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DVD2One updated and a Mac OS X version released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 22 Apr 2003 14:49 User comments (5)

DVD2One updated and a Mac OS X version released DVD2One has been updated with small fixes. Along with the update came something really nice for all the Mac users out there -- a Mac OS X version of DVD2One.
Try them out and visit our DVD2One forums to discuss the software further.

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5 user comments

123.4.2003 20:06

finally something for the mac

225.4.2003 6:20

do people actually use MAC's? good lord people, step into the millenium

37.6.2003 11:23

WTF are you talking about you imbecile!! Of course REAL people use Macs!! Go pick up ANYTHING you've purchased from ANYWHERE... the design and art were done by a creative person on a MACINTOSH!!!! f'ing idiot. Maybe YOU need to wake up and step into the millenium

49.6.2003 5:41

Look you moron, don't start throwing insults. I understand if you love your piece of crap mac machine but with 3% market share in the pc industry it is not exactly flying like hotcakes and will eventually be extinct.

Don't ask a question that has been asked a million times already don't be lazy all the info you need is here:

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59.6.2003 9:02

just goes to show how little you know about the Mac and Apple Computer as a company. Keep your mouth shut unless you know of what you speak. Apple has been around for 30 years and has BILLIONS in the bank. They are not going "extinct." And you were the one to insult first... my reply is one of retaliation. I took it I hope you did my reply. I use my Mac to MAKE my money, not play games and serve as an expensive deck of cards. BTW, I understand if you love your piece of crap M$ machine. But with 97% of the idiot share it doesn't do the world much good.

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