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Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 27 Feb 2003 9:18 User comments (5)

If you would like to help us to know better our audience, please participate to our user survey.
Filling out the survey should take less than couple of minutes and all results are anonymous, so they can't be linked to you in any way -- we don't even get your IP address to play with.

So, if you are willing to help us, please visit the appropriate URL:

For U.S. users only:,welcome,ad7196a,2000

For rest of the world:,welcome,ad7196a,2000

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5 user comments

127.2.2003 11:54

Always glad to help. Hope you learn something from the results. Also people it really takes less that 2 minutes.

227.2.2003 17:30

Ah, nice survey :-) So when are we getting paid for taking it?? Just Kiddin =)

328.2.2003 01:11

Can't believe it's only one question!!!

428.2.2003 01:34

Well, it was about two minutes, that's true. Hope it helped. Are you considering a major rewrite of the site, dRD? I really like the current one. Please, don't innovate too much :)

"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

528.2.2003 10:09

Heh, the survey actually doesn't have anything to do with the site design, it is for our advertisers so that they know what is our average user -- we can target our ad sales better (hopefully no more "pill to block your post-menopause hot flashes" ads, etc :-). However, we WILL launch a major redesign in this year, but that's gonna be a totally different kind of survey for that one then (such as "what site areas you visit", etc).

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