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Two new console forums added

Written by Jari Ketola @ 12 May 2005 14:28 User comments (2)

Two new console forums added With the launch of the Xbox 360 console just hours away, we have decided to add a discussion forum to cover discussion related to the device. To avoid excessive "Xbox 360 will kick PS3's butt" and "PS r00lz 4ever -- Xbox is for n00bs" threads we've also created a Playstation 3 forum.
Of course comparing the two next-generation consoles (or three -- Nintendo Revolution) is perfectly OK, as long as the discussion concentrates on the devices and not the people using them.

The forums are available at the links below.

Xbox 360 forum
Playstation 3 forum

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2 user comments

112.5.2005 19:51

This is slightly off-topic, but how are the Blasteroids forums doing? They were meant to be used for gaming dicussion and I really haven't heard too much from them. Also, for those who have missed the XBOX360 MTV Unveiling, here is a clip from the show (I think)

212.5.2005 20:21

The two new forums are great! But when is Blasteroids going to get off the ground?

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