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Introducing ratDVD: A new way to compress your DVDs

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 May 2005 16:30 User comments (89)

Introducing ratDVD: A new way to compress your DVDs Would you like to be able to compress an entire 9GB DVD to 1 single file about 1GB-3GB (depending on the DVD and your settings) in size, keeping menus, bonus features, multiple audio and subtitle tracks as well as video Angles? Well students from the university of Aarhus, Danmark and St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI", Russia yesterday released a new Compression format specifically geared towards the compression of complete DVDs without loss of any features or noticeable quality called ratDVD.
After a DVD is compressed to one much smaller file, it can be played back on your PC like you would play a normal DVD or you can convert it back to DVD to burn to disc and watch it with a stand-alone DVD player. Currently it requires users to have Microsoft Windows XP, DirectX 9.0, and Windows Media Player 10. "This new format makes sharing DVDs possible like MP3 did for Audio-CDs. Comparing ratDVD with conventional compression methods like MPEG-4, H264, DivX or XviD is like comparing DVD with VHS. Unless you use ratDVD, you get only parts of the video but loose everything that makes DVD special." says Peter Jensen, project team leader.

ratDVD can preserve all the features of the original DVD such as:

  • Full Anamorphic picture, seamless branching, multiple video angles, multiple audio channels, subpictures, etc.
  • Keep movie versions (Directors Cut, Theatrical version, etc.), Alternate story endings, making of, video commentary , cut scenes, etc..
  • Keep complete menus, navigation and features
  • Reliable high quality, valid check-summed Container.

  • You can download ratDVD from:

    Don't forget to visit the ratDVD homepage at:

    Thanks to milk.mix for submitting this news to us.

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    89 user comments

    131.5.2005 16:36

    this is g-unit great!!!!!!!!!!

    231.5.2005 16:45

    oh, hell yeah! pirating on dial-up again! wootass!

    331.5.2005 17:12

    You mean backing up DVDs with dial-up 8-). I second that!

    431.5.2005 18:15

    If it lives up to what it claims, that will be sweet.

    531.5.2005 18:25

    downloaded and installed...i'll test it tomorrow.

    631.5.2005 18:37

    Wonder how this is compared to ReBuilder ;)

    731.5.2005 18:39

    Sounds great will also give this a test tomorrow

    831.5.2005 18:53

    I hope a guide is posted soon. I downloaded it and thought I'd check it out. Tried using an ISO image file of a movie on my HD and got "Invalid Archive Footer" error. Does this mean you can only use movies that are ripped in File Mode?

    931.5.2005 18:57

    that sure is the way it works, but i'm willing to bet more versions of this proggy will be coming out soon.

    1031.5.2005 20:21

    do you think that this program could somehow be converted to work with game iso's? or maybe thats totally stupid

    1131.5.2005 20:32

    this sounds promising. please post findings when you've tested it out.

    1231.5.2005 20:44

    absolutely BITCHIN! I salute you Russians with a shot of vodka!

    1331.5.2005 20:50

    This IS GREAT.. Just downloaded, will play with it tomorrow. Looks like guides are on their websitie:

    1431.5.2005 21:32

    this is tops. wonder how long before the MPAA focuses on this....

    1531.5.2005 21:43

    Results Of My First Run The DVD I chose was my copy of 25th Hour, since there are multiple audio tracks on it, a lot of menu's and a lot of extra features/subtitles. I kept all audio tracks but allowed the program to re-encode 5.1 audio to AC-3 VS to save more space without compromising too much audio quality. The entire process took hours, about 5 or so altogether. My output .ratDVD file is 2.32GB (original is 7.78GB). I played back the file in Windows Media Player 10, it plays pretty much like any DVD would play. The quality of the motion menus was pretty low but then again you have to remember the quality of the motion menu on the original DVD is quite poor anyway. The video quality of the main movie was good, not blocky or anything. The audio quality was excellent (AC-3 VS). The extra's quality was pretty much the same. Overall I'm pretty impressed with it. The program gives you some quality options, for example ou can use a simple slider to indicate whether you want lower quality and a much smaller file or higher quality for a bigger file (0-150). You can remove titles, audio tracks and subtitle streams too. What's even more impressive is this is only the first release of ratDVD and it already does a superb job. I'm going to mess around with it a little more now. :-)

    1631.5.2005 22:17

    Oh POO..... I don't use Windows XP. What we need NOW, is a set-top, standalone ratDVD player! ***LOOK OUT, DIVX!*** :-)

    1731.5.2005 22:25

    Not too sure about that yet, ratDVD is just new to us now lol WEhile it can make some pretty nice quality, you can make XviD rips with higher quality (altho you wouldnt haver your menus extras or multiple audio streams!)

    1831.5.2005 23:07

    I wouldn't be too sure that XVID can be higher quality (at least not from DVD input source). From what is written on the site ratDVD competes with AVC for quality/compression. However, it's hard to compares since you don't know how mach of the ratDVD file is actually used for video... but in any way it's damn good quality.

    1931.5.2005 23:11

    I really can't see this as an competitor to DVD Rebuilder, or DVD backups in general. But perhaps it could be an alternative to Divx, unless the compression ratio is too low. It doesn't seem too rational to compress movies to ~3gb, while you could go to much higher compression ratios with sufficient quality for PC use.

    2031.5.2005 23:37

    Good heavens! Dela & Lasse ! :) (What are you guys doing up this hour of the morning ?) Well guys, this is all *very* earth-shattering news, bolsted early on by your preliminary findings, Dela. The Russian gentleman may have to "lay low" a bit though, because - at least on the surface - I guess Hollywood will absolutely try to KILL him! Even though I don't have WinXP, (well, I *do, but you know....), I got the installation file anyway just to make sure I don't blink and find it gone in the morning! I printed out all the author's webpages and am reading them now. I assume that on a single-layer DVD we can get (say) a couple of full dvds archived (according to your final file size, Dela). That means 4 movies on a dual layer - (how many with blu-ray?) = all with menus intact! What do you guys wanna bet ratDVD files don't start showing up on the 'Net *real soon* ?? GawD! Hollywood's gonna have a friggin' bird over this one !! (Doncha just LUVVIT?) :-) Nite, gentlemen. Thank you for the first _most_ promising findings, Dela. -- Mike --

    2131.5.2005 23:44

    the thing i like about this is cause you can take DVD-9- to like 2 1/2 gigs which if you have a big hard drive can save upwards of 2-300 backups on a hard drive so imagine a home made computer that hooks up to big screen in home kinda like tive---with atleast 4 300gig hard drives pre loaded with back-ups your own personnel dvd store in your living room remember cd players that had 100 disk in em-- endless possibilitys

    221.6.2005 0:20

    hmmmmm, these russians i think they know a whole lot more than we think they do. I mean using a pencil in space instead of a ink pen, and now this. What will they come up with next? A full song @ 1kb in size :-p

    231.6.2005 1:06

    I think the ratDVD's main focus is not to compete against DVD Shrink nor against XviD. How I see it: -XviD/H.264/etc plain movie -- if you simply want the goddamn movie in small size, say on one CD, use it. -DVD Shrink/Rebuilder/CloneDVD/etc -- you want your DVD-9 to get into single layer DVDR -ratDVD -- you want to get full DVD sent via FTP, P2P, whatever. As in normal use, where your only aim is really to copy the movie from the original disc to a DVDR, the saved space of appx 1-2GB per movie wouldn't make any difference and therefor it makes much more sense to use DVD Shrink or ReBu. But if you have Joe Average's 1M DSL line, saving of 2GB per movie when sending it online, makes a difference of 1-2 days. Even with 10M conns the saved time is quite decent. So, I'd say that the ratDVD competes against DVD Shrink'd ISO files and 2-CD XviD movies in online transfers and/or massive HDD storage systems (I can imagine a HTPC system supporting these files -- when you have 300 movies stored on your HTPC's HDD, 2GB per movie saved space vs ISO files, makes quite a difference..).

    241.6.2005 1:27

    i'm a bit confused, can you use ratdvd to shrink a 9GB DVD to a 4.7GB DVD and then burn that to a blank DVD-R ???

    251.6.2005 1:30

    jas6969: No. For that purpose you use DVD Shrink, DVD-Rebuilder, CloneDVD or any of the other gazillion transcoding tools.

    Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

    261.6.2005 4:40

    This is freaking insane, im going to download it now and see how long it takes. what i would like to see is a ratDVD version for xbox games or ps2 games. alot would rely on the modchips to come up with a new bios to read it but it would be really cool

    271.6.2005 6:19

    I just finished transcoding a DVD to ratDVD and back to DVD again, and all I can say is cool. The .ratDVD file plays back great on the PC's, just right click and there you have access to all your original menu's. And the DVD created from the .ratDVD file is great, picture quality is really good! And the compression is good too. The original DVD was 4.12 GB, the ratDVD file was only 805 MB. This was with all default settings. Yeah, the DVD > ratDVD conversion was slow, but I don't think it was any slower than any mpeg-4 codec I've tried this with. And this is a whole lot easier to use.

    281.6.2005 8:26

    i don´t get it. do some people actually like menus and extras? i would actually buy more dvd:s if they contained only the movie. at least all discs should be made so that when you insert it, the movie instantly starts to play. menu´s and animations are just plain stupid.

    291.6.2005 9:03

    hoorraaaay Rat! and its free, why is it that freeware is better?

    301.6.2005 10:45

    I bet RATDVD will have it's own forum real soon. It will need it.

    311.6.2005 11:36

    if only there was ratdvd player

    321.6.2005 12:15

    yeah that would be cool, I just can't bring myself to use WMP regularly

    331.6.2005 12:43

    Actually you can use almost every player that renders... Just throwing a .ratdvd file into Graphedt.exe works... as well as Zoom Player if you install the "MediaGraph" file - just have a look at the ratDVD FAQ.

    341.6.2005 13:01

    the above post about the 4.12 gig movie becoming 800mb is in incredible--cause again you could decrypt a DVD-9 with dvd decrypt--and render with DVD2One-or DVD Shrink to a decent 4.4 movie and then render with ratdvd to 1gig movie with menus---and save on a pc harddrive---300gig drive means 300 movies at the above compression----that would be around well its a theater on a pc connected to home tv set

    351.6.2005 16:51

    While you need to use something to decrypt the DVD to the harddrive, there's no need to use DVD2One or DVDShrink, just go straight from the rip to a ratDVD file. The FAQ indicates ratDVD use constant quality, so the actual compression you get varies with the video content. Not every 4.12GB DVD will compress to 800MB, some will be larger, some will be smaller. But I agree, it would be nice to get all your favourite DVD's on one hard drive on a PC connected to your TV, a video jukebox!

    361.6.2005 19:12

    For those who are looking for a ratDVD player, I think we could build one by porting this to Xbox Media Center. (Not sure if PIII 700/64M is powerful enough though.)

    371.6.2005 20:25

    This will be great! Imagine if it had a full ripper, region free program, player and burner all in one easy interface program. This is exciting stuff. I hate Microsoft Windows Media Player and don't use it. Will RatDVD play using Cyberlink's PowerDVD? If not will it work with Windows Media Player 9? I don't have version 10. By the way well done to the Boys and Girls from Russia !! A great utility for all to use free !!!!

    382.6.2005 2:37

    "Just throwing a .ratdvd file into Graphedt.exe works... as well as Zoom Player if you install the "MediaGraph" file - just have a look at the ratDVD FAQ." BazNZ read this.

    402.6.2005 8:24

    I will try this out and see if it's any good...

    412.6.2005 11:12

    The key for me, and I'm sure for many others, is how the compressed movie looks played on a large-screen HDTV? I'm fussy about video quality, and I'd like to hear from someone else who is likewise fussy. How does the video quality compare with, say, output from DVDShrink or Nero Recode? Thanks.

    422.6.2005 12:23

    So whats the big deal...doesn't pinnacle Instant copy do the same thing..and has for a while????

    432.6.2005 12:43

    No. InstantCopy, DVDShink and others stay in the MPEG-2 space and so end up at 4,7GB (and sometimes can't even do this). ratDVD goes into high-efficiency encoding (who knows what, something like H264, but without patents) and so end up at 1.x GB - ideal as an intermediate format for file sharing.

    442.6.2005 13:07

    I dont know how it is going t look on a 50" HDTV, but you bet is it going to look pretty good played off a one gb mem card on your pda phone.

    463.6.2005 6:55

    I am concerned with quaility as well. I am looking forward to seeing how it copes with the larger size movies 2.5/3 hours. that DVD Shrink and clone dvd struggle with to keep quality. I am in the procces of finding out now will tell.

    473.6.2005 16:51

    WELL DONE rat dvd, it certainlly works for me ! thank you !

    483.6.2005 21:23

    I use DVD Shrink and it works well...however if I can save space what a pleasure...If I use ratDVD, and I want to burn the dvd, does it convert to and .iso file?

    494.6.2005 8:43

    Look this product is great for one thing mainly and that's copying series DVD with episodes. DVD Shrink is not good at this and DVD21 is not much better but this product just rocks. I've backed up my whole Father Ted Collection and Black adder and no jams or menu flick backs etc. It's free it's great and it works!!!!

    504.6.2005 15:19

    hi there , not to sure about RAT DVD now !how do you play it back and how do you record it ?

    514.6.2005 15:24

    tamhunter, Did you check out the guide? Specifically:

    524.6.2005 16:39

    i'm going to get flamed for asking i'm sure but,after i use ratdvd can i burn the file to dvd to use in my player upstairs, if so how is this done.

    535.6.2005 7:25

    It's as simple as anything after you have compressed the file it then gives you an option to turn it back to DVD and produces all the authoring VOB files you choose the destination abd voila youn use Nero or NTI or what ever to burn it to disc. Easy for anyone I assure you who burns films Si

    545.6.2005 12:18

    I have very mixed feelings about the first release of this software. I tested several movies and the best result was far from perfect. Res Evil 2 - Quality set at 100 > the movie was unwatchable - huge blocks, pauses, skipping, freezing, etc. Res Evil 2 - Quality set at 150 > Media Player gave me an error and could not play the file. After the Sunset - Quality set at 95 > the movie plays fine but the video quality is unimpressive, when you pause then play, the sound starts but the video stays paused for a few seconds. I do not like Media Player as a DVD player! I tried Roxio, Nero, and WinDVD to see if they would play the file. Nero was the only one that did anything, but it was only audio. I would love to see this program evolve - or a similar program pop up. The Kaleidoscope (media server) must have similar software or maybe it doesn't use compression, but it allows you to store and play your collection on a PC (server). Well, I just did the math - they say it can hold 660 movies on 4.4 terabytes (which is about 7 GB per movie). What do you expect from a product with a starting price of $22,500. If ratDVD could team up with Panther Studios Movies! software, we would have our own Kaleidoscope device for under $100. Intervocative's DVD Profiler would be needed to gather DVD info and picture jackets and Decrypter would be needed for ripping to HD (but these are included in the $100 mentioned above. I'm drooling!!

    This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 05 Jun 2005 @ 12:20

    555.6.2005 15:24

    i suppose. i sound a little bit stupid here!but how do you get rat dvd to play back ?i've downloaded etc. but cant get the program to run ! tried numerous ways but , no results !

    565.6.2005 15:28

    thanks KETOLA, i appreciate the help ! i'm afraid that i'm a virgin (newbie) at this stuff.Still i thank you for your help ok.

    575.6.2005 15:38

    hi there currently using Nero 6, todecrypt movies is there anything better out there ? freeware ? not a miserable guy, but why pay money i havn't got ok.

    586.6.2005 6:58

    Firstly Rat DVD is not a player so windvd is needed for that. As RATDVD say you need WMP10, directX 9X and XP or it won't work. As I said before it is great for watching serials with episodes and menu's. Other than that for films I use the normal DVD Decrypter and then Shrink and finaly burn to disc using either NTI or Nero. Believe me this is fantastic piece of software I assure you and I have just finished backing up my Father Ted collection impressive it is. I'm running a Dell desktop with 1524meg of Ram with a P4 processor it's fast but not a gaming machine so I think Rat works on most standard PC's such as mine

    596.6.2005 17:04

    SIMON !i am not a wind up. thanks for your comments ok.

    607.6.2005 1:25

    Okay Tam hunter no problem Anyway I think that we have two issues here. 1/ People who wish to watch on their p.c 2/People who wish to decrypt, shrink then expand back up to 4.7gb to play on the front room dvd player. I am one of the latter, I have only clicked play on WMP10 for a minute or so so I don't know how the RATDVD plays back using it's own code files. So if I can clarify I have used 100% successfully for something I have until now never gotten around. I only use RATDVD for copying all my serial comedy shows such as Black Adder, Father Ted because this software actually converts the menu system and the others don't so I am now content that nothing can't be copied in my home or elsewhere, that is of course until blu ray comes along but there is enough back catalogue to keep us busy in the future I'm sure

    617.6.2005 3:08

    Thanks simon, i'll carry on using my existing software in the meantime. When is blue ray appearing ? and what is it exactly ?

    627.6.2005 3:12

    Is copytodvd still free ? and if it is , where do i get it ? appreciate any info .

    637.6.2005 14:03

    is it true that a bunch of university kids made ratDVD to experiment with if so can we rely on it i mean they are not pros yet

    This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 07 Jun 2005 @ 14:03

    647.6.2005 21:07

    I don't think it is the end-all solution, but it is a new toy we can play with, and for some people it fills a void. It is likely they will improve the product over time and with input from the users. Cheers to them for providing it to us for free!

    658.6.2005 16:01

    honestly guys !is copy todvd still free ?

    668.6.2005 17:53

    CopyToDVD costs 39.99(USD) for the basic program(with 1 yr of software updates free) or 128.77(USD)for free lifetime updates.

    678.6.2005 18:46

    I converted the first DVD of the Trigun series to see what the quality was like with animation. Using DVD Decrypter followed by MenuShrink and then encoding using RatDVD on 95 quality, I got a 1.2Gb file with 4 episodes in it. The quality is pretty good, maybe not as good as XviD, but I am impressed that I can switch audio streams and have subtitles on and off!! This has the potential to be excellent... Only criticism - I HATE WMP10!! I'd make the software work with Media Player Classic as soon as possible and then the take up might be even better!

    689.6.2005 3:06

    The best thing tamhunter to do is download the share ware of something or trial version and then go to get a license code to register it and thus get it for free. There are so many pieces of software that we need we can't expect to pay for all of them. I bought NTI and Nero but others such as rippers and PAL to NTSC converters I succesfully hacked from using cracks and serials from there. Make sure your adware and virus stuff is on and uptodate as there are some pretty nasty lurking attachments you pick up along the way but it is worth it in the long run. My route for RatDVD conversion to DVD_R Decrypt using DVDDECRYPTER (R.I.P) Then Shrink using Rat DVD at 95 (I recc. that setting) Save it to a file. Then once compressed by Rat I open Rat again and fing my converted file. Rat then changes its sign to RATDVD to DVD and press convert. When convert is complter and the file side has beedn converted back into VOB files to roughly 4 gig I burn it on Nero. As I have said all along this is the only peice of software which allows full interaction with the menu and episode jump selection. It's slow but good well done to them!!!!

    699.6.2005 3:44

    once again cheers SIMON ok !

    709.6.2005 4:36

    SIMON tried the spider thing , cant fathom it out ok. will try it out again, any tips ?

    719.6.2005 6:40

    Tam hunter What you need to do is get the trial version software make a note of the version numbers e.g Windvd 1.05.09 platinum etc then enter in the search box to see if it brings up any matches. It then gives you a list which takes you to a page you then have to find your exact version click on it and it will try to throw you out three for four times perservere and you will get something. Caution go only for serials not cracks as they have to be downloaded and that kept my AVG pro busy for an afternoon. p.s Blue ray dvd is the new format for DVD that might be adopted it can store 3/4 times more data than standard DVD. Cheers

    729.6.2005 11:16

    YET again thanks SIMON, will persevere this tme ok.

    739.6.2005 14:18

    Look simon, sorry for all the bother ok.problem is that i have already downloaded copytodvd (dont know what version it is !) feel like a bit of a twat ! but hey we've all got to learn ok.

    749.6.2005 14:28

    you guys out there probably think that i am a right dick !but hey you have got to learn from somewhere ,anything i learn i will pass on,and vise versa ok. i'm not a bad guy ,just yearning to learn ok.

    7510.6.2005 1:02

    Hi Go to help and then about that will give you the version number and no you are not we all have to start somewhere Si

    7610.6.2005 4:25

    SIMON tried again with no success(COPYTODVD). I THINK IWILL HAVE TO LET THE TRIAL VERSION EXPIRE AND TRY AGAIN, it will not give me version number ok. Thanks ok. p.s any info on Daemon Tools. i have downloaded it but pretty vague about mounting an image and running it ?

    7711.6.2005 13:08

    any help ? my mate loaned me a karaoke disc,but when i put it into my dvd player,it comes up as a do i convert this onto disc ? as i would like to copy it for myself.

    7813.6.2005 9:35

    Tried ratDVD Very disappointed. Yeah it shrunk Matrix 3 from 7 gig to 1.7 gig (slider at 100) I consider myself a quality buff, and the resulting quality was pretty grim. Lots of pixellation, and the picture was a lot darker than the original. So dark in fact that some backgrounds were invisible. playback was very jerky too - which really ruined the viewing pleasure. I won't be changing from Xvid. Or at 20p (in UK) per blank DVD-R, I think I can afford one disc per film. Hopefully when new versions of ratDVD come out, I'll happily stand corrected. Ptwenty

    Good riddance to that avatar.

    7914.6.2005 6:59

    I think it's becoming clear that they have a way to go before ratDVD produces acceptable quality. I hope they do! It is forums like this that provide them with the feedback they need to improve their product. Hopefully they welcome our comments. I know we certainly appreciate FREE software!!!

    8014.6.2005 14:38

    It takes *ages* to uncompress a DVD. I'm still waiting to see what the quality is like (OK so I got a cr@ppy Athlon 2100XP) You people who post to usenet... Stop flooding alt.binaries groups with your rat's. Get your own group!!!!!!!

    8114.6.2005 21:59

    Ages? What do you compare it to? It is faster than any MPEG-2 encoder I have seen. To convert an Xvid with TmgEnc (high qiality settings), etc. takes a lot longer...

    8222.7.2005 9:48

    My question is, when you convert it back to dvd5/9 is it identical to the original? If it was this would be similar to zipping or rarring a file, but with a greater amount of compression The reason I need this answered is because my goal to use ratDVD would be to compress DVD9 images and store them on cheap media, then when dual layer discs are affordable and reliable to uncompress and burn. The concept of watching the ratDVD seams to be the main goal with this project, but over here I watch my movies 99% of the time on a standalone. If my question is to be answered with a yes, then this is a miraculous product worthy of a donation/registration (yea I've been doing that with freeware recently :) ) so if anyone can ansewer my question, you are an angel. the question again is: When you convert a ratDVD back to original DVD5/9 is it the same as the original?

    8325.7.2005 1:15

    Korina922 I'm afraid the answer is no. When you convert a film from one format to another - some quality is lost. To quote an example I heard from someone else : Imagine the book Lord of the Rings (1000 or so pages) Someone could write a 100 page summary of it and cover the main story and make it readable. While the 100 page version will tell the main story, there's nothing you can do to the 100 page shortened version to convert it to the original book. What you will get when you do ratDVD to DVD-R is an expanded (padded out for mpeg2) version that is slightly less quality than the backup you made. Because everytime you convert it, you lose tiny amounts of quality like I said. So you lose quality when you make a ratDVD file, and then you lose a tiny bit more when you make that into a DVD. It depends on how fussy you are with your video quality. Ptwenty

    8427.7.2005 1:06 would i convert ratDVD to DVD so i can watch it on my home stereo system? Anyone help with this?

    8528.7.2005 12:57

    @loopymofo I have not followed this thread in a long time, but I believe your question is spelled out on the ratDVD website. There is a complete guide here on afterdawn as well I believe. I would normally try to add the link for you, but I'm short on time today. Maybe this will work:

    8628.7.2005 19:22

    Although this software is a bit slow it beats DivX out in feature very easy. Plus all you need it one click and it does it all. Check it out at

    878.9.2005 6:32

    It doesn't take as long to film the live content as ratDVD does to process the resulting video into a .ratDVD archive. I gave it a third chance earlier today (others during past 6 months) and after 4 minutes it was still in the opening credits at 1% (3.0 Ghz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 800 Ghz FSB HT). Since I saw this program championed here, I have to speak out. If there's a punchline, I didn't pick up on it. There are other stellar options out there (Divx Creator, Dr DivX, DVDShrink), programs like this one only serves to better each of the value of those freebies to the collectors who use them.

    8826.1.2007 22:16

    My question is do we really need this??? All this is gonna do is confuse tech noobs. And also how many of you actually have a DivX dvd player? I do and its great to just burn a disc of DivX episodes of a tv series to a single disc .insert and watch. I personally like that alot better than 7 or 8 dvds for a tv season quality looks fine to me..heck with menus and bells and whistles.....DivX IS the mp3 for video. And hey their is alot better audio codecs then mp3 out their. Are they used??? nope.. aint the "popular" choice. Hey laserdisc was a good thing and besides disc flipping was actually a great thing..I was watching star wars on it years ago...Why didn't it takeoff??? what really gets me is why mini-discs didn't take off. I mean here you have a disc that is rerecordable like a cassette and digital like a cd...and the most important thing was the disc was inside a square plastic case thus protecting it from scratches....I will always believe it was money involved why that wasn't big(also lookup GM and the electric car.......but in the end the RIAA got their's and have absolutely no control of the mp3 revolution.... As a fellow artist I have been both blessed and burn by digital technology on the internet

    8925.11.2009 21:21

    I still use the format for archiving entire dvd to an mp3-like file. It has saved me a few times already as I have loaned out the original to not-so-reliable friends who claim they lost it, and was able to recover the ratdvd to dvd fully with all menus and audio tracks etc. Now I have about 5.2 Terrabytes full of rat movies on about 1900 dvd blanks

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