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DVD X Copy v1.5.2 released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 16 Apr 2003 8:00 User comments (11)

DVD X Copy v1.5.2 released 321 Studios has released version 1.5.2 of their popular DVD X Copy -software.
New features in version 1.5.2 include:
·Fixed International activation issues.
·Fixed many read problems that produced the "Error Reading Source Disc" message.
·Drive support has been improved. Many drives that were supported in version 1.4.1 and not in version 1.5.0 should now be supported once again.
·Better external burner support.
·Fixed some bugs that caused DVD X Copy to close improperly.

The new version can be downloaded at For more information visit the DVD X Copy support forums. Any old version should be un-installed before installing the new version.

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11 user comments

116.4.2003 11:17

Great Job. This is a great fix for all the problems in 1.5.0

216.4.2003 11:39

When is the Platnium version coming out?

317.4.2003 4:44

Hey you guys....I've been trying to download 1.5.2 for 2 days now, and can't do it !!! The darn thing just hangs there. I get 5 bars into it and it stops. The free software (Jukebox) downloads no problem, what's wrong with the 1.5.2 server, or is there an FTP site somewhere that we current users of DXC can go to get the upgrade ??? RNKMD

417.4.2003 15:33

I must be dense, but I can no longer access the DVDXCopy forum... I get to a welcome screen but there are no links to actually get into the forum. This is at

517.4.2003 15:56

yeah, but when will it support 1-1 copying?

"I'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.." -Morpheus

618.4.2003 7:01

I upgraded from 1.4 and now am having problems with DVDXCOPY. It hangs up during the burn processs - 3 times straight now. I have not been able to complete a burn. I had to use the alternate burn engine option on 1.4 but this is not available on 1.52. The only option besides Gearworks is Nero, but you have to have Nero.

718.4.2003 7:34

can get it at the same ftp site as before. xpress will offer 1 to 1 that is mentioned for later this month. To use alternate burn engine in 1.4 you had to have nero also as it was the alternate burn engine.

818.4.2003 9:07

can i go one to one now if i download the new vers.? im trying to go from a samsung dvd rom/writer to a sony dru-500a and it wont let me. can anyone tell me why?

john martin

918.4.2003 9:10

also....can anyone tell me about this mod chip thing with ps2's? i have heard so much crap like you dont need a mod chip and you do need one. i would like to know. please, if someone will e-mail me( on how, that would be great. i will owe yall.....

john martin

102.5.2003 20:55

Ok, here is the deal with the ps2 and mods. The ps2 will play dvd+r/-r/+rw/-rw fine, without any mods at all. To play backups of dvd or cd ps1/2 games, you do need a mod chip. Also, with a mod chip it is possible to play divx, (if you have the right software).

112.5.2003 20:56

p.s. be careful about posting your email

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