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Freeware DVD-Video to DVD-R software released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 08 Apr 2003 3:45 User comments (10)

A new DVD-Video backup software called DVD Shrink has been released. The software re-authors and re-encodes DVD-Video stream so that it can be fit on a single 4.38GB DVD±R(W) disc. It has a very nice user interface, and offers very versatile options for re-authoring and compressing the disc.
Download DVD Shrink now and let everyone at our discussion forums know how it works for you. So far I'm extremely impressed by the quality of the software.

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10 user comments

19.4.2003 00:40

You're joking, right? (This is a 'trick' news article, right?) Right Outta The Blue, eh, Jari (????) 'Goodbye', dvd2one? 'See you later', dvd95copy? Never mind dvdxcopy platinum whenever it comes out, or the myriad of other [paid] software hopefuls? That's quite a remarkable news report you've given me!! Since you've indicated there will be an a/D article on this, I *have* to take you seriously!!!! (I would anyway) :-) Transcoding software for free? (And it works?). Hmmmmm..... I downloaded this thing halfway through reading your post; all 215,591 byte's-worth. I'll get back to you. (You mustn't 'shock' me like this so suddenly; I have a frail heart). -- Mike --

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29.4.2003 01:15

Shrink seems interesting, definately. Biggest problem with it at the current version is the fact that you can't determine the "target" size, but you have to tweak with compression levels instead. Second is good-bad: integrated DVD ripping -- I'm counting seconds until MPAA finds out about this baby and sues the developer. Third one is the fact that, at least for me, the quality isn't quite on par with DVD2One (not to mention the good olde CCE method). But this definately makes tons of wannabe DVD-R tools obsolete, most notably tools that aren't "the best" (at least anymore) in any level, such as Pinnacle InstantCopy. DVD2One still has the best quality/compression time ratio IMHO, DVDXCopy offers the best DVD-splitting for quality freaks and CCE&associated tools offer the best overall quality for one-disc backups -- DVD Shrink has the best price and most options.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

39.4.2003 06:23

It seems that even though DVD Shrink is capable of handling CSS encrypted DVDs, it doesn't actually decrypt them. I tried removing the French audio track from a movie (EDtv), and then transcoding the (7.8GB) resulting VIDEO_TS folder with DVD2One. DVD2One, however, reported that the video is still encrypted and refused to work. Like Petteri said, the quality delivered by DVD Shrink isn't quite as good as DVD2One. It also isn't always able to fit an entire movie in 4.3GB on one go. For instance EDTv resulted in a 4.7GB VIDEO_TS folder even with maximum compression and one audio track removed. But I'll keep on testing!

Jari Ketola

49.4.2003 07:08

FANTASTIC DVDXCOPY is great for the movies that just have to have the quality but this thing is stable, workable and the quality is absolutely acceptable - much better than SVCD Wonderboys and Jerry McGuire both down from circa 8GB to 4.3 with no problem - and its FREE!!

59.4.2003 11:09

I just downloaded DVD Shrink and I have to say im impressed, this software gives u the abiltiy to do so much. The only problem I had was when I wanted to Re-Author the movie and strip out what i didnt want, I found it tiresome goin through every vob set and picking the streams i wanted, but other than that its a great tool and its FREE!! P.S. If they included a burning tool with this software.....I would have to say this is the best and easiest thing I've ever seen for backing up your dvd movies

Raw Hatred

69.4.2003 23:18

I am most impressed with this software !!! *Thank You* SO much for bringing it to my attention! Who would have thought that a single 339,968 byte .exe could pack such a punch! Talk about "ease of installation" !! Sorry for my initial scepticism! (I'm just a sceptical kinda-guy I guess). Madd081, going through the various vob sets is just a simple series of mouse clicks, really. In truth, I think anyone who has been hanging around these forums for any length of time will find this proggie a Snap to use! (The alternative is to use, perhaps, a half-dozen different pieces of software all performing specific functions.) I almost ran this program with my eyes closed. Also, it would seem to me, that adding burning software to the package would only unnecessarily complicate things. (It would also, very likely, make the program not free.) Just about all new burners come bundled with burning software - they should all work. Now - on to the program itself !!!! I just got the 6.70 GB movie classic, "From Here To Eternity" down to a tasty 4.11 GB. Just for my first test, I wanted the movie only. (No menus or extras). After knocking out: seven subtitle streams (which don't take up 'any' space anyway); four unnecessary language streams (which DO take up gobs of space); three trailers; a "making of" featurette; "Excerps & Interviews"; and some assorted filmographies, dvdshrink got the size down to 5.87 GB. So I had to use (thankfully) only Level 1 compression. DVDShrink estimated a target size of 4.18 gigs, which actually turned out to be 4.11 gigs which is pretty darn good 'guessing'. I burned the files with Prassi Primo. Result? A *gorgeous*, perfectly-working one-disc backup! (This is actually the first time I've ever done a whole movie with any transcoding software. Up till now, I've only used dvd2one's 30-min trial thingee). Because of that, I'll take Jari's word for it that, perhaps, dvdshrink's output doesn't quite look as good as some of the others. (Looks fine to me though!) :-) And I think you are probably right Petteri - folks might want to get their hands on this little ditty A.S.A.P. before it dissappears !!!! If this had been the first piece of transcoding software released, there is a good chance Hollywood would be suing it's ass off. (they still may). Sorry for the l-o-n-g rant; I know this is the 'news' section. I think this software deserves a 'chat-space' all on it's own. I have much more testing to do (with & without menus) - next up : '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Thanks ever so much guys !!!!! -- Klingy --

710.4.2003 01:00

New version 1.03 released already !!! Link: (Additional compression levels, more accurate filesize prediction....)

810.4.2003 12:08

I've just tried ver 1.02 (Pulp Fiction) I'm watching it as I type this. My first impression is "I'M VERY IMPRESSED" if for no other reason, speed of encoding AND the built in rip function (no more smartripper/DVD Decrypter). Still early days, but it looks very good, if all you want is a quick and dirty backup, this is the one for you !!! HomerJ

910.4.2003 15:54

Well I haven't tried v.103 yet , but I just finished backing up Enemy At The Gates with v.102.....the quality of the movie is lacking a bit......but let me just say Its pretty damn good considering I back the whole 8GB MOVIE on to one single disc just by selecting and deselecting a few options.......this is the easiest and quickest way to back up your dvds....and I hear the new version is even better......keep it comin.

Raw Hatred

1031.5.2003 16:18

Personally, I think this software is great, but.... I don't know if it already has been posted in here... but have a look at the following URL.... seems like something wants to earn money without the author's permission... Unbelievable.

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