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MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.39.5790

Open source
Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8
MediaCoder is an audio/video batch transcoder, putting together lots of excellent audio/video codecs & tools from the open source community into an all-in-one solution.

It's capable of transcoding among different audio/video formats with many extra features. MediaCoder supports all typical video and audio formats, plus support for containers include AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Matroska & MP4.


MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.13 Build 5267 MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5072 RC 3 MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.3.4640 MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.3.4640 MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.3.4640 MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.3.4640

mediacoder avi mpeg 1/2 matroska mp4 h.264 xvid

License type Open source1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 08 Feb 2020
Downloads 21,289
File size 62.71 MB (< 9min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Spanish,  Dutch
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win81

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

08 Feb 2020MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.60(Latest stable version)
09 Nov 2019MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.59
02 Jul 2019MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.58.5982
22 Jun 2019MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.58.5980
17 Feb 2019MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.57.5970
02 Oct 2018MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.56.5950
05 Sep 2018MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.55.5938
03 May 2018MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.53.5930
06 Jan 2018MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.52.5920
04 Dec 2017MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.51.5910
07 Nov 2017MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.50.5900
13 Sep 2017MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.49.5892
12 May 2017MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.49.5890
01 Apr 2017MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.48.5888
10 Mar 2017MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.48.5885
25 Feb 2017MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.48.5882
23 Oct 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.47.5872
14 Oct 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.47.5870
03 Oct 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.46.5866
23 Sep 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.46.5865
26 Jul 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.45.5852
22 Apr 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.43.5830
29 Mar 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.42.5822
12 Mar 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.42.5820
21 Feb 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.41.5818
26 Jan 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.41.5816
21 Jan 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.41.5815
09 Jan 2016MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.41.5810
25 Dec 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.40.5802
19 Dec 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.39.5790
05 Nov 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.38.5783
28 Oct 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.38.5782
29 Sep 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.38.5780
31 Aug 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.37.5770
31 Jul 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.36.5757
27 Jun 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.36.5755
11 Jun 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.36.5750
30 May 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.35.5730
29 May 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.35.5725
18 Apr 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.34.5716
15 Apr 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.34.5715
05 Apr 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.34.5700
13 Jan 2015MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.33.5685
11 Nov 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.33.5680
20 Sep 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.32.5660
27 Aug 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.31.5648
28 Jul 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.31.5645
25 Jul 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.31.5642
23 Jul 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.31.5640
27 May 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.30.5622
10 May 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.30.5620
22 Apr 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.29.5608
17 Apr 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.29.5606
05 Apr 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.29.5603
24 Mar 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.29.5602
12 Mar 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.5600
23 Feb 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.29.5599 (update only)
21 Feb 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.29.5598 (update only)
17 Feb 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.29.5597 (beta update)
08 Jan 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.28.5588
07 Jan 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.28.5586
04 Jan 2014MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.28.5585
22 Dec 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.28.5582
21 Dec 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.28.5580
29 Nov 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.27.5573
26 Nov 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.27.5572
02 Nov 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.27.5570
14 Oct 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.26.5566
04 Oct 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.26.5565
17 Sep 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.26.5560
07 Sep 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.25.5557
02 Sep 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.25.5556
30 Aug 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.25.5555
19 Aug 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.25.5552
15 Aug 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.25.5550
31 Jul 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.24.5542
22 Jul 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.24.5540
29 Jun 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.23.5530
18 Jun 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.22.5525
12 Jun 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.22.5515
08 Jun 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.22.5510
01 Jun 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.22.5508
27 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.22.5506
22 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.22.5500
18 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.21.5399
17 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.21.5398
15 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.21.5396
14 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.21.5395
13 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.21.5393
05 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.21.5392
04 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.21.5390
04 May 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.20.5385
30 Mar 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.20.5380
21 Mar 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.19.5372
09 Mar 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.19.5370
01 Feb 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5360
28 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5358
25 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5356
23 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5355
19 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5353
18 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5350
10 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5348
05 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5346
04 Jan 2013MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5345
31 Dec 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5342
30 Dec 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5340
23 Dec 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5335
16 Dec 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.18.5330
29 Nov 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.17.5302
22 Nov 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.17.5300
20 Nov 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.16.5298
18 Nov 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.16.5296
09 Nov 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.16.5295
06 Oct 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.16.5290
14 Sep 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.15.5280
16 Aug 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.14.5275
07 Aug 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.14 Build 5270
05 Aug 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.8.13 Build 5267
13 Apr 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R11-5236
16 Feb 2012MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R10 Build 5220
06 Dec 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R10 Build 5211
26 Nov 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R10 Build 5210
13 Nov 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R9 Build 5199
28 Sep 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R9 Build 5190
12 Aug 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) 2011 R8 Build 5182
15 Jul 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R7 Build 5172
13 Jul 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R7 Build 5170
13 Jun 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R6 Build 5166
19 May 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R5 Build 5152
17 May 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R5 Build 5150
29 Apr 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 R3 Build 5135
20 Mar 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5072 RC 3
14 Mar 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5070 RC 3
04 Mar 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5066 RC 3
02 Mar 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5060 RC 3
24 Feb 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5050 RC 3
23 Feb 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5035 RC 2
16 Feb 2011MediaCoder (64-bit) v2011 Build 5032 RC 2
29 Nov 2010MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.5.4792
20 Oct 2010MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.5.4740
13 Aug 2010MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.5.4720
02 Jul 2010MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.3.4685
12 May 2010MediaCoder (64-bit) v0.7.3.4640
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