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P2P software and x264 updates released

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Jul 2006 22:04 User comments (3)

P2P software and x264 updates released Just making a quick announcement of some updates of popular software in the last couple of days. DC++ a fully Direct Connect compatible alternative client has been updated to v0.693 Beta. This is one of the most successful P2P tools ever added to AfterDawn's software section with almost 1.6 million downloads since it was added to the site. Popular BitTorrent client Azureus has been updated to v2.4.0.3 Beta 56 also.
On the video side of things, the excellent free library for encoding H.264/AVC video streams, x264 has been updated to x264 full rev. 534. x264 is used in a guide that will be added to our guide section within the next couple of days. It's wide array of encoding options helps you to encode very high quality video at smaller file sizes. Oh and of course, it is open source.

Download links...

DC++ v0.693 Beta:

Azureus Java BitTorrent client v2.4.0.3 Beta 56:

x264 full rev. 534:

Remember, this is a reminder for software items. Whenever we've posted an article with software updates, whether it be 2 or 50, we've had not only great feedback, but the download figures speak for themselves; these articles do remind people to update their software. However, it seems that not all feedback is good and some users have really managed to get on nerves for complaining (for whatever reason) about articles like this.

Simple as this, if you don't like software update articles, ignore them. What is the point of commenting and saying how "pointless" they are when 10 other users say thanks and 10,000 users remember to update as a result? That being said, keep the comments on this and all news items on the topic at hand (that being the software updates, not this message).

So, if you want to comment, do so about the software, please do NOT reply to the message I posted above.

Thank you.

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3 user comments

110.7.2006 10:16

never could quite get DC to work right at the tiem I had cable net,it be pointlews to try on dailup ,mabye when I get DSL later this year....finaly putting in dsl they are..soon no more dail up!

210.7.2006 23:17

Well Im going to just say I think it's a nice gesture for you to guys to give us a heads up on what's updated. I don't know why anyone would say this is stupid. It's like calling your cars gas meter stupid cause it reminds you that the gas is low.

311.7.2006 13:34

Thanxs again for the update. I don't use the programs but i do add them to my list of favourites and it helps me when i help out in the forums.

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