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Intervideo releases DVD Copy

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Jun 2003 14:18 User comments (6)

It's getting crowded on DVD to DVD±R market -- we already have DVD X Copy, DVD X Copy XPRESS, DVD2One, DVD Shrink, Pinnacle Instant Copy and now Intervideo (the maker of WinDVD) has released their own product, DVD Copy.
The product's main difference to its competitors is probably the support for non-DVD±R formats -- program can encode videos to DivX, VCD and SVCD formats. DVD Copy also includes an integrated burning engine (although it is not revealed from which company) and re-authoring support for DVD±Rs.

You can download the demo from Intervideo's website, full version costs $59.95. We haven't had a chance to test the product, but it seems that it doesn't have its own DVD ripping routines implemented in it (i.e. you need DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD from the disc first) and it doesn't do transcoding, but instead requires two blank DVD±Rs for copying DVD-9 discs (that more than half of the movies nowadays are, as you can see from here), just like original DVD X Copy does.

More information: Intervideo

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6 user comments

13.6.2003 20:14

I have to test this program out!! Intervideo kick ass IMHO!!

23.6.2003 20:35

I looked on the website and it looks like a beefed up version of instantcopy, I don't like the fact that you must rip movie first, but some of the features like editing, and encoding to multiple formats, seems like the perfect program for copying a backup. I suppose that I could do all of the editing advertised, but I am lazy so it'd be nice for another program to do it for me. my only criticism, it looks too expensive for what is does.

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33.6.2003 21:06

$59.95?? That's not too much!! I've seen program that are nothing like that for a lot more!!

44.6.2003 4:06

Hehe, msb´s signature is wrong. I´m using Opera.

54.6.2003 5:33

Interesting, yes. Intervideo is a big player in the video field, but DVD Copy not having Win-98 support leaves me out of the picture.

64.6.2003 10:08

Ah upgrade to 2000 or XP Pro and stop whining!! lol just kiddin mate!!

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