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Windows Media 9 beta tools available

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Sep 2002 15:07 User comments (13)

Microsoft announced yesterday latest multimedia technology monster from their software factory, Windows Media 9, which -- as usual -- "takes multimedia to the next level". Microsoft is now the only big multimedia vendor that doesn't use MPEG-4 standard in its media delivery platform, but uses its own propietary formats instead.
Anyway, if you're interested to check out whether their claim that WMV9 will beat the crap out of MPEG-4 (I seriously doubt it..) -based encoding methods, you can download the WM9 tools, such as Windows Media Player v9 beta and Windows Media Encoder v9 beta from their site now. Visit the Windows Media site using this link.

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13 user comments

16.9.2002 1:30

The new player doesn't crash like version 8, and looks a little fancy compared with its predecessor. The first thing I tried was encode WMA 9 VBR (variable bit rate) & CBR (constant bit rate) to see how it compares with version 8. I used the Rod Stewart CD for this. Below 128kbps CBR or VBR, it still appears to have the same artifacts (metallic) as version 8. MP3 (encoded with lame) & especially OGG still sounds better at 128kbps compared with 128kbps WMA9. If you playback MP3, use Winamp or get better MP3 codecs for Media player as I was told by several mates that the MP3 codecs supplied with Media Player are bad quality; probably to make WMA sound supperior. I haven't tried its video yet. I'm still wondering how Microsoft managed to spend $500 million on Media player 9.

26.9.2002 7:48

Im still feeling sorry for the people who dont know better and use WMP/WMA/WMV. (I used to be one, used Real though)

36.9.2002 9:31

Oh, there's nothing quite like being taken to 'the next level' in multimedia, I always say. And it only cost a half-billion? What a *bargain*, eh? What happens when microsoft runs out of version numbers? Will we ever see Windows Media 9.094.723.782.004c do you suppose? I'm glad someone is actually taking the time, though (thank you seanbyrne) to test these new claims by M$. Frankly, I'd be scared to install any WMP on my system past version 6.4. You're a very very brave man, sir. -- Mike --

46.9.2002 12:41

Can you even un-install it properly? And the fact that Win XP comes embedded with WMP8 just makes the OS more resistable. The one good thing that I found when using WMP7 is that it could easily download a missing codec whenever it ran into a file which required a sertain piece.

57.9.2002 14:29

I checked and it appears that Windows Media Player 9 Beta is a one way installation. I checked both the start menu and 'Add/Remove' in the control panel and there is no option I could find to uninstall. Anyway, even though it's there now, I'm back to Real player for Video and Winamp for OGG & MP3 music ;-) I see that WinMX version 3.3 now has added support so you can now choose to search for MP3, OGG or a combination of both. It has no option for WMA and it looks like WMA 9 is ready once again for the Museum. Oops.

68.9.2002 0:46

You'd think that with more money than most corporations on *earth* will ever have, M$ would have the smarts, the technical know-how, the ability, to make a truly superior audio/video codec by itself, or at least hire the most professional, capable expertise to do so. They look absolutely foolish. At low bitrates, vorbis pounds the crap out of wma (any version), and vorbis was put together, collectively, by talented individuals who have .000000785 of the operating budget of MS. Why doesn't MS "Sh-- or get off the pot?" so-to-speak. Yep, I used WinMX for a while, but use Grokster now because I have no morals (it's my evil upbringing I guess), and I can search for juicy software that I'd otherwise have to pay $$$ for. (I *do* support shareware authors - I have several times), but sometimes shareware authors become filthy rich (yes, it happens - no names mentioned), so I don't have any guilt pangs when scooping up a utility or two from Grokster in those cases. (Oh yes, and I'm cheap too, second only to my poverty). Gotta watch those viruses though when d/l stuff, especially progs, from p-to-p's, but I can't help myself - you get on these networks and it can be like being a kid in a candy shop with a $100 in your pocket. And I'm a major fan of cracks, hacks, patches, fixes, workarounds, etc. -- Mike --

79.9.2002 6:25

WM9 can be completley uninstalled using RESTORE(a pain in the butt). You find it in the small print on instalation page. By the way this Is a step back not forward. Previously using wm7 (which I have reinstalled) I could play any AVI or CD file I had. Almost nothing I had worked upon installing WM9.

89.9.2002 9:43

Your right about the unistall. Would you mind posting a little more info on how to do this. After updating to that POS everytime I open it, the program crashes.

99.9.2002 9:50

I have Windows ME. Procedure I used follows: Close all programs. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Search backward by date time until you find the first RESTORE POINT before WMA9 was installed. Then follow the directions. Best info I can give you.

109.9.2002 10:49

But thats not an uninstall. Wont thismake you loose valuable information, stuff you put on the HD after WMP? This might work if youre just testing the app., but not in the long run.

119.9.2002 13:44

Sorry those are the INSTRUCTIONS from Micro Soft. You may lose an installed program and get back some that you had deleted, but no DATA or saved files are lost. You just have to go thru the pain of deleting what you don't want and re-installing what you do from when you downloaded WMA9. Also it is a good idea to re-install WMA 7.1 if you want it. SORRY AGAIN, BUT THOSE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM MICROSOFT. I think they are making it as hard as possible to un-install on purpose so that everyone who downloads it becomes paet of a large group of free BETA TESTERS. If you used it at all then you know that every time something didn't work a report problem action came up and you could either click yes to report the problem or cancel not to. Once again sorry but SYSTEM RESTORE is the only way to remove it completley at this time that I know of.

129.9.2002 21:08

Thanks. I am running XP and Restore worked great.

139.9.2002 21:26

well apparently Ive had some bad info about the "system restore" function in ME and XP. Still, they should add a decent un-instaler.

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