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Official MacTheRipper download site shut down

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Sep 2005 23:42 User comments (23)

Official MacTheRipper download site shut down Official download site for popular DVD ripper for Mac systems, MacTheRipper, has been shut down. The site hosting the official downloads, RipDifferent, received a "nasty letter" from the Macrovision Corp. threatening the site with legal action unless the download mirror was taken down.
The same fate happened to the developer of DVD Decrypter, but with his case, he signed a contract with Macrovision in order to cease the development of future versions of DVD Decrypter, whereas the author of MacTheRipper plans to continue his development efforts and is actively looking for new home to his product.

As always with these cases, you can download the latest public version of the software right here from's servers:

And to discuss about DVD ripping with Mac, visit our Mac DVD ripping forum.

Source: RipDifferent forums

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23 user comments

119.9.2005 0:01

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that pirates will go to to harass legitimate DVD software providers. ;)

219.9.2005 8:26

itīs about time. dvd-ripping on mac has really gotten out of hands. without this, everyone would be ripping all day long. beware Apple: iTunes is next...

319.9.2005 10:00


419.9.2005 13:14

Apparently, pevelius thinks that it is a good thing that there is copy protection on disks and that Macrovision should be suing these people, even though in the United States and United Kingdom, it is perfectly legal to break ANY Macrovision copy protection.

519.9.2005 13:48

I'm sick and tired of seeing macrovision sendin letter and sueing every1 for the copying of the disc...Yes I do know its ilegal but can they just go back to their company and instead of throwing monet at their lawyers to win in court cases can they just throw money at improving there low level of copy protection on the disc they doo... We talk bout software development and we do that but they need to rise to our challenge and make it harder for us to break it... e.g. hitch is hard to burn but we find it a challenge soo y cant they just improve instead of sue.... Just my 2 cents...

619.9.2005 14:18

Worse part of the whole thing is they didn't make that big of a deal when you could crack the macrovision years ago and just copy a movie to video tape... or copy a CD to audio tape... that aparently is ok??? but because you can make a almost perfect copy of a dvd or Cd it's now a problem... when the Video tape or Audio cassette may last longer and still play 5 - 10 years down the road...

719.9.2005 15:47

I can't believe the first two responses to this article were in favor of this. Must be MacFanBoys at their best.

819.9.2005 15:55

Applauds... serves 'em right, owning a mac...rebel bastards.

919.9.2005 16:50

@ gsuscrazy I agree with you... Macs do stink. Owned one for about a week. Didn't have enough patience! On a side note, I would like to apoligize for upsetting you on the other thread... We have our opinions, and I'm fine with that. See ya round the shop.

1019.9.2005 18:36

I can't believe the first two responses to this article were in favor of this. Must be MacFanBoys at their best.
Reread my post. I was not in favor of this idiocy. Macrovision thinks they can sue people because they designed crappy, easy-to-break copy protection. (I do agree with gsuscrazy and JXP2307 that Macs suck though. ;))

1119.9.2005 18:58

as a current mac user and lover.. who told you to post in this thread if you dont like macs? i'm even surprised that it was a news article.. macs dont get the support they should. thats why there's just one mac forum on this entire site. thats my two centz

1220.9.2005 8:58

i apologize for giving too much credit to you :) let me rephrase my previous comment: there are only a handful of people ripping dvd:s on mac, since most of the mac users are indeed quite...weird and donīt even know what ripping is. and why is it that apple can distribute and offer downloads of iTunes while Mac the Ripper is not considered a similar software? iTunes rips mp3 files from protected cd:s. What it comes to macs suck-stuff, i donīt bother to say much, only this: i have 17" pb and itīs great. even better than my belowed debian-box.

1320.9.2005 11:10

Its amazing how it is almost impossible to post a news story about software for Mac without it becoming a PC-vs-Mac flame war. I'm sure there was none of this going on in the article for DVD Decrypter when it was taken down. On that note, I am a Mac user and it is sad to see this awesome program go. Funny that one user should mention that Hitch was a hard movie to backup, because that was the first one I ever did with MacTheRipper, and it was a piece of cake. As far as iTunes is concerned...I can see the comparison. The difference is that Apple has joined[/b}with the record industry to try and provide an alternative to pirated material (iTunes music store). Yes you can grab your friends CD wallet and start popping disks in and ripping, but they cannot put a block on your right to put the music you own onto a mp3 player or mix CD. On a side note, I have several PC freinds who had trouble with the Velvet Revolver CD being converted to mp3. I popped mine into my G4 and was listening to it in iTunes in 10 minutes. The way these industries see it, there is no reason to make a copy of a DVD. No one really makes "Mix Scene" disks and we don't have VOB players that hold gigs of movie files (yet). They think if we scratch it, we should just go out and buy another. If we bought it on VHS, we can go buy it again on DVD. They look at it strictly from a money making stand point and are not really concerned with the end user's needs.

1420.9.2005 11:15

i'm not trying to make it an all out war, but we have no issues with all those issues on ripping certain dvds. havent messed with "hitch" but have done sin city flawlessly.. apparently there was something that DVD Shrink wouldnt do. i think it had something to do with the audio track or something. i do luv my itunes.. i got about 30gbs of music. on my external hd.

1520.9.2005 12:05

it is sad to see this awesome program go
Do not worry. Geezer continues developing the application. He is looking for a new host.

1620.9.2005 12:07

long time no see londor..

1723.9.2005 0:41

I used Mac DVD ripping to enjoy my hobby of learning the technology. I do not make any profit on that. To my point of view, there is no good reason for sueing Mac the system

1823.9.2005 0:41

I used Mac DVD ripping to enjoy my hobby of learning the technology. I do not make any profit on that. To my point of view, there is no good reason for sueing Mac the system

1923.9.2005 7:38

Just an observation...... If these DVDs were priced without the current level of unabashed greed, nobody would bother taking all the time to make a copy (for illegal purposes) as it would simply not pay enough. The greedy have always spawned their own competition just as every dragon gives birth to the Saint George that will eventually slay it. As they told "Cool Hand Luke"...... what we have here is a failure to communicate......

2025.3.2006 8:33

FYI for all the Mac haters...Without Mac, there would be NO PC. For the no patience ex Mac user, it wasn't patience you lacked, maybe intelligence? Macs for your information were the very first computers created, had Bill Gates not stolen the idea from his partner in the first place PC wouldn't even exist. If you are going to argue points of view on this subject, get your facts str8. Macs are not intended for the weak at heart or mind. They are very complex machines created for braniacs not common folk, had most of you had the funds and the brains to run them this wouldn't even be an issue. PC on the other hand are cheaper and easier to run becuase Bill didn't have all his facts first and ran off with only HALF an idea. Since we're on the subject of money, I'll call this my Dollars worth!

2125.3.2006 8:47

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2218.6.2006 5:51

Ireland..............seriously. Apple was the first to make a home computer. Common knowledge. But thanks for the history lesson on the glorified calculators made in the early part of last century. I am sad to see MacTheRipper go. Great program!

234.3.2007 20:56

Yea, be careful or big brother (mickeyvision) will come knocking at your door, and demand your DVDs, dog, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, and your loyalty to the anti-pirate league.

Windows is sooooo 1984.

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