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New Avi2DVD guide added!

Written by James Delahunty @ 05 May 2005 9:52 User comments (52)

New Avi2DVD guide added! We have added another guide to our guide section, this time for Avi2DVD. Avi2DVD is a new tool (still in beta) that automates the process of many conversions including AVI (DivX, XviD etc.) to DVD, SVCD or VCD and DVD to DVD, SVCD or VCD. The guide we have just added shows you how to convert your AVI files to DVD using the HCEnc. Avi2DVD gives you the option of five separate encoders, QuEnc, FreeEnc, NuEnc, HCEnc and CCE SP. All encoders except CCE come with the Avi2DVD installation package.
The reason I chose HCEnc over CCE SP is because I couldn't Avi2DVD to work properly with CCE SP yet (remember... still in beta). Avi2DVD will create a DVD folder for you (VIDEO_TS) but you also have the option of creating an ISO image. It will Encode your source audio to AC3 at a birate you choose. It also allows you to add subtitles (srt or txt files). For such an early copy, Avi2DVD is excellent well worth trying out, oh, and of course, it's free.

The guide also shows you how to burn a resulting ISO image with DVD Decrypter, one of the most famous free DVD rippers on the net (and also the best). So go check out the guide now and expect to see updates whenever Avi2DVD is updated.

Read the guide at:

Download Avi2DVD from:

Download DVD Decrypter from:

Have Fun :-)

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52 user comments

15.5.2005 23:19

hi there guys and dolls... I have got avi2dvd to convert with CCE SP (dvd to dvd), but the app is buggy its hit and miss at present i have been testing this app for about 2 to 3 weeks now, and like the above statement its a MUST check out! you can forgive its short coming as it is still beta, but man trust fm has got a beauty of an app in the making! i also tried AVI to dvd /CCE and if you want your end film clip the same quailty as the initial AVI file THIS IS THE BABY! it outputs in 5.1 sound, which is spot on in sound sync (by my tests so far) also the same can be said of dvd to dvd (ONLY MAIN MOVIE rip - not full dvd, yet?) user interface is very easy, one of the best i have seen, it uses good apps like besweet / avisynth / dgindex / dvd author / mkisof and the 4 built in encoders and a 5th if you have CCE... it only works with CCE SP v267 and it wont use any newer version (said by maker of app) due to non compatibility, but may implement it in the future? as mentioned above can deal with subs too, time span on an AVI file to encode / make iso takes on a 350meg AVI mpeg4 AC3 2 channel / CCE 4 passes 1 hour 30 mins... a dvd to dvd on a 5.6gig main movie / cce make iso 3 hours 30mins... so to sum up excellant tool for converting! bit buggy but the maker is updating regularly, excellant quailty in video / sound i give this app 9/10 even though its beta! Thx all....

26.5.2005 00:19

Hi rotary,. ye i heard it works with cxertain versions of CCE :-) But the HCEnc is a very nice encoder and it's even free lol Looking forward to seeing any upcoming updates :-)

36.5.2005 00:36

hi all HCEnc over on trust fm site is well liked! just been updated and loaded in new version of avi2dvd... in the test jpegs for all encoders it out shined CCE 4 passes, i sort of got the impression from the jpegs that cce does abit of catching up at start of movie encode (leaves first frames ROUGH?) then sorts it later on many passes? but HCEnc does an all rounder better job throughout in 2 passes... the second chioce was by my reading QUEnc, not tested by me yet... love the batch encode facility with this app (go to bed / work and let it run...) the time span means nothing then. and yes what an app for free! amazing really! stay tuned folks the future is coming....

46.5.2005 06:34

Thanks for the guide! It looks pretty idiot proof, which is perfect for me. I've been using Nero Vision Express 3 to encode AVI files for burning to DVD. Will using using HCEnc and Avi2DVD give me better DVD quality, or are they about the same? Justin

56.5.2005 06:47

hi i have found that avi2dvd is twice as good quality as Nero! tested

66.5.2005 08:28

wow that sounds great. i've also been using Nero to capture minidv video as AVI files and burn dvds of them, and i have had huge quality loss going from the minidvs to dvds. would avi2dvd give me better quality there as well?

76.5.2005 11:20

This tool is very promising. Definatly a must have for the ol' video toolkit.

86.5.2005 15:21

What can this do that The Film Machine doesn't do already............? And don't say its free cos so is The Film Machine if you know where to look!!!!

96.5.2005 23:03

hi no idea never heard of film machine... in fact you may know more than us as you have read this app here, and you know film machine...

106.5.2005 23:07

What can this do that The Film Machine doesn't do already............? And don't say its free cos so is The Film Machine if you know where to look!!!!
I just haven't gotten around to writing about the FilmMachine yet mate :) I have been planning to test it's uise with CCE SP. However, your first question had kinda no reasoning whatsoever. But that's not the point, someone takes the time out to create a free app like this it deserves coverage.
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 06 May 2005 @ 11:30

116.5.2005 23:25

hi so is the filmachine the new DVD2SVCD app renamed?

126.5.2005 23:36

I don't think so, man. This is it It's OK, but personally, i think if you know how to use DVD2SVCD just stick with that. :)

137.5.2005 02:23

The Film Machine has been around for months and does exactly what this avi2dvd will do! It works perfectly with CCE as this is what I use and the results are great.You get a DVD with dolby sound and brilliant picture quality and it is simple to use. Just 4 clicks and its going.

147.5.2005 02:36

im actually working on guide for it myself :-) i onyl first noticed it a few weeks ago, very nice app indeed! has some extrastuff that are quite useful, menu creation for example!

157.5.2005 09:27

hi all @ daz2712 got ant times and size of AVI / dvd you encoded? also how many passes in CCE did you do? i am looking at having a play with this... Thx...

167.5.2005 09:43

You can get a good result with just two passes of CCE but I normally use 3 or 4 passes and just leave it on overnight. CCE works at faster than real time anyway but it depends on the length of the film.A one and half hour film on 2 passes probably takes about 2hrs to be done from start to finish!

177.5.2005 09:51

hi there thx for that.... so it may be quicker about sort of dvdRB / CCE times maybe? ok thx....

187.5.2005 14:21 the program, its easier than ever to convert AVI to dvd, however, i have a problem After creating the ISO image and burning it onto DVD like this guide said, i ended up burning nothing..where's the video file?? the iso image was only a few kb's..what happen to the m2v video file that it was suppose to create? i see the AC3 audio file, but where's the m2v file? i dont see it anywhere in the avi_temp folder..somebody please help

197.5.2005 15:42

I also had the same problem. I burned it using the DVD Decrypter and popped it into a conventional dvd player and the image played for about 7 sec but the sound kept going. Popped it back into the dvd player/burner and its a small file.

207.5.2005 20:49

hmm that is stranmge indeed, have u scanned your source fle for errors with something? try installing FFDShow codecs also... what codecs have you installed now?

217.5.2005 22:50

hi there i had this! its one of the bugs... i got over it by uninstalling the app and installing again and ran the same file it worked ok then, dvd to dvd! also i have FFDShow loaded! may have other? oh yes xvidinstall.exe (not sure if it makes any diference?) ok, the FILM MACHINE on first attempt with same mpeg4 file i used with avi2dvd BOMBED out on me? got a hung window with BBmpeg? still testing.......(waiting for answers on forum...) thx...

228.5.2005 01:03

i do have the FFDShow codec installed and a bunch of other codecs including divx, ogg, AC3..pretty much every codec i needed to play divx movies and sound..i tried uninstalling the avi2dvd program itself and doing the conversion and it still creates the same iso file..somebody help!

238.5.2005 01:25

there wud have been a DVD folder created aswell with a VIDEO_TSand AUDIO_TS folder in it, can you tell me how big the DVD folder is?

248.5.2005 01:41

The DVD folder (which contain the audio_ts and video_ts folders) is 0 bytes, the avi2dvd_temp itself is 86.8 MB

258.5.2005 02:20

hi just a thought but its said that its good to check the avi's before encoding! run it through DivFix first! was it 1 AVI? or 2?

268.5.2005 02:25

sorry forgot to ask which encoder was used? and what version? how many passes?

278.5.2005 02:58


288.5.2005 03:04

no files is a bug in avi2dvd! still working on this issue on the trust fm site!

298.5.2005 03:05

well.... that sucks, lets hope thats fixes ASAP!

308.5.2005 13:08

i am using avi2dvd version 0.2.8 with the HCEnc was 1 AVI..there was no option for how many's my log: 1:59:41 AM] AVI2DVD Started ! [1:59:44 AM] Type mode : AVI Input [1:59:44 AM] Output : Dvd [1:59:44 AM] Encoder Selected : HCEnc [1:59:44 AM] Start demuxing the selected audio ... [2:00:05 AM] Demuxing of the selected audio finished successfully ! [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempExtracted_Audio.mp3 86119440 Bytes] [2:00:06 AM] Audio extracted renamed successfully ! [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempFixed_Audio01.mp3 86119440 Bytes] [2:00:06 AM] Starts Mp3->Ac3 convertion ... [2:05:34 AM] AC3 generated successfully ! [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempAudioStream 1 MP3 2CH.AC3 90152448 Bytes] [2:05:34 AM] Start creating avisynth script ... [2:05:34 AM] Avisynth script created successfully ! [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempAvisynth_Script_File.avs 184 Bytes] [2:05:34 AM] bitrate used : 6225 Kbpps [2:05:34 AM] Start video encoding ... [2:05:45 AM] Video encoded successfully ! [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempEncoded_Video.m2v -1 Bytes] [2:05:45 AM] Pulldown of the m2v is starting ... [2:05:45 AM] M2v pulldowned successfully ! [D:Movies53DEBE~1.MOVAVI2DV~1 Pulldown_Video.m2v -1 Bytes] [2:05:45 AM] Muxing audio+video ... [2:05:45 AM] M2v muxed successfully ! [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempEncoded_Video_Muxed.mpg -1 Bytes] [2:05:45 AM] One subtitle found [2:05:45 AM] Spumux script generation ... [2:05:45 AM] Spumux script generated successfully ! [2:05:45 AM] Muxing the subtitle... [2:05:45 AM] Subitles muxed successfully ! [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempEncoded_Video_Muxed_Subbed.m pg -1 Bytes] [2:05:45 AM] Author script generation ... [2:05:45 AM] Author script generated successfully ! [2:05:45 AM] Start authoring ... [2:05:46 AM] Dvd authored successfully ! [ D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempDVD ] [2:05:46 AM] Generating iso ... [2:05:46 AM] Iso generated successfully ! This is the file that you must burn --> [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempDVD_Image.iso 866304 Bytes] [2:05:46 AM] Job Done !!! I ran it thru divfix and there were 0 errors

318.5.2005 14:06

update: i ran a small AVI thru all the other codecs, (exluding the CCE codec)..i stil get the same thing..a small iso file and a empty DVD folder

328.5.2005 23:09

hi there i am useing 027 and yours is 028 and this update hasnt cured the no files on some systems bug? for now dont rely on this app! and use like daz2712 says film machine its the same type app! i have tried this on an AVI 4 passes, it also excepts a higher CCE to 270 on your log it looks like i think avisynth part thats cocked up? also your log looks different to mine? it says alot of MOVING files around? also link like this hasnt no / forward slashes which is odd??? [D:Movies53. Moving TargetsAvi2dvd_tempDVD_Image.iso 866304 Bytes] ???

338.5.2005 23:12

hi forgot what is the name of your AVI file? says something in readme about this? film CD1.avi

349.5.2005 16:07

I'm the author of the program ;) @daz2712 : Filmachine do not take as input DVD/OGM/MKV formats. It only supports AVI with ONE audiostream . As freeware encoder use only quenc and is based on commercial encoders has a completely philosophy . Avi2dvd is localized (12 languages) and has batch mode. Since that here we are talking about avi2dvd, so just limit to find bugs and request additional features rather than comparing two completely different programs.

359.5.2005 22:37

hi just to say to kitsaros you have a dam good app there! and would like to thank daz2712 for bringing it to my attention. also kitsaros are you thinking of adding dvd to dvd converting / compressing? as this would be very very nice indeed...

369.5.2005 22:40

and sorry forgot to mention! at least mpeg conversions?

3721.1.2007 03:24

hi i've tried ask around but still can't find the answer..i've been using avi2dvd to re-convert my AVI file to works find for the first two job..but in final 2 failed to create dvd folder and the iso files. Here is the logs..i cant find the flaws because it seem to encode everything correctly.: [11:12:57 AM] AVI2DVD Started ! [11:13:17 AM] Type mode : AVI Input [11:13:17 AM] Output : Dvd [11:13:17 AM] Encoder Selected : HCEnc [11:13:17 AM] Start demuxing the AudioStream No.1 ... [11:14:33 AM] Demuxing of the selected audio finished successfully ! [D:loversdisk4Avi2 dvd_tempExtracted_Audio.mp3 156188448 Bytes] [11:14:33 AM] Starts Audio correction ... [11:14:45 AM] Audio Fixed successfully ! [D:loversdisk4 Avi2dvd_tempFixed_Audio01.mp3 156188448 Bytes] [11:14:45 AM] Starts Mp3->Ac3 convertion ... [11:27:36 AM] Audio converted in AC3 successfully ! [D: loversdisk4Avi2dvd_tempAudioStream 1 MP3 2CH.AC3 367934976 Bytes] [11:27:36 AM] Start creating avisynth script ... [11:27:36 AM] Avisynth script created successfully ! [D: loversdisk4Avi2dvd_tempAvisynth_Script_File.avs 162 Bytes] [11:27:37 AM] bitrate used : 4286 Kbpps [11:27:37 AM] Start video encoding ... [6:18:02 PM] Video encoded successfully ! [D:loversdisk 4Avi2dvd_tempEncoded_Video.m2v 4106387604 Bytes] [6:18:02 PM] Muxing Video+Audio(s) ... [6:28:19 PM] M2v muxed successfully ! [D:loversdisk4 Avi2dvd_tempEncoded_Video_Muxed.mpg 4574281728 Bytes] [6:28:19 PM] One subtitle found [6:28:19 PM] Spumux script generation ... [6:28:19 PM] Spumux script generated successfully ! [6:28:19 PM] Muxing the subtitle... [6:42:23 PM] Subitles muxed successfully ! [D:loversdisk 4Avi2dvd_tempEncoded_Video_Muxed_Subbed.mpg 4581040128 Bytes] [6:42:23 PM] Author script generation ... [6:42:23 PM] Author script generated successfully ! [6:42:23 PM] Start authoring ... [6:42:38 PM] Dvd authored successfully ! [ D:loversdisk 4Avi2dvd_tempDVD ] [6:42:38 PM] Generating iso ... [6:42:39 PM] Iso generated successfully ! This is the file that you must burn --> [D:loversdisk4Avi2 dvd_tempDVD_Image.iso -1 Bytes] [6:42:47 PM] Job NOT Done. There are warnings ... Find at the log file the 0 byte generated file to focus where exactly the problem appears

3822.1.2007 19:28

i'm using avi2dvd because of its cool dvd menu..i know other program can do like that too but having it all in a go in one application is way too the way anyone had any idea what my problem actually is?...above question ^anyone?? me..

3924.1.2007 08:07


did you look here? find anything? what happens>?

Find at
the log file the 0 byte generated file to focus where exactly
the problem appears

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

4025.1.2007 01:52

i cant find it. The log file is the one I've posted before..and when all the jobs done..all the temporary deleted as well ( i guess thats how the program works) and when i checked the output folder..there is neither dvd folder nor the iso. I guess its happen only on 3rd or latter jobs. Because when i run it again it works..except i have to go through the process (hours of waiting again). Now I'm just running not more than 2 jobs at once..for precaution and prevent me from more disappointment.

4114.2.2007 14:47

My HC encoder has been muxing audio and video for over an hour now. That can't be right after waiting three hrs for the encoder

4221.4.2007 06:14

Can someone please help me? Sorry if in wrong location.

I download a movie with uTorrent

Once downloaded I can view the whole move in entire length on Windows Media Player

I take the file and use AVI2DVD

After this is completed and I open the file in DVD Shrink the movie is shorter in length

Can someone tell me why this is and how I can correct it?

Thank you

4323.2.2008 16:50

AVI2DVD is apparently unable to recognize an audio stream in the MKV file if the audio is the first track in the file. So, if the audio is Track 1 and video is Track 2, AVI2DVD can't find an audio stream. If the video is Track 1, however, and the audio is Track 2, then AVI2DVD works just fine.

With that, I now know how to fix the .mkv files that AVI2DVD can't find an audio stream in, by unpacking and repacking the audio and video into the correct order. Here's how you can do it. You'll need the following tools:

* MKVToolnix
* MKV Extract GUI
* MatroskaDiag

1. Download and install MKVToolnix

2. Download and unzip MKV Extract GUI into the folder where MKVToolnix is installed. (the MKV Extract GUI and MKVToolnix executables need to be in the same folder).

3. Download and unzip MatroskaDiag. Put its executable anywhere you want.

4. Run MatroskaDiag. Drag your .mkv file to it. Check to see if "Track 1" is audio and "Track 2" is video. If so, then AVI2DVD probably won't be able to handle it, and you'll need to extract and repack the .mkv. Read on...

5. Run MKV Extract GUI. Specify your .mkv file for the "Input". For "Output", click the "Other" radio button and specify the directory wherever you want the extracted audio/video files to go (put it in a different directory from the source file, just to keep them separate). In the "Content" window, select both the audio and video track. Then click "Extract".

6. Run "mkvmerge GUI" (part of the MKVToolnix package). Click "add" and go to the directory where your "Output" files were stored in the last step. Find the video file that came from the extraction, and add it. Then click "add" again and add the audio file. (Look for files that have the word "Track" in them. For instance if your original file was foo.mkv, the extracted audio will probably be named something like "foo_Track1.ac3" and the video will be "foo_Track2.h264")

7. If mkvmerge warns you that it can't determine the FPS of the video file, you'll have to enter it manually. In the "Tracks" window, click the video file, then click the "Format specific options" tab. In the FPS dropdown box, enter the correct value. (Note that 30000/1001 = 29.970FPS and 24000/1001 = 23.976FPS). How do you know what value to put in? Find another utility that will read your original .mkv file and give you its FPS info. (one option is the "mkvinfo" tool that comes with MKVToolnix - open your original .mkv file in it, and hunt in the details for something that says "xxxx fps for a video track.)

8. Make sure that the video track is listed above the audio track. If they are reversed, use the "up" and "down" buttons to put the video first.

9. You may want to set other options, such as the language for both the video and audio track, and the aspect ratio for the video track. (Not sure whether all that's necessary or not...)

10. Set your output filename to something appropriate (use a .mkv extension) and click "Start Muxing".

If all goes well, you'll end up with a new .mkv file that has the video as the first track (use MatroskaDiag on it to double-check), and its audio track will be listed when you open it in AVI2DVD.

4423.2.2008 16:53

fire4ice (Inactive) 21 April 2007

4525.2.2008 22:51

I get up to the following point and then i get a messsage saying access denied. reason?

[9:44:48 PM] AVI2DVD Started !
[9:44:49 PM] Type mode : Avi Input
[9:44:49 PM] Output : Dvd
[9:44:49 PM] Encoder Selected : QuEnc
[9:44:49 PM] Start demuxing the AudioStream No.1 ...
[9:45:26 PM] Demuxing of the selected audio finished successfully ! [C:\Users\Owner\Shared\Avi2dvd_temp\Extracted_Audio.mp3 93639168 Bytes]
[9:45:26 PM] Starts Audio correction ...
[9:45:46 PM] Audio Fixed successfully ! [C:\Users\Owner\Shared\Avi2dvd_temp\Fixed_Audio01.mp3 93639296 Bytes]
[9:45:46 PM] Starts Mp3->Ac3 convertion ...

4626.2.2008 01:17

not sure , it may have something to do with user rights on your system, never seen a location like that before C:\Users\Owner\Shared\?

i moved on from this app due to its bugs

dvd flick or convertxtodvd nowadays

4729.1.2009 07:53

I'm not very impressed with avi2dvd.
Tried it and didn't do the job.
Subtitles were not included. Could have something to do with the fact that another embedded program QuEnc or whatever crashed.
Anyways the software was incredibly slow and pretty awkward user interface. I wonder why all creators of movie editing software has to invent the wheel again. We have a familiar Windows user interface and expect to find a File-Edit-View menu.
And what the hell is "Choose Audiostream"? Since this is a feature that fails a lot (found a tip to reinstall - why necessary?) and apparently has no function to the user, why not just hide it?

The software was set to go before I went to bed (would apparently take some time to convert 1 AVI). When I came back the next morning, the software had frozen dead on the screen because QuEnc had crashed.
What else could I do but close that window? Still, another DOS-looking window was running in the background. Took another hour and slowed down my computer to tortoise speed.

In the end a lot of files were created and the 2 DVD folders I was expecting showed up. What do I need those other files for? Could have just been deleted if supposed to be temporary.

I spent many hours synching and correcting the subtitles, what a waste of time since they were not included.

And besides; the dvd movie made was in NTSC format even though I had selected PAL. I specifically remember clicking in the box. So, the movie will never display on my television which has a pal format dvd player connected.

So, yet another useless software program

4813.5.2010 09:59
Unverified new user

I think i read someone else was getting this in their log too:

Documents\Avi2dvd_temp\Fixed_Audio01.ac3 0 Bytes]


[2:07:52 AM] Job NOT Done. There are warnings ... Find at the log file the 0 byte generated file to focus where exactly the problem appears

or at least something similar with that 0 bytes nonsense. As afar as i know the file doesn't exist, cause i looked pretty hard.

Is there a way to get past this, it always happens.

4921.9.2010 23:07

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5023.9.2010 06:19

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5123.9.2010 07:06

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5223.9.2010 17:24

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