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Studios seek to ban DVDXCopy

Written by Jari Ketola @ 20 Dec 2002 6:08 User comments (15)

Studios seek to ban DVDXCopy On Thursday seven Hollywood studios filed a claim against 321 Studios saying that they are trafficking in illegal products - namely DVDXCopy. 321 Studios filed a suit against the studios in April and sought a ruling, that DVD Copy Plus was a legal product. The lawsuit was later amended to cover DVDXCopy as well.
The studios decided to file a counterclaim, because they feel that the situation is now different with DVDXCopy on the market. Initially they sought only to dismiss the case, but now they asked U.S. District Judge Susan Illston to forbid 321 Studios and its executives from making or selling either of the two software. In addition the studios asked to be awarded all the profits of 321 Studios and its the entire inventory of DVD Copy Plus and DVDXCopy.

DVDXCopy allows the consumers to make DVD-to-DVD copies. 321 Studios argues that DVDXCopy includes features, such as a disclaimer and individual watermarking, that deter pirates. DVDXCopy is intended strictly for creating backup copies of purchased DVDs for personal use, and it refuses to make backups of backups - it only works on original DVDs.

Read more about DVDXCopy at the official site or the official DVDXCopy support forum.


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15 user comments

120.12.2002 6:55

WTF is this. Another desperate attempt. Can they really claim all the profits from 321 Studios??? This is scandless. As you said above it is intended to make backups of personal dvd's therfore, what are they doing wrong?? Jaysus this is a stupid world we live in!

220.12.2002 6:58

BUY THIS & BUY IT NOW. Hollywood is very stupid because if it get banned then it will just spread out to P2P, duh. Just like when metallica tried to banned MP3s, that was very stupid. The software is already made and it's already out their, you can not put a stop to this Hollywood. So what if it gets pulled off the shelfs, its an on going battle that will never stop.

320.12.2002 7:01

It wont be pulled off the shelves. Theres no grounds to!

420.12.2002 7:47

this definetely is a pretty stupid idea! it's the same as forbidding video recorders, cd burning software etc. especially since dvdxcopy can copy only original dvds and not already backuped cds and people dont want to give their original movie away all the times, so piracy is pretty much reduced to almost zero (even though there'll probably be "cracks" for it). i think the cd burning software did more damage to the movie/music industry (but a lot of good to other industries (cd industry lol)) than dvdxcopy can ever do, so why bother?

Remember, it's cool to be important, but it's more important to be cool!

520.12.2002 11:51

Pandora has already left the box! It's too late. The fact that computers are now so powerful, so cheap and have so much memory combined with the fact that easy to use software is finally available to even the novice user means we have conditions that are beyond the anyone's control - including Hollywood. Worse, as more people rip and copy more movies there is being created a huge pool of unencrypted video out in the world. This is video that has permanently escaped Hollywoods grip. It can easily be shared via P2P - or people may just swap already 'backed up' decrypted DVDs that can be replicated by simple one step burning.

620.12.2002 12:05

Has something happened already? I cannot get into any of the "FORUMS" apart from this one at the present! Getting connection errors when trying to 'get in' either through DVDxCOPY or AFTERDAWN!

720.12.2002 12:32

UPDATE All is okay now. Servers must have been down temporarily

821.12.2002 6:05

Open source the software if they win the court case! Just dump the source to and be done with it if you lose!

921.12.2002 9:35

Once again, the tyrannical and monopolized industry corporate leaders are doing whatever they can to try and suck as much money out of the consumer. They put high quality film on low quality media and expect you to fork out an outrageous amount of money if your DVD gets scratched to replace your loss. If you buy a medium, then you reserve the right to own that medium on whatever format that you desire. You have paid for the license to own that medium and it is unjust to prevent people from protecting their investments however they see fit. This program is out now and no one can take that back. The corporate America is just going to have to adapt to the new technology. Afterall, I must adjust my budget whenever the rest of the world affects my living expenses and personal expenses. Why is corporate America feel they are exempt from the average working man's lifestyle??


1021.12.2002 14:51

I think its about time that hollywood realised that it doesn't have the power it used to have anymore. Unfortunately guys, people are intelligent ya know!

1121.12.2002 22:06

It is so crazy to see all these companies come out with all these lawsuits. All they are doing is giving 321 studios free advertising and I love it. I live in the St. Louis area near where 321 studios is based so I am glad to see them going so well. For one, DVDXCOPY will not let you make a copy of the backup that is made. Although that can be gotten around, but the point is the software will not allow it. So Hollywood really is wasting time money and like I said putting the word out about the program for 321 Studios.

1222.12.2002 6:01

Are they going to ban 2 vcr's in the same household next? People make backups of vhs too, so they better sue there too.

1326.12.2002 11:25

I'm supprised that they are complaining about this product. I've seen twin VCRs out there (copies VHS - VHS) as well as scart cables to allow one VCR to be connected to another without any complaints that I've heard of. I've seen in video shops devices called 'Video Conditioners' which have a scart in & out. These devices recondition the Video and are known to remove macrovision from the signal thus allowing macrovision protected DVDs & Videos to be rerecorded. Well, DVD X Copy is just a another device (software in this case) that allows one to rerecord DVDs, just like any of the earlier products for duplicating VHS!

1426.12.2002 14:52

The movie industry just can't take the fact that people are now wise to what they are doing. Every protection released nowadays is broken and details released on the internet are used to build very useful software. Is the movie industry so daft that they didnt see this coming. What they are really pissed about is that to record DVD2VHS or VHS2VHS takes the entire length of the movie but now with dvdxcopy we can do dvd2dvd in less than an hour and now that 4x media are being released, 15mins a cd!

1520.9.2003 4:18

Its odd but it seems like its occurred to know one to countersue or use the DMCA's own argument against them. Fact is that when a movie is filmed on location and at some point slated to be transfered to dvd that first transfer which is in turn mass produced once its checked for defects etc and fine tuned is in fact the only true original as far as being ported to a dvd version as aside from that the film itself or workprint as recorded on set by whichever studio is the considered true original. Anything after that is in essence a copy. Once this first dvd is produced, fined tuned as in approved for "Mass Reproduction" to be sent worldwide to retailers etc this bulk of dvd movies for sale to the public is in itself mass produced dupes or 'copies' since there is only "one true source" which is the original film itself as it was initially created or recorded on set and perhaps as far as dvds go only the first approved dvd that is output and slated for reproduction can be deemed as an original as well though not those mass produced or slated for public release. In short we're all being sold copies by the bigwigs which should be used in court in 321's defense because 321 isn't doing anything which the DMCA hasn't already been doing for years on end and offers anti piracy methods just like the almighty DMCA does but in its own way so how can they bring 321's product into questionable legality when all dvds slated for the public are nothing more than dupes that are mass produced!! In a court battle the more argumentative the defenses statements are the less chances the prosecution has of being successful and i;ve heard and read much but i think this is a valid venue which should be raised up in 321's defense which i've not yet heard and which makes a great deal of sense helping 321's case.

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