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Doom9 2004 codec shoot-out

Written by Jari Ketola @ 29 Dec 2004 15:23 User comments (1)

Doom9 2004 codec shoot-out Doom9 has released the 2004 codec shoot-out, which compares ten different video codecs. Among the codecs tested are some that are not publicly available at the time of writing.
The participating codecs were: 3ivX D4 4.5.2fc8 (to be released as 3ivX v5.0), DivX Networks DivX Fusion 5.9 (not yet available), HDX4 v1.4 (not yet available), Microsoft WMV9 VCM, NeroDigital AVC Main Profile, NeroDigital AVC High Profile (not yet available), On2 VP6 v6.2.7.0 (not yet available), RealNetworks RealVideo 10, Videosoft Codec Pro 2.2 and XviD v1.1 (CSV build 2004-12-19).

The codec comparison is very thorough -- as you can expect with Doom9 articles -- and includes good screenshots for easy comparison. Quality is compared with three different video sources, and two different bitrates.

You can read the article at

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1 user comment

130.12.2004 9:39

Hm. I think I'll try the NeroDigital encoder once it becomes available.

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