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DVD2SVCD guide online!

Written by Jari Ketola @ 01 Sep 2002 16:31 User comments (9)

The first draft of our DVD2SVCD guide is now available in the articles section. Please post critique & comments either in the discussion forums or as comments to this news item.

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9 user comments

12.9.2002 0:22

The sharpening might not be a good idea afterall, as I suspected. I'll look into it.

Jari Ketola

23.9.2002 1:32

This might be a very dumb question but i have downloaded a movie which is in avi. format and none of the programs on my computer will except this format. i have a dvd burner built into my pc and the computer is brand new is there a way i can burn it on to a dvd-r or cd-r? Is there a program i need? help!

Matt Lee

33.9.2002 6:16

I think you should think more about getting your movie to work than burning it to a disk at this point First of all if you downloaded it from a p2p filesharing utility, 2 things could have happened 1. You downloaded a dud or 2. The file has been shared so much that it got damaged a small bit everytime it was downloaded and now that you got it, it might be damaged badly. There is no solution for 1 but their is for 2. If you dont have virtual dub get it from... Try opening your file in virtual dub (if it doesn't open its propably a dud but it may still be damaged. Try to repair the divx here... after you've repaired it, convert it with tmpgenc. Get it from I would recomend that you convert it to svcd and burn it. I dont have a dvd burner yet so I don't know any good software you can use to burn to it. Check Afterdawns software section.

43.9.2002 9:45

MattLee... Perhaps you are unable to view your avi file because it uses DivX compression.. you can download the DivX Codec (Coder/Decoder) from this site and then try viewing it in Windoze media player or another media player of your choice. I hope this was helpful. e

53.9.2002 9:59

Please start a new thread for this discussion. This is in no way related to the DVD2SVCD article.

63.9.2002 10:39

Am I am just answering a question i thought thats what forums were for

73.9.2002 11:21

Actually you're also posting comments to the news item: Nothing wrong with replying. The question itself was in the wrong place to start with.

Jari Ketola

828.10.2002 14:18

110 hours to encode wow. is it normal for tmpgnce to take this long, it is in svcd format. my puter is a amd 500 with 256 meg ram. is this normal or what. please reply

927.5.2003 11:38

Okay this is going to be a dumb question too all of you that have already figured it out, But here it is. I have downloaded quite a few movie that are great quality "sound's good looks good" everything. Now my problem is I have been using Nero with the SVCD plug in's. My computer is a very slow computer. A duran Pen II with almost a Gig of ram. I'm not sure if this is the reason for my problem, but when ever I encode and burn with Nero, the sound of the movie lags. My picture and my sound rarely ever is in sync. I have downloaded TMPgenc... And it is like French to me. I have no been able to figure out how to use it. All I can do is encode file to mpeg. I was told it can encode Avi files to Svcd and burn it all in one. Have I been misinformed..... Please someone that knows what they are talking about reply.... Thanx jayblunt

Jason Marquez

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