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EMDB v1.13

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
EMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection.

With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or complete website, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, search function and multi-language user interface.


EMDB v1.25 EMDB v1.25 EMDB v0.82

emdb imdb dvd csv www html text

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 14 Jul 2020
Downloads 21,737
File size 1.03 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

14 Jul 2020EMDB v3.65(Latest stable version)
15 Jun 2020EMDB v3.63
15 Feb 2020EMDB v3.54
20 Dec 2019EMDB v3.52
09 Dec 2019EMDB v3.51
21 Oct 2019EMDB v3.50
02 Sep 2019EMDB v3.48
22 Aug 2019EMDB v3.47
22 Jul 2019EMDB v3.46
02 Jul 2019EMDB v3.45
08 Jun 2019EMDB v3.43
22 Apr 2019EMDB v3.41
31 Mar 2019EMDB v3.40
28 Mar 2019EMDB v3.39
12 Mar 2019EMDB v3.38
16 Feb 2019EMDB v3.36
18 Jan 2019EMDB v3.33
05 Jan 2019EMDB v3.31
22 Dec 2018EMDB v3.30
18 Dec 2018EMDB v3.28
29 Nov 2018EMDB v3.27
02 Nov 2018EMDB v3.26
18 Oct 2018EMDB v3.25
02 Oct 2018EMDB v3.24
25 Sep 2018EMDB v3.23
20 Sep 2018EMDB v3.22
01 Sep 2018EMDB v3.20
19 Aug 2018EMDB v3.18
24 Jun 2018EMDB v3.17
09 May 2018EMDB v3.15
15 Mar 2018EMDB v3.12
15 Dec 2017EMDB v3.09
04 Dec 2017EMDB v3.08
15 Oct 2017EMDB v3.04
15 Oct 2017EMDB v3.03
28 Sep 2017EMDB v3.02
21 Sep 2017EMDB v3.01
14 Aug 2017EMDB v2.75
07 Aug 2017EMDB v2.74
17 Apr 2017EMDB v2.73
01 Apr 2017EMDB v2.72
26 Feb 2017EMDB v2.71
19 Feb 2017EMDB v2.69
21 Jan 2017EMDB v2.68
16 Jan 2017EMDB v2.67
07 Jan 2017EMDB v2.66
02 Dec 2016EMDB v2.60
06 Nov 2016EMDB v2.59
24 Sep 2016EMDB v2.57
05 Jun 2016EMDB v2.56
02 Jun 2016EMDB v2.55
12 May 2016EMDB v2.53
05 May 2016EMDB v2.52
21 Apr 2016EMDB v2.51
25 Mar 2016EMDB v2.50
21 Feb 2016EMDB v2.49
20 Feb 2016EMDB v2.48
28 Dec 2015EMDB v2.46
18 Dec 2015EMDB v2.44
13 Dec 2015EMDB v2.43
26 Nov 2015EMDB v2.41
07 Oct 2015EMDB v2.39
26 Sep 2015EMDB v2.38
04 Aug 2015EMDB v2.37
21 Jun 2015EMDB v2.36
19 Apr 2015EMDB v2.34
04 Apr 2015EMDB v2.33
02 Apr 2015EMDB v2.32
01 Apr 2015EMDB v2.31
22 Mar 2015EMDB v2.30
08 Mar 2015EMDB v2.28
21 Feb 2015EMDB v2.27
10 Feb 2015EMDB v2.25
08 Feb 2015EMDB v2.24
02 Feb 2015EMDB v2.23
29 Jan 2015EMDB v2.22
27 Jan 2015EMDB v2.21
20 Jan 2015EMDB v2.20
04 Jan 2015EMDB v2.19
02 Jan 2015EMDB v2.18
21 Dec 2014EMDB v2.17
15 Dec 2014EMDB v2.15
13 Dec 2014EMDB v2.14
07 Nov 2014EMDB v2.13
18 Oct 2014EMDB v2.12
12 Oct 2014EMDB v2.11
24 Sep 2014EMDB v2.09
15 Sep 2014EMDB v2.08
22 Aug 2014EMDB v2.06
04 Jul 2014EMDB v2.05
14 Jun 2014EMDB v2.04
16 Mar 2014EMDB v2.03
15 Mar 2014EMDB v2.02
20 Feb 2014EMDB v2.01
03 Feb 2014EMDB v2.00
17 Dec 2013EMDB v1.99
16 Dec 2013EMDB v1.98
28 Nov 2013EMDB v1.97
27 Nov 2013EMDB v1.96
29 Oct 2013EMDB v1.95
21 Oct 2013EMDB v1.94
15 Oct 2013EMDB v1.93
14 Oct 2013EMDB v1.92
06 Oct 2013EMDB v1.91
02 Oct 2013EMDB v1.90
22 Sep 2013EMDB v1.89
20 Sep 2013EMDB v1.88
13 Sep 2013EMDB v1.87
26 Aug 2013EMDB v1.86
15 Aug 2013EMDB v1.85
07 Aug 2013EMDB v1.84
23 Jul 2013EMDB v1.83
03 Jul 2013EMDB v1.82
27 Jun 2013EMDB v1.80
21 Jun 2013EMDB v1.79
30 May 2013EMDB v1.78
15 May 2013EMDB v1.77
17 Apr 2013EMDB v1.76
30 Mar 2013EMDB v1.75
28 Mar 2013EMDB v1.74
12 Mar 2013EMDB v1.73
20 Feb 2013EMDB v1.72
12 Feb 2013EMDB v1.71
30 Jan 2013EMDB v1.70
12 Jan 2013EMDB v1.67
20 Dec 2012EMDB v1.66
18 Dec 2012EMDB v1.65
03 Dec 2012EMDB v1.64
29 Nov 2012EMDB v1.63
13 Nov 2012EMDB v1.62
21 Oct 2012EMDB v1.61
27 Sep 2012EMDB v1.60
27 Sep 2012EMDB v1.59
12 Sep 2012EMDB v1.58
05 Sep 2012EMDB v1.57
24 Aug 2012EMDB v1.56
18 Jul 2012EMDB v1.55
12 Jun 2012EMDB v1.51
04 Jun 2012EMDB v1.49
18 May 2012EMDB v1.48
06 May 2012EMDB v1.46
18 Mar 2012EMDB v1.45
06 Mar 2012EMDB v1.44
05 Mar 2012EMDB v1.43
17 Feb 2012EMDB v1.42
18 Jan 2012EMDB v1.40
11 Jan 2012EMDB v1.38
10 Jan 2012EMDB v1.37
19 Nov 2011EMDB v1.36
06 Nov 2011EMDB v1.35
19 Oct 2011EMDB v1.34
16 Aug 2011EMDB v1.33
24 Jul 2011EMDB v1.32
03 Jul 2011EMDB v1.31
27 Jun 2011EMDB v1.30
02 Jun 2011EMDB v1.29
23 May 2011EMDB v1.28
07 Apr 2011EMDB v1.27
30 Mar 2011EMDB v1.26
23 Mar 2011EMDB v1.25
15 Feb 2011EMDB v1.24
15 Dec 2010EMDB v1.23
01 Dec 2010EMDB v1.22
01 Nov 2010EMDB v1.21
26 Oct 2010EMDB v1.20
14 Oct 2010EMDB v1.19
29 Sep 2010EMDB v1.18
28 Sep 2010EMDB v1.17
27 Sep 2010EMDB v1.16
20 Sep 2010EMDB v1.14
09 Aug 2010EMDB v1.13
01 Aug 2010EMDB v1.12
27 Jun 2010EMDB v1.07
02 Jun 2010EMDB v1.06
20 May 2010EMDB v1.05
17 May 2010EMDB v1.04
04 May 2010EMDB v1.01
21 Apr 2010EMDB v1.00
12 Apr 2010EMDB v0.99
01 Apr 2010EMDB v0.98
27 Mar 2010EMDB v0.97
20 Mar 2010EMDB v0.96
18 Mar 2010EMDB v0.95
24 Feb 2010EMDB v0.94
19 Feb 2010EMDB v0.93
03 Feb 2010EMDB v0.92
20 Jan 2010EMDB v0.91
08 Jan 2010EMDB v0.90
22 Dec 2009EMDB v0.89
20 Dec 2009EMDB v0.88
27 Sep 2009EMDB v0.87
31 Jul 2009EMDB v0.86
22 Jul 2009EMDB v0.85
14 Jul 2009EMDB v0.84
10 Jul 2009EMDB v0.83
01 Jul 2009EMDB v0.82
27 Jun 2009EMDB v0.81
03 Apr 2009EMDB v0.80
23 Mar 2009EMDB v0.79
22 Mar 2009EMDB v0.78
21 Mar 2009EMDB v0.77
09 Mar 2009EMDB v0.76
26 Feb 2009EMDB v0.75
13 Jan 2009EMDB v0.74
12 Jan 2009EMDB v0.73
17 Dec 2008EMDB v0.72
03 Dec 2008EMDB v0.71
19 Nov 2008EMDB v0.70
29 Oct 2008EMDB v0.69
27 Sep 2008EMDB v0.68
18 Sep 2008EMDB v0.66
05 Aug 2008EMDB v0.6.5
01 Aug 2008EMDB v0.6.4
12 Jun 2008EMDB v0.63
08 May 2008EMDB v0.62
04 May 2008EMDB v0.61
07 Mar 2008EMDB v0.60
15 Feb 2008EMDB v0.59
05 Feb 2008EMDB v0.58
03 Dec 2007EMDB v0.57
18 Nov 2007EMDB v0.56
15 Nov 2007EMDB v0.55
11 Nov 2007EMDB v0.54
23 Oct 2007EMDB v0.51
21 Oct 2007EMDB v0.50
09 Oct 2007EMDB v0.49
16 Sep 2007EMDB v0.48
31 Aug 2007EMDB v0.47
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EMDB v2.06

Still a good prog & even better it can be made portable,once its installed;locate the programs folder in C or where ever you installed it too,then copy & paste the whole emdb folder too where ever,once its done you now have a portable version you will also have your complete database as well,also it means you can have separate copies for categories,i.e & named like so emdb games,emdb software emdb books etc or whatever type of catalog for items you want listed,if however youd prefer to have all in one place it would pay too look at datacrow instead its free & comes with a port vers or some other such program

Unverified new user
EMDB v1.55

This app is the best out there! I have approx 3000 movies and loving the way it lets me update my movie database.
Better still, when I found an issue with EMBD, where somehow several movies share the same unique id in my database, Eric quickly responded and promised to provide a fix in the next version.
Thanks Eric, Im a fan for life! 

12 Aug 2012
EMDB v1.46

@ ITanarchist
how you finding it now,i know the data corruption you speak of however touch wood it looks like thats been sorted since the early versions,tho i do agree better to add 10 then backup

Unverified new user
EMDB v1.14

My advice, and experience, is to use EMDB at your own risk.

Dont get me wrong - the product is good (in theory) and Ive been using it for several years and as a result now have over 4,000 Titles entrusted to EMDB.

Unfortunately the development of EMDB is a one man band and you the user will be used to test the product in production. Worse - every time a new release of EMDB hits the streets fixing an old problem, magically a new problem will appear to replace it.

WARNING EMDB can, and will eventually corrupt your data. For example unless you enter each entry individually and then exit the program before adding the next Title then there is a risk that data will get corrupted due, I suspect , to poor programming practices like not resetting pointers and clearing values.

And through bitter experience Ive also learned only to delete an existing Title with the renumber database option set to OFF otherwise this risks messing up the relationship between the Title, Actors, and Directors all of which seem to be stored in separate tables and deleting the Title seems to randomly attribute the Actors and/or Directors to other Titles (often you find this out for months and by then its too late to go back to a prior backup).

Once EMDB so completely corrupted the database that it threw away all by latest data entries and reverted to a previous (automatically created) database version. Thats another 4 hours Ill never get back :-(

Lesson #1 when bulk data entering always backup you database every 10 or so new entries and always backup everything before updating to the next version of EMDB.

Also EMDB now does some VERY STRANGE things with the screen when resizing the window because it also wants to also resize the column widths which is the last thing you want it doing (clearly the author does not follow standard Windows programming conventions).

At present the current version 1.14, but since 1.11 EMDB has been suffering an intermittent internal stack overflow and/or code-data problem because resizing the window to certain dimensions (believe me, this is weird) will cause certain program options to stop working and/or the program will simply exit without warning. This has taken me several months to diagnose (another 20-30 hours Ill never get back) yet the software author (Eric?) simply refuses to acknowledge or accept that this problem exists, let-alone try to fix it.

As I said EMDB is a good program in theory BUT USE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

So why do I continue to use it? Because Ive invested many, many 100s of hours of data entry (and re-entry) and I simply cant afford the time to start again with another product!!

24 Sep 2010
EMDB v1.14

scorpNZ: yes, thats what I mean.