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All About DVD-R/RW by Pioneer

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 10 Sep 2002 13:47 User comments (3)

Pioneer has published a web page about the DVD-R/RW technologies. Plenty of marketing hype, but also some valuable info and FAQs, especially if you don't yet know much about the new technology that is rapidly pushing to the data storage market.

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3 user comments

113.9.2002 11:51

How do I make a DVD from a MPEG or VCD? There has to be something out for that. Thank You.

214.9.2002 0:24

Oh, geez. I'm so anxious of clicking "Delete user" button now, but I spare you this time. The "search" button, "Articles" section and "Forums" link are there not for fun, asking questions in news comments is strictly prohibited.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

314.9.2002 16:45

The Easiest Way To Backup Your DVD, s & VHS Tapes To A VCD (VideoCD) Format Are As Follows. First of all there are a few things you need to get: 1. USB Instant DVD found in TigerDirect $179.99 2. Video Stabilizer found on the Internet. About $45.00 3. CD-R CD-RW Drive. 4. Nero Software Program for burning VCD & DVD With this hardware and software you will be able to make MPEG-1 in real time with your VHS tape recorder or your DVD Player. Be sure you have a DVD player that will play VCDs For viewing your VCDs. In my case I use two Video Stabilizers, one for tapes and one For the DVD player. I go from my DVD player into the tape Player, then into the USB Instant DVD hardware on to the Hard drive where the MPEG-1 will go. Youre folder should look something like this C:\Movies\Snow Dogs This is just an example. Most movies will take two CDs to get all of the movie. If you use 700 meg CDs you can get 80 minutes on them. So in most cases you will have 80 minutes on the first one and the balance on the second one. Thats about all there is to it. Have Fun

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