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Nero is released, with MP4 audio

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 18 Dec 2002 12:49 User comments (3)

Yes, the much anticipated software release is out. There is no full change log released yet, but this version does include the new Nero AAC MP4 audio encoder/decoder.
We here at & have been preparing you for the MP4 audio:

Read the interview of Ivan Dimkovic, the author of Nero MP4 AAC
Check out screeshots of the Nero MP4 AAC encoder.
Download the latest Nero!

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3 user comments

119.12.2002 4:03

anyone get the errors about focus error when burning DVDs

219.12.2002 4:37

Can someone explain the difference between MP3 & MP4?

328.12.2002 17:23

MP4 is made for the streaming world. Meaning low bitrate, small files you can tranfer thru the internet. MP3 was designed for make files to sound close to CD at 128kbps. MP4 uses both MPEG-2 AAC for high quality (already use in DVD) and MPEG-4 AAC for streaming. AAC gives better quality at lower bitrates but requires more CPU usage. It is also Non-backward compatible.

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