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Downgrade PSP 2.0 to PSP 1.50

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Sep 2005 20:08 User comments (124)

Downgrade PSP 2.0 to PSP 1.50 Not long after the toc2rta exploit made it possible to run some code on a PSP with v2.00 firmware, a downgrader has surfaced. All respect and appreciation should go to MPH for doing what many tried and failed to do. I have tested this method and just spent the last few hours preparing and putting a guide on the site for it. Check this out...

I successfully downgraded my PSP from 2.00 to 1.50. The guide I have written has some screenshots and some pictures I took of my PSP (quality kind of sucks, but I'll see maybe tomorrow if I can get something better online.) There is a lot of text at the start of the guide (including one warning EVERYONE must read) because I give a brief overview of the process before illustrating it properly.

This guide was written with intent of making it a little easier for new PSP users to downgrade to 1.50 to run legal homebrew apps. This is not a guide to PSP piracy. I believe that since you bought the console (and let's face it, they are not cheap) you should be allowed to run your own homebrew and not just "authorized software".

Check out the guide at:

Feedback (spelling mistake notification etc.. ;-) ) is welcome, just send me a PM.

Again, all respect to MPH for the excellent downgrader.


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124 user comments

127.9.2005 21:48

YAAHHOOO!!!!!!!!!! pool.

228.9.2005 1:45

Well done Afterdawn, lovin' the news!

328.9.2005 2:54

Ya Dancer..Well Done.At last let the fun Commence.

428.9.2005 3:55

!!!!!!!!!!!!!... They did it !!! It worx on my PSP 1.52->2.00->1.50 :D !!! great job MPH (or Yoshihiro or whoever) !!! U R da man

528.9.2005 4:20

Everytime they get the same results and everyone is pleased. I remeber the great excitement when the 1.5 was first cracked. Some people kept saying it would never be done. Now they were saying the same thing about the 2.0 but once again here it is. I dont think it is worth sony's time to try and stop the hacks b/c they are going to happen anyway with some time, patience and someone hard work. The government cant even keep their computers safe. Few years back a young kid somewhere around 8-10 cracked into the governments computers. He got in a lot of trouble but his reason was just to show them that it could be done. The gov then ended up using this same young boy as one of the computer experts when 9-11 happened to try and see what we could find out from other countries. Point is if the gov cant keep hackers out then what makes you think sony, microsoft, or any other company can. Sony will eventually release a newer firmware but it will be cracked too with just a little patience. Just wait and see. LOL

628.9.2005 5:58

This moves my heart.....I think im going to cry..... :'( No really awesome good work guys :D

728.9.2005 8:17

im thrilled that its been cracked but i have abit of a problem?.i binned my demo disc which updates to 2.0,as i was told if i updated it i wouldnt be able to downgrade my psp at 2.0.,is it still possible to downgade my psp with 1.52 version? any tips?,many thanks..

828.9.2005 13:24


928.9.2005 13:45

i Am so Happy i've been waiting for this for age's i just tryed it then and it worked YAY

1028.9.2005 14:04

Cool! I love these type of hacks

1128.9.2005 15:28

LOL... I saw this just now in class and i shouted "OH SHIT!" Yeah this is freakin great man. I love the new look of the all white PSPs that are coming out and i was hopeing that the homebrew community was going to keep up with v2 firmware. No need now, now that i can downgrade. Awesome, just awesome.

1228.9.2005 16:13

well sony shouldn't feel too bad because i have 3 friends and a boss that want a psp but they want to be able to play homebrew and other stuff on it that's why they haven't got one yet even though they have enough money. After i tell them this they'll definitely be going to the nearest retailer to get one.

1329.9.2005 5:47

Listen Up People this hack has been up for like two days now fot the whole information and Download of more HomeBrews ATT Cipher

1429.9.2005 11:34

can you get the internet on psp

1529.9.2005 12:05

Very very nice! Before I even got my PSP I wanted it so bad because I knew the homebrew scene would have so much! Then before I knew better, I updated my PSP. Now I've been given another chance! Woot! Thanks alot to MPH! Also, I just wanted to say I think it would be best for sony to accept the homebrew scene. I think if they supported it, they'd have better luck with preventing piracy (since they could semi-regulate homebrew apps) and also have many very happy customers.

1629.9.2005 12:38

i have a japanese psp which i (stupidly) updated to 2.00 bt nw if u se this wuld it work and is there ne risks

1729.9.2005 13:23

ya ,they say if n e thing goes wrong its not ther fault

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1829.9.2005 14:59

It worked fine with my PSP, although mine's US.


1929.9.2005 15:49

I have a Jap PSP still with Ver 1.0 FW. on. I have been thinking recently of upgrading to ver 2.0 FW as I have heard that the newer PSP games coming on stream will not play on a PSP without ver 2.0. Does anyone know if there any truth in this.

2029.9.2005 16:40

i've been spending so much time on this and it doesnt work. Every time I try to go to the photo menu, my psp freezes then shuts off. Can someone plzzzzzzz help me get rid of this, it would be a real help. thanxs

2129.9.2005 17:47

It's supposed to error like that. Read the guide more thoroughly.

2229.9.2005 20:27

I don't have a PSP, but I've been keeping up with the scene anyways, it's a great read. And this is even better!

2329.9.2005 21:55

pgod51: I had the same problem at first the thing is DO EXACTLY as the guide says,if you have another folder or other files delete them(empty folders too like the video ones) or use a empty duo dont know why but this resolved the problem for me.Try it out.

2429.9.2005 22:01

Well personally I didn't like the MPH Downgrader. I lost all my settings, all my WLAN prefs and I missed the Web Browser, so I upgraded back. I have a better idea than Downgrading or using the TIFF exploit. The thing is, $ONY doesn't understand all the dissapointment they're causing by not allowing homebrew because they're making money like the corporation they always were, without getting TOO much oppression other than criticism, which is JUST WORDS. Just words can't cause $ONY to change. You have to hurt them. SO I SAY TO FORM A MASSIVE RIOT. We get a whole load of people walking up to $ONY CORP HQ BUILDING, with signs saying "We f***ing want homebrew", start bringing in the catapults and trebouchets, blast holes in their multi-million dollar building, bring out the moltov cocktails and throwing stones, and beat up all the employees. By now if they STILL haven't surrendered, bring out the AK-47s and Uzis and blow f***ing holes in the building. By now the cops would have come. Blow them to kingdom come, then, if they STILL haven't surrendered, bring out the miniguns and rocket launchers and blast their building. Then, if STILL NOT, plant C4 to the employees' lounge. If STILL NOT, (by now the SWAT would be there) we bring out the B-52s, B-2s and F-117s and blow Shinjuku (or wherever the hell SONY HQ is) (by then the army would be there) and if STILL NOT, we nuke Shinjuku (or wherever). Thus, they (SONY) would recieve enough pressure, so the CEO makes the speech: "Konichiwa, yo motherf***, we surrender, we will release Firmware 2.10 tomorrow and it will have homebrew." And the whole world's like YAY and WOOHOO and w00t l33t h4x0r!!!11!! and LOLOMGWTFBBQ!!!111!!!!oneoneone!!! AND WE WIN!!!! AND WE CAN PLAY HOMEBREW OFFICIALLY!!! AND HAVE THE WEB BROWSER AND OTHER STUFF THAT COMES WITH 2.00!!! BTW in the riot we must have LOTS of people enough ppl to overrun the cops, otherwise the coppers would easily win and our cause for homebrew would be lost.

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2529.9.2005 23:26

someones been playing GTA way too much. go outside and play in the park for a bit

2629.9.2005 23:32

Well personally I didn't like the MPH Downgrader. I lost all my settings, all my WLAN prefs and I missed the Web Browser, so I upgraded back.
This part makes me want to kick you in the A#$%^& in so many ways.....
All Life starts with Nu and ends with Nu....Belthasar guru of reason.

2730.9.2005 3:05

Somehow i doubt this...not because of the fact that this would be very difficult to do. But because everyone that has posted have all been members from the same 3 days...sounds like a scam to get people to falsely update to 2.00

2930.9.2005 3:06

o wait i get it...thats the date they bad. IDK i still have my 1.5 so im not worried about this but i would be weary about updating to 2.00 to downgrade it...

3030.9.2005 6:15

Kinda unfortunate though, that it isn't going to be beneficial all around. Upcoming PSP games are going to require version 2.0 for online play, and Sony is considering the games themselves requiring it. Any work around can just be updated by Sony by online as soon as they get cracked. It they have Socom for PSP requiring it, it'll turn heads.

3130.9.2005 10:38

Well my friend let me tell you when you write you read first the thing is there is a program for the psp to make like you are running a 2.0 firmware and play those friki games and it actally works it have been tested so any other reason not to have the 1.50 firmware? dont think so. for info go to pspupdates

3230.9.2005 16:22

The fact is that $onys constant firmware updates to stop homebrew is only going to INCREASE piracy. Think about it if upgrading to the latest firmware does not allow you to play homebrew (which Im sure is turning a lot of potential PSP buyers off) and if you cant run new games on your 1.5 firmware, then the only alternative is to keep your 1.5 firmware, and download cracked images of the games from the internet that run on any firmware! As usual these big corporations have no long term vision and there own greed causes them to become stupid, and care about the money, rather than the customers where the money is coming from pride comes before a fall, isnt that how the saying goes?

3330.9.2005 17:52


3430.9.2005 18:28

Doesn't AD have multi-language forums?

3530.9.2005 18:36

Also, if French is your language, toutes les lettres de capitol est contre des rgles de forum.

361.10.2005 6:24

If I downgrade my PSP will it lose the browser and other features that came with v2.0? Or will it retain them AND allow homebrew?

371.10.2005 8:26

If I downgrade my PSP will it lose the browser and other features that came with v2.0? Or will it retain them AND allow homebrew?
You will lose it, but you can have it as homebrew software if you really need it.

384.10.2005 0:38

Worked fine on my Jap PSP. I upgraded to 2.0 just to see what the web browser was like, but to be honest, it's not very good. For a start it only displays the top left corner of web pages and you have to scroll around to read anything. There are a couple of options that try to rearrange the page to fit the screen with extremely mixed results. It won't handle any streaming video and neither will it display any of the bloated crap (such as Flash) that many websites still insist on. And then of course you have to be near a wireless access point for it to work, and too many people lock them down these days. Therefore the only places I can use it are at work (no point as I sit in front of a computer all day) and at home (no point as I sit in front of a computer all night). So, anyone who's tempted to upgrade to 2.0: please don't bother. Having said that, I'm a bit disappointed by the performance of some of the homebrew emulators. Even with the PSP cranked up to 333MHz, much of it is s-l-o-w (especially DGen).

394.10.2005 1:14

I agree with m0thr4, that the web browser ends up being pretty useless. The only time I ever used it was when I was about to go to bed. I ended up getting up and just using my computer because just about every page I went to filled up the memory or just took forever to load. Personally, I'd rather be able to play Super Mario World on my PSP. :) And about the emulators: It does kinda suck that they are fairly slow with most games, but these emulators are pretty fresh. I was a little surprised they ran as well as they did already. I'm sure they will be getting them running nice and smoothly eventually.

404.10.2005 8:00

They already have emulators that run smooth for the SNES, NES, and Genesis. You just have to make sure you have the best one available. Check on PSPupdates for the lastest and best emu's. If you find that you already have the best emu available, i found that a few people have been complaining of them being slow. If one psp plays the emu and roms at 60fps then so should the next one. What i am saying is that those with slow play just need to adjust the settings. m0thr4 and Fox-AJ let me know which exact version of the emulator that you are using that are so slow and maybe i can help you to get them running at full speed.

416.10.2005 21:19

Hi, i have an australian psp and iam trying to downgrade it and i can't! whenever i go to the photo menu it freezes up and shutsdown. ive tried everything and it still dosen't work please HELP! p.s- i think it has somthing to do with the digital camera images folder can i delete it?

427.10.2005 4:48

Did you download the guide and follow all the directions??? I will admit i may not be able to help much. I bought a V1.5 psp so i have never had to downgrade.

437.10.2005 4:52

I am thinking about buying a new PSP. If I do, and the it is version 2.0 from Sony, am I still able to downgrade to 1.5?

447.10.2005 5:07

Hey man, i hate to sound ugly but that is the dumbest question i have ever heard under the circumstances that the name of this topic post is "Downgrade PSP 2.0 to PSP 1.50" and it is printed in bold letters at the top of the page. Did you NOT read the title? The title answers your question.

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457.10.2005 5:35

Ok, maybe if I got a little more technical with my question, it wouldn't be viewed as "dumb". If I purchase a PSP with 2.0 installed from Sony, will this downgrade work, or does Sony prevent downgrades on factory installed 2.0 firmware. I am well aware that this will work if you UPGRADE to 2.0 yourself, but will it still work on factory installed PSP? If 2.0 is proprietary and you can only upgrade from there, I will buy a used PSP on Ebay or something. If I can downgrade a brand new one, I would prefer to buy a brand new one.

467.10.2005 12:07

I do everything it tells me to, when i go to update it to 1.50 after i did the photo thing, it says corrupted data. Someone please help me

478.10.2005 21:41

I HAVE 2.01!!!!!!!!!!!!!what do i do???

489.10.2005 0:28

If you would have read everything, this is SPECIFICALLY for 2.0, not 2.1. Sorry man, I guess you're gonna have to wait until they find an exploit for 2.1.

499.10.2005 0:32

2.01* Thing is, Sony 'fixed' the 'security holes' or whatever they claimed it to be so you can't use the exploit or the downgrader.

509.10.2005 1:23

Really? So I guess that doesn't make my question to "DUMB" now, does it? If Sony's new PSP are a version 2.01, then I guess I can't use the downgrader, and I guess I am better off buying a used one for now. Thanks for the info ya'll!

519.10.2005 2:13

I was replieing to benchow02, dang I thought someone would've answered you by now man. I think the factory installed PSP 2.0 can still be downgraded. Hopefully someone did a firmware dump, if that's possible, on upgraded 2.0 and factory 2.0 and noted the differences if there are any. I still think they are the same though, upgrading instead of buying another unit is WAY more efficient :) If I were you though, I'd hurry to get a PSP ASAP before the 2.01 units hit the shelves, if they havent already. And if it has 2.01, just take it back and say 'it wasn't what I expected'. Always worked for me hehe :)

5210.10.2005 0:54

tmas you did specifically ask about the 2.0 V being able to be downgraded to 1.5. You did not mention anything about the 2.01 V so your question was still dumb b/c if you had learned to interpret what was being discussed in this thread then you wouldnot have had to ask that question. Just to try and help you out though man I dont know about buying a used PSP. I have one and you risk the chance of getting one with more scrathes on the screen then you may bargain for. (screen scratches easily unless you use a protector) I would just look on ebay or online to see if i could find a 2.0 V firmware and get a new one. Maybe you could still find a V 1.5 somewhere still new. Dont know. Does anyone no where tmas could find a new psp with V 1.5 or 2.0??? Please help him out b.c i would hate for him to get a scuffed up screen on a used one.

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5310.10.2005 1:05

Hi, i have an australian psp and iam trying to downgrade it and i can't! whenever i go to the photo menu it freezes up and shutsdown. ive tried everything and it still dosen't work please HELP! p.s- i think it has somthing to do with the digital camera images folder can i delete it?
I had a same problem. PSP freezed and shutdowned when I opened the tiff image, but I solvet it by adding another image(just some image on my hd) to the PHOTO folder.

5410.10.2005 6:49

i cant find eboot.pbp folder... does some1 know where i can get it???

5510.10.2005 7:57

i succesfully downgraded my psp to version 1.5 and i have put fastloader v.7 on it. The problem now is that i can't play with my virtua tennis game i have on UMD because it requires version 1.52. Can i do something about this?

5610.10.2005 9:39

i succesfully downgraded my psp to version 1.5 and i have put fastloader v.7 on it. The problem now is that i can't play with my virtua tennis game i have on UMD because it requires version 1.52. Can i do something about this?
Yes you can. Check this:,0,0,0,40,1192

5712.10.2005 0:32

thx @ Eza

5812.10.2005 16:21

Can someone please help me!!!! After i do the photo thing to make the psp think its a 1.0. I go to my update folder and it says corrupted data. Is there a trip to this? Thanks in advance

5912.10.2005 18:11

i just downloaded some downgraders for V2 -> V1.50. I dont have the source/site where they came from but anyhow once they finished downloading onto my pc. a warning from nortons saying that it has detect a trojan attached in it? the trojan is called PSP.BRICK - i looked it up on the nortons site and it says that its a pretty serious trojan. Does anyone know if this trojan relates to the "formatting" of the V2 firmware making way for 1.5? or if its just a malicious virus someone is sending around. thanks

6013.10.2005 1:17

It's a very malicious virus someones sending around. It deletes all the critical files, so yeah stay from it man lol.

6113.10.2005 17:02

thanks for the heads up Ofnir1 I was at the site trying to download the downgrader but it kept coming up as an error screen and suggested i use FireFox? would that solve the problem? im using internet explorer at the moment. sorry if it seems a little off plot.

6213.10.2005 20:52

Ah it's cool. I have FireFox and I never had a problem with that site, so I suggest you get FF. And plus, you get to do a lot more with FF. If you do decide to get that, go to this thread after installing.

6314.10.2005 9:16

talk about ironic right another problem i click on photo file all seems to work fine but instead of text it goes int to a grayieh ornage colour and restarts after about 5 seconds (tried runing uodate of memoey stick still says your version is 2.00 ) do i have to deleate any more files or add adymore i have followed step by step :( PLZZZ help soz about spelling rushing :(

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6415.10.2005 3:38

I do everything it tells me to, when i go to update it to 1.50 after i did the photo thing, it says corrupted data. Someone please help me

655.11.2005 14:43

Does Anyone know if i can be able to downgrade the psp giga pack to firmware 1.5!? Thnx in advance

665.11.2005 22:29

What's the firmware version? If it's anything over 2.0, then it won't work.

675.11.2005 23:35

if you have 2.0 firmware and you follow the guide you shouldn't have a problem

686.11.2005 3:42

It works !!!! Very Good!! Does anybody know if i can delete the files that i used in the downgrade process, like: overflow.tif, h.bin, index.dat and eboot1.5 ?? Some other files just appeared in the root: 100.bin and camarche.dat. Is it normal? Can I delete them too? Tanks.

696.11.2005 3:43

Thnx man cant wait to get the sony psp GIGA pACK!!!

707.11.2005 1:55

i deleted them off my mem stick and nothin happen so yer y not

7115.12.2005 11:07

Anyone has any ideea on how to downgrade from 2.6 to 1.5 on psp.I tried everything and i couldn't do it!HELP!

7215.12.2005 14:09

So far there is an exploit, but there has been no release of a downgrader on 2.60. I can gaurantee that if it came out already, there would be a BIG HUGE headline saying it. Remember, everything starts with an exploit, like with the toc2tra exploit, and soon after that, a downgrader was released. So when anything homebrew can be launched on a 2.60 firmware, you will know about it.

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7319.12.2005 11:55

I have got the following problem. Does anyone have the same problem. I have copied everything into the memory and I did it the right way. But wehn I browse the photo it can't find, see the overflow.tiff. I have got a 2.0 version. What am I doing wrong. Please help me out woth this one. I am struggeling for a month now. thanks

7419.12.2005 12:50

OK... Do you have a virus protection program like norton, mccafee? Not sure about mccafee but i have norton and when i open up the photo folder with the overflow in it to copy it to psp the file is recognised as a virus and deleted automatically. Dont panic. It is not a virus though. That is normal. Just turn off your virus protection and follow the steps and then disconnect your psp. Then turn your virus program back on when you are done. Maybe that is your problem. Hope it helps you. Let me know.

7519.12.2005 22:40

I have a question about Downgrading. After I perform the downgrade, do I have to use the same memory stick every time? i have heard about people formating their mrmory stick after doing the downgrade and then not being able to use their psp after that. Are there certain files that have to always remain on the memory stick ?

7620.12.2005 3:28

I have not had that problem before after downgrading. Do you mean they are not able to use their psp or the memorystick afterwards.??

7720.12.2005 4:02

I am not sure. I remember seeing some threads on these forums, where some people complained that after formating the memory stick, the psp failed to work. Please correct me If I am wrong, All I have to do is do the downgrade from 2.0 to 1.5 (from the memory stick)and then I dont need that memory stick any more for the psp to work right ? I can format that memory stick and load ISOs on it right ?

7820.12.2005 4:20

yeah you could format the memory stick afterwards and play isos but when you get ready to play GTA again you have to upgrade and then you will have to put the downgrader back onto the MS when you get ready to play iso again. How much memory do you have on your memory stick? The downgrader is somewhere around 15MB so you could leave it there.

7920.12.2005 5:46

You dont have to upgrade again to play gta.There is a hack already.

All Life starts with Nu and ends with Nu....Belthasar guru of reason.

8020.12.2005 9:53

hi i succesfully downgraded my psp to 1.5 and i also installed wabversionchanger 2.0 so i can still play some umd games i own. but now i want to upgrade my psp again to version 2.0 ( so i will be able to play GTA) but my psp doesn't want to upgrade anymore because it still thinks that firmware 2.0 is installed. I could probably upgrade to 2.5 but will i still be able to downgrade my psp afterwards back to 1.5 (when i am done playing GTA)?

8120.12.2005 10:09

You say I can leave it there, wont it interfere with other things ?

8220.12.2005 12:23

ok Tried the virus thing but still no success. Please help me.

8321.12.2005 3:59

Binighted.. I dont think you can play GTA LCS on the 1.5 version but maybe they figured it out and i missed it when the info was released. If you can play it then exactly What is the name of that hack so i can find it??? rahulneel..I have a 128MB MS and i have all my homebrew and the downgrader on the MS too. I have not had any problems with it. The only reason i use to delete the downgrader after i had used it was to free up memory when i only had the 32MB factory MS. I dont dongrade anymore though since the homebrew i use most will play on 2.0 using fantija loader. sieuwsan... list the steps to exactly what you did when installing the downgrader and exactly where you placed the files on you memory stick. Maybe i can help.

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8421.12.2005 5:34

Thanx LXHOTBOY Well 1st I formatted the memorystick via my psp menu. 2nd I opened the USB feature of my psp 3rd I made the upgrade path in games and put the 1.5eboot in it. 3rd I copied the index and h.bin into the root of the memory stick like: removable media ms:h.bin and ms:index.dat 4th I copied the overflow.tiff into the photo path. like : ms:pspphotooverflow.tiff 5th I shut down my usb feature and browse the menu to the photo feature. I access the memory with it and it states, 0 digital images, and I can't scroll down or anything. Nothing happens. So I really don't know what I did wrong. I hope this is detailed enough. If not just ask I will reply within 4 hours. Thanks for your time helping me.

8521.12.2005 6:06

sieuwsan.. Do you use IM like aol,msn or yahoo IM? IF so i could help you out a lot faster if we IM each other and i will try to walk you through the steps. I use AOL IM and Yahoo IM do you have either and what is your screen name if you do?

8621.12.2005 7:00

Can som1 tell me where can i find a 1.52 to 2.00 upgrade?? i know i can use google but there are allot of rumours about fakes that will brick your psp and i want to go the safe way :P

8721.12.2005 13:47

hi LXHOTBOY My screen name with yahoo is: sieuwsan911 When are you online?? I am most of the time at night online. I think it is your morning or afternoon. I live in the netherlands it is +1gmt Thanks

8822.12.2005 9:14

i followed all the instructions till i had to start the update process in the memory card on the game icon. it gives me the message "The game could not be started. (80020148)". anyone got any help for me. thank you

8922.12.2005 17:46

If i get a japanese white psp can i downgrade it to 1.50 and play US umd movies?

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9025.12.2005 5:28

I'm having the same problem - when i view the Photos on my memory stick - my device freezes and then shutsdown 17 seconds later. I followed all the directions completely and even formatted the memory stick in windows. Does anyone know why this is happening? sieuwsan what did you do to fix your problem?

9126.12.2005 2:37

Do you get the black screen with the funny writing on it before your psp shuts off?

9226.12.2005 3:25

Isn't version 2.0 better than 1.5 ? as it would be newer? could someone fill me in on this please as i got my psp yesterday - x-mas day 2005 and it came with version 2.0 on it already, i have GTA for the psp (if that has anything to do with it) cheers!


9326.12.2005 18:06

HEy guys i have Firm 2.60... do u kno of a way of Ungrading this? : Been lookin Everywhere.. :( lol Cheers, PureGreen

9427.12.2005 5:16

puregreen: Sorry, but it seems to be impossible to downgrade from newer than 2.0 FWs.

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9527.12.2005 5:22

Well i cant say that 2.0 is better than 1.5 just b/c it is newer. Since all of the homebrew doesnot work on the 2.0 version, there may be reason to have the 1.5 at times. That would depend on the user though, depending on exactly what homebrew that want to run and whether it will play on the 2.0. More and more of the homebrew that is already playable with the 1.5V is becoming playable for the 2.0V as each day goes by. At first you couldnot play the snes emu TYL v3 on the 2.0 and i have GTA LCS so i upgraded and downgraded as i needed. After getting a wireless router and finally more of the homebrew i personally like to use like the TYL v.03 becoming usable on the 2.0v i have not downgraded back to the 1.5V because i no longer have any need. In my opinion since i can play all of my homebrew on both versions but the 2.0 has the web browser, i think 2.0 is better to me right now. As for the 2.6V, No you currently is no way to downgrade and you cant play any homebrew. For all of the lastest psp news here is one site that will keep you up-to-date b/c as with the others firmware versions, i am sure 2.6 will be cracked soon.

9627.12.2005 21:00

Cheers.. hope it all goes Well

976.1.2006 10:15

well isnt this strange. Ive tried it for about a thousand times probably a million times. I have jap 2.0 but everytime i went to Photo i cannot see the overflow.tif in fact if i rename it to sonysucks.jpg i can see it as corrupted data. As soon as i rename it to .tif it disappears. Anyone other than me and sieuwsan suffering from this problem?

986.1.2006 10:19

Yes i did, Well my mate did he was askin around about a week he said the same thing he did not hav a Jap on tho..

996.1.2006 10:26

I guess its me, you and sieuwsan. We are pretty much fu%%#% by sony. Any ideas how to get around this problem mate? I really wanna play homebrew.

1006.1.2006 10:28

heh lol i know dude me to :( its gay.. ill have a look around.. but i dotn know how my self coz i cant Evan get it that low!!! :( lol

1016.1.2006 13:10

unluki lads i no wat to do but i upgraded to 2.6 so i cnt do it but if ny1 wants to no jus email me at

1027.1.2006 5:22

Hey guys I notice something else with my version 2.0. I cannot set picture as wallpaper there was no such options and there is also no Internet browser (Network). I dont get it i thought firmware 2.0 suppose to came with that. Anyone got a fake 2.0 like mine?

1038.1.2006 9:04

The problem is that even though you see 2.0 firmware in the settings it is probably still 1.5. I notice that too once when i was fooling around upgrading and downgrading. Basically you have not finished all of the requirement of the downgrade or upgrade process. Let me fool around with mine and i will get back to you with more info on how to help you out.

10410.1.2006 6:35

hey guys I have tried for a very long time to get my PSP fixed. I could not downgrade to 1.5 version. But I tried something different. I bought My psp in HongKong. from the start it was a 2.00 frimware. Then I wanted to downgrade which did not work. As you can see in previous messages. But something was really strange I did not have the browser everyone is talking about and I don't have the option to but the picture as a background So I thought mayb I already have a 1.5 but with that programm installed which will let your psp think that you have the version 2.00 installed onto it. This whay is you play a UMD game it will not ask you to upgrade and you can play most of the game exept GTA. So I downloaded the emulator and put it on my memorystick and put beach.iso in the iso map to try it. And guess what it was running and it is great So I think the shopkeeper already did some weird stuff with my psp but I am Happy now. Hope this will help you out. Cheers

10510.1.2006 6:37

so sonyteak Just try to put a emu on it and try to play virtual tennis or spiderman because these 2 games will 100% work.

10610.1.2006 16:38

Dont forget that games auto update the frimware 0-o so untill they make it where it can auto config itself or soemthign you have to paly hot potato wif the frimware >< OMG sony give it a break they've amde the PSP veristile so what if it can run emluation >< morons...

10711.1.2006 1:27

Hey sieuwsan the answer is in your post! In fact we did get a version 1.x. Someass uses wab version changer on our psp to make the firmware looks as if its 2.0. But in fact we get nothing of the 2.0 capability. So what i did was use the wab ver changer to change it to 1.5 and run the US 2.0. Bingo!!! it works and i gotta tell u 2.0 is much better but anyway i downgraded it to US 1.5 using mph no problem. This will work for you. If u need to play 2.0 games then u just change it to 2.0 and back once ure done.

10817.1.2006 5:48

i need to know how to downgrade from psp 2.60 to 2.00 please someone help me

10917.1.2006 16:35

do a search first next time. There is no way as of now to downgrade 2.6. They have just began to get some simple homebrew working for it. you will just have to wait. Check for progress on the downgrader. I am sure 2.6 will be able to be downgraded soon so check out that site to stay current on new info for the psp.

1102.2.2006 9:18

hi please help i hav firmware 2.0 and want to downgrade to 1.5 i hav put eboot and h.bin and index.dat in the right places but cant find overflow.tiff anywhere please help Thanks

1112.2.2006 10:16

if you have antivirus protection you probably will see a virus alert when you open the file and it deletes the overflow file. Turn off virus protection. Delete the files. Download the files again and try it again. Overflow will be there as long as the virus protection is turned off. The overflow is not a virus but my norton recognized it as one and evertime it would delete the file leaving me looking everywhere for it.

1122.2.2006 10:21

hi thanks for that but everytime i download the file my antivirus deletes a psp trojan and if i turn virus protection off the trojan will brick mi psp won't it??

1132.2.2006 10:24

The overflow is not a virus but my norton recognized it as one and evertime it would delete the file leaving me looking everywhere for it.
It is not a virus and wont brick your psp.

11418.2.2006 0:31

does this works on japanese version

1158.5.2006 11:42

i have done steps 1-5 all the way to update ver 1.50 "When you have booted your PSP again, on the PSP menu go to GAME and scroll down to Memory Stick. Press X." STEP 5 but cant find "UPDATE" in my psp. and yes i have index.dat.bak in my "root" folder

11626.6.2006 21:08

i no of a way 2 dongradwe 2.6 and up wat u do is u frst u go down to 2.5 den go down2 2.0 an dthen u use the mph downgrader trust me i no wat i m talkin bout here tootles

11726.6.2006 21:45

i hafta warn every1 who uses my method tho is that me an my bro both had psps and wee brikked them both but then our rich dad bought us reaplacaments an now they work ok soso with my method of downgrading from 2.6 to 1.5 if any1 has questions email me at

11826.6.2006 21:56

SO if I wanted tog et a PSP what would be best for me a older one thats easier to mod? the newer ones bascily sux to amny new improvements *L*

11918.2.2007 5:43

Originally posted by aceix:
i have done steps 1-5 all the way to update ver 1.50 "When you have booted your PSP again, on the PSP menu go to GAME and scroll down to Memory Stick. Press X." STEP 5
but cant find "UPDATE" in my psp. and yes i have index.dat.bak in my "root" folder
Hi, I'm having the same issues as you....did you get a reply from anyone? It's driving me insane. Please help if you can. Many thanks

12024.5.2007 6:47

can someone help me >.< i cant upgrade to 1.5 for some reason ==" im currently on 1.0 ...and i cant do anything

1217.6.2007 14:10

HELP ME PLEASE everytime i put the overflow into the pictures then go to my psp to open it my psp says there are no images pleas someone help me.

1223.10.2007 19:48

ok so i used psp 3.03 easy downgrade software and i know some hacks want you to do all this manually.this program will gp through all the trouble for you.instead of placing the firmware setup in the image slot it puts it in the game slot.i youtubed it.however, now that i downgraded to 1.5 am i stuck there forever?i have heard about people bricking a system trying uprade.the problem i'm having is that i can't view photos or listen to mp3's.maybe thats just the price i have to pay.are there programs out there that i can use to get these functions back?sorry this is long but this is new to me.if there is anything you can do or point in the right direction it would be apprectiated.

12314.11.2007 18:32

I seen a person playing nes games on his psp and it said version 3.71 m33-2. My question is how and what version can be upgraded or downgraded to that version. Thank you

12413.12.2007 16:54

Dude can anyone please help me in this situation i have psp Fat and the Firmware Iam running is 3.73 and i want to downgrade it but ido not know how to use the Pandora Battery please let me know how to install it on the psp i have the correct battery its the one made in cheina and we have another psp my brother has one please get back to me

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