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DivX Create bundle for free - today only

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Sep 2005 1:44 User comments (75)

DivX Create bundle for free - today only DivX, Inc. celebrated their fifth birthday on last Saturday and to celebrate their birthday, they are giving away their DivX Create Bundle for free. But the offer is valid only for today.
According to their website, the free version is complete, full version and doesn't include any time limits or restrictions. So, save yourself $19.95 now and visit their website to grab your copy of the software. For those of you who don't know what DivX Create is, it is the commercial version of highly-popular DivX that allows creating DivX movies. For those of you who have only need for playback features, you can simply download the DivX Play package, which is already free for all users.

The offer details and the free download for DivX Create are available here:

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75 user comments

129.9.2005 2:01

Cool, ya cant beat free :) This is one cool week ive had so far :)

229.9.2005 2:28

I'll take freeware over shareware or trial versions any day :)

329.9.2005 2:50

Still free at ` Normally about 20 dollars and today for free ! ! !

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429.9.2005 2:50

Yeah same, if you can get something thats meant to be paid for, for free is pretty cool :)

529.9.2005 4:01

Lovely, love free stuff :)

629.9.2005 4:28

Sorry, for goin off topic, but this is weird all the people that have posted so far are senior members :) It looks weird :)

729.9.2005 4:35

Awesome, nothing beats free s@#it.

829.9.2005 4:46

This is great!! Nice one DivX... : )

929.9.2005 4:48

still waiting for my activation code an hour later .... hmmm !! not impressed so far!

1029.9.2005 5:31

SWEET !!! I can't believe they are giving this way!!!

1129.9.2005 6:51

Hmmm...1 and a half hours for me and still no activation key in my email...

1229.9.2005 7:19

I still have not recieved a serial number either and I have tried three separate e-mails . . . I might need to go on a P2P I suppose and look up a serial number. This kinda sucks. Good intentions I suppose but they need to fix the serial number e-mails.

1329.9.2005 7:35

Yeah i aint got mine yet.... might take a while to through *cross fingers*

smoke me a kipper i'll be back for breakfast - Ace

1429.9.2005 7:49

Finally . . . whew! I am now the proud owner of a legitimate, legal copy of this porgram to make DivX! It took about 2 hours so I guess just be patient if you haven't gotten yours yet. Although I must say patience is rapidly becoming a thing of the past in today's instant-everything society.

1529.9.2005 7:55

Only catch, the mpeg2/dvd to DivX plugin is not included...o well, still free! PS. Still waiting for my serial code...{sigh}

1629.9.2005 9:18

6 hours later I finally get a key !!

1729.9.2005 9:26

It's been about 4-5 hours for me and still no key :) edit: @discit am in GMT another edit: just got mine :)

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1829.9.2005 9:36

Exactly, what was the time period for the DivX Create Bundle giveaway? The info I got said today (9/29), yet when I went to the website, it says I missed it. Its 10am on 9/29 where I'm at. What timezone are you in?

1929.9.2005 9:38

Ok... I checked my post timestamp. So why doe the DivX website say I missed it? "Sorry! The one-day DivX five year anniversary giveaway has ended. (Try checking back in September, 2010.)."

2029.9.2005 9:40

ok it was free on the 29/9 right? the offer has now supposedely passed?! :( no divx cre8 4 me then! :(

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2129.9.2005 9:46

ummm, per this article they are giving it away free today, 9-29. Today is 9-29 and I go to the site, but yet it says I am late. What gives? Are they going to let us get it free anymore?

2229.9.2005 9:50

I when to the link in the article. I get a page with the header: Too Slow and the following Head Line: Sorry! The one-day DivX five year anniversary giveaway has ended. (Try checking back in September, 2010.).

2329.9.2005 10:10

Same here! Wtf? -Mike

2429.9.2005 10:22

DivX, what's up? I checked your website, and it says you are based in San Diego, California, where it is definitely still the 29th! You are earning mega bad karma with this bait and switch scheme!

2529.9.2005 10:42

Still waiting for your free serial number? Our giveaway was so popular that there is a large backlog in our mail servers. If you entered a valid e-mail address we will be continuing to send out serial numbers over the next two days. Remember that if you use an e-mail service with mail filtering your serial number may have been diverted into a bulk mail folder.
That's why it stopped early

2629.9.2005 10:42

Question- When is today not today? Answer - When you want to stiop giving away free stuff.. What is up with the bait and switch? How do we log a complaint to get the "free" download converted back to free again? Hey DivX... Do right by us! J

2729.9.2005 10:55

Their product sort of sucks anyway. I'll probably never use it, even for free. And yeah, ending their promotion early just goes to show you how much they respect us consumers.

2829.9.2005 11:04

Same problem here, just got my Afterdawn newsletter, clicked on the link and it says I've missed the offer. What a cheek..!!! I want my money back...oh hang on...I never paid anything....drat and double drat!!!

2929.9.2005 11:26

While the DivX Create bundle was offered free for the day on Sept. 29th only when you go to the web site they say it's over come back in 2010. I think the offer was a hoax and should be removed from

3029.9.2005 11:49

I got the bundle.

3129.9.2005 12:02

dickcu, its not a hoax, many people got it, you were just late.

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3229.9.2005 12:07

divx can check with me in 2010 to see if I have bought anything from them after this "when is the 29th NOT the 29th" trick.

3329.9.2005 12:15

I just got it, its great

3429.9.2005 12:26

DVDBack23 Okay so you don't want to call it a hoax. Call it a sham. Call it anything you want but advertising something free for the day and ending it half-way through is still phoney advertising. I'm sure many people were happy they got in early and I'm happy for them. I'm also certain there will be just as many disappointed people who came late, but still during the free time period, who were left out. If their servers are tied up sending out keys that's to be understood but to pull the offer altogether is not the method good businesses operate under.

3529.9.2005 12:26

Agree...bait & switch, hoax, whatever! If it's good to the first 10 or 20 then say so NOT today only (which implies to me 24 hours). Misleading advertising sucks big time.

3629.9.2005 12:29

The offers end on the 29th right but did they actually give a time when it would end or did everybody expect it to be from 12 to 12?

aye aye man

3729.9.2005 12:36

I tried ordering around 10AM PST

3829.9.2005 12:45

Mine went through this morning when I did it but I still haven't received the registration code. And I'm watching my spam bucket as well.

3929.9.2005 12:52

What time did you place your order, and what time zone are you in? Since I tried to place my order ~10AM PST, that would be the same as ~1PM EST. But it seems that 10AM PST was too late.

4029.9.2005 12:55

Bad Advertising... not to mention bad karma If they didn't want to give away all those free licenses, they could do 'free software to first (substitute number here) respondents' But they didn't... and now they look as unprofessional as only a company that got caught with their pants down can look

4129.9.2005 12:58

I just went and read the note on their website: it says it may take several days to send out the codes. However, since they did not send out a confirmation email (mine was entered around 10:00 AM EST), and since they obviously "regret" doing this having cancelled it early, I suspect they'd be just as happy to forget to send them.

4229.9.2005 12:58

@ sn4keeyez Posting/Offering/Linking to warez sites is against the forum rules. You know, the rules you were supposed to read before posting.. -Mike

4329.9.2005 13:18

Divx is crap anyway, get Power DVD instead. Its much better.

4429.9.2005 13:21

BAIT AND SWITCH is an illegal form of advertising. It's not like DivX ran out of serial numbers. You can still buy it, and I bet they got a lot of orders today with this illegal ad. Thanks for pissing me off AfterDawn. lol!

4529.9.2005 13:32

I got mine around 9:20am PST, you clowns just need to get up earlier.

4629.9.2005 14:09

Okay, I got a key from DivX. I was just minutes too late, however for good cutomer service, they provided me a key anyway. It's no scam. It was 24 hours globally so they picked an abitrary start time.

4729.9.2005 15:00

dcmaroow Did you call them?

4829.9.2005 15:03

I have 2 of them because i didnt think it worked, so would i be allowed to give one away???

4929.9.2005 15:15

it's called...sell it lmfao

5029.9.2005 15:33

I sent mine out at about 9:00 am EST and I went to bed about 11:00 am,and still had not received mine...upon waking up I got mine at 5:53pm

My robot is mad!

5129.9.2005 17:25

I stop by AfterDawn three times a day or more. The instant I saw this I clicked the link and the offer had expired already. XviD looks better anyway IMO.

5229.9.2005 18:01

Hey DikDimond!!! Aliens do not exist. Everyone knows that earth is the only mass in the universe that has life on it. Duh...

5329.9.2005 23:21

Total crap. I checked afterdawn several times today like I do everyday. It expired in my time zone before the time advertised. I have a DivX certified DVD player and thought this company was one worth supporting and then they pull this crap.

5429.9.2005 23:50

Are you sure about that i mean have they seen every universe and solar system??? Besides , I chose it from alien, as in alien 1,2,3,4 and AvP :)

5530.9.2005 0:54

You guys are idiots. The news was posted late here, that's why the offer didn't seem to last long. I got mine on the 28th early in the evening.

5630.9.2005 2:58

Part of the reason why they were doing this, was to promote DivX inc. Seems like they've quite the opposite as far as pulling the offer down goes. If it's due to server issues, that's alright, but to pull the offer down early is a bit of a sham.. -Mike

5730.9.2005 3:02

You guys are idiots

5830.9.2005 4:55

Update -- I did get in on time (yesterday morning): Still no email from them :(

5930.9.2005 5:06

Usually when I have clicked on a link like this DivX Create deal , the e-mail shows up right away. It did not so I clicked again. Nothing . I clicked on it using another email address. Nothing. I clicked again , using my original e-mail address. Now it said ,email address already registered. Still no e-mail. Later the link said the offer expired. Oh well I checked my e-mail today. I have 3 serial numbers.... Lifes a bitch sometimes

6030.9.2005 7:41

mx6bfast, I used their online feedback form. Helpdesk I got a response with s SN faster than a lot of people did who actually got in on time. It goes to show you that they take care of their help desk. They do have a lot at stake over the next 5 years. MPEG4 is going to replace MPEG2 on several levels, to help with HD content.

6130.9.2005 7:58

You are talking about MPEG-4 replacing MPEG-2. Give me an explanation about what the differences between all the MPEG's are because I looked some up at the glossary but not too informative. I read somewhere that even Blu-Rays and HDDVD were going to still be MPEG-2's.

6230.9.2005 8:57

They really should start making MPEG-4 the norm with the release of BluRay and HD-DVD. It shouldn't even be a matter of opinion, everyone knows that it can create a better quality at a lower bitrate. I haven't recieved an e-mail yet, but it would only be a dissapointment if it isn't recieved. Oh well...

6330.9.2005 9:09

I feel bad for you guys cause this deal was legit. I actually got 2 free keys from them on the same email (lol glitch in the system). I don't really like DivX much but I got a real licence key free so who cares. Here is what the email looks like. Your Free DivX Product Serial Number Thank you for joining us in our fifth anniversary celebration and, if you are new to DivX, welcome to the family! Today we are pleased to offer you the DivX Create Bundle, including the DivX Player, DivX Pro 6 codec and DivX Converter, absolutely free. Here is your free DivX Create serial number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You can download the DivX Create Bundle from:" class="korostus" target="_blank"> To learn more about what you can do with DivX software, read on. Use DivX Converter to create high quality DivX media files with advanced features like scene selection menus and video metadata using a simple three step process: Drag, Drop, Click ‘Convert.’ DivX Converter uses the same advanced technology available in the DivX Pro 6 codec to compress your video but without the need to worry about advanced settings or third-party software. Store video on your hard drive, e-mail it to friends or even watch it right on your TV with any DivX Certified DVD player. Use DivX Pro 6 to leverage the full power of the DivX 6 codec and create stunning high-quality video with compression that is hard to believe. The DivX 6 codec works like a plug-in inside many video applications and enables you to export production-quality DivX video straight from your editing environment with maximum control over quality and performance settings. If you are serious about creating professional digital video content you need DivX Pro 6. The DivX codec also adds DivX video playback support within many popular media players. Use DivX Player to watch all types of DivX media, including DivX 3, 4, 5 and 6 video, and experience the new DivX Media Format in all its glory. The DivX Media Format, introduced in DivX 6, supports advanced interactive features like multiple subtitles, alternate audio tracks, interactive video menus, chapter points and video tags. DivX Player is a completely free download from, so anyone can watch the files you make using the DivX Create package. About the DivX Media Format To learn more about the advanced features of the DivX Media Format, and to download a sample movie, visit:" class="korostus" target="_blank"> About the DivX Converter MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in Unfortunately we are not able to give away the DivX Converter MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in for free. If you want to convert MPEG-2/DVD sources to DivX, you may purchase it as an add-on for DivX Converter by following this link: Again, thank you for your interest in DivX video technology. We look forward to seeing your creations! - The DivX Team

6430.9.2005 9:14

If you haven't gotten your SN yet, open up a call ticket in help desk. Wait unit tomorrow. MPEG2 is 1GB per Hour, DVB 544x480. (SVHS quality) MPEG2 is 1.5 to 2GB per Hour DVB 704x480 (DVD quality) MPEG2 is DVD 720x480. (Normal quality) Bit rate as a lot of impact on file size. MPEG4 is 250MB per hour, 544x480 (SVHS quality) MPEG4 is 600MB per hour, 900x500 (HD quality) The actual difference is MPEG4 is 4 times smaller for the same video quality as MPEG2. When you consider HD content, where one hour of MPEG HD could be as large as 8 to 10GB, this makes a big difference. HD-DVD is 25GB, with MPEG2, there's room for one movie and some extras. With MPEG4 its the same as a 100GB disc. Effectivly giving you room for 4 HD movies.

6530.9.2005 9:52

u guys are bunch of idiots r what i got my like a hour later except it's in the junk pile.

6630.9.2005 10:21

I don't know what is funnier, the fact that you are calling me an idiot, or the fact that the person calling people an idiot posts like he has a 1st grade education. Wow.

6730.9.2005 15:45

for those of you still complaining about the deal ending early read my previous post... "The news was posted late here, that's why the offer didn't seem to last long. I got mine on the 28th early in the evening."

681.10.2005 8:28

It looks like none of you think in TIME ZONES in spite of a membership that spreads all over the globe.

691.10.2005 19:25

update--I checked the online support system; while my code never actually got emailed to me, it was supplied in response to the trouble ticket.

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702.10.2005 17:36

it didn't work with certain email addresses.

7113.10.2005 0:56

it didn't work with certain email addresses.
Like my hotmaill and gmail address... Well i got it work (thanks p2p)

7225.12.2005 4:00

I did not receive any DivX create serial number even ehen the offer is on. I would greatley appreciate if anyone send the DivX create serial number through my email as i am urgently in need of one. Thanks and I hope i would get the serial number through my email soon.

7325.12.2005 5:45

Had you read the forum rules, you would have noticed that is is against them, to request serials/passwords. Your fate is now left upto the mods.. -Mike

7425.12.2005 6:05

xbx360ps3 No...

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7525.12.2005 15:22

xbx360ps3, this offer expired at the end of September. Even some of the fast-clickers weren't quick enough.

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