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Slow-downs in forums

Written by Jari Ketola @ 30 Dec 2002 12:00 User comments (12)

We are experiencing some slow-downs and occasional errors in our discussion forums ( and The problems seem to be network-related, and there's unfortunately little we can do about it. If you receive an Unix socket error message, you know you've hit the problem.
We're very sorry about the problems, and hope to remedy them as soon as possible. staff

Edit: It seems the problems are behind us for now. Thank you for your patience.

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12 user comments

131.12.2002 8:48

Actually the only bad place I noticed was the ps2 forum! Everything else seems to be running fine for me :-)

231.12.2002 16:31

Yes, everything seems to work fine on my end. (Maybe I'm just connecting at a 'good time' or something). It's about 1-1/2 hours to midnight; 2003 is just around the corner, and just guess WHO has to go out right now to drive all the partying Drunks around? (Yep, ol' Klingy the cab-driver has got to go to work at this awful hour.) Frankly, I'd rather just peruse the Forums here. :) Happy New Year To ALL !!!! Varrooooooooommmmmmmmm...... -- Mike --

331.12.2002 17:42

Happy new year Mike ;-) I just remembered I am gettin trouble from the forum thats annoying enough. I havent recieved any update emails in a good few days now!

41.1.2003 6:43

Yes... I too wish to empart these most highly held words to the one whom you to refer as...Mike (-_-)

51.1.2003 6:49

Looking into that notification problem now. I hope I can figure out what's wrong with it. And happy new year everyone! Jari, who froze his head in the freezing -30'C (-22'F) weather on Monday, and who's still a bit under the weather.

61.1.2003 7:43

I got all the update emails this morning from all the posts over the last few days so no need to worry now Ketola ;-)

71.1.2003 8:12

There was a bad mail blocking all the other emails from being sent. Duh. Stupid system. =) I hope it'll run more smoothly now.

Jari Ketola

81.1.2003 8:24

lol 1 bad email??? I'm being blown away with thread has been updated emails for one bad email?? LOL!! ;-)

91.1.2003 11:02

I know..! =) Quite frustrating to try and hunt the error in every place imaginable only to discover that it was a stupid error like that, which held back all the other emails. Geez.. =)

Jari Ketola

101.1.2003 17:03

>>> ... to try and hunt the error in every place imaginable, only to discover... <<< Geeze, I do that *all* the time! Every day. (You get used to it). :-) -30 degrees? (-MINUS?) - Holee sh....... No wonder we haven't seen much of you! (This is in Norway, right?) It's hovering at about 0 degrees here in Atlantic Canada (borderline rain/snow). Thank you kindly, Tristan. :) H.N.Y. to you too, my friend. Dela, I could never get those kvcd templates (the ones you just discovered) to work properly after authoring them with ifoedit (to a dvd). I used all-compliant dvd streams. (Jerky motion, a/v sync *way* off etc.) Ouch frig, ouch. Ketola, it is my fervent hope that dRD will one day pick up where he left off in his "Putting vcds on dvd" article. Luv you guys! (Guess _who's_ gotta go to work again now?) Geeze, it's almost midnight & I'm just going to work. :( - Oh well, I've got TMP scrunching-up another episode of ST-TNG in the background (can't understand why you're not a trekkie, Dela), so at least I'll have another episode to watch on vcd when I get home. (And yes, I *rented* the boxed set on dvd; I didn't buy it, so thmaa, thmaa, thmaa.) [sticking tongue out], just don't tell 321 - they have enough problems right now. Cheers !! -- Klingy --

112.1.2003 4:02

Happy New years everyone!!! I haven't had any trouble in the forums yet.


127.1.2003 11:23

This site has some of the best forums on the net! and a freindly klingon tooo!


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