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DVD Decrypter v3.1.5.0 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2003 2:26 User comments (8)

Probably the most advanced DVD ripper at the moment, DVD Decrypter, has been updated. The changelog of the DVD Decrypter v3.1.5.0 is long and impressive, including tons of new goodies, specially for the DVD-/+R users.
The full changelog is here:
  • Improved detection of currently inserted media
  • Improved IFO/BUP file region patching code
  • Improved RCE Protection detection in IFO mode
  • Improved support for DVD+R/+RW drives
  • Improved error reporting
  • Improved drive region changing interface
  • Improved I/O Interface 'Debug Mode'
  • Improved device / disc information given in ISO modes
  • Improved SPTI drive detection code in NT 4.0
  • Improved Vob ID file splitting in IFO mode
  • Improved CSS cracking code
  • Added the ability to split by Vob ID in File mode
  • Added the ability to create MDS files for most image types. These can then be loaded into DAEMON Tools
  • Added the ability write several other types of images
  • Added the ability to change the volume label of supported image files
  • Added 'Maximum Write Speed' to the information window in ISO modes - For DVD media only
  • Added the ability to create Information files by right clicking on a PGC in IFO mode
  • Added the ability to patch the first GOP in an M2V stream so that the time is 00:00:00 instead of 00:59:59 or whatever - this allows chapter files to import directly within DVDMaestro and alike
  • Added support for 'Success' and 'Error' sounds
  • Added lots more user configurable options in the settings screen
  • Added 'Shutdown computer when finished' to the ISO write screen
  • Added the abilty to parse the ISO filesystem
  • Added automatic detection of which filesystem to parse (UDF or ISO)
  • Added automatic erasing / formatting of discs before burning
  • More command line options - see Readme.txt
  • Loads of other changes / fixes / requested features - too many to remember / mention!

You can download the latest version from this URL:

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8 user comments

111.4.2003 17:27

Will the new "region patch" allow me to back up a region 2 DVD so that I can burn and watch it on my region 2 TV?

211.4.2003 22:32

I know you can do multi-region with Daewoo 5800 & Apex AD 1110W DVD PLayers. If the instructions you got with your DVD Player have a symbol globe with a # 1 in it you should be able to get secret code to unlock your unit. Info here and go to

312.4.2003 0:29

TommyG: There isn't such thing as Region 2 TV. Regioncodes are implemented on bought DVD-Video discs and in DVD players. DVD Decrypter allows you to rip, for example, R1 (USA/Canada) DVD and make it Region free, so the copy can be played with any DVD player, whether it is R1, R2 (Europe/Japan), R3 (Hong Kong), R4 (Australia), etc..

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

412.4.2003 7:23

Sorry guys; what I meant to say was that I have a region 1 DVD player. I've read a bunch of articles about having to change the frame rate and a bunch of other complicated stuff. I was just wondering if this was a new feature that would hopefully allow you to not have to do all of those painful steps. Thanks

512.4.2003 8:22 -- look at NTSC and PAL. NTSC is the American TV standard, PAL is for the pretty much rest of the world. Best way is to get a DVD player that can play PAL movies in NTSC color coding and get a TV that can play "NTSC-50". In US, getting multiformat stuff is _DIFFICULT_. To answer your original question: no, DVD Decrypter doesn't allow you to change the framerate and/or resolution from PAL to NTSC. It can remove region codes, but because of TV standard differences, you also need to get a DVD player (and in most cases, TV) that can cope with also other than NTSC sources.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

613.4.2003 9:07

Thanks for the info. Definitely saved me from wasting time!

713.4.2003 11:23


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813.4.2003 11:36

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Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

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