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DVD Shrink guide updates, FixVTS article added

Written by James Delahunty @ 30 Jul 2006 5:01 User comments (10)

DVD Shrink guide updates, FixVTS article added I got a lot of feedback about the two DVD Shrink guides that I added recently. Most of the feedback was good (thank you) but some pointed out one thing that I completely forgot; errors while opening DVDs in DVD Shrink are very common. If there is something that is not exactly "right" with a DVD, often DVD Shrink won't be able to open it, even though it plays back perfectly fine.
Jeanl, the man behind MenuShrink, released a nice program called FixVTS many months back to address this very problem. I have used FixVTS for some of my newer DVDs that gave errors when I tried to open them in DVD Shrink and it worked perfectly every single time. Therefore, I have added an extra paragraph to each of the DVD Shrink guides on what to do if you receive error messages.

In addition, I added a short guide for FixVTS that exists solely to supplement the DVD Shrink guides if a user may need it. I hope that the few people who contacted me about errors will be happy that I made these changes. As for some of our guides that are nearly as old as the stone age, we are working hard to catch up and update them.

DVD Shrink error? Fix DVD files with FixVTS:

How to copy DVDs with DVD Shrink:

How to copy DVDs (Movie Only) with DVD Shrink:

Download FixVTS from:

Download MenuShrink from:

Download DVD Shrink from:

Download Nero Burning Rom from:

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10 user comments

130.7.2006 17:14

Kewl more guides that help us all out in the long run also comes in very handy with every1 in the forums.

231.7.2006 05:41

Yes great thank you!!!!

331.7.2006 18:35

now all we have to do is to get people to do some searchin and readin before postin

41.8.2006 02:18

Nice one Dela :)

55.8.2006 04:42

Hi DVD Shrink is very good, BUT it is very sensitive to the DVD disc, OFTEN give CYCLIC REDUNANCY ERROR PLEASE JUST MAKE DVD Shrink overcome this error by simply COPY DVD DISC TO DISC, exactly as it is, then the software is going to be MUCH MORE USEFUL Regards Ly

65.8.2006 04:43

I recently tried rip4me it worked well

75.8.2006 08:26

yes is there a update one that out for dvd shrink i have the 3.2 if so where i try two download dvd dvd-rippers/dvd-shink.cfm and my ps lock up why is that

85.8.2006 11:05

The 3 major error problems I have found with shrink are: 1. dirty disc 2. new type protection 3. badly scratched disc 1. clean the disc with soap and water 2. use a differant ripper, or anydvd 3. get another disc of the 3 the most common are 3 and 1

95.8.2006 11:13

If you use the latest and updated AnyDVD version you will not have these errors unless the disc is damaged and scratched baddly.

1031.8.2006 18:03

I only use Shrink DVD for recoding just the main movie to DVD-5 as a cheap backup for using in the portable dvd player on my travels because the discs get scratched so easily. I've only had errors on a couple of discs that couldn't be copied. Even a copied disc using Shrink couldn't be copied and I seemed to have made it totally copy-protected and can't be copied by any other program - I still have the original although I did briefly lose it - again! Whens the next version out - has it stopped its updates??

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