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SlySoft turns 3 and offers discounts

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Jul 2006 11:55 User comments (27)

SlySoft turns 3 and offers discounts That company you hear so much about in our forums, SlySoft, is celebrating it's third anniversary by once again offering discounts. The company is offering discounts on all its products; the anti-DRM tool AnyDVD, DVD backup software CloneDVD, CD backup software CloneCD and the latest addition to the line-up CloneDVD Mobile (encodes video for iPod, PSP, Zen Vision etc).
The promotion code and discount details are pretty much the same as every time SlySoft generously approaches us with these offers, but it is important to repeat them each time. The discount for AfterDawn users can be obtained by entering code "afterdawn" (without quotes) to the promotion code field in the check-out page. The discount will expire on 24th of July, 2006. Discount applies to all SlySoft products, at these rates:
  • single license (normal price: 39$) - discount: 5.00 US$
  • 2 license bundle (59$) - discount: 10.00 US$
  • 3 license bundle (78$) - discount: 15.00 US$
  • 4 license bundle (95$) - discount: 20.00 US$
So, by purchasing all four SlySoft's products (CloneDVD, AnyDVD, CloneDVD mobile and CloneCD), you save $20.

More information: SlySoft

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27 user comments

18.7.2006 12:04

Happy Birthday SlySoft! Keep up the good work. Cheers for another 3 years!

28.7.2006 12:12

I love you SLYSOFT. You guys kick ass.

38.7.2006 12:28

HANDS down SLYSOFT=the best keep it up yall are great

48.7.2006 12:57

Great.Guess who bought them last night.Yup.Still the best though

58.7.2006 13:39

Happy Birthday Slysoft, you're the greatest. Keep it up. Today's my birthday, too. I won't tell you my age. George

68.7.2006 14:17

Everybody better recognize the greatness of slysoft, 3 years strong, hope for hundreds of years to come

78.7.2006 15:01

Great work James, keep it up, if sold another product I would buy it, already have the package.

88.7.2006 15:15

happy bday slysoft i love you guys keep up the great work and i will support you guys for life ciao!

98.7.2006 19:25

Anydvd is an excellent, I repeat, excellent software. A definite must buy.

108.7.2006 19:38

thank you,and happy b-day! you make it easy.

118.7.2006 22:05

i would pay the 39.00 every year because its that good!!!!

129.7.2006 6:45

Happy B-Day SlySoft, You Guys ROCK! Definetly the BEST software of its kind! Keep up the good work & Cheers to another 3 years of continued success

139.7.2006 9:22

Happy Birthday and thanks Slysoft. Your the best of the best.

149.7.2006 13:41

I love slysoft amd well done for all the hard work u have done. and Happy Bday :)

1513.7.2006 17:11

Anazing company and amazing software. What a cleaver and simple way Slysoft figured out. Simply and overwhelmingly the best at what they do. Jon Temple

1613.7.2006 18:07

The big three, Happy, Happy, Happy. I adopted you as a newborn. This is by far the best DRM tool to own. It is great to get updated all the time. You guys are freeking awesome, (Code-Masters).. Thank you for all your R and D, it has paid off well. from timmy/59

1713.7.2006 20:04

You guys give me hope in a system that constantly has more, and more, rules. Please keep up the great work. I will be there with you! Happy b-day, and many more to come!

1814.7.2006 3:32

I love the Any DVD! It takes away any problems. Don't go to Unlimited Movies with a CEO called Jeff Myles- paid 49.90, and they will not respond to me! I have non working software, and no tech support, and they have my money. I just thought everyone was a good as Slysoft, but I quickly learned different. Slysoft answered any questions I had, quickly and to the point. Thanks! Sue Sholtis

1914.7.2006 4:36

Happy Birthday Foxy!!! My best wishes for many happy returns and great success for those that make you possible!!! Did I say SlySoft rocks??? There you go.

2014.7.2006 4:42

!!!!!ANY DVD RULEZ!!!!

2114.7.2006 8:54

Slysoft out performs any other product out there. I know because I have tried them all. They are right on top of the latest encryption issues and that has made them what they are today. Happy Birthday Slysoft

2214.7.2006 9:15

Wonderful product...I couldn't be happier. Very Happy Birthday.

2314.7.2006 9:31

Happy B-Day Slysoft, excellent software

sig made by AcidMagna

2414.7.2006 22:51

Nobody Does It Better

2515.7.2006 3:41

There is not much more to say but Happy Birthday to the best software product and support. Keep up the good work. billwas

2615.7.2006 4:07

Happy B-Day SlySoft

2715.7.2006 7:21

I got tired of some of the other softwares, "free" or "paid for". CloneDVD2 updates as fast as "they" come out with a copy protection scheme. It's awesome, I'd buy it again. I highly recommend it. Great for backing up all of my kids DVDs. My kids could tear up an anvil. HeHe. Kudos to Slysoft.

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