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Burning DVD folders with DVD Decrypter - Guide

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 May 2005 8:57 User comments (10)

Burning DVD folders with DVD Decrypter - Guide We have just added another guide to the guide section that shows you how to use Folder2Iso and DVD Decrypter to burn a DVD folder. DVD Decrypter can burn ISO images but not files or folders yet. In this guide, it shows first how to easily convert a folder to ISO using Folder2Iso in very little time. Then it shows how to use DVD Decrypter to write it onto a blank DVD-R/DVD R disc. We had planned to add this guide for a while now but just never got around to it until today.
For those of you who are wondering why this guide is necessary, then I'd like to remind you that both Folder2Iso and DVD Decrypter are free. Therefore it gives you a free option to burning DVD folders to disc. If you don't mind paying for a better burning package then I suggest Nero Burning Rom, which is probably the best burning suite available.

Read the guide at:

Download Folder2Iso from:

Download DVD Decrypter from:

Download a trial of Nero from:

Folder2Iso Software Homepage:

Hope you enjoy :-)

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10 user comments

13.5.2005 18:04

Now DVD Decrypter is damn near perfect (like it wasn't perfect before...).

24.5.2005 4:09

and CopyToDVD can do it as well, with a righclick and burn menu directly from explorer :

34.5.2005 6:38

But what if i had 2 bin/cue files for 1 movie?!! how do i get both bin/cue files on??!! when i go to Nero to burn image it only allows me to pick one and then goes straight to burning... please help me!!! ~CrazeeMe~

44.5.2005 9:20

This isn't the right place to be asking, but I can go a head and answer that. Just make sure the rest of your questions go in the proper forums. In Nero, you can only select the .cue file. The cue file is basically directions to the .bin file, which is where the actual data is contained. So even though you can only select the .cue file, it will still burn the image fine.

54.5.2005 10:27

I'm not sure I understand the process. Is the following correct:? (1)FIRST STEP - Use DVD Decrypter in the "File" Mode to rip the DVD-9 Movie; (2)SECOND STEP - use Folder2iso to build a "Video_TS" Folder compiling files made in Step One, and (3)THIRD STEP - use DVD Decrypter to burn the Video files in the "Video_TS" folder created in Step Two?

64.5.2005 11:26

SBWLAW: First step you stated is correct. For step 2, you need to create a blankfolder (your choice of name, like "Movies") and then move your VIDEO_TS and the empty AUDIO_TS folder into the blank folder you created. Then use Folder2Iso and select the folder that contains both the Video_TS and Audio_TS. After it's done, you should an .iso and use decrypter to burn the iso: Mode/Write/Iso

74.5.2005 12:34

This is not a DVD backup guide. This guide is intended for people who end up with DVD files after processing something, like DivX --> DVD encode. If you are left with a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder then this guide will help. If you just have DVD files it will also help. However, if your files are over 4.36GB and you DO NOT have a DL DVDR burner, it WILL NOT work! Like I said it's not a DVD backup guide. But if you do have DL media and a DL burner it is possible to use this method but not necessary at all, you'd be better off to rip to ISO and then burn the ISO, you wouldn't need Folder2Iso at all.

and CopyToDVD can do it as well, with a righclick and burn menu directly from explorer :
CopyToDVD costs $40 or so, whereas DVD Decrypter and Folder2Iso are free. Thats the point of the guide, free method to burning a DVD folder for people who haven't purchased a burning package yet :-)
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84.5.2005 15:28

I could really see myself using this a lot, because I use DVD Rebuilder and CCE to encode my movies. I get a VIDEO_TS folder that's about 4.28GB.

94.5.2005 17:09

Yep! Many processes like that leave you with VIDEO_TS folders and since DVD Decrypter is free, combine it with Folder2Iso and then you got yourself a free burning tool :-)

1025.3.2006 9:54

This is a two-steps process. Isn't there a way to do it for free, using only one step??

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