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X Software launches DVD backup software lineup

Written by Jari Ketola @ 06 Nov 2004 15:09 User comments (32)

X Software launches DVD backup software lineup X Software has introduced an interesting lineup of various DVD & home video backup software solutions. The most interesting product is the Video Vault, which lets the user to transfer DVD or video content to DVD, Personal Video Player, laptop computer, a wireless media server, Windows Media PC, PDA, mobile phones etc.
Along with Video Vault X Software promotes MobiNote DVX-POD 7010 Portable Video Player (PVP), which features a huge 7-inch widescreen display and a 20 gigabyte hard-drive. The device supports numerous MPEG-4 formats, such as DivX 3.11, DivX 4.x/5.1/5.2, Microsoft WMV and Apple QuickTime. It is also capable of recording video at MPEG-4 SP, 30fps, 702x240.

DVX-POD 7010

In addition to the Video Vault X Software introduced several DVD backup solutions. DVDXPlatinum, DVDXGold and DVDXPress offer solutions for users with different types of needs.

More information available at the following pages:
MobiNote DVX-POD 7010 Portable Video Player
Video Vault

Stay tuned for reviews on the X Software products!

Source: X Software

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32 user comments

16.11.2004 17:34

Umm is this a resurrection of 321 Studios ?!?

26.11.2004 17:50

dvd xcopy in disguise

36.11.2004 18:44

Hmm...I love the names they chose for their software. Doesn't remind you of anything, does it? :-)

46.11.2004 20:47

holy crap is 321 studios aloud to do this??

56.11.2004 20:56

lol, if you look at the links, the programs have almost the exact look of the X Crappy Progs, which will from now on, be know as THE Gateway DRUG to DVD Backup. ;)

67.11.2004 8:09

It may be (The Gateway Drug to DVD Back up), but let them come out with a DVD-9 burn option (DL) and some more great features and I'm On It Like HOT GRITS!!!!!!

Xi-MTower SLI-HAF 965 (On Steroids !!)

77.11.2004 8:36

$119 dollars for old outdated software that some company bought and put a nice wrapper on it and called it dvdxplatinum !

87.11.2004 8:56

I would like to see them come out with a editing program intergrated into the software that you could use to manually change things like screen ratios (wide to full, full to wide) and also make custom menus..

97.11.2004 9:06

I know that the present software that they are selling now [IS] outdated. I'm just hoping that they will move forward with it. Remember that it was this type of software solution that got the ball rolling in a big way in the frist place....

108.11.2004 15:41

If it is what I think it needs to be cheaper!! Reinstate old accounts and ID's.

118.11.2004 16:12

If it's from Robert Moore I won't buy it.I got burnt from x copy.

1210.11.2004 5:02

Im going to wait around to see what people say about it first before I think of using them again. I do agree that it's too expensive for the software right now. They should at least have an evaluation copy. If they would come out with an evolution copy for all of there software I might go ahead and try them out right away. Other than that I will continue using Clone DVD and Any DVD.

1310.11.2004 22:30

It is the same link as 321 but under a different name. Just to see what the deal was I bought the express version and it is the same thing with a little diferent package. Now they did it up in black and it is ripper free. I just wonder which country they located in or which Island to keep out of trouble.

1417.11.2004 23:02

OH! brother, 321studios is located now in thailand. As u know that they have changed their company name t " DVDXSOFTWARE:COM I hope this time they try to make a better software as earlier before but instead not. Still there software is RF(ripper free) U cannot burn protected DVDS, but one thing i like from there latest software " Video Vault " is that u can burn multiple dvds onto one dvd depending on the format but u have to have a ripper running underground.

1521.11.2004 2:39

Just to clarify, X Software is not 321 Studios and has nothing to do with the former software manufacturer.

Jari Ketola

1621.11.2004 4:57

its funny that x software has been emailing me and i never gave them my email address . they either got my email address from someone else which i doubt or its x copy with a new name using email addresses from former customers ! how else out of the blue did this company get my email address ? dvdxcopy email lists ! im sure they didnt like my reply . as i stated above this is old outdated software with a new name but same crappy software . it doesnt support dual layer burners which is what i own now and it costs way too much !!!! i wonder how many x copy users got emails from this company like myself ? for a company that has nothing to do with x copy sure didnt waste any time emailing me trying to sell me this software without me giving them my address . the only way this company could have got my email address is from x copy being im a former user of x copy . all i have to say is nice try x software using x copy email lists !

1721.11.2004 6:26

Never got an email, but I did email them.....they never replied. Somethings' fishy.....they'll hook someone. Over priced crapware!

1822.11.2004 12:49

i agree it looks just like 321 but it works alot faster and is very stable it also works with my dual layer burner but does not burn dual layer disks, i haven't had a stuff up to date, funny thing is that 321rip from works with it you just have to locate the xpress.exe file and you don't even need to download a ripper

1924.11.2004 0:37

Hey guys, including Jari ketola( to inform u that x software is the same company as 321studios. I think jari ketola in this forumn should stop telling lies to people around here. In order to know that 321studios is the same company as DVDXSOFTWARE, please follow this link bellow and check it out. DVDXVAULT was change to be VIDEO VAULT, they are just covering up because they have problems in the US. So jari ketola should stop telling lies into this forumn.

2024.11.2004 1:35

sure looks like 321 to me. I would not waste my money on this software. I have Platinum and don' even use it any more. At least I found this site thanks to all of Platinums problems!

2124.11.2004 3:06

i knew it was mr moores 321 studios ! as i stated above , how else did x software get my email address ? 321 studios email lists of former x copy users is the only way i could see how this company could have got my email address ! now that it has been confirmed that this is mr moores new company i for sure wont be buying a damn thing from any company mr moore owns or has anything to do with . one other point i have is , i bought x copy about a year and a half ago for over $100 and to buy the same software with a new name and wrapper for $119 = over $200 in less than 2 years on dvd backup software . there is no way this software is worth that to me !!

2224.11.2004 7:37

The fact is that X Software is not 321 Studios. Period. If you need support for DVD X Copy or other 321 Studios' products, please visit and

Jari Ketola

2326.11.2004 4:01

Hey Ketola, Can your verify to me that is not the same company? I would like to now how you would do that. The program is the same crap as it was before. Don't give me that crap about its the same company. I now youre the admin and stuff but that does not mean you can go around and tell these people that is not when the interface is the same crap as always. Give me a brake. The program was revamped and brought to Thailand so they would not have any legal issues. If I owned 321 Studio and made millions and lost millions I would definitely try to make the money I lost back in another country.


2429.11.2004 4:18

From now on I will be removing posts with false statements regarding X Software and 321 Studios. X Software is not owned, run or any other way affiliated to Mr Moore or 321 Studios.

Jari Ketola

2529.11.2004 8:39

im sorry you think i made false statements about mr moore . this link clearly states mr moores is involved in the x software product ! if its false than why is the putting it out there for everyone to read ?

2629.11.2004 8:47

Please read the link you posted. I'm sure you'll see that it talks about the DVD X Vault which was a 321 Studios product. Video Vault, on the other hand, is a product of X Software. I'm getting bored of arguing about this.

Jari Ketola

271.12.2004 6:32

is the editors note in this link false also like the rest ?

285.12.2004 17:52

The best question is what diferance would it make if it is Mr Moore or not? If not has it been released from the groundwork already been laid. If it is then why would anyone begrudge it from being released to make a few $ for themselfs after the long costly battle that most know was bound to be lost from way back but was worthy for the fight. There where many from the start of this whole thing that where putting out the same kind of stuff ripper free because they know a fight would not change anything and just wanted a $ instead of try to help in the battle. Those where not begrudged. I say what will be will be and all the crying done will not do anything to change it. The apps are at least as good as 321 apps where and more then likely a bit better because of time goes on and the tech of it all moves foward.

2929.6.2005 14:52

Hey there... I am new to these boards and came across this post (See below): "i agree it looks just like 321 but it works alot faster and is very stable it also works with my dual layer burner but does not burn dual layer disks, i haven't had a stuff up to date, funny thing is that 321rip from works with it you just have to locate the xpress.exe file and you don't even need to download a ripper." I downloaded the file from It's stated that you need to find the "xpress.exe file." What does that mean? WHERE would I find this? Is their a certain program that I need to use that has a "xpress.exe file" in it? Am I supposed to be using an old DVDXCOPY program? I have VIDEO VAULT and am trying to figure out how to use it to backup my dvd's. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

3029.6.2005 16:24

How it works: 321RIP! Simply adds the Ripper functionality back into XCopyRF by patching certain files to turn on the functions that have been disabled.
It should patch it on its own. If it's asking for you to find a file, it's probably in the parent directory. Go to program files and look for X software or xcopyrf or something that looks familiar. You should be able to find your file there. 321 RIP doesn't work on its own. You need to have already installed XCopyRF for it to work. This is only a patch to get back missing features, not an entire program.

317.11.2005 5:13

the real question should simply be: 321 studio = x softawre ? the answer is YES. when 321 studio went out of business, a few of the original crew went to overseas and 're-opened' up the business. i'm not going to tell you all the name of the country. I know because I work for them !

327.11.2005 5:37

i can tell you this,i tested all your new software and it still like the trying to get to first base..only software ye guys are updating is video vault..and that is on first base.with the help of DVD43 and AnyDVD.

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