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Calibre (Portable) v2.19.0

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a cornucopia of features divided into the following main categories:
  • Library Management
  • E-book conversion
  • Syncing to e-book reader devices
  • Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form
  • Comprehensive e-book viewer
  • Content server for online access to your book collection


Calibre (Portable) v3.0.0 Calibre (Portable) v3.0.0 Calibre (Portable) v3.0.0 Calibre (Portable) v3.0.0

calibre ebook e-book reader library manage

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 25 Aug 2020
Downloads 42,299
File size 54.81 MB (< 8min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

25 Aug 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.23(Latest stable version)
31 Jul 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.22
18 Jul 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.21
24 May 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.17
19 May 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.16
10 May 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.15
25 Apr 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.14
27 Mar 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.13
06 Mar 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.12
23 Feb 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.11.2
21 Feb 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.11.1
14 Feb 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.10
02 Feb 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.9.1
03 Jan 2020Calibre (Portable) v4.8
27 Dec 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.7
18 Dec 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.6
29 Nov 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.5
23 Nov 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.4
08 Nov 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.3
19 Oct 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.2
10 Oct 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.1
04 Oct 2019Calibre (Portable) v4.0
13 Sep 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.48
02 Sep 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.47.1
30 Aug 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.47
21 Jul 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.46
17 Jul 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.45.2
30 May 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.43
03 May 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.42
26 Apr 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.41.3
08 Mar 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.40.1
03 Feb 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.39.1
01 Feb 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.39
19 Jan 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.38.1
05 Jan 2019Calibre (Portable) v3.37
23 Dec 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.36
07 Dec 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.35
15 Nov 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.34
30 Sep 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.32
07 Sep 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.31
24 Aug 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.30
10 Aug 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.29
05 Aug 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.28
24 Jun 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.26.1
27 May 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.24.2
26 May 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.24.1
25 May 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.24
08 May 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.23
20 Apr 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.22.1
10 Apr 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.21
31 Mar 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.20
09 Mar 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.19
23 Feb 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.18
09 Feb 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.17
26 Jan 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.16
07 Jan 2018Calibre (Portable) v3.15
15 Dec 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.14
11 Nov 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.12
03 Nov 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.11.1
26 Oct 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.10
09 Oct 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.9
22 Sep 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.8
26 Aug 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.7
07 Aug 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.6
30 Jul 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.5
14 Jul 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.4
09 Jul 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.3
02 Jul 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.2.1
29 Jun 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.1.1
16 Jun 2017Calibre (Portable) v3.0.0
13 May 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.85.1
12 May 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.85
05 May 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.84
15 Apr 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.83
18 Mar 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.82
10 Mar 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.81
26 Feb 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.80
13 Feb 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.79.1
11 Feb 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.79
27 Jan 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.78
16 Jan 2017Calibre (Portable) v2.77
31 Dec 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.76
09 Dec 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.74
27 Nov 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.73
21 Nov 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.72
31 Oct 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.71
16 Oct 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.70
03 Oct 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.69
18 Sep 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.68
10 Sep 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.67
29 Aug 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.65.1
12 Aug 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.64
26 Jul 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.63
08 Jul 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.62
24 Jun 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.60
18 Jun 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.59
03 Jun 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.58
23 May 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.57.1
20 May 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.57
01 May 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.56
19 Apr 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.55
01 Apr 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.54
11 Mar 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.53
27 Feb 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.52
20 Feb 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.51
29 Jan 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.50.1
15 Jan 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.49
01 Jan 2016Calibre (Portable) v2.48
22 Dec 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.47
12 Dec 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.46
28 Nov 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.45
13 Nov 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.44
09 Nov 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.43
31 Oct 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.42
16 Oct 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.41
02 Oct 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.40
25 Sep 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.39
11 Sep 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.38
05 Sep 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.37.1
04 Sep 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.37
29 Aug 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.36
15 Aug 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.35
08 Aug 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.34
30 Jul 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.33
21 Jun 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.31
09 Jun 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.30.0
29 May 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.29.0
16 May 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.28.0
01 May 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.27.0
24 Apr 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.26.0
17 Apr 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.25.0
10 Apr 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.24.0
03 Apr 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.23.0
21 Mar 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.22.0
13 Mar 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.21.0
20 Feb 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.20.0
06 Feb 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.19.0
30 Jan 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.18.0
23 Jan 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.17.0
10 Jan 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.16.0
02 Jan 2015Calibre (Portable) v2.15.0
26 Dec 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.14.0
19 Dec 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.13.0
28 Nov 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.12.0
21 Nov 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.11.0
14 Nov 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.10.0
07 Nov 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.9.0
31 Oct 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.8.0
24 Oct 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.7.0
18 Oct 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.6.0
03 Oct 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.5.0
26 Sep 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.4.0
12 Sep 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.3.0
05 Sep 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.2.0
29 Aug 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.1.0
22 Aug 2014Calibre (Portable) v2.0.0
08 Aug 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.48.0
01 Aug 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.47.0
25 Jul 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.46.0
18 Jul 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.45.0
11 Jul 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.44
04 Jul 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.43.0
27 Jun 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.42.0
21 Jun 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.41.0
13 Jun 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.40.0
29 May 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.39.0
23 May 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.38.0
16 May 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.37.0
09 May 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.36.0
02 May 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.35.0
25 Apr 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.34
18 Apr 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.33
11 Apr 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.32.0
04 Apr 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.31.0
28 Mar 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.30.0
21 Mar 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.29.0
14 Mar 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.28.0
07 Mar 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.27.0
28 Feb 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.26.0
21 Feb 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.25.0
14 Feb 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.24.0
07 Feb 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.23.0
31 Jan 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.22.0
24 Jan 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.21.0
17 Jan 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.20.0
10 Jan 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.19
03 Jan 2014Calibre (Portable) v1.18
25 Dec 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.17
20 Dec 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.16
13 Dec 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.15
06 Dec 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.14
29 Nov 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.13
22 Nov 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.12
15 Nov 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.11.0
08 Nov 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.10
02 Nov 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.9.0
25 Oct 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.8.0
18 Oct 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.7.0
11 Oct 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.6.0
26 Sep 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.5.0
20 Sep 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.4.0
13 Sep 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.3.0
06 Sep 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.2.0
30 Aug 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.1.0
23 Aug 2013Calibre (Portable) v1.0.0
16 Aug 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.44
09 Aug 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.43
02 Aug 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.42
27 Jul 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.41
19 Jul 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.40
12 Jul 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.39
05 Jul 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.38
28 Jun 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.37
21 Jun 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.36
14 Jun 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.35
07 Jun 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.34
01 Jun 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.33
24 May 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.32
17 May 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.31
10 May 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.30
03 May 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.29
26 Apr 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.28
12 Apr 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.27
05 Apr 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.26
29 Mar 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.25
22 Mar 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.24
15 Mar 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.23
08 Mar 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.22
01 Mar 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.21
22 Feb 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.20
15 Feb 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.19
08 Feb 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.18
01 Feb 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.17
25 Jan 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.16
18 Jan 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.15
11 Jan 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.14
04 Jan 2013Calibre (Portable) v0.9.13
28 Dec 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.12
21 Dec 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.11
14 Dec 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.10
08 Dec 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.9
30 Nov 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.8
23 Nov 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.7
10 Nov 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.6
04 Nov 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.5
26 Oct 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.4
21 Oct 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.3
11 Oct 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.2
05 Oct 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.1
28 Sep 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.9.0
21 Sep 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.70
14 Sep 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.69
07 Sep 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.68
31 Aug 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.67
24 Aug 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.66
17 Aug 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.65
10 Aug 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.64
05 Aug 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.63
28 Jul 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.62
20 Jul 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.61
13 Jul 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.60
06 Jul 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.59
29 Jun 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.58
22 Jun 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.57
15 Jun 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.56
08 Jun 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.55
31 May 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.54
25 May 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.53
18 May 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.52
12 May 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.51
06 May 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.50
30 Apr 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.49
20 Apr 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.48
13 Apr 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.47
09 Apr 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.46
31 Mar 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.45
16 Mar 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.43
13 Mar 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.42
24 Feb 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.41
17 Feb 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.40
10 Feb 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.39
03 Feb 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.38
29 Jan 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.37
22 Jan 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.36
13 Jan 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.35
09 Jan 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.34
02 Jan 2012Calibre (Portable) v0.8.33
28 Dec 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.32
16 Dec 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.31
09 Dec 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.30
05 Dec 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.29
20 Nov 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.27
12 Nov 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.26
07 Nov 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.25
01 Nov 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.24
21 Oct 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.23
14 Oct 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.22
01 Oct 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.21
25 Sep 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.20
17 Sep 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.19
11 Sep 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.18
03 Sep 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.17
28 Aug 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.16
13 Aug 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.14
07 Aug 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.13
17 Jul 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.10
09 Jul 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.9
03 Jul 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.8
25 Jun 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.7
18 Jun 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.6
11 Jun 2011Calibre (Portable) v0.8.5
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