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DVD X Copy XPRESS released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 29 Apr 2003 11:48 User comments (73)

DVD X Copy XPRESS released 321 Studios has released a new product in their DVD X Copy family called DVD X Copy XPRESS. Unlike it's predecessor, DVD X Copy XPRESS allows backups to be fitted on one DVD-R.
Quote from
DVD X Copy XPRESS® is the latest revolutionary product from 321 Studios that allows you to make high quality backup copies of all your DVD movies. Building on the DVD X Copy® technology, 321 Studios has made the simplest DVD backup utility available, period. Best of all, DVD X Copy XPRESS® can fit your DVD movie on to just one blank disc. No longer are you forced to split DVD movies across two discs.

·Make high quality 1:1 backup copies of all your DVD movies
·Fit your entire DVD movie on to just one disc (No need for 2 discs)
·Copies virtually any DVD - including copy-protected DVDs
·Highest Possible Video & Audio Quality
·Restore Scratched or Defective DVD movies
·Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies
·Built-in Anti-Piracy Protection
·FREE Live Technical Support
·Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

DVD X Copy XPRESS can be purchased at for $49.99 after a $20.00 mail in rebate.

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73 user comments

129.4.2003 22:07

So have they improoved their compression system with XPress in order to fit the movies on just one DVD?

229.4.2003 22:14

Yes and it reads and compresses at the same time so it is fast also. I have used I think all the others and purchased a couple the other apps that are out and xpress seems to be a bit better quality from the getgo then many of the others latest.

330.4.2003 1:33

im very happy with dvd2one for the moment as it seems to make perfect backups, i will try dvdxcopy xpress out of curiousity but i am not expecting any great improvements, but who knows ?

430.4.2003 6:40

I have used dvd2one, dvdshrink and dvdxpress and the quality of xpress seems a little better than the other two. The only problem is xpress will not do an episodic disk (like shrink). Hopefully, Platinum will address that.

530.4.2003 7:20

When downloading Xpress all I get is an exe.asp file which won't install Xpress. Tried opening it with other programmes but no luck. Any advice?

630.4.2003 7:26

Mike, You're probably using a download accelerator or something. Please contact 321 Studios directly to solve your problem.

Jari Ketola

730.4.2003 9:29

how the heck do I download Express? After several hours of trying to get a download, I got the 315 jukebox file(don't think I clicked anything but xpres 2.0) and now am being told I have already upgraded.


830.4.2003 9:35


930.4.2003 12:08

Mikebuk You can just remove the .asp from the name and then it will become an executable that will install.

1030.4.2003 13:09

Just tried it-it works great. I think they finally got it right. Very simple to use, only 2 steps. Very fast, too.

Alan E Scher

1130.4.2003 13:55

how do i remove the asp from the name.could some one explain how to do it because i am new at all this

1230.4.2003 16:58

nufc go into windows explorer and click on the file one time it will highlight. Then click it another time to rename it might need one more click to get cursor then just backspace to remove .asp then it is a .exe That either happened because of a download excelerator or netscape will sometimes do this as well.

1330.4.2003 17:29

I just backed up GodFather part II as a test with DVDx Express on a DVD+RW. The Disc will not playable on the computer or the 2 DVD players that I have. Please help.

1430.4.2003 18:03

Error message when first trying to read a dvd. "Error occured reading sectors". Can anyone help? (DVD XCOPY XPRESS)

1530.4.2003 19:55

I'm getting the same thing as everyone else: "error occured reading sectors" and "error reading movie-titleset".

1630.4.2003 20:00

Is DVDX Copy Xpress the next generation software replacing the former DVDxCopy? Bob

1730.4.2003 20:09

No, it is a separate program. DVD X Copy will soon be replaced by a Platinum Edition. At least that's the way I understand it. I have been testing it all day and it performs flawlessly.

Alan E Scher

1830.4.2003 20:20

ok thank you. Confusing to me though, why not just wait a little while and come out with the Platinum Edition. Will try it tomorrow........thanks again Bob

191.5.2003 2:39


201.5.2003 5:05

So much for the Xpress installation. When the screen come up to choose a drive, there was nothing to choose (blank). Should I have left the original DVDXCOPY program installed. Back to the tried and true program. Bob

211.5.2003 5:10

I'm calling it quits with Xpress. Even with a brand new DVD tha thas never been opened, more or less played, I still get errors concerning unable to read sectors or titlesets.

221.5.2003 7:12

Please.. PLEASE post all XPRESS problems to the DVD X Copy support forums at: You're much more likely to find an answer there. Remember to check if your question has already been answered before posting a new thread!

Jari Ketola

231.5.2003 8:50

I tried DXC Express and finally they got It right. My main issue with DXC was the set-top DVD player compatibility. DXC Express back-ups played on all my set-top DVD players. Notice a couple of issues not problems: (a) Still received the annoying "Is this a rental or borrowed DVD" (b) In the Options setting If you choose "Full Screen" the processing time is doubled. Picture quality was excellent. (15% better the DVD2One)

241.5.2003 10:20

Finally talked to a tech. Only advice was to redownload the program and do another installation. Was a little insulted by his insinuations that I am trying to make a copy of a copy. He told me I was the only one who was having problems, but he never asked my anything about my rig, its configuration, etc. so I downloaded the program for the third time, installed it for the fourth or fifth time and still it cannot read any dvd that I own. It can't read the sectors and the titlesets. that's it. enough. the program is a turkey, at least for me.

251.5.2003 10:23

Does Xpress still have you message in the beginning of the movie that says it's a copy of the original? If so, is there a way to remove it? Thanks!

261.5.2003 11:01

Nope. It just fails outright. I phoned the tech line again and they said to check for an update or patch in a few days. I guess it is always the problem of downloading a new program before the company hears about all the bugs, etc.

271.5.2003 12:08

I found that DXC-Xpress does not copy from a DVD Drive to a DVD burner like DXC does. But it does work fine when I use my DVD burner for both the source and destination.

281.5.2003 12:58

will dxc-xpress copy a copy.and how do you do it

291.5.2003 14:14

Does it get rid of the region code like DVD Decrypter when ripping?

301.5.2003 18:20

well i tried it and i get the error message, i wnated to test it out becuase my kids like scooby doo and like to leave it ou of the case. it does not work. let me know how many time u have rleoad it to work

Windows XP
AMD 1900 XP
Sony DRU500ax DVD writer

311.5.2003 19:15

where do i get a crack for it because the demo does just a bit of the movie not all can you guys help please

321.5.2003 19:20

The crack costs $69.95 and you can get it at That's where the rest of us got it.

331.5.2003 19:26

there is a lot of shit people get free so whats up with give me the crack for free hey do you pay for all your software.if not shut the fuck up ok.

341.5.2003 19:35

You must be one of the shit people you mentioned. Why not visit a warez site-this forum is for legit people.

Alan E Scher

351.5.2003 19:39

hey fuck head if you are legit then why the fuck are you copying the dvd movies buy them ass hole .think before you speak ok.

362.5.2003 3:40

I downloaded express and tried to copy three different dvd, (Cats, Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings) about 35 to 40 % into the process, I keep getting the same message, "ERROR READING MOVIE TITLE SET & ERROR OCCURED READING SECTORS". My computer systems is: Athlon 1.4, Win XP prof. 512 DDR, HP 200j DVD I had been using DVD X Copy 1.52 without any problem. Any Help

372.5.2003 3:49

Supposedly they are coming up with a solution in a few days. Problem is I noticed that after I got rid of it, DVD X Copy was extremely slow - it was now 7 hours to do a copy instead of 30 minutes. I had to do a systems restore (Windows XP thing).

382.5.2003 5:18

i am feep getting error reading movie-title set and error occured reading sector could anybody help

392.5.2003 5:28

I have licensed versions of both DVD X-Copy and DVD xcopy Express, and have found them both to work flawlessly, no problems in install, and have made several backup copies with both programs. They have entirely different uses and should be used that way, they are not replacements for each other. The main program is for complete copies of all features of the original disk and copying Episodics such as Soprano's, Sex in the City, etc. The second is for copying only the movie (maybe you don't want the extra features and want it to fit on the one disk). All in all, they are both fine products, and I'm sure if you are having problems with them, call support. I called for a minor problem and got a support person in under 3 minutes. (Try that with Microsoft support)

2.0 Gi Pentium 4, 2) 85 Gig Drives, DVD Writer and DVD Reader, 512 Meg RAM, ATI 7500 Video Card

402.5.2003 7:22

No problem download, install or copy of Harry Potter II. Perfect. Smooth as silk. Thanks 321 for another fine product.

412.5.2003 7:53

I have used DVD X-Copy for quite some time, no problems. Excellent product. Upgraded to DVD X-Copy Xpress and have attempted to copy several movies. I get the same error or problem. The program seems to get hung up at the finalizing disk stage. Any ideas of what the problem may be.

422.5.2003 8:07

Just an observation, but I notice a good number of people have no problems, and just as many with all sorts of problems, many of which are unrelated to each other. Personally I'm beginning to think that a go or no go situation might be because of some of the running programs on the computer, such as Anti-Virus, anti-popup, trojan finder, etc. I have no facts to back this up. It's just a thought. By the way, never got mine working....... Bob

432.5.2003 9:43

to w9ffc - all of that is a possibility except that the problems occurring virutlaly immediately in my case. now it could be my system is too slow 1.7 Mhz P4 with 512 RAM. but I am not having any problems with DVD X Copy. only problems with the express. and they know it. one of the techs told me that a solution would be available in a few days.

442.5.2003 12:37

On my system I have everything turned off when making copies except the DVD X-Copy Express. As mentioned before I had no problems with DVD X-Copy.

452.5.2003 14:38

Thought I give xpress another try, this time by turning off all my startup programs, you know, the ones that show up in the lower bar on the right hand side. I turned everything off and the program installed and works perfect. For those of you that are having problems you might want to try turning all startup programs off. If you don't know how, go to this website and get startman, it makes turning yourj programs off and back on a breeze. Hope this helps put an end to a lot of the problems............ Bob

462.5.2003 16:15

i keep get error occured reading sectors when copy a copy help

473.5.2003 7:57

w9ffc Thanks for telling us about startman. I downloaded it and loved it but it didn't cure the problem on my desktop. However, my laptop has not problems with the program it would seem. So I am going to reformat the desktop (It's about time I do it any way), and just configure in its most basic and then add my applications one at a time to see which one is causing the problem.

483.5.2003 15:49

has anyone had any luck with express

Windows XP
AMD 1900 XP
Sony DRU500ax DVD writer

493.5.2003 15:58

I had no problems downloading, installing or using Xpress. I already copied 8 DVDs and viewed them on pc's and set top DVD players.

503.5.2003 16:18


514.5.2003 4:26

i finaly got dxce to work. it doesn't copy the menu or extras just the movie. dxce will not work with older model dvd players (freezes during play)works with x-box and playstation. it still has the 321 logo (to be expected). used "The Ring" for test run. i will use a longer movie for further testing looking for my scareface movie, that's plenty long enough.

Windows XP
AMD 1900 XP
Sony DRU500ax DVD writer

524.5.2003 10:55

I think the problem for some of us is in hardware configuration. I can't get express to work at all on my desktop which has a dvd player (16x) and the Sony 500A as the burner. With my laptop I could get it to read through a dvd without errors, but the program would not recognize my externa dvd recorder. when I put the disk in the dvd recorder to do the temp files, then I get an error reader concerning sectors and titlesets. So, I am going to take out my DVD player, just leaving the Sony 500A in the desktop and see if that will work.

537.5.2003 5:41

there is a crack or a keygen for dvdxcopy xpress?? tnx all

547.5.2003 5:52

Afterdawn has close ties with 321 Studios, that´s something you shouldn´t ask on these forums.

557.5.2003 12:15

rampino: Congrats..

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

567.5.2003 23:42

I given up on express and copy for my desktop. They work perfectly on my laptop but my Vaio cannot do express. Plus, since installing express I could not use a number of programs for burning dvds and cds. I had to reform my hard disk drive, and even with a fresh harddisk, express will still not work properly. I cannot get the select drive command to work.

578.5.2003 4:27

Not sure why so many people are having issues with Xpress, maybe check your computer config. DVDXCOPY has always worked flawlessly for myself and have backed up about a dozen of my movies with Xpress as well. I am going to stop using DVDdecrypter and DVD2ONE entirely since this problem has been working perfectly. Thanks to everyone at Xcopy that has made this possible 1Ghz Athlon Thunderbird 64MB Nvidia 768 MB RAM 60GB 7200rpm WD HD Windows XP Pro(without SP1) Pioneer A05 DVD Burner Using Ritek 4x (0 bad burns out of 100)

588.5.2003 8:46

is the picture quality of express different from X copy? can you tell the difference if you play the backup on a big crt tv, using progressive scan?

599.5.2003 13:11

Reading volume. What does that message mean if that's the only message you read when you push start on 2.1 express

6012.5.2003 14:17

Win XP Duron 1.1 350 Meg Ram Just a basic system, and dvdxcopy is working awsome. I had ME on the system origionally and it hated it. But hay it is ME and all.. I had a DVD that i lent to a friend and well it looked like he dropped it in a bucket of nails and shook it about when i got it back. It would not read in my Home DVDplayer but the computer could read it. Just fired up DVDXOPY and now have a working copy again. It is excellent software. I may not have the extra features but beats having to go and spend 30 bucks again on that movie that got ruined. I think that the DVD drivers that get installed with xcopy are some of the problem with some systems, The driver itself is not the prob it is the fact that some of the programs or processes that are running do not like the driver. Most people are way to quick to judge the software as the problem. when probably 99 times out of 100 the problem it actually the interface between the keyboard and the chair. 99.9% of all Software works, it is the ones that think that they are computer genious and think that well the windows folder has a lot of stuff that i do not use lets delete it and wonder why they have problems with the software. I will soon be buying XCOPY xpress and am very happy with the work that 321 is doing. Awsome job folks.

6112.5.2003 14:33

Let's not be so quick to judge others, corms. Nobody seems to have problems with Copy, only with Express. I agree with you, though, I think it is a problem with the drivers. If you are going to use express (not DVDxCopy), you will have to get rid of Videowave, Roxio Easy Creator 6 and Ulead Movie Factory 2. the drivers for those programs do conflict with Express, not with Copy. I would also advise anyone with a Sony 500A driver if they are going to do the firmware update, to uninstall Express, Copy as well as Easy Creator, and theother programs Sony tells you to get rid of form updating the firmware. I have had no problems with either program on my laptop (1.2MHZ and 512 Ram), with Roxio installed, but Express was a shambles with my desktop (1.5Mhz and 512 Ram). Finally, if 99.9% of all software works, then why do we have update fixes? There are bugs in every program and the more sophisticated the program, the more bugs you are likely to have.

6212.5.2003 15:09

I always had problems with DVD X Copy since the first release. I was just about to give up on 321studios when they released Xpress. It works perfectly-so simple and fast. An easy and cheaper alternative is DVD Shrink and then burning with Nero.

Alan E Scher

631.7.2003 15:10

I've had nothing but luck with Xpress. It's a great program and i've copied many dvd's with it. As for the people having problems with it. I've also encountered the titleset problem... It turned out the dvd was uber scratched and just needed a little windex before it could read it correctly. I would try cleaning the DVD first(gently of course) before ripping your hair out blaming the software. If you have more than one DVD-Rom, trying reading from a different drive, or try reading from your DVD -/+ R. Also, disable or uninstall as many programs as you can that you suspect are screwing with Xpress or DXP. This many times is the case. and lastly, track down forums like these for help(this goes for ANY computer problem really)

6422.8.2003 13:50

Tried to copy sorry backup the lord of the rings the felloship of the rings which came out in the uk to bay today. I have copied about 50 disks before without any problems, but it wont copy this one. Is anybody aware that they may have put some sort of code onto this dvd which prevents it from being copied? If comes up with right at the end of the read process with error occured reading sectors pleae help.....

6522.8.2003 15:29

lee2003, Wrong place, mate. Please post DVD X Copy related support questions to the DVD X Copy forums at Cheers

Jari Ketola

6622.8.2003 20:00

Has anyone had any problems with the copy having intermittent skips on them? I never had the problem on win 2k but I just started using win XP and seem to have it on nearly every copy made since then, anyone have any input? Thanks!

6723.8.2003 13:58

I have had great success with XCopy and XCopy Express (up thru v 2.5) The new release (3.02) and the previous (3.01) I have had no luck with. It appears to complete the copy, and closes the disk, Says "Completed Successfully", but can't read the disk even in the drive it was created in. I go back to V 2.5 and it works like a charm. I've closed all extraneous programs, and always get the same results. Think Xpress still needs some fine tuning. Incidentally, each time I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I always uninstall the software, strip the Registry or Xpress references, reboot and do a new install. All to no avail. I am overall happy with 321 studios software, but look forward to the bugs being worked out.

2.0 Gi Pentium 4, 2) 85 Gig Drives, DVD Writer and DVD Reader, 512 Meg RAM, ATI 7500 Video Card

6824.8.2003 6:07

One thing i've notivced is that Xpress doesn't really allow you to adjust many settings and stuff. DXC allows you to add and remove titles and special features, but most times you can't ven get all of it onto one disc. i read on the 321studios site that the latest version of xpress allows you to copy he movie and the menus on one disc, the version i'm using now is 1.0.625 does anyone know what version allows you to copy the menus, and if i'm entitled to a free update or something?

6929.9.2003 11:31

I can't seem to get express or Adavnce mode on DVD xcopy Platinum to work they burn the disc ok but my dvd player won;t read the disc. but them discs are definately full.

7029.9.2003 12:19

Next one posting DVDXCopy support questions to any other place other than DVDXCopy support forums, will get banned -- and if you get banned, you can't access to DVDXCopy forums either, so it will be a very stupid idea from your point of view. DVDXCopy support forum is here:

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

7111.10.2003 10:48

I haven't read anywhere that anyone is having the same problems I am. Two different things happen, but one that happens constantly makes the first one a non-issue. The FIRST thing is sometimes, only sometimes, the reading of the movie to the hard drive will stop at 99% and freeze up. The SECOND thing is when it DOES finish reading the movie to the hard drive, it will ask me to insert the blank media. I do....and thats all that happens! It never see the media, and the start button stays "grayed" out. THIS IS EVERY TIME. I have never been able to use my new Sony 510A burner. I have left it sit over nite and it never moves from asking for the media. I have to just "cancel" the job. ANY IDEAS of where to get an answer???


7211.10.2003 11:03 as mentioned before. It's much easier to read the last post and act accordingly, than post tens of lines to a thread where the problem goes un-noticed.

Jari Ketola

7327.3.2004 5:42

HI all if you have ne instruchions to use DVD XCopy then plz tell me how. Thanks all

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