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CDR-Zone reviews CloneDVD

Written by Jari Ketola @ 19 Jun 2003 2:05 User comments (4)

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4 user comments

119.6.2003 17:11

So do I understand correctly that this software will let you keep the menues of a DVD even if you want to cut out audio tracks/subtitles/or some special features? This is a valuable feature if you are doing multi-episode discs. In other programs (like DVD2SVCD) the full-disc mode forces you to use IFOedit to separately extract extra subtitle/audio streams. For this feature alone I will give this software a try.

223.6.2003 05:40

Well 2 releases of CloneDVD and I've read more good reports than bad. Give Team Elby some time to further enhance CloneDVD and I assure you this program will be among the elite. Shoey :)

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323.6.2003 08:38

I'm very happy with CloneDVD's versatility so far, though I still have qualms about its compression method. I skipped products like DVD2One because it would copy just the movie and nothing else. CloneDVD so far looks like the most versatile DVD9 to DVD5 program out there, even if it does have some setbacks. -keep the original menus. No more messing around with three or four different programs (including pricy DVD creation software) to preserve menus on backup discs larger than DVD5s. That stuff is fine for the pros, but I never got the hang of it. -stream selection If you guys are good with IFOEdit, fantastic. I'm not. Now I can just do a complete backup with SmartRipper and pick which audio and subtitle streams to keep through CloneDVD. -preview function I used to just open up DVD2AVI and preview the VOB titles through that so I could see which ones I wanted to keep and which ones I wanted to get rid of. When you're backing up anime DVDs, this is pretty essential. With CloneDVD I can just highlight the streams and preview them within the program. CloneDVD isn't a ripping tool, though. Maybe that's a hassle for some people, but I think we know how easy it is to open up DVD Decrypter or SmartRipper and just backup the entire thing. Elaboryte Bytes is skirting legal issues the easy way, and that's fine with me. Unfortunately, I'm still not really clear on their compression method. Is this another one of those programs that cuts out frames to make good copies? Sure that sounds fast and all, but I'd much rather spend four or five hours reducing the bit rate through something like TMGPEnc so I have more control over the quality I'm getting. I'm worried that the output video will look choppy for DVDs with media over 6 gigs or so.

410.7.2003 01:22

Dont worry its called transcosion or transcoding and it does the same as re-compression but with differant ways and has more to do with the speed of your hard drive than your cpu and the quality with clonedvd is the best ive seen from any transcoding software. your dvd wont get choppy, I did harry potter (7 gb) to only 4.36 gb and there was no visible differance from the original and the copy! Tom

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