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'DAE Quality'-project by the author of EAC

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 05 Sep 2002 0:40

DAE Quality is a new project for testing CD and DVD drives for DAE quality. As this test environment is quite cheap, the results are probably not comparable to test CDs that costs around 500$.
If you don't know what error concealment is, or if you have never heard of dB or ECC, this tool is most probably nothing for you. It is mainly for (online) magazines and interested users and professionals that want to know which drive has the best optical system, and how a drive performs on error correction and error concealment. The idea of this program came after reading an online test of some CD-R drives. The DAE test was done using CD Speed and all of the drives had as a result the maximum of 10.0 points. Using a CD-R in best shape to do the DAE test is ridiculous, if my drive would not read audio CDs error free from an error free disc, I would bring the drive back to the vendor. It is far more interesting to see how a drive is behaving under critical conditions (which will also tell something about the DAE quality on CDs that have manipulated C2 error information on purpose). For that a special test CD is created, that can be used to do a comparison between different drives. Of course as there is much manual work and it is also based on the CD-R used, only results done with one specific test CD can be compared with other results of that specific CD.

Well worth reading if you are interested in technical aspects of CD audio. On the web page there are detailed instructions with pictures how should the test CD be done.

There are also test results for the following drives: Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-106, Plextor CD-R PX-W2410A, Pioneer DVD-RW A04, Plextor CD-ROM PX-40TS.

Exact Audio Copy (click on 'DAE quality')

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