightning was having legal problems with his original site design and had actually changed it before going off-line. He put a call out for some new designs and these are some page prototypes I made for him. If you intend to use your exsisting site design, you will run into the same problems lightning did. Edit: Links to the hoax site removed by Ketola.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 8:51

24512.6.2005 01:32

I am saddened by the end of the DVD Decrypter and its updates. I had recently found the update that is current and installed it. I was lucky to get it in when I did, not knowing that this situation would come so soon. I have had some very good luck backing my DVD's with this program and it has worked when others I paid some large bucks for don't work and haven't for a long while. (DVD X Copy Xpress) by 123 and the (I copy DVD's 2) that I have been in touch with numerous times with no luck. I really hate to see someone who was generous enough to put out a working program for people with the same interests and for FREE in fact and they are given a bum rap. The ones I paid for and don't function have my money and don't give a rats a-- that it won't work anymore. Good luck in the future and THANK YOU for providing us with a good tool to back our disks with. I Salute you!!!!! You are one of very few to step up and give without their hand out expecting to get in return. Thanks Again. LONG LIVE LIGHTNING UK

24612.6.2005 10:25

What does anyone think of this.....fake????????? <yes it's a fake> Edit: Links to the hoax site removed by Ketola.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 8:51

24712.6.2005 11:00

that really sucks DVD Decrypter went down.. Lightning is one of the coolest companies around. Best encryption software and it was free. they should have have a branch in finland..

24812.6.2005 14:17

Here is the who is information on the new site. It looks like it is hosted in Germany. Is it for real Domain ID:D85966532-LROR Domain Name:R8.ORG Created On:25-Apr-2002 18:18:31 UTC Last Updated On:23-Jan-2005 02:00:41 UTC Expiration Date:25-Apr-2006 18:18:31 UTC Sponsoring Registrar:eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR) Status:CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Registrant ID:CAFB631603DAF99A Registrant Name:Bjarne Lundgren Registrant Organization:Bjarne Lundgren Registrant Street1:Oerbaekvej 94A Lejl.3 Registrant Street2: Registrant Street3: Registrant City:Ferritslev Registrant State/Province:ST Registrant Postal Code:5863 Registrant Country:DK Registrant Phone:+45.26287968 Registrant Phone Ext.: Registrant FAX: Registrant FAX Ext.: Registrant Admin ID:CAFB631603DAF99A Admin Name:Bjarne Lundgren Admin Organization:Bjarne Lundgren Admin Street1:Oerbaekvej 94A Lejl.3 Admin Street2: Admin Street3: Admin City:Ferritslev Admin State/Province:ST Admin Postal Code:5863 Admin Country:DK Admin Phone:+45.26287968 Admin Phone Ext.: Admin FAX: Admin FAX Ext.: Admin Tech ID:CAFB631603DAF99A Tech Name:Bjarne Lundgren Tech Organization:Bjarne Lundgren Tech Street1:Oerbaekvej 94A Lejl.3 Tech Street2: Tech Street3: Tech City:Ferritslev Tech State/Province:ST Tech Postal Code:5863 Tech Country:DK Tech Phone:+45.26287968 Tech Phone Ext.: Tech FAX: Tech FAX Ext.: Tech Name Server:DNS1.NAME-SERVICES.COM Name Server:DNS2.NAME-SERVICES.COM Name Server:DNS3.NAME-SERVICES.COM Name Server:DNS4.NAME-SERVICES.COM Name Server:DNS5.NAME-SERVICES.COM Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server:

24912.6.2005 15:32

DVD-Decrypter was and is and always will be one of the finest DVD rippers ever conceived, if not the best. It's forced shutdown is a tragedy. It's closure made TV news too. I forget which program I saw it on (one of those hi-tech computer shows) but the shows' hosts said they were amazed that the forces-that-be at the MPAA were totally out-of-touch with Planet Earth to assume that this is in any way the end of dvd backup software. Where one ripper goes "down", another one will surely pop up. I have 4 or 5 versions of DVD Decrypter and I plan to religiously hold on to every one of them.

25012.6.2005 21:31

<removed> From this site:

I just would like to spread the word and let everyone know, you can now find DVD Decrypter at: <removed> After a lot of hard work, I've brought the website back! The bad news is I lost all my programers which means unitl I find a new team I will only provide version for download. If you have programming skills please e-mail me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I'm looking for a wide range of people including reverse engineer, C++, C+ or anyone who knows how to update and maintain software programs!! If you have these skills, Please contact me immediately at: <removed>
I think it is just someone who wants to capitalize on lightnig_uk's misfortune. I don't know why anyone would want to do this. Why would anyone want to step into a lawsuit from Macrovision? Edit: Links to the hoax site removed by Ketola.
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 8:50

25112.6.2005 23:04

i dont know BUT if they rename it and move it to a different country that has different laws maybe it will fly once again .guess we will see, but i wouldnt count on it

25212.6.2005 23:43

If they manage to disassemble it, successfully rewrite it in C/C++, and release a new version that does more, maybe I'll take a look. BTW, does anyone know any good links to info about DVD encryption? I program as a hobby and was kind of curious to see just what makes it tick.

25313.6.2005 00:13

The best DVD extractor there ever was. ~ RIP ~ It is so stupid that the fuzz can just shut down perfectly legitimate and useful tools like this. My main use for it was to recover my non working DVDs. If it was so badly scratched or warped that it would not play, DVD Decrypter would retry every sector and get my the whole DVD back, on hard disk. I *will* have a black stripe on my wrist this week. RIP DVD Decrypter is in my diaplay name now. RANT: Not-So-Dear Macrovision, It is the opinion of me that Macrovision are fucking morons, and that you should please go sodomize yourself with retractable batons. Go fuck yourself. Polite as usual, anakata umm i mean rav0

25413.6.2005 03:46

Just a quick note to say thanks to DVD Decrypter author, I wish you all the best, but do not look down at this. Your software will always be known as a legend on the internet world. You have started a well known software and developed it into a one of a kind. I praise you on your success, yes it's gone now, fair enough, however, as they say "It's gone from us now, but the Legend will live on!". No matter what company has taken this away from you and all of us, remember that now matter what, they won the battle but you did win the war!. I say this as a point of view of looking at the ways they tried to get around your software, in the long run they couldn't, making DVD Decrypter a Legend ! and you should look at this being an excellent point. Eventually another software will take over, but the legend of this software and your self will not be erased from the history of the internet. Well done! All the best, The Solver 2003. (Banmrk)

25513.6.2005 08:35

I agree with all the ppl here in that it is the best decryter that i ever used and i agree with Banmrk, DVD Decryter is now a martir and, excuse me but martirs are very usefull for wars. This sacrify will be never forgotten and the war will be fighted on and on. Thank you, LIGHTNING UK for all the hard work and my best regards.

25613.6.2005 18:26

They are too late. Hundreds of thousands already possess the software. Y'all *got* the software - USE IT!!!!

25713.6.2005 18:58

New version DVDDecrypter This program has been floating around a couple torrent sites lately, I was wondering if it is afake or not. I found this at

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25813.6.2005 20:40

What a rip? Pardon the pun. They should put a statue or something for people like the author of DVD Decrypter. He's made sure we all can enjoy the dvd's we own to the fullest of the investments we've made. You will be missed, Dearly! I'll continue using it until it's no longer possible to do so.

25913.6.2005 22:09

Thank you for all of your hard work and the gratification it brought many in the world.

26013.6.2005 22:25

New version DVDDecrypter This program has been floating around a couple torrent sites lately, I was wondering if it is afake or not.
It is fake.
They are too late. Hundreds of thousands already possess the software.
Exactly. Hundreds of thousands can also seed torrents.
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 13 Jun 2005 @ 11:32

26113.6.2005 22:46

<removed> Looks like the site to me.Same info to all the mirror sites for download.I've been to the older site before it changed and only minor differences.If macrovision were to sue this guy they would have sue all the others.Looks legit to me.I would send him a paypal.Programmers are not cheap, and thats what he needs.If it's updated to you will see all the mirror sites posting it.You don't directly download the file from their website. Edit: Links to the hoax site removed by Ketola.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 8:49

26213.6.2005 22:48

I don't buy the torrent verion one bit.

26313.6.2005 23:36

What does anyone think of this.....fake????????? <removed>
<removed> Looks like the site to me
<removed> IS FAKE
And the point of this site is........? I would not have a problem with this other than the fact that you are trying to pass yourself off as someone you are not. You made an attenpt to put up a copy of the original site. You even left the "Nethosted" logo in. This site is not hosted there or at any normal hosting service.
Edit: Links to the hoax site removed by Ketola.
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 8:48

26414.6.2005 03:32

Just to add something - a number of us were talking about a boycott of sorts. One of the problems with organising something like that is no-one wants to be the scapegoat. I just found this ( on BoingBoing )and I want to see what others think. It could prove useful at some stage... ----- PledgeBank: I will do $FOO if $NUMBER others will too Tom sez, "mySociety launches our newest civic site PledgeBank today. PledgeBank is about getting over the barrier to action that is the fear of being the only person who wants to achieve something. It lets people say "I'll do something, but only if 10 others will too." Social/technological hacker Stef "Wikiproxy" Magdalinski has come up with a great subversive pledge already: "Stef will refuse to register for a UK National ID card but only if 3,000,000 people will sign up." Tom continues, "PledgeBank is the first of the UK civic coding community sites to be equally useful in the US and the rest of the world. Happy pledging, and let us know how we can improve our features for non-British folks." -------- Obviously, we're not just talking about ID cards here, and I'm not sure about rules on posting a link. A search for PledgeBank would suffice. I do think action of some sort is needed (it's inevitable, actually, just a matter of when). Ptwenty

Good riddance to that avatar.

26514.6.2005 08:35

Maybe the web site IS LEGITIMATE for the sake of arguement and the story about how lightining uk was forced out of business was just a gigantic hoax........................... The dude was blowing smoke.

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26614.6.2005 11:24

So it was Macrovision. Grrrrrrrrr.

26714.6.2005 12:28

Macrovision.... Macrovision....what idiots..... All this for something that can't even stop you from doing a straight dub from DVD to tape. (Install a $15-$20 RF modulator box bettween machines in case you didn't know) OOOOOPSSS... maybe they'll sue me next. What a shame. Dub a movie today!

26814.6.2005 14:03

I thought it was Macrovision. They are coming out with "Rip Guard" soon. LUK was one of those people that 'could' beat it, which explains why they went after him. Lets just hope that Rip Guard is as effective as CSS was...

26914.6.2005 15:02

Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just would like to spread the word and let everyone know, you can now find DVD Decrypter at: <removed> After a lot of hard work, I've brought the website back! The bad news is I lost all my programers which means unitl I find a new team I will only provide version for download. If you have programming skills please e-mail me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I'm looking for a wide range of people including reverse engineer, C++, C+ or anyone who knows how to update and maintain software programs!! If you have these skills, Please contact me immediately at: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- watch out for this one. there collecting IP addressed Edit: Links to the hoax site removed by Ketola.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 8:46

27015.6.2005 02:17

Over a period of time, and the course of several like-minded softwares, I have grown to respect DVD-Decrypter above all others. Not that we don't need the others, because we certainly DO! But it would have been wonderful to have ongoing ("official") development of this indispensible tool. I am encountering more totally unreadable discs lately. Not *just* copy-inhibited discs, mind you, but discs that simply, outright r-e-f-u-s-e to be recognized. As doom9 says, it is not so much "copy protection" as it is a perversion of the dvd specs. I am not certain if DVD-Decrypter could address this problem or not. It may be hardware-DRM-related. (Oh, *thank you* so much micro$oft. - I _knew_ you bastards were coming.) :-( If my burner/rom can't even *load* a dvd, I don't know if DVD-Decrypter (or any de-css'er) could help, but I would be more than willing to PayPal Mr. Lightning for his help and/or support. (Hell, I *owe* him anyway!) I may start a new thread here, asking folks to please list those discs which refuse loading into a cd/dvd/rom/burner. A class action-suit needs to be initiated against 20th Century Fox, and Universal Pictures, (or whoever controls these guys now). Here are 2 initial entries: (20th Century Fox): The Simpsons - Season 5 - Disc 3 of 4 disc-set - *Unreadable*. (Universal Pictures): Columbo - Season 2 - Disc 2 of 4 disc-set - *Unreadable*. I expect this trend to continue and get worse. All other discs in the (above) sets read fine. This is not copy-protection. This is illegal disc-disabling. I see no clue on the box that one of the enclosed discs is partially crippled. This is SNEAKY and deplorable. (Oh, oh.... I'm beginning to rant.....) <sigh> We need to alert and protect each other. Thoughts, anyone?

27115.6.2005 04:19

he needs to move to canada... DVD X COPY is still available on our store shelves here...

27215.6.2005 11:17

I agree with you A_Klingon. Though I haven't personally encountered any of these mutilated discs, legal action is definitely warrented if they simply won't play. The movie industy would rather destroy its own merchandise than have it used by people with computer DVD drives. Very pitiful indeed. Obviously the idea of disturbed minds.

27315.6.2005 11:56

Isn't it possible to make an exact copy of any disk. So that the copy has all the exact same information as the original and in the same place. Copy protection and all. Seems to me to make something like this would be the only way to beat the bums. They could copy protect all they want but your duplication process with even duplicate the protection. They would lose no matter what they try. Example for those that do not understand. lets say the original starts out something like this : 01100010011101110. Current methods do not duplicate this your copy may be something like this: 10110001001000110. We need something that will make a copy that starts out like: 01100010011101110 and so on throughout the entire disk. So you get a true mirror image. I hope you understand me now. Yes this method may require the use of DVDR/DL media. why didn't Hollywood try to stop those from coming out? ----Note to after dawn----- I found a bug. You know that stupid flash game where you shoot paint-balls at your co-workers? Well if that add is up you are unable to type in the log-in window. You have to back out and go back to the log-in with hopes of a different rip off add being there. -Del

27415.6.2005 12:48

I think that other alternatives will evolve. Actually, it has already done so!! You have "AnyDVD" in the market and also Apollo DVD Copy. Apolly DVD Copy will decrypt, compress and burn your software. I have tried it and it is quite good. You will find it on: It will cost you some money, big deal! Björn Lundahl, Göteborg, Sweden PS AnyDVD is also a very good decrypter.

27515.6.2005 13:13

A small remark. I wrote that Apollo DVD Copy will decrypt, compress and burn your "software", I meant, of course, that Apollo DVD Copy will decrypt, compress and burn your DVD film. Björn Lundahl, Göteborg, Sweden

27615.6.2005 17:06

Although this is a major blow, it will NOT stop us. We can still use DVD Shrink and decrypter to back up our dvds. Use shrink to make the ISO and use Decrypter to burn. Macrovision or Sony or whoever can't win. The RIAA can't eliminate file sharing or CD ripping and neither can the movie industry. Remember, we have the power in this struggle not them. They rely on us for their profits and it's about time we cut those profits off. I've outlined a few steps, but there's more we can do. Any suggestions on what we can realistically do? Nono mentioned a boycott. It's possible I guess, if you can get at least 10 percent of the DVD buying/movie going population to join. We need to spread the word. But it's too hard because the internet is cluttered with so much bullshit. If you go on chatrooms to spread the word, no one will take you seriously. If you go on forums, they'll probably ban you, especially the music ones and movie ones. There's got to be another way. Word of mouth will only work so far. Ugh! THINK PEOPLE THINK!

27716.6.2005 03:03

Guys, It is not the end of the world. The only way to beat the bastards is to be smarter than them (which we are!) I was thinking ... if a FREE source code of the key algorithms, related to DVD cloning, were to appear in a couple places - say China, Russia, India, ... , Mozambique …, where the governments have not yet subscribed to suck up to the “COMPANY”, that would be like releasing the genie out of the bottle – wouldn’t it ?!?!?! I believe the collective effort and expertise of world’s IT community is no match for any “Company”. Just a thought!

27816.6.2005 03:07

Yeah we cant let those $greedy$ ba$tard$ take away are rights to backup dvds.

27916.6.2005 12:25

It doesn't really matter what form of protection they use be it macrovision,css or the new "rip guard" that is supposed to be happening soon, there will always be someone somewhere that will crack any level of protection, we will just have to be patient.

28016.6.2005 14:47

yeah,when is ripguard supposed to be coming out.

28116.6.2005 15:51


28216.6.2005 18:44

My only question is what rights do we have as a consumer who legally own the products? Nothing, zero, nadda, u buy it, u break it , too bad. go buy another. Justice really is blind.

28316.6.2005 19:17

Guess now it's AnyDVD & Region Free+CSS chance to take over.........

AMD Phenom II X4 3.2Ghz
16GB memory
AnyDVD & CloneDVD

28417.6.2005 00:26

A_Klingon, With an un-readable disc, it wouldn't matter whether Decrypter stayed in business or not. I got to thinking about it after I read your post and I believe there might be a way around the unreadable discs. Unfortunately, as is with everything else, it requires money for the initial investment to do this. By using a DVD player(which will read the discs) and a DVD recorder with a hard drive and a Sima decoder, you could record the movie from the player to Dvd Recorder's hard drive from the disc. Then rip your recording from the recorder's hard drive back to a disc using the Dvd recorder's HDD to disc record function. If you wanted a menu, record to a RW disc and then use that "now very readable" disc in your PC's Dvd drive and rip the files to your hard drive with Decrypter. Run decrypter's files thru a proggy like NVE 2(good) or DvdLab(better), Sony's Dvd Architect(best), etc. to create your menu, then burn to disc using an app like Nero or Copy to Dvd, and have a backup that way with a fully functional menu. You would only be able to do the main movie (or show), and the disc's original working menu would be out. I have ordered the set of Columbo (1st 3 seasons), and since I haven't run across the discs you're talking about, when they arrive I will check out disc no. 2 and see what happens. I have the Lite-On LVW 5045 HDD/Dvd Recorder with the 160 gig hard drive and I have done this with VCR tapes and off of TV and it has worked quite well. And although you wouldn't have the entire DVD with menu and extras (and it does take some time and effort, but I enjoy this kind of thing), you could have the main movie (or show) with a homemade menu that would at least give you a working backup. You can actually make some very good menus with action clips, chapters, movie pics or motion backgrounds, and special FX with these programs. I do it all the time, and as I said previously, it's time consuming, but I enjoy messing around with DVD's and Dvd structure. Besides, there's a lot of movies out there that aren't even on Dvd and I have them on Dvd with working menus using this method. I realize this isn't a viable solution for everyone, but it is a way around it I believe, at least until someone comes up with a simpler and less costly approach. Of which I have no doubt that someone eventually will. Anyway, just a thought and I will let ya know how it goes with the Columbo Dvd.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 17 Jun 2005 @ 1:29


28517.6.2005 06:23

@bigorange: Thank you for the workaround! But you know, that is a far, far, far too involved (and as you say, expensive) "solution" to a problem that should never occurred in the first place. I couldn't afford it, and even if I could, I never would. That's *terrific* you will check out your copy of Disc 2 (Columbo) when it arrives! I truly believe that the film giants are "testing the waters" so-to-speak, in my area, (Canada), to see what level (if any) of consumer backlash there will be, and to see just how much they can get away with.As you know, only *one* of the discs in the sets (The Simpson's Season 5 as well) are crippled. The others are "normal". All discs read 'ok' in a standard set-top (non-computer) player. I should point out that these are NTSC Region 1 discs. The "crippled" discs, obviously, have been screwed around with severly - the standard DVD specs have been corrupted on purpose. If you would, bigorange, please let me know which Region discs your Columbos will be in. (USA/Region 1?) I know that in Europe this type of crap has been going on for some time now - it ust kills me to see it come to Canada. Offnote: The sooner blu-ray/hi-def gets here the better. Oh yes, you can bet there will be more problems here too, but the sooner they get here, the sooner the internet community can "go-to-work" on them. In the meantime, here's an AfterDawn member alert: *** Warning *** These box sets contain crippled (rom-unreadable) discs:

28617.6.2005 09:55

A_Klingon, You will be happy to know that they are region 1, so the conditions should be same. LOL, I certainly understand your reluctance to fix a problem that should have never occured to begin with (btw, I totally agree). With such an expensive and involved procedure. Alas, without the PC's Dvd-Rom being able to read it, all software is out the window and it was all I could think of. I already had the Dvd recorder, so it was an alternative I thought might work. And of course, you wouldn't have to make a menu, just put the feature in and play. I will certainly keep you apprised of the situation and let you know what happens. The set should arrive in a week or so.


28717.6.2005 14:37

A_Klingon I have Simpson Season 5 also, I don't seem to have the same problem as you. I do however have Region 2 version. I also use XP

28817.6.2005 23:05

Gentlemen, (bigorange and banmrk): Thank you for the feedback! You know, if I stumble upon just one more of these bum discs, I WILL set up a separate thread and ask others to share their experiences! I will include thumbnails of the corrupted titles too! banmark - with the Simpson's set it was disc # 3 that was crippled. I rented the box set from two different sources with the same results. Since your Region 2 (PAL?) equivalent was unaffected, it just reinforces my belief that 20th Century Fox (and others) are issuing a limited number of disabled discs to "test" the market for backlash. If they can get away with it, they will continue..... Thanks for the input ! -- Mike --

28918.6.2005 02:49

If that's the case and I can't make a backup of my legally bought Dvd's I will return the set for a full refund. I will not contribute to the coffers of these people for a defective disc. It's my property when I buy it and I should be able to make a backup to protect my property. It's like saying in the old days I can't make a cassette of my vinyl records, or now a CD of my CD music. Yet companies like Sony sell the cassette recorders, the Dvd and CD burners, the VHS recorders and the Dvd recorders. They want your money on both ends, but don't want you to be able to use their products on both ends. They can't have it both ways. OK, LOL, i've ranted enuff, I'll let ya know what happens :>)

29018.6.2005 06:28

Quick note, bigorange: Many people like to watch the dvds they a) purchase, and b) rent -- on their home computers. That's what DVD playback software is all about. (PowerDVD; WinDVD; etc. etc.) That's what 5.1 soundcards are all about. (My own motherboard has 5.1 sound channels). As far as I am concerned, if a pressed, commercial dvd *refuses* to be recognized by your computer, it is 100% defective, and you deserve a full refund, (not to mention an apology), especially where there is not one single mention of "copy protection" on the disc box. ** The disc is illegal. ** It does not conform to standard DVD specs. ** You have not received that which you have paid for, and have a right to expect. ** You have purchased defective merchandise. ** You have not been advised of the boxed-set's true contents prior to purchase. ** This is FRAUD. I'd like to see a class-action suit filed representing (say) 200+ pissed-off people like myself !!!! [End of my rant.]

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 7:36

29118.6.2005 15:29

Ok boys slow down, I've been working on mediacentre code for a while now. Before doing anything with DVD storage I checked the legal side very carefully. There are many mediacentre type applications and home automation systems that 'copy' dvd's to a digital store ie Hard Drive. This is 100% legal as long as you own and are able to produce on request the original disk. UK law entitles you to make any resonable backup of copyrighted material so long as you own an original copy and the backup is for your own personal use. Note that lending a DVD to a friend is actually illegal if the material is copyright. So this means that company X preventing backup by means of undocumented and/or secret features is restrictive of your rights to protect your purchase. Now this is all going to go pear shaped when manufacturer x releases a disk that can only play on manufacturer x's DVD player. Work out the economics - yep they go bust - to survive they need to license other companies to use the technology and guess what we end up back here because everyone then knows how to play these disks so what was the point? There is none so if a disk doesn't conform to standard then it's by mistake and not by design. I see that there seems to be no pressure on DVD Shrink at the moment, perhaps because it is a BACKUP tool not a ripper ?

29218.6.2005 15:39

MMMM...interesting, but actually in fact, shrink is a ripper also. It can't burn on it's own but it can rip and edit and compress.

29318.6.2005 22:34

mediadev; Did you know that here in Canada, it is 100% legal to copy freely-available discs from your local Public Library? (Section 80, Canadian Copyright Act). You don't, i.e. do not need to own the original disc or produce a sales receipt for diddly-squat. Did you also know that it is 100% legal to download copyrighted songs and keep them for your own personal use? (P2P .mp3's for instance) Oh yes, attempts are being constantly made to thwart section 80 (among others), but just recently the Canadian Legal Courts have upheld the Act. (Reported in Globe And Mail newspaper and reported here in the Afterdawn news section. I had the original (paper) newsprint article as well.)

...if a disk doesn't conform to standard then it's by mistake and not by design.
You're joking, right? Tell me you're just pulling my leg, mediadev. Seems to me more and more of these "mistakes" (innocent errors - HA! what a hoot!) keep cropping up. We'll know more as soon as bigorange gets back to us about his recent Columbo purchases. (By the way, bigorange, the entire Season 1 box set (5 discs, which are freely available from our local Library!) should be fine; I dunno about Season 3). To suggest that content providers are merely making 'mistakes' in this regard is just ......... (Well, I can't say it here). If, at this late stage in DVD evolution the Major Entertainment Studios don't know how to properly manufacture a DVD, they're in the wrong business and should be selling shoes. (All due respect to shoe manufacturers). I repeat: Fraud. Corruption. Illegal. Would you expect anything less from your friendly, local, benevolent, highly-financed, attorney-riddled, litigation-minded, trigger-happy, multiple-lawsuit-obsessed Motion Picture Company? P.S. : Whew! I certainly have strayed from this thread's original topic! :-) It's just that DVD-Decrypter reported a critical error with these corrupted, bum discs. ("Problem Undetermined" or something similar). <I should have made a screen shot. I will next time> :-)
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 18 Jun 2005 @ 11:10

29419.6.2005 00:01

A_Klingon, If the warning that was above your screenshot of the Columbo set: *** Warning *** These box sets contain crippled (rom-unreadable) discs was printed on the set, then it's obvious to me at least that it was definitely intentional and not a random error. We know that hard copy read errors have been a form of encryption now for quite some time and they definitely ain't no mistake!

29519.6.2005 01:26

Email your old DVD Decrypter versions to ravneel at gmail dot com, with "DVDD" in the subject, for use in an archive/tribute website. Do not contact me at that email address, private message me via Afterdawn.

29619.6.2005 05:56

The only thing that has affected me, with DVD Decrypter gone, is that when I buy stuff from USA I usually Decrypt them onto a back up so that they become region free. This way I am able to watch them without hassel. As all my dvd players are region 2, you could see how american region 1 would be a problem, however, using the tools this solves that issue. Is this against the law? It is a question that is playing on my mind for some time, for example, Charmed was released around 6 months earlier in the USA at HALF the price of the one in UK. So I bought them, then backed them up to a disc that is Region free. Again is this against the law? If yes, WHY? Thank BANMRK.

29719.6.2005 06:57

banmrk: That's a very good question, and I'm sorry that I don't have an answer. If I were in your shoes, I personally would do exactly the same without hesitation. In the "olden days" it was often necessary to "mod"-ify the innards of your dvd player to make it Region-Free, a sometimes tricky if not outright dangerous process that not only would invalidate the player's warranty, but also might render it inoperable. DVD-Decrypter neatly allowed us (and still allow_s_ us to eliminate that problem. Region-Coding has always sucked in my view. It's right up there (down there?) with MacroVision, the kiss-ass company of the Motion Picture Industry. I'm sure that the various weasels in Hollywood will tell you that you are breaking the law (I wouldn't worry about it), because in my view, the unreadable bum-discs they are now foisting on unsuspecting consumers nullifies any credibility they might have had. (Fight fire with fire - A tooth for a tooth, etc.) By all means, continue to make your backups region-free. bigorange: If the industry was so cock-sure of the legality of selling corrupted discs, they would make *all* of the discs in a box-set unreadable in your computer. The fact that only *one* of the discs in these sets is screwed is very telling. If consumers knew ahead of time what they were getting for their money, the bottom would fall right out of dvd sales. Hollywood knows this. There is a fine line between profitability and excessively pissing the public off. (Well guess what? They have now managed to piss me off. No surprise there, eh?) The industry is sneaky. Making 1 disc out of 4 or 5 rom-unuseable while leaving the others intact, is more than just not a "mistake", it is downright sneaky. SNEAKY also is their failure to disclose on the box-set cover the corruption that lies within. rav0: Are you whom I think you could be??? If so, I have 4 (four) different versions of dvd-decrypter, and a $50 PayPal with your name written on it, and on behalf of all AfterDawners I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (You could PM me). -- A_Klingon; Mike --

29819.6.2005 09:47

I've been archiving EVERY interesting program I see for years, so I have 8 versions of DVDD: 3190, 3120,3122,3122,3500,3510,3520,3540. Having over a TB of HD space comes in handy... :-) Expect a few e-mails.

29919.6.2005 09:53

PS I suggest we log the versions we're sending here so he doesn't get 8 billion copies of v3.5.2.0, etc.

30019.6.2005 10:17

Who IS this person, Steve? Do you suppose.......? (Nah......) =)

30119.6.2005 15:25

I read just this morning that dvd decryptor was back...didnt actually go see for myself. it was on another forum, possibly the shrink forum over at DVD±R Digest, but not sure, i've been to a few today. she

30220.6.2005 18:55

Thank you for emailing. This person is me. I am just a fan.

30321.6.2005 07:53

I believe that the fact that "the certain company" does not want its name to be released to the public, EVEN THOUGH THEY ACT LEGALLY, shows that SOMETHING is wrong with that company. I am not sure how to define that SOMETHING but it is something wrong. Most likely, that something indicates that the company is at least wrong morally. If that company would have to use the court system to pursue the DVD Decrypter developer, they WOULD HAVE to reveal their name as part of the “open court” concept. It would be very valuable for that company to seek a major court penalty for the developer as a public warning and deterring example to others. Hiding their name was so important to them that they preferred to keep their name secret over the above-mentioned benefit. In this occasion, I salute the developer of the DVD Decrypter product for both, the quality and EASE of USE of the product and most of all for his contribution to the wars against “evil empires”. As a footnote, I would like to remind everybody, that BY THEORY, EVERY encryption is decipherable, given enough time and compute power. With the virtually (cheap) infinite compute power that we have today, we can all relax…

30421.6.2005 18:51

Hope you're right Samson. I'll relax, but how long do you suppose it will be before we will be able to backup our soon-to-be blu-ray high-daffy-nition Hollywood Blockbusters? Years, I bet. It's not just a question of how many cpu's there are working on the problem. It's a question of reverse-engineering-savvy, and programmer-smarts.

30521.6.2005 19:35

I heard on doom9's website that the company that took DVD Decrypter down is Macrovision. Of all the companies to take him down...macrovision.

30623.6.2005 11:19

I'm very sad to say this, but this is the beginning of the end of the freebie. If you pay out the ass for something (such as a DVD) that most people can't afford anyway because of kids, clothes, fuel prices, auto insurance (another racket, but that's another thread!) rent and food, that leaves very, very little to enjoy life on. Take a way the good things in life, and all we are is just working robots. The rich get richer, buy all the DVDs, and the poor get poorer and are forced to rent them, because life prevents them from starving their family's for a DVD or two. Sooner or later we all lose everything "free." If you think you live in a free country (the US) just try not paying your taxes a few years, and you'll find out just how free you are! (Happy New Year to you, in jail!) We (the people) have to get wiser. Keep these good things going, just keep them on the down low. keep developing hacks, but pass them via P2P. That way no one can come after anyone. The only way to beat the system is by not appearing in it. Stay under the radar, and we all will live much better lives because of it! "Free" lives! -L

30723.6.2005 17:11

Dont be all doom and gloom. Someone will come along and pick up the torch that LUK had taken from him and continue to provide tools for us to use. In other words when someone builds a bigger wall, someone will build a taller ladder!

30823.6.2005 20:00

WTF? DVD Decrypter is still out there and will always be, they cant stop it. i know at least 6 people who are working on updating it as we speak. there are usually heaps of people involved with this program. i wouldnt worry another one better will come up. plus im sure the DVD Decrypter your using is still going to decrypt for a longtime

30924.6.2005 20:41

this is my first to to hear about DVD Decrypter. is it gone for good?

31024.6.2005 20:57

what exactly happen to DVD Decrypter?

31124.6.2005 21:25

thanx for the info;) i have been using AnyDVD for some time now and it works great;)

31224.6.2005 23:01

what exactly happen to DVD Decrypter?
The author recieved a threat from Macrovision, and ceased development. The author is LIGHTNING UK! Beware of a fraud pretending to be the author, and claiming that he now thinks nothing of the threat, and will continue development.

31325.6.2005 16:11

Ok guys, I've got some information that may or may not interest. Recently, I purchased a DVD of the movie Hitch. It is widescreen, and copyrighted 2005. Well I wanted to back it up using my usual method which is to make a shrinked ISO with DVD Shrink and burn with DVD Decrypter. Well, shrink didn't work on the DVD (my first time happening) I wiped the DVD clean and still nothing. What happened is that the analysis part gets stuck at 13 percent. So I tried DVD Decrypter and it also didn't work for a while. Then somehow I was able to rip the DVD into .VOB files and it removed the RCE and region protection. Then I was able to use Shrink to make a shrunk ISO. Also, Hitch can't be played in Windows Media player...I have all the codecs (which I payed for) and it says it can't play due to digital copyrights. Something fishy is going on here...

31425.6.2005 17:34

Then somehow I was able to rip the DVD into .VOB files and it removed the RCE and region protection.
What's the "somehow"? (Which program did you use?)

31525.6.2005 18:05

anydvd will take care of this movie guys ,end of story .anyway were off topic.

31626.6.2005 10:20

A_Klingon, I finally got my Columbo seasons 1 and 2. The 1st disc I did was 2nd season, disc 2. I used both AnyDVD and Decrypter and both worked using Nero's Recode 2 and also in RB/CCE. However it would not work in Shrink and Intervideo's DvdCopy 3. There was no warning on the box about the disc being messed with in any way. I don't know what this means,LOL, but anyway, that's the results. :>)


31726.6.2005 19:18

Okie-Doke, bigorange ..... Well, it would seem that your #2 disc is far-less severly crippled than mine was. Very perplexing, this. [scratching head] Anytime that DVD-Decrypter *has* managed to recognize and rip a commercial dvd (99.9% of the time), DVDShrink has *always* processed the ripped files with ease. (In fact, that's my chosen trio - DVD-Decrypter + Shrink + Nero). I've never had Shrink fail, once the rip has been made though. What happens when your copy of Shrink encounters the ripped #2 disc? Does Shrink work 'ok' with the other 3 discs in the set? If you are only having a problem with that one disc, then (I guess) it has copy-protection to some extent. (Or "copy-inhibitors" of some type). As you know, my copy of Disc #2 was just UNrecognizeable. I suppose it could be that Universal Studios "eased up" somewhat on the original (crippled) disc. A very perplexing and annoying situation, bigorange. Just the way the movie studios like it, I guess. As far as I can tell, it would have made no difference whatsoever which ripping software I might have chosen, because if the disc was not even recognized by my burner/computer, *nothing* could have ripped it anyway. (Or in other words), "Ahhhhhhrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!" =) Thank you for reporting back. Unfortunately, we still don't have a definitive answer on this.

31826.6.2005 20:09

A_Klingon, I haven't tried another disc yet, I was anxious to try disc 2 first, but I will let you know how the entire 2 seasons play out. Something else that makes it more perplexing, although I have had files Decrypter ripped successfully and yet they wouldn't work in shrink, I have never(that I can remember) had files that would work in Nero recode and wouldn't work in Shrink(or visa-versa). As you know the 2 apps are extremely close in nature, both the way they work, and the way they edit and read files. The only difference being that one won't burn(shrink) and one won't rip(recode). Other than that and some minor differences you couldn't tell 'em apart. What one fails on they both fail on and what one works on they both work on. Heck, Mr. Shrink now works for Nero. Sooo....this makes it a little more confusing, also, I've never had a file DvdCopy 3 wouldn't work on if Decrypter would rip it. Usually I only have to run AnyDVD in the background for it to perform. This puzzles me also. I will let you know what happens with the other discs. I think there is a total of 9 in all for seasons 1 and 2. I won't receive season 3 until August as that is when it's being released. I'll keep ya updated on that too. One other question for ya, if you want to take it to a new thread, (since it really doesn't belong here), just post the URL. I was going to give Nero digital a try and I saw where it caused problems on your HDD. Do you know what happened and did it just crash or what? Should I stay away? I've got an extra external 80g HDD I could use and just put it on that to protect my C drive in case, but what do you think?


31926.6.2005 20:35

Actually, I've never used Nero Recode. I just use Nero for burning. It came bundled with my new LG dual-layer burner. (Both work like a charm). Also, I doubt very much that the new Nero-Digital 30-day free trial was at fault. You see..... my new 200-gig HDD was rife with bad sectors! (Oh, yum....). Since June 10th, it seems I've had nothing but OS failures and program washouts. (same with ratDVD). Got a replacement 200 gig Western Digital drive to add to my other two, and now everything seems to be 'OK'. Just spent the last two days setting up (again). After I get the second OS (Win-2k) set up tomorrow, I'll think about starting a new thread about these BUM discs. BTW, I too am looking forward to Season Three (August 9th, I'm told).

32026.6.2005 22:04

WOW, I was floored when I read about DVDD. How sad is it that everything we like has to be taken away just because of the company. If it wasnt for us, There wouldnt be a need for them to even have macrovision protection, Because there wouldnt be any movies. We feed them all w/ our $ for movies etc and this kind of stuff happens. I wonder what would happen if people stopped going to the movies and renting movies for a while, Then they'd see its actually "US" who make them stars, buy their movies etc.... Sad, Terribly Sad. And yes I know something will probably come out that'll do just as good a job (But probably not as good) as DVDD. Can we still safely use it? I just heard about it tonight and just took off the update check.

32126.6.2005 22:30

yes you can still use the program. it just wont be updated anymore at this time maybe down the road someone will pick it up where UK.Lighting left off ,we can only hope and oh yeah dont email it to anyone

32227.6.2005 14:17

Nono, I was able to rip with DVD Decrypter. But as I said, analysing the original disc with shrink got stuck at 13 percent, where the movie part should have begun. It is a new disc, no read errors.

32327.6.2005 19:36

I just wanted to say im going to miss lightning and all the other nice people in the dvd forum who took the time and didnt make fun at teaching me how to back up my young girls dvds so i can have a set for the car as well as home .. sad i think ill take back 20 -30 differnt walt disney dvds my girls has scratched over the last 6 months before i got DVD Decrypter and im a woman i keep all my reciepts lol

32428.6.2005 09:52

i'm sure this has been said already somewhere but i didn't see it here.. so here it goes.. i think you guys should turn the preview screen off in Shrink so it doesn't freeze up when it hits inserted dummy sectors or Unreferenced Materials. also, when compressing, the Unreferenced Materials can't be compressed so be sure to make the correct selection from the drop down menu. you can, however, choose to not include any available audio tracks from Unreferenced Materials to free up a lil more space. don't expect much though. i've also encountered problems during ripping. this seems to be the most critical part of making your backup. DVDD is the ONLY one to have ever worked for me (as with 99% of everyone else, hence our stressfulness through LUK's bullshit). the drive itself also has a lot to do with it too. it needs to be able to sustain high rpms when ripping in order to get past the crap sectors (sony) purposely placed on dics recently. if it hangs, leave the error message on the screen and try letting the drive rest a lil before hammering it again. i don't have the colombo set so i can't try but maybe this will help. if it doesn't, sorry for wasting 2 minutes of your life (3 if you're a slow reader). and let me also say (while i'm typing away) that i think we should all exercise a lil patience through all this. desperately emailing every person who claims to be the new UK and forwarding programs all over the place ain't going to benefit anything. go back and read the letter luk sent. he says not to try and email/contact the site because "a certain company" is taking it over and "You"ll not be getting the intended recipient and could be landing yourself in sh1t!". you can already guarantee every movie house on the planet is tearing up our prog and going through it with a fine tooth comb as we speak. so their own team of programmers (puppets) can combat the very technology they should be innovating (all for a paycheck). anyway.. just my opinion.

32528.6.2005 11:56

i used shrink 3.2 to make a backup copy of Hitch and use Nero to burn it without a problem ;)

3268.7.2005 16:11

OK..Well This is all nes to me RE the Death of DVD C. But now doubt, I've spent time on many a forum reading comments about this ripper and that and the bottom line is there is NO Ripper like LUK's. Thus I have about 30 copies laying Anyway, I think that the latest version will last a while because it has "Heuristic" like capabilities coupled with an astute user should result in a solidly decrypted flick. Read above about a problem Burning Hitch. I just ripped it in the first try but what I'm seeing lately is a IFO layout that is done intentionally to confuse to Ripper. Lot's of broken up files on the original seems to throw off the ripper but in those cases just isolate to movie files and rip them. Never fails. Movies I've had problems with "Outfoxed" the documentary, Stander. Make DVD drcrypter hang. Well I've burned 2005 flicks here in the US without any problems. Now the big deal will come when these "Macrovision" types coordinate more deeply with the Hardware folk to attempt physcial barriers. We'll stay tuned.

3278.7.2005 21:20

hmmm does that "company" sound like "bony" at all?

3288.7.2005 23:04

No, that company sounds like Macrovision.

3299.7.2005 03:32

Bony, Macrovision... Reall it's 6 one, 1/2 dozen the other. The reality is that know one knows what's happened exept LUK. It could be a legit scare right down to they made him a monitary offer he (nor anyone of us) could refuse. FAct is I can't see any reason why it's being kept in the dark, unless there was a nondisclosure contract signed (ala many medical insurance settlements).

33015.7.2005 19:51


33121.7.2005 14:43

If anyone is having problems ripping with Shrink 3.2 (the good 'ol C.R.C. error) and cleaning the dvd doesn't work, try useing Shrink 2.3.I came across one movie (can't remember which one it was) but it would shutdown Shrink 3.2 before it even got started.So I decided to try 2.3 and no problems. I have yet to encounter a movie I haven't been able to conquer. With either the freebie version of clone dvd, shrink 2.3 & 3.2, and DVDD.

33221.7.2005 21:17

So this is shut down, only to wither away as the new protections outdate it. All the Corporate meatheads think they have it all figured out, shut down one, shut down one more, shut down another, and eventually, poof! they disappear. They are all wrong. Now that all the newer BT sites are being shut down, they figured a way around the law. Stating that the site is maintained by users so the owners have no liability. Once this law is changed, some clever person will read that fine print and find yet another loophole. Laws change continually, and so do the new protections. But so do the people. And I'm not talking about the damn meatheads mentioned above. I mean us. Nice job, UK, this makes me want to move to Sweden and sell myself until I can launch missiles at corporations in america and europe. Yes...Your strict laws make me want to be a terrorist you stupid meathead. DIE!

33326.7.2005 02:42

What about Alcohol 120%? That does the same thing (although I don't prefer it but have to use it to burn some files). Take it easy, thanks for the work and surely someone has started hacking away at it already and calling it something else. There is now other things to worry about besides RIAA and MPAA, there's the GMPA or whatever (some gaming protection group that shut down several release groups all over the world). It's not worth it. Rent the stuff and hack it at home and share with your friends and family and stay off the internet, lol. Gee there is another way they can combat copy protection...make the damn DVD movies cheaper! Release groups can make this stuff for free, so why can't they drop their price in half so it will be more convenient to buy than d/l. They have to compete with the technology and stop thinking how they don't need to change and that it's the fricken people on the internet's fault for their bad decisions. And they post those stupid "There are legal download sites you can get content at" then you do a search and the first 100 things to pop up are the illegal sites. I have looked all over for legal alternatives but they make no effort to compete and just try to make more money by threatening everyone. They don't want to stop file sharing because they can make a killing in settlements and not even have to produce more product. They can lay off their employees and live off law suits and then sue their ex employees when they download content and try to find cheaper ways to watch a fricken movie or play a fricken game. Most people just check out the movies and games and find out they are glad they didn't waste money on it.

33428.7.2005 01:36

Another sad day in this world..DVDDecrypter shot down in its hayday. The last few months have been a real roller coaster for me. I have had to deal with the loss of both of my parrents. Which has left me with time and money to do things I enjoy. I have been buying dvds left and right soem times by the thousands of dollars. Now befor you go to the next message saying this guy is gloating let me get to my point and all will be clear. Over the past few years like all off us I have commited "piracy". soem tiems it has been in the form o music soem times software and soem times movies. who knows like all of us. soem times we download what we want. but for many years i have claimed that "piracy" is the crutch used by media for low sales. the problem with the way it is looked at is if you have a "ill gotten" copy then it is "piracy" but lets look deeper how can you consider it "piracy" when the person woudlnt have bought it in the first play. case in point 13 yr old "johny" wants to learn to program. He fires up his pc and find nothing built in so what does he do he goes online and look and finds microsoft visual studio (for the laman software to program) for a meer $2000.00. well like most 13 yr olds he doesnt have that kind of money so what does he do now. p2p2me and gets him self a shining new copy of microsoft visual studio but unkown to him soem MS pinko is watching and report his ip and they bust him for "PIRACY". Is he guilty? The way the law read yes beyond a shadow of a doubt. but the real question is would have ever bought it in the first place. the question is no, do you realise how many yards you have to mow for that. he little cases are true all over the place music/movies/software. the real reaon for the beinning of my rant was to make a point.. I currently have replaced those thing with "legit" copies. not because i am upporting "anti-piracy" but hey look i am the intended maket. and i ahve chose to replace them. i mean who doesnt like prety packaging but at exorbent distribution rates for something that can be obviously gained for dolars a month with internet for little to nothing.. i think we need to re-evaluate how we look at our world. well i have ranted enough

33528.7.2005 11:14

I agree with you. If a poor homeless person with only 50 cents to his name goes to the library or a cybercafe and downloads a bunch of music and puts it on a blank CD (that's what the 50 cents was for) for himself, the music industry never lost money - they never had it to begin with. There's no way his downloading music lead to a loss of sales, because he couldn't have made sales possible in the first place. All the same, they will spend thousands of dollars suing the poor guy and anyone else who downloads because they can't afford ridiculously priced music.

33628.7.2005 12:48

sup peeps well i am gonna make this simple to bad no one just make a .us just for us sence we have already a ofcourse we would make or use a law were even those companys couldn't sue .us :) remember if the companys can change laws so can we the people who make the companys and support them who in return sue us maybe if someone just as smart as them would step up to the plate and say or ask us to write letters to change the laws maybe just maybe we would get our way for once why can't we use the fact that we are muti billions and they are just a spic of dust well i sure would write a letter or vote for the law change maybe we should have them have a people tax where every penny well spend of there product is tax deductable wouldn't that make them rethink how to make more money haha it sure would make our wallets a lil more better but thats just a throught from many throughts that other have the thing we need to remember is the inter is a strong force and we all can use it how about this for the programers who make these asome stuff why not over flow the net with muti million dummy copys where there would have to take years to figure out instead of days how about not giving up who u are and just do what u do best say for instant if u had a copy of DD and made it to D@/DU/op/TY/Jlk/la/wr/ etc u get what i mean and so the hunt would begin with who the heck is making all these well we don't know i dougdt they would or could fine the few people who make them lets also rethink if hacker still can hack to this day then p2p/DD/etc should never fall we need to remember the law is currupted themselves as they figure suing those who buy and make the company who they are today just to get more money in to there wallets .... i will be back for any comments tonight or tommorrow

33728.7.2005 13:50

I believe that was the longest sentence I've ever seen.

33828.7.2005 15:19

You guys are actin' like your ENTITLED to illegally download copyrighted files. If "Little Johnny" downloads VB, then the is commiting a criminal act, he is illegally downloading copyrighted files without the copyright holders permission. Whether or not he has enough money is not the point! He is still downloading software that he would otherwise have to pay for, he is still committing an illegal offense which is wrong regardless of wether he can pay for it or not! I am not in favour of ANY anti-piracy groups. I use p2p myself, I upload more than I download and I am proud to be contributing to the P2P industry, but I feel some things have to be cleared up. -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

33928.7.2005 16:35

that is true of what u say mike but when will it stop u have gas/taxes/rent/etc shoot will it stop when only the rich can afford it or will they bring it back were all can enjoy it i beleave people are not saying they want it for free but they are willing to pay a decent price. And as for the other person who said my sence was the longest u have ever seen well atleaste i am more then just looking ......

34028.7.2005 18:04

mike apparently cant read i said the law said it was piracy. and i never said it was a right im saying the facts of our world.. the problem isnt piracy the problem is the artificial cost applied to all media.. cds came out and were 20$ for disc and were supposed to be the same price as cassettes but some how they stayed the same price. sorry its my take on the world

34128.7.2005 19:15

Hi, I was reading what every one wrote and i agree with both sides. I buy disney movies for my daughters they gost 16.99 -21.99 i copy them for we can have a set in the car (since i live in no where land )it cost me .42 cents a copy. my income is 25,00 a year so sorry to say if i happen to fine a movie i can download free off net i do and if i happen to no some one who makes and sells them for 4 bucks i buy . i buy more regular dvds if the price wasnt so high and \it is like this for me.i have to decide if i want my children to have movies to watch or not and prices are stupid i still buy all the disneys but i would really love to see them all go down a few dollars... sally

34228.7.2005 22:02

Oh, no doubt about it; it's illegal, Mik3h. I'm sure most here can acknowledge that. But what's legal and what's right don't always match up (homeless man example,) which is why so many are pissed at the music and movie industries.

34329.7.2005 02:32

I appreciate the comments but if the price is too high to afford then don't buy it. However much you may want the music/movie If you can't afford it then tough. Look for it second hand. I do agree that the prices are unbelivably high when comparing them to the cost to manufacture the music/film, but they have to make profit. And yes, they could seem greedy, but their cutting a deal with you. You give us however much we charge, and we'll give you the item. As unfair as this might sound, it is still reality, and unless people can buy the stuff then sure, go use P2P it's great! But don't criticize the anti-piracy groups for clamping down on us, it is still their job. -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

34429.7.2005 02:32

EDIT : Double Clicked Post Button. -Mike

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34529.7.2005 11:58

Just a question..... Here in Canada we pay a surcharge on blank media which is to subsidize (sp?) the music/movie industry for people who illegally copy content. 1. Since I am paying for it whether I do it or not does this mean I have acctually paid for the copy? 2. Since I paid the surcharge why should I feel bad about copying....I would certainly feel bad paying a fee I din't use...Is there any logic to this?

34629.7.2005 23:04

But don't criticize the anti-piracy groups for clamping down on us, it is still their job.
I don't want to come across too strong (I don't mean to flame) and I don't have a problem with that being your, and possibly many other people's, opinion, but I for one have to disagree. An assassin is just doing his job when he kills people, but that doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with what he's doing. While anti-piracy groups aren't going so far as to kill people (I hope), they still are ruining thousands of people's lives with lawsuits. Many of these people may not have even known what they were doing was illegal, been innocent but paid so as not to go to court or simply couldn't afford to pay for the media they wanted. The fact that anti-piracy groups have a poorly written law behind them doesn't justify their actions; it only legalizes them. Now, I don't expect what I wrote to change your opinion or anything like that - I just wanted to put in my two cents worth.

34730.7.2005 01:18

When I sat down to read my local newspaper, the front headline, was one woman had been driving dangerously, without insurance, and crashed, killing three people. She got a £550 fine.. That very same day, I went to my local cinema to watch a movie, before it came on, there was a warning message, warning that if someone were to be caught recording a movie, they face upto an unlimited fine, and 10 years imprisonment. Sorry to go off topic there, but after experiencing this, I have to agree with you, you made some good points about people not even knowing they are commiting an illegal offense. I know people who didn't know it was illegal. And the fact is, the punishment does not fit the crime! it doesen't come anywhere close. Thankyou for pointing this out to me. -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

3481.8.2005 18:12

FYI...When you BUY the movie,you are also BUYING the rights for that movie thru the taxes you pay on it. (Whether it's federal or otherwise) Since you have purchased the rights to that movie, you have the right to back it up for your own PERSONAL USE. Until the companies figure out how to sell movies that can be played on your own specific dvd player, and no one elses, they will have to live with the fact that if they didn't price the movies so high, people wouldn't be trying to rip them off with illigal copies. And to Sallyme: Having kids of my own, I would be inclined to back-up the Disney movies,as opposed to buying them all over again. I know what kids can do to dvd's. Thank God for DVDD and other programs like that. Otherwise I would be in the poor-house after replacing the same movies over and over and over again.

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3492.8.2005 00:01

FYI...When you BUY the movie,you are also BUYING the rights for that movie... PERSONAL USE... Until the companies figure out how to sell movies that can be played on your own specific dvd player.... To answer the last section first, the movie industry, through a vendor working in association with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, DID try to adopt their own players that would ONLY specific DVD's -- in this case, DVD screeners for Academy Award eligible films. It was a spectacular failure, as could have been predicted. Had the trials succeeded, this would have meant that EVERY Academy member would be shipper (free) a special DVD player that would only play these relatively few DVD's. I went to a demo of this product was was totally under-whelmed. I wonder what the final cost was for this aborted project. Now, to respond to your other point regarding "rights," the language really needs to be refined. When you buy a DVD or book or whatever, you own the PHYSICAL property, naturally. This gives you NO SPECIFIC RIGHTS regarding reproduction except in very small ways, such as you say, POSSIBLY reproduction for your own personal use. BETAMAX case, etc. Laws here are very much in need of revision and/or clarification. This doesn't mean, as some have interpreted it, that you can clone your DVD's or xerox your books and sell them or even hand them over free to others. Essentially the physical property is yours to do with as you wish, short of extending "ownership," which can be construed as use, to other persons/entities. The difference here is between physical property, which is yours, and intellectual property, which is decidedly not.

3508.8.2005 18:54

I have seen several posts on this board that indicate people are basically entering a "written confession" of an illegal act. Is this not a dangerous thing to do? I am just curious. Others have mentioned a donation as well. Would this not create some sort of paper trail leading to someone who is obviously making copies of DVD's? Again, I am not in any way burning anyone for using these tools do protect an investment of a DVD. This issue seems to still be a grey area of whether or not we are allowed to make backup copies of our DVD's. A "fair" decision may be reached soon, but, I am sure that it will be more in favor of "the company" than the consumer. So, this again brings me to a question. With a board such as this, could it not be raided much like the online stores were by DirecTv regarding illegal use of smart card programming equipment? Seems like anyone who made any donations to LUK may be at risk. Especially anyone who may try to make a donation now. Another point, made in this thread was the point of some sort of surcharge in some countries being added to blank media. I don't know how many countries do this, but, it seems that blank DVD's and CD's are being sold by the stack of 100 like wildfire. Surely, it must be known that people are backing up thier games and movies and even audio CD's. Seems that just buying these items could one day make one's doorbell ring. Am I way off base here? Just curious. Thanks!

3518.8.2005 20:34

I also buy blank dvds to stick pictures from my digital camera or pictures of family that i want to save . also i scan old phots of great great relatives figure that way chance of them getting destroy be less then paper.... so dvds are also used for other reasons :) sally

3528.8.2005 22:54

And just because someone admits to decrypting a DVD doesn't mean they admit to illegally decrypting a DVD. In many less backward countries, circumventing copy-protection mechanisms to back-up something you own is still legal. Due to the unreliability of some information on the internet though, the integrity of a forum post generally isn't enough to get someone into court.

3538.8.2005 23:29

Yes, Sally, I understand that many folks use DVD's for many other purposes such as photos that can be absolutely HUGH! I did not mean to imply that most use is "illegal", as I also use them to do backups of my important data. Thanks for your response nonoitall. Again, with the word "illegal", that would apply to folks in countries that consider the breaking the encryption to be illegal. My thoughts regarding the written word in forums is the idea of investigation, much like when Napster was shut down. We also know of the battle with 321 Studios, where the issue seems to have been mainly related to the decryption of the CSS scrambling. If "the company" wishes to pursue it, seems like a ring of the doorbell may happen one day, and you could say goodbye to all of your computer equipment, and all of your backed up DVD's, and be left to battle it out in the courts while you wait. That brings my question about donations. This would seem to provide a paper trail to whomever decides they want to investigate some day. Although, it does seem to be the case at least right now that "the company" is going after folks who post the DVD content on the web or make it available for download. Those who make backups may be further down on the list except for now. Thanks for the input.

3549.8.2005 13:30

Re: comments having a copy of DVD Decrypter. Yeah, it's probably getting to the point in the good-ole US of A that this may be a crime as well. Who knows, with the Busch Gov't? The way I feel, it's sorta like getting busted for "drug paraphernalia." Absolutely NO drugs around, just an ole pipe, papers, whatever. Chilling.... Take a look at the DOJ defenitions of "drug paraphernalia:"

3559.8.2005 14:03

I live in Canada. I do not know the laws on copying dvd's and I do not really care. I think it is dumb to police people all over the world so that tom cruise can make 20 million a movie. Actors act because of the love of the applause, yeah right. To the people that defend not burning movies I say wake up. Laws set up to support Billion dollar companys and rip off the average joe should be challenged. The companys making these movies should be held responsible if I don't like the movie, or the movie falls short of what I exspect. Would that be a good law? No because I do not have billions of dollars to advertise. Lets face it, if the film is good people will rush to the theater to see it. If the movie is good people will copy it, but if the film is GREAT, people will buy it.

3569.8.2005 14:06

By the way I am having trouble ripping XXX state of the union, Any help would be great. lmao

3579.8.2005 14:41

i did xxx state of the union the first time didnt shrink said some eror so i just decrypt it again on a differnt burner and it worked :

3584.9.2005 11:24

sad day this, poor us that, damn greedy movie industry!! what the hell are you guys talking about!? we all know we are the greedy ones trying to get movies and games for free. I'll be the first to admit i don't like that DVD Decrypter is gone, but lets not pretend that we are the victims. We are simply the looters that are pissed off that we got caught.

35921.9.2005 10:59

This is for golucky. Get a life man. We are the looters? You must work for the government lol. The same companies that make the burners for our computers ( SONY) make movies that they want to PROTECT from the criminals that bought the burners. If they feel that strongly about this problem why oh why do they not STOP making the burners? You can say what you want about this but, if you and I were the ones making money off every part of the industry including the so called thief of the movie, we would be laughing also. It is funny that the movie industry has posted hugh profits this year, a lot more then they thought they would make with this crazy thief going on. What a joke, we are the looters.

36023.9.2005 07:41

Just an observation...... If these DVDs were priced without the current level of unabashed greed, nobody would bother taking all the time to make a copy (for illegal purposes) as it would simply not pay enough. The greedy have always spawned their own competition just as every dragon gives birth to the Saint George that will eventually slay it. As they told "Cool Hand Luke"...... what we have here is a failure to communicate......

36123.9.2005 09:59

After buying a dvd or cd if it get dammage, the company will not replace the dvd or cd for free. you will have to go out and perchest another one at $20 or $15 is that right.After buying a movie or a cd why can't you make a back up copy for yourself so incase the cd gets dammage you will have it, after all you paid good money for it.May the Cmpanies stand to make a profit when you have to buy the same move 2 times.I do not support selling movies or music or even burning it if you don't own it.

36223.9.2005 10:01

After buying a dvd or cd if it get dammage, the company will not replace the dvd or cd for free. you will have to go out and perchest another one at $20 or $15 is that right.After buying a movie or a cd why can't you make a back up copy for yourself so incase the cd gets dammage you will have it, after all you paid good money for it.Maybe the Cmpanies stand to make a profit when you have to buy the same move 2 times.I do not support selling movies or music or even burning it if you don't own it.

36323.9.2005 11:52

I really liked DVD Decrypter but if you have Nero all you need is DVD43. You can find it at ( I wonder how long DVD43 will last.....

3642.10.2005 06:07

I don't know much about DVD Decrypter and havn't used it but it sounds like it was a frontend to some already available backend code. I appreciate LIGHTNING UK's hard work, but it's too bad the code wasn't open-source. This way any programmer from anywhere in the world could continue this project. This is the power of free open-source software.

3652.10.2005 12:30

Hi just my 2 cents worth I have had my burner for 12mths now & in that time I have hired 200/300 movies before that I would not hired more then 10 over 10 cheeses me off having to watch them & take them back in 24 hrs now I can watch them in my time. If ever they made movies I could not copy I would go back to renting one per year.


3662.10.2005 12:52

Firstly, i'm from the Philippines. The piracy technology there if legalized would make DVDs $2 each! That's how much I paid for mine, and they were ALL DVD quality. The days of buying a pirated DVD turning out to be a guy sitting in some theatre with a handheld video camera are over with... consumer demand in Manila has made the very best quality come out for the DVD market. 2 Dollars each. Just think of it. I used to buy 20 movies a DAY and marathon it all night in the summer. Brilliant for hardcore movies addicts like myself. There's still hope so long as we have places like this still in the world! = ) Secondly, if theres always been one thing ive seen constant, is that there will ALWAYS be a way around something... esepecially if a lot of people want it. I say, just move on to the next program. Nap-thingee then it was Kaaz-thingee then lime-thing and so on and so on... somebody will make something new. So now DVD Decryptor is dieing... someone will eventually make DVD Decipherer (hehe), am I right? Have a little faith = )

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"Of course were speaking Jebadiah. You're fired."

36722.10.2005 21:47

I wonder how long before google is forced to filter searches. Afterall, Google's links allowed me to find DVD Decryptor which in turn allowed me to backup DVD's. As a US registered company, Google is violating the Digital Millenium Act by aiding users to circumvent encryption. It is a crime to aid in circumventing encryption... Next they shut down Microsoft. Afterall, there operating system allowed me to run DVD Decryptor, thus aiding me in circumventing digitial encryption. Fortunately, the courts ruled you can circumvent encryption, you just can not aid others. So I have not broken any US laws backing up my disks. Bill

36823.10.2005 05:31

I believe that an agreement was reached between the maker and the industry. It goes like this: You stop the propagation of your decrypting freeware and the industry will not prosecute you...and as a gesture of goodwill we will give you $10,000,000.00 That´s the end of the story.... However, somewhere, somehow, somebody will come up with something new. Instead of offering it for free...I´m willing to dish out $5.00 bucks

36923.10.2005 05:39

and on the matter of pyracy... KEEP IT UP!!! There are places where you can get all the software U want for about 3 bucks a piece...that includes MICROSOFT, ADOBE and all others The Chinese are good at that.

37023.10.2005 05:52

I bought it, paid for it, it´s mine AND I DO WITH IT WHATEVER THE F$%%k I WANT. period! If I am allowed to make a backup copy...who sez that I did not loose it, and had to make another one. sez that U cannot watch it (in your own home) with more than 2 people, otherwise it is considered public wiewing. Besides, whoever has that 321 program...KEEP IT and pass it on to all of us. If a fee is required...we can talk about it. Make it cheap. I know of some people that go to the PUBLIC LIBRARIES, get their DVDs, CDs, VHSs and take the home and copy.

37123.10.2005 18:45

I use this one dvd fab decrypter is simple and works great .

37225.10.2005 15:02

Just have to say that its sad. So long DVD Decrypter, we will miss ya! Oh, yea DOWN WITH THE MAN! Nuf said.

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37325.10.2005 20:52

damm sad day indeed hearing this great proggy is no more

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37412.11.2005 15:37


37512.11.2005 15:50

Decrypter is still alive and kicking. I use it for all ARccOS movies I back up without using a PSL or any help from programs like AnyDVD. As for the previous poster, after you rip the movie you will either have to Burn the ISO/DVD Folder or compress it. If you have DVDR DL media, just rip in ISO mode and then write the ISO. If you do not, Download something like DVD Shrink. Then, load the ISO or DVD Folder and compress the DVD. You will then be able to burn the movie to a DVDR.

37612.11.2005 15:52

luvsoccer NO all caps read the fourm rules and yes DVD Decrypter is legal. heres a guide to use the program

37712.11.2005 15:55

@JaguarGod, I'm just a little curious,How do you decrypt Arccos titles with DVDD without a PSL file.

37812.11.2005 15:57 It is not a newbie method, but it works.

37912.11.2005 16:17

What exactly is an ISO/DVD folder?

38012.11.2005 16:24

An ISO is a disc image. If you are using DVD Decrypter you would go into ISO Read mode. A DVD Folder is a folder named "VIDEO_TS" that contains all the VOB, IFO and BUP files. To rip a DVD folder, you need to go into File Mode.

38112.11.2005 16:25

Very nice guide JaguarGod. Personaly,I use Dvd95Copy,which is not affected at all by arccos,But its nice to know that the job can still be done with freeware. there is also a psl creator plugin for PGCedit available now.

38220.12.2005 14:38

look Trung8221 its a ticking timebomb before slysoft is targeted.long live DVDD my first backup was made by u the once ultimate ripper R.I.P. macrovision is stupid and ************** .etc

38320.12.2005 14:56

Trung8221 wrote that post 6 months ago. I guess the "time bomb" has been ticking a long time. The country that Slysoft is located in doesnt have laws against making backup software.

38421.12.2005 08:55

The country that Slysoft is located in doesnt have laws against making backup software.
This is true, but the laws can easily change. It all depends on the goverment. DVDD was stopped because of a change in the law, so nothing is safe, it just seems that Slysoft will be fine for at least a few years. Even if you have AnyDVD, I would still recommend having DVDD, because if Slysoft gets shut down, DVDD can always be manually updated via a PSL file or you can use the guide I posted in the newbie forums. Programs like DVDFab and AnyDVD are great, but the way they are set up, they cannot handle new variations of a corruption without an update, so if one is shut down, then when a new variation comes out, the program will not work on it period. If you have DVDD, you can always make it work, like in the Newbie guide I posted where I ripped Stealth using DVD Decrypter from may of 2002 with no errors and no hangs. And for those that think that Slysoft will never get shut down because it is in Antigua, I am sure Antigua still has some type of copyright laws. Given the right amount of money from certain companies to a corrupt official, I am sure that the laws can be modified. I own AnyDVD (and CloneDVD) and love it and hope it stays for good, but I still have and use DVD Decrypter for pretty much all my backups.

38521.12.2005 15:04

Of course laws can be changed,but I think that the point is that the UK (where LUK is located) already had a law against it already. that WAS a ticking time bomb. Antigua's laws could be changed,(I guess,I dont really know anything about antigua)but I would guess that there would be some advance notice to slysoft that changes are in the works. and perhaps they could move to a new location. I do agree that DVDD is an ESSENTIAL tool in dvd backup. no matter what other programs one has. Personaly,I use Dvd95copy to decrypt,It cuts right through arccos and ripguard like its not even there.

38628.2.2006 16:51

The reason you can't is because these large corporations are GREEDY ASSHOLE SOBS THAT NEED TO DIE! Of course this is going to piss more people off, and everyone will buy less movies! They are shooting themselves in the foot. I know I'm never going to buy another movie again! Just because of this, and several other stunts these assholes have pulled! (well, OK, maybe a few of the ones that I REALLY want) Anyway, F**K YOU MPAA, and RIAA! I hope you all burn in hell! oh yeah, and the little FBI anti-piracy logo f**king up the disc art on newer DVDs is pissing me off as well. I don't want that logo f**king up the front of my disc! If anything that makes me NOT want to buy movies!

3875.4.2006 11:45

We pay for DVD's at best buys ect. and when one of them get scratched we have to pay to replace it if we like the dvd. Heres were my complaint comes in. On VHs tapes, they lasted longer than dvd's. DvD's seam to scratch easy and dont work after a while. So i beleive that all americans and non americans should get to gether and mail 1 dolklar ten dollers or what ever you think will help to get a few lawyers to do a class action lawsuit against hollywood who is behinde it all. let just say 1 mion people send 100 dollars and we end up suing onthe average of a thousand dollars perperson i think hollywood would go out of business over it. because the onslaught of people doing the same would be enormouse. Like in the hundreds of millions. its something to think about. and if any one would like to join me in this idea i would be willing to take a shot at it as the head of it and see where this could go.

3885.4.2006 18:47

sounds like a good idea but this will never take off. Even though DVD Decrypter is no longer in service there are other great utilities to help us bypass these copy protections. Even though some country's are not free from fair use to make backups...thank GOD we have the internet.

3896.4.2006 09:39

Never say never, All it take is some one willing to take the challenge and a lot of people backing that person up and a lot can happen. I think that we need to stand up to this tyrant greed monsters like Hollywood and Sony’s of the world. I know a lot of people will hide for the fact they don’t have freedom to do so. But I am willing to stand up to these monsters that take your money and impose stupid laws that say you cant back up your DVD collections. Even if there are people doing it illegal it doesn’t add up to much and not as nearly as much as all those big tycoons that make billions showing movies in the theaters and on DVD’s. So I propose that we start up a web site with a link and form page and a P.O. Box to where people could send info about what these companies are doing, and also a place to send money to start a class action law suit. I would like to hear what people think about it. If any one has any good or bad comments I would appreciate hearing what you have to say. All information will determine what action I may start towards. If we let the little things slip by so will our freedom one day. These big companies don’t care about you other than your money that’s in your bank account. We must stand up to these greedy organizations and show them that the little people count when were in numbers. United we stand, separated we shoal fall. As the Romans were a great army due to there numbers, and so can we in the use of money and lawyers will be our weapons. The pen now days is more mightier than the sword.

Fight for your wrights because no one will!

3906.4.2006 18:12

Hey Lordsleg I like the idea. But first: I'm a newbe,do we need to start a new thread, It seems we have ran way off course and may get more attention if we start fresh. But anyway, what your talking about is " Politics ". The MPAA,RIAA,RCA,SONY,MGM etc... " BUY " the votes in congress. Your idea is great however your talking about HUGE money to take a case to the supreme court. Is their an organization that is already working on this? If so, maybe we need to find and get behind it before this very site becomes illegal. To let you know what laws we are really breaking.

39119.4.2006 17:43

I am going to get flamed for this but I think it needs to be said. While I support the software in that there are good uses for it, including editing differnt versions of movies (Star Wars comes to mind)and think that yes the movie studios definitely need to lower the prices in theatres and start offering movies for download with better terms, you people downloading movies and buying pirated ones disgust me. I make my own films and hope to make it in filmmaking one day. Do you people not realize that it costs money to make movies? A LOT of money. Many people struggle for years making nothing before they make it "big". SO when they do, they have every damn right to make lots of money off of the movies. You people downloading and pirating are selfish. You are contributing nothing to society by preventing money flowing into the economy and you are stealing material that is not yours unless you pay for it. Copyrighted material is copyrighted. Period. While I realize this will do nothing to make any of you change your minds; I have a friend just like you who refuses to budge, you should take a look at yourself. And even if something is too expensive, does that make it right to steal it? No! You don't steal fancy car because you can't afford it do you? Well maybe some of you do but it clearly isn't right. So how are movies and software any different? Don't get me wrong, if a company screws me over, I will pirate. But in most cases, the companies are acting well within the bounds of reason. In addition, what do you people think will happen if piracy continues to grow as it is? As they lose profits, it will become more and more difficult to operate. And thus the amount of movies being made will diminish and the studios, less willing to take risks, will go, as they have increasingly been doing, go for crap movies. Have some morals damnit. Think of someone other than yourself. Or, put yourself in the place of a filmmaker who has struggled for years and finally made it. If you worked for years living off of next to nothing and suddenly had a hit, wouldn't you want to cash in as much as possible? Especially if your next movies could be total flops. Hopefully you guys will spend some time thinking about this... but I won't get my hopes up...

39219.4.2006 20:14

No! You don't steal fancy car because you can't afford it do you?
You are correct, however, with cars you have a choice. You can buy a car for under $10,000 new or get a fancy car for half a million. With DVDs, there is no choice. There are no low priced alternatives... As for people in the movie industry, you are looking at it completely wrong. You are probably an independent film maker. That is completely different. The MPAA is just like the mob. They make all the money and give a little to the people that work hard. There are lots of writers, producers, directors, etc... that don't make a cent, but the actual company that owns them is making lots of $$$$. If you are an independent film maker, it does cost money to make a movie, but only because you are working with no capital. These studios get lots of investors so there is less risk. For you it may actually cost you $5 per DVD, but for hollywood, it is probably well under $1 per DVD. I think all they pay are licensing costs for Copy protection & DVD Production costs (both physical and artistic). For Theaters (actaully for the total cost of a movie) sure it costs about $300,000,000 for most movies, but keep in mind that about about 2/3 goes to marketing (half to three or four big name actors and half to actual ads and such) and most of the rest goes to special effects. I bet they can pull of a movie for under $1,000,000 and it would be impossible to tell the difference from a $300,000,000 movie in terms of quality. Hardware, studio time, directing and writing does not make up the majority of the cost any more. As for you making movies, good luck with that. I may get into that later on, but I need more free time. I plan to do 95% of the work myself including filming, writing, editing, directing, starring, producing, etc... However, pirating can be the best thing to happen to you if you make films. What better advertising can you have then for someone to sell your movies to markets that you do not have access to. Sure you do not make any money from it, but your name gets out (make sure it does). Think of it this way, Hollywood pays millions and millions of $$ to get a movie's name out there and you can do it for free without any effort from you!!! For Hollywood it is not worth it because they already spend lots of moey on ads, so piracy only cuts into their profits even if only a fraction of a percent...

39322.4.2006 14:12

Yes, you make some good points. I suppose I shou;dn't have been quite so harsh and I apologize for that. While some of your points are pretty good, I still don't quite agree. Even if you don't have another lower priced option for say DVD's, well that's just the way things go. And studios have to make profits. I'll be honest, I'm more of a capitalist - surprise - how many filmmakers are capitalist? haha - and I don't subscribe to the notion that studios are such big bad companies. While I agree they definitely need to improve, for example lower theatrical prices, better movies: less crap, and less screwing over of people who actually buy movies and want to say have them on their laptop - point is they could be more leniant. Nonetheless when I watch movies, I go to my local video store and rent one. It costs a few bucks and I get it for a day or two. If I like it enough I watch it twice. If there is a movie I really like, like Lord of the Rings, then I will buy the DVD, like the Extended editition, and I continue that good value. Anyways, nuff said and thanks for the encouragement! You should definitely get into it too. Cheers

39428.4.2006 07:31

Jon552- "While I agree they definitely need to improve,... people who actually buy movies and want to say have them on their laptop"... I think that is the main reason that people use programs like DVDD etc. Like you, I go to the local video store and rent the movie. If I like it enough, like you, I buy it. But that is where the difference begins(I think). I back my copy up. With kids around, the movie doesn't last too long. So I only keep the back-ups out in the livingroom. I refuse to buy the same movie over and over and over again. If I had to buy the same movies over and over, it would be wise of me to buy some stock in MGM, or whoever, 'cause I would be funding a small studio, with the amount of cash I would be shelling out to the movie companies.

39528.4.2006 10:18

JaguarGod I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're young. When you grow up and gain a basic understanding of economics, please post again, because your post is 95% BS: myth and perverted facts. The gist of your argument seems to be that it's OK to steal from big studios because they have lots of money and waste lots of money. It doesn't matter. It's their content and you're stealing it. Period. Now, I pirate too. I feel that if I buy a piece of media I should be allowed to manipulate it in whatever way I want for my own person use. Fair use rulings have upheld this in the US. DRM intended to prevent casual theft (sharing of content) have evolved into prevention of legitimate use by paying consumers in order to generate more profit for the content companies. This was never the intent of copyright and as such I have no regard for it. But you do all of us a disservice and cause the loss of tools such as DVDDecrypter when you abuse our freedoms and preach open theft simply because you don't happen to like the way a product is produced/sold. You have the right not to buy it, but not the right to steal it.

39630.4.2006 22:49

Hey Jon, you are right to defend your work from theft. Everyone should be paid for their work.I think a lot of the controversy is about who is working and who is getting paid. I would like to see your work and also pay you a reasonable price for viewing it. I want to support the artists of our world so they will continue to create. What are we without art? You are also right in that we do need the big companys to get the art into circulation. Now here is where the problem begins. The world respects you for your creativity and hard work. We ALL want to reward YOU for your work. However, we do NOT respect the greedy corporations that profit on your work. The income and outflow is far out of proportion. The company gets 80% because they are your only outlet. We all view them as greedy and corupt. Therefore we have no respect for the SOURCE of the material. Unfortunately you are part of the source. This chain of events brings us to the good points Cygnus, Shraven and Jaguar have made. The real question is "what is theft". The law as it is now written states "ANY copying is illegal unless it is during the process of repair and then must be immediatly erased after repair is complete".I have several links on previous posts. If I'm wrong please point me to the most recent ruling. But laws are enforced by the interpretation of a judge. I think cygnus making backups is just plain smart. I have kids and I do the same thing. Is it legal? NO. But people only obey laws that make sense. Morality and the law are not the same. It may be illegal but I don't beleive it's Wrong. This is why people run stop signs. However, I do beleive it's wrong to distribute or receive copies. If you can make your film avalable online you may be able to start a path around the system. I'd like to see your work. Would you want me to make copies and give them to my friends? You would reach more people that way wouldn't you?

3971.6.2006 07:35

Well i have listen to what people are saying and i think we have lost the fact that if you buy a movie and want to make a back up of it you are then making an illegal copy. when i posted a while ago about go9ing up against hollywood it was for the fact that the dvd's have a problem where they stop for a second or two and then move on. that is a flaw in craftmenship and they knew about it. so i feel they owe us money back, because now they making another dvd called HD dvd or Blue ray technology where you have to buy another dvd player that cost $500-&1000 dollars and the dvd's are going to be some were around 39 to 50 dollars. this is a big stink to use technology as a loop hole to get out of trouble that they knew about the dvd flaw and instead of giving us an up grade they are going to charge us for it. VHS tapes nver stoped in the middle of a move inless the tape was broken. are you seeing were im going with this. this not about piracy by more about our rights as humanbeings and the big companies are walking all over them. I never maid this as a right to copy movies for piracy but more to back up what i have bought and paid for. We should always pay for a movie that some one has made for our entertainment. I just feel like our rights have gone out the door when they say you cant make back ups of your originals. So we should get a class action law suit against these tyrants ahd make them pay for selling us a product that has flaws in its craftmenship and not allow them to use new technology to move on pass this big mistake they made on purpose. Any one who doesnt agree with this is either part of the corpersation where against or a pirate that knows he or she is stealing, or some one who doesnt do much research about what they payfor. Well i see that most of the comments were on a piracy level or a want to be film maker in the indapendant feild which hollywood is now trying to dip into to mess over all those indapendant film makers over. so you see hollywood is a moster or big greedy beast that needs a spanking. I am working on a website for every one to go to and support us as americans and non americans in a venture to sue hollywood and sony over this flaw they have sold us all on before they sweep it un the matt with a new HDDVD class of software. let me know what your ideas are about what i have said on this thread.

Fight for your wrights because no one will!

3981.6.2006 15:11

Are you talking about the pause in the layer breaks?? Yeah, those are intentional, but they only affect older movies. Making a backup effectively eliminates this problem as long as you remove the layer break and change the the cell playback to seemless. HOwever, this does take away from the entertainment value of the movie, so there is a chance that you have something there. Another thing that making a backup fixes is badly pressed or scratched DVDs. A good PC drive can read through lots of read errors that DVD Players cannot. However, in terms of our rights when we buy movies, you are breaking the exact same law when you watch a movie with your children or siblings because it is illegal to watch a movie with more than one other person as this qualifies as public viewing. Also, it is illegal to watch a movie in an unauthorized player meaning that you are limited in how many players you can use. Blue Ray has some feature that prevents that. Also, if you buy something, why should someone care what you do with it. When I bu a baseball bat, am I violating laws by using it to tear down a wall or tenderize meat??? No, because I own it and can do what I want with it. Now, by putting these protections and laws to prevent backups takes away our ownership of the DVD/CD/VHS whatever the item may be. Maybe I would like to smash the DVD to bits with a sledge hammer, but since that is unauthorized use of the DVD, I could be hauled away to jail because of it... You never actually buy a DVD, you only buy the permission to be able to watch a movie. The disc, movie, case, everything associated with it, etc... belongs to the MPAA not you. You can probably go to jail for talking about a movie in public because you are giving a free public screening and are potentially costing $$$ to the companies that own the movie... Right now they do not have the power to enforce this law, but in the future who knows...

39925.6.2006 15:35

The reason I used DVDD was because of the stupid Region Codes. You only get a certain amount of changes befeore you have to pay to get your player reset. This is really a case of doubledipping by the recorder and player companies.

40028.6.2006 20:14

using AnyDVD makes all your dvds region free ,problem solved

40217.9.2006 19:14

It has now been more than fourteen months since that certain company did this, yet consumers are demanding even more the ability to back up their rightfully purchased DVDs. I look forward to when Blu-ray is introduced and the mainstream audience yet again demands this ability. When A*CS is also broken, and consumers have the ability to back up their legally purchased BLU-Rays, it will be proof. Proof that someone out there will stand against these Monoliths & look out for the right of the customer. Macro******* can rott in Hell!

40317.9.2006 19:32

I look forward to when Blu-ray is introduced and the mainstream audience yet again demands this ability.
Blu-Ray, the Sony garbage (IMO, I strongly dislike Sony and am an HD-DVD fan) is already out. I am not sure on burnable media but I know the have PC burners and Top Box units out. Based on recent news events I am hoping HD-DVD will take off and win the war. With a successful 3rd layer developed, and Blu-ray struggling to get even two layers functioning correctly, I believe it will only be a matter of time before HD-DVD overtakes Blu-ray with functioning fourth, fifth etc. layers. I believe the HD-DVD camp will get a successful HD-DVD that has as many working layers as Blu-ray is supposed to be able to handle (~25?). It will take time considering they just developed a third layer but I believe it will eventually come to light. :) Peace, Pop Smith

4043.10.2006 08:50

I NEED HELP BADLY!!! I lost my only download of DVD Decrypter after restoring my computer. i did find a version, however, it won't burn after I use dvd shrinker. HELP, what can i do, i have DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, i have Nero (hate it!!!!!), and then one of the other DVD Decrypter replicas for freeware. Please help me, I want to copy my dvd movie for a friend and ship it off.

4053.10.2006 09:47

do you have your target set right in DVD Shrink to burn with DVD Decrypter? try this guide. or maybe its a new movie that DVD Shrink can't handle so you might try CloneDVD 2 + AnyDVD ,theres a free 21 day trial . use the same guide

4063.10.2006 14:57

The movie is Wolf Creek I think 2005. Do you think this is why I can't decrypt and burn with DVD Decrypter?

4073.10.2006 14:59

Dear aabbccdd: WHICH lesson should I read? I am a REAL novice at this stuff. thanks, Kaxmir

4083.10.2006 15:01

kaxmir: this thread is for comments relating to the end of DVD Decrypter. please head over to the proper forums to get help with your issues.

4093.10.2006 23:06

kaxmir , post here and we can help you out dvd shrink and or DVD Decrypter won't handle the newer movies without help

4104.10.2006 04:31

thank you aabbccdd: I joined your thread.

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41121.8.2008 17:03
Inactive hey why is dvd decrypter still available to download off this site ????????

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41221.8.2008 18:24

Way to revive a two year old thread!

Some sites continue to host it. Simple as.

41321.8.2008 18:35


Why worry about it - it was a great ripper in it's day and still handy to have around imho.

41422.8.2008 12:11

Yeh... It has it's uses. ;)

Use what you like I say. :P

41527.3.2009 19:35

you should not only host dvd decrypter in finland, but host Lightning UK.. you all should get him a place to live and a good job and a new Finnish passport.. My hopes is that someone can take over the projects further development in a NON-EU country.. if not only by proxy..

now if we can only convince those nutsos over in Iraq that their REAL enemy is some company in the UK trying to enslave the world as some sort of Satan (which they are shaping up to be), we could all get back to OUR OWN business..

i remember in the old days you just had to put a piece of tape over the "copy protection" holes in a cassette .. I wonder if they think I should be thrown in jail for that

copying my own material is something i have the right to do, and anyone who says otherwise had better bring more than a piece f paper to my door.. something bigger than a panzer.

until DVD's dont become scratched and unplayable after 3 days of use. if i can walk on my dvd all week long and still play it afterwards.. hey.. i wont bother copying anything.

or do they think I should have to buy a DVD version of the movie AND pay for a download copy of the same move, AND pay for another downloadable version of that movie for use in each of my portable devices.

i'll bet that sound a lot better than selling just one dvd to those retarded pencil-necks

I'll buy a DVD and stop copying them when every DVD comes free with full quality version that can be transfered to my hard drive, and a version for every hand held device on the market, 3 versions of varying quality for every portable device on the market

until then, i will continue to point radical muslims in the right direction until your entire country has been nuked and all of your citizens are dead..

maybe THEN lawmakers would listen to our voice instead of simply signing into law the terms of uber-greedy umber-selfish corporate pigs with no concern for the quality of life or the markets requirements or the state of technology

but hey, I understand they have to make ends meet... they have to pay their bills and buy their new Ferrari's and Lamborghinis and beach front estates just like the rest of us... so I suppose i really shouldn't mind having my life and intelligence and rights stunted and thwarted and bashed about and trampled under their feet

i am not a thief... but every day I hear this crap i become closer to becoming a murderer

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4162.4.2009 19:56

I using AnyDVD makes all your dvds region free

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4173.4.2009 12:45

No adverting your web site so let's remove them from you sig. Post edited to remove them from your post ^^

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4182.5.2010 21:28

Originally posted by matt72:
Hmmm so I take it the movie industry is now saying we are not entitled to backup our dvds which we bought and are trying to protect? The funny thing is I'm sure some folks were using decrypter on rentals but the majority of folks on here were burning a duplicate of personally owned media (umm you know what I mean :). So if they are so concerned with losing money are they going to replace a scratched or damaged dvd if the consumer provides a receipt? Seems to me to be logical or are they going to say 'you should have been more careful' and say purchase another one. It would be nice if they could provide a verified report of earnings lost due to backing up personal media vs. internet piracy. Just another way for the powers to be to huff and beat on their chest. Anyway I'm sure there will be others that will come up with a way to circumvent dvd protection and extend the life of store bought dvds. Personal thoughts from a legitimate dvd consumer.
so what if someone were copying rentals, u paid for the rental, what this is as usual is big business making more money....f**k u...get a job and fit in with the rest of us pheasants

4193.5.2010 13:11

Originally posted by Iamcdn:
Originally posted by matt72:
Hmmm so I take it the movie industry is now saying we are not entitled to backup our dvds which we bought and are trying to protect? The funny thing is I'm sure some folks were using decrypter on rentals but the majority of folks on here were burning a duplicate of personally owned media (umm you know what I mean :). So if they are so concerned with losing money are they going to replace a scratched or damaged dvd if the consumer provides a receipt? Seems to me to be logical or are they going to say 'you should have been more careful' and say purchase another one. It would be nice if they could provide a verified report of earnings lost due to backing up personal media vs. internet piracy. Just another way for the powers to be to huff and beat on their chest. Anyway I'm sure there will be others that will come up with a way to circumvent dvd protection and extend the life of store bought dvds. Personal thoughts from a legitimate dvd consumer.
so what if someone were copying rentals, u paid for the rental, what this is as usual is big business making more money....f**k u...get a job and fit in with the rest of us pheasants
What is it with people digging up old threads to drop a stupid comment against the article or a comment?! This comment doesn't even make sense... The original comment was saying that people use it to backup store bought DVDs, then this is just an aggressive, basically 'deal-with-it' comment. Not only is this an old thread and new programs have replaced this old piece of software, but the original comment was at least articulate. Then someone drops this comment with no capitalization, using 'u' for 'you,' and is just otherwise a pointless comment.
... I'm getting so annoyed of this crap.

4203.5.2010 13:33

Originally posted by WierdName:
What is it with people digging up old threads to drop a stupid comment against the article or a comment?! This comment doesn't even make sense... The original comment was saying that people use it to backup store bought DVDs, then this is just an aggressive, basically 'deal-with-it' comment. Not only is this an old thread and new programs have replaced this old piece of software, but the original comment was at least articulate. Then someone drops this comment with no capitalization, using 'u' for 'you,' and is just otherwise a pointless comment.
... I'm getting so annoyed of this crap.
Nah, don't get annoyed with retarded people, just take pity on them...

4213.5.2010 13:35

Wow this really is an old thread - I have the last post from over a year ago.
I agree with WeirdName.
You must have really been trolling lamcdn to dig up this thread.
BTW rent and burn is considered piracy and against forum rules.....

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4223.5.2010 13:47

At least now we know how to get binkie out of her hiding-just dig out some of her ancient posts:)

4233.5.2010 14:30

lol - that's one way :) I still pop in - I wish I had more time but school and work are still taking up way too much of my time.

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