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Get new BlindWrite for less through AfterDawn

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Jul 2006 15:49 User comments (6)

Get new BlindWrite for less through AfterDawn VSO Software has released updates (currently only beta versions, expect a final version within days) of the popular game backup software title, BlindWrite. With the new versions ( currently) there have been many updates, including Blu-Ray disc support. Here are a couple of changelogs to note...
BlindWrite -
  • New ez-play with better support for vista 64bits
  • New patin couffin 36 with driver signed
  • Fix a link to the update files
  • Update some translations
  • New writing strategy for CDR
BlindWrite -

First public Blindwrite 6 version
  • [Bug] Will not read DVD image with AnyDVD active
    BlindWrite -
    • [Feature Request] Blu-ray disc support
    • [Feature Request] Playability of backups of recent games
    • [Feature Request] Automatic media detection
    • [Feature Request] Able to select media burn speed (On the Main Interface) when pressing the "Write" button
    • Eject media setting not working

    We recommend you download the trial version of BlindWrite from AfterDawn at:

    Special Offer

    VSO Software and AfterDawn can also offer you a 25% discount on the game copy software (which is priced at $29.99/29.99) if you decide to purchase it before July 23rd. To take advantage of the offer, you need to enter a coupon code while purchasing the software.

    The coupon code is: ADBW6

    The code will be invalid after July 23rd and applies only to the BlindWrite software. However, in a couple of weeks when this coupon becomes invalid, we hope to offer discounts on more software titles from VSO until the end of August.

    What is BlindWrite?

    BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your harddrive to reproduce a working copy of your media. It allows you to protect your investments against damage caused by children, scratches or by frequent use. Your personal CD or DVD backups can even be run directly from your computer using a virtual drive. BlindWrite's Game Copy Software supports a large number of formats and is regularly updated to support the latest technology.

    BlindWrite supports all popular CD/DVD writers and handles every available DVD format. It supports a large number of image formats including BlindWrite 4.x (.BWT), CloneCD (.CCD), ISO images (.ISO), Cuesheet/Binary (.CUE/.BIN), Alcohol (.MDS). The program also supports 32 languages and is incredibly eaqsy to use, even for a beginner.

    You can purchase BlindWrite at:

    BlindWrite has been downloaded from AfterDawn more than 116,000 times.


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    6 user comments

    15.7.2006 16:52

    Too bad I already have ImgBurn...

    27.7.2006 15:01

    I personally perfer anything that is freeware. If it does the job y change.

    37.7.2006 16:24

    Does it only do computer games, or can this one do a working copy of PS2 for example?

    47.7.2006 17:43

    I personally perfer anything that is freeware. If it does the job y change.
    Well of course, free software is always the best option when you have something that works. However, this particxular package (blindwrite) is sort of legendary for making clones of PC games. Often updated versions made successful backups of games that other commerical software couldnt, which is why it was downloaded over 150k times. The discount is just there for people who are interested in the software and it was nice of VSO to offer it and neithe VSO or afterdawn are trying to shove the software down anyone's throats.

    57.7.2006 19:37

    @Dela I realise what it was posted for its like when aD posts for Slysoft discounts. I was just making a general statment. :) Overall most of the software that is posted here on aD is worth the while and even the $$ soo regardless of what people think I really enjoy the variety of software options we have here.

    68.7.2006 0:18

    VSO has made some excellent software, especially with ConvertXtoDVD. I am interested, will trial and decide then if I need to have [the famous] Blindwrite. Great news about the discount, appreciated!

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