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New BitTorrent guides added to guides section

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Nov 2004 12:45 User comments (6)

New BitTorrent guides added to guides section We have added five new guides to using the BitTorrent clients, Azureus, ABC, G3 Torrent, BitComet and BitTornado. The guides are aimed at newbies to BitTorrent and don't include some of the extra features of these clients. Each guide will be updated over the next few weeks so keep a check on them.

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6 user comments

17.11.2004 17:50

It's really nice to see these guides, but I keep looking for more info on using proxies with Azureus and this seems to be totally left out!

27.11.2004 18:09

they are newbie guides, give me some time to work more on them over the coming weeks mate :-)

38.11.2004 3:31

Great! Waiting anxiously, since I have seen many questions about getting proxies to work with bittorrent programs and NO answers anywhere! This seems to be one of the forgotten things, although many people are starting to use them.

48.11.2004 11:07

Thankyou Dela! Hopefully this will decrease the number of ungrammaticle topics about BitTorrent in the File Sharing Forums =P P.S. Those are a lot of guides, and judging by your eMule guides, you seem to put a lot of work and effort into them... so could I help with the Azureus one?

516.12.2004 4:42

It's nice to know these are available to those who would like to know how to use their respective torrent clients. However, is it possible to provide PDF alternative files, or maybe links to them (if they r available) ? Thanks.

619.8.2006 12:31

another great guide is its laid out for use with utorrent and explains how to use WinRAR codecs and Daemon Tools and pretty much everything else you need to know its pretty exstensive and made for new users

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