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VSO Software updates three products

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Dec 2004 10:31 User comments (1)

VSO Software updates three products The VSO-Software has updated three titles in their product line. PhotoDVD is a snappy tool, that produced DVD compliant audio visual slideshows of your photographs, image files and music stored on you computer. DivxToDVD does what the name says. It converts .AVI video files to DVD quickly and with decent quality. CopyToDVD is a fully featured, efficient, yet very user friendly all-in-one CD/DVD recording software.
PhotoDVD 0.9.92
  • faster even with preview mode on
  • fix some gui problems
  • new translations
  • CopyToDVD 3.0.37
  • DivxToDVD support in CopyToDVD Manager
  • some default settings values changed
  • Installation script update to use AppMutex
  • Better support of Multisession/SAO/PacketWriting for DVD-R Media
  • Translations updated or added

  • DivxToDVD 0.1.3b
  • Minor update adds additional languages
  • All this and more available at VSO-Software

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    1 user comment

    18.12.2004 8:58

    I tried DivxToDVD on 2 Xvid movies thatI downloaded. On the first one it did a great job, simple and easy to use. NO problems. The second movie was Alien v Predator. It had a sh*t load of dropped packets. And it showed up during the play back. Skips and dropped sound. The 700 mb Xvid became a 1.7 GB DVD files with DivxToDVD . When I tried it with Nero Vision Express 3, the copy was perfect. No skips or drops and the DVD files were nearly 4 GB`s in size. DivxToDVD has a great price, FREE !!! But so far it is One for Two. Batting five hundred is good for baseball , but bad for movie backups......

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