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Two new DVD backup guides added

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Jul 2006 13:05 User comments (9)

Two new DVD backup guides added I added two new guides to the guide section today. One guide utilises DVD Shrink, MenuShrink (optional) and Nero Burning Rom (optional) where the Menus and Extra material are kept. The second guide is for DVD Shrink & Nero Burning Rom (optional) to make a copy of only a movie from a DVD. The first guide is six pages long and the second is five pages long.
Both guides were written with output quality as the top priority but I think I've explained the settings enough for new users to decide between a high quality output or a fast encoding process based on their own preferences. The inclusion of MenuShrink is there for optional conversion from Motion Menus and Still Menus, which can save hundreds of MBs (current record is Matilda Special Edition Region 1 DVD Menu: shrunk from 3204MB to 228MB by nyt).

You can download MenuShrink from:

See more MenuShrink success stories here:

Judging by the popularity of the older DVD Shrink guide available on the site, I'm sure these guides will help many people out with creating decent backups of their DVDs.

How to copy DVDs with DVD Shrink:

How to copy DVDs (Movie Only) with DVD Shrink:

I try my best to keep spelling mistakes and errors to a minimum but if you happen to notice any, I'd really appreciate a PM about it.

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9 user comments

110.7.2006 14:04

Another couple of great guides keep up the good work.

210.7.2006 16:39

Awesome job Dela! The finest guide I've read yet. It pretty much somes up exactly what I do. The only thing I do different is I use Titlewriter after shrink to properly label my copy for my jukebox DVD player (Sony 875P) before I burn with Nero. Thank you for all you do at AD in keeping us informed! You're the best! :) Jim

310.7.2006 17:47

Actually I considered the use of TitleWriter but im not really sure of how many players really support DVD text. Maybe in the next update of the guides I will add it. I will be using TitleWriter for precreated menus on a guide soon tho :-)

411.7.2006 8:58

Nice guides and.... WOAH on that 3204mB->228mBs...thats pretty amazing but...Matilda?!!?! Might try some of these programs out...

511.7.2006 20:39

Nice work. Once again, this site never fails to provide useful information to me. Hail AD!

613.7.2006 18:25

Excellent guides!

73.8.2006 18:38

did a great job on the guides. but i had a quick question after reading the info on the FixVTS. Can you actually imput problem files into your DVD. i ask only after reading..."Another good use is for DVDs that have been authored with deliberate "errors" in the IFO or VOB files, such that they still play on your player, but won't open in DVD editing tools such as DVDShrink, VobBlanker and others." that is a quote from the FixVTS download page. is this done on a production level or on the decryption levels? very interested. thanks in advance

84.8.2006 15:08

I'm having trouble backing up some of my DVDs. I've decrypted some of my DVDs and some of them decrypt to be 6-8 gigs. that is obviously too big for a normal blank DVD-R. Do I need to compress them some how, get bigger DVD-Rs, or am I just doing something wrong all together?

95.8.2006 21:35

Iam Having a problem copying my stand alone dvds I keep getting a error ? But the DVDs play fine ? Thank you can help me ?

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