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FlashGot v1.5.6.2

Win2k / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
FlashGot is a free Mozilla/Firefox/Flock/Thunderbird/Netscape extension, meant to handle single and massive downloads with several external Download Managers. It has really impressive support for almost all available external download managers. You can have several download managers installed on your computer, at the time of download, you just need to choose which one of them you prefer to use.


FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4 FlashGot v1.0.4.4

flashgot mozilla firefox flock thunderbird netscape extension

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 26 Mar 2015
Downloads 19,608
File size 380.39 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Win2k / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

26 Mar 2015FlashGot v1.5.6.12(Latest stable version)
15 Mar 2015FlashGot v1.5.6.11
01 Feb 2015FlashGot v1.5.6.10
21 Jan 2015FlashGot v1.5.6.9
22 Nov 2014FlashGot v1.5.6.8
12 Oct 2014FlashGot v1.5.6.7
09 Oct 2014FlashGot v1.5.6.6
03 Sep 2014FlashGot v1.5.6.5
08 Aug 2014FlashGot v1.5.6.3
20 Jul 2014FlashGot v1.5.6.2
13 Jul 2014FlashGot v1.5.6.1
27 Jun 2014FlashGot v1.5.6
08 Jun 2014FlashGot v1.5.5.99
12 Mar 2014FlashGot v1.5.5.98
17 Feb 2014FlashGot v1.5.5.97
26 Jan 2014FlashGot v1.5.5.96
18 Nov 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.95
28 Oct 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.94
09 Sep 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.8
30 May 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.5
14 May 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.4
04 May 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.3
15 Apr 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.2
01 Apr 2013FlashGot v1.5.5.1
23 Mar 2013FlashGot v1.5.5
07 Mar 2013FlashGot v1.5.4.3
23 Feb 2013FlashGot v1.5.4.2
10 Feb 2013FlashGot v1.5.4.1
28 Jan 2013FlashGot v1.5.4
17 Jan 2013FlashGot v1.5.3
22 Dec 2012FlashGot v1.5.2
12 Dec 2012FlashGot v1.5.1
09 Nov 2012FlashGot v1.4.8.6
26 Oct 2012FlashGot v1.4.8.5
16 Oct 2012FlashGot v1.4.8.4
05 Oct 2012FlashGot v1.4.8.3 RC 1
02 Oct 2012FlashGot v1.4.8.2
12 Aug 2012FlashGot v1.4.8.1
12 Jul 2012FlashGot v1.4.7
25 Jun 2012FlashGot v1.4.6
16 May 2012FlashGot v1.4.5
19 Apr 2012FlashGot v1.4.3
18 Apr 2012FlashGot v1.4.2
15 Mar 2012FlashGot v1.4.1
03 Mar 2012FlashGot v1.4
18 Feb 2012FlashGot v1.3.9
08 Feb 2012FlashGot v1.3.8
22 Jan 2012FlashGot v1.3.7
21 Nov 2011FlashGot v1.3.5
30 Oct 2011FlashGot v1.3.4
04 Oct 2011FlashGot v1.3.3
20 Sep 2011FlashGot v1.3.2
07 Sep 2011FlashGot v1.3.1
25 Aug 2011FlashGot v1.3.0.6
12 Aug 2011FlashGot v1.3.0.5
27 Jul 2011FlashGot v1.3.0.4
04 Jul 2011FlashGot v1.3.0.3
17 Jun 2011FlashGot v1.3.0.2
24 May 2011FlashGot v1.3.0.1
22 May 2011FlashGot v1.3
03 May 2011FlashGot v1.2.9.4
17 Apr 2011FlashGot v1.2.9.3
15 Apr 2011FlashGot v1.2.9.2
19 Mar 2011FlashGot v1.2.8.5
26 Feb 2011FlashGot v1.2.8.4
16 Feb 2011FlashGot v1.2.8.2
26 Jan 2011FlashGot v1.2.8.1
08 Jan 2011FlashGot v1.2.8
17 Dec 2010FlashGot v1.2.7
03 Dec 2010FlashGot v1.2.6
19 Nov 2010FlashGot v1.2.5
05 Nov 2010FlashGot v1.2.4
23 Oct 2010FlashGot v1.2.3
15 Oct 2010FlashGot v1.2.2.1
28 Sep 2010FlashGot v1.2.2
14 Sep 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.31
30 Aug 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.30
03 Jul 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.27
26 Jun 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.26
07 Jun 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.23
11 Apr 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.21
11 Mar 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.17
19 Feb 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.15
17 Feb 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.14
25 Jan 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.10
04 Jan 2010FlashGot v1.2.1.09
24 Dec 2009FlashGot v1.2.1.08
13 Dec 2009FlashGot v1.2.1.04
06 Dec 2009FlashGot v1.2.1
23 Nov 2009FlashGot v1.2.0.9
10 Nov 2009FlashGot v1.2.0.8
20 Oct 2009FlashGot v1.2.0.7
28 Sep 2009FlashGot v1.2.0.6
08 Sep 2009FlashGot v1.2.0.4
21 Aug 2009FlashGot v1.2.0.2
03 Aug 2009FlashGot v1.2
08 Jul 2009FlashGot v1.1.9.8
21 Jun 2009FlashGot v1.1.9.6
15 Jun 2009FlashGot v1.1.9.4
30 May 2009FlashGot v1.1.9
09 May 2009FlashGot v1.1.8.7
18 Apr 2009FlashGot v1.1.8.6
29 Mar 2009FlashGot v1.1.8.5
19 Mar 2009FlashGot v1.1.8
26 Feb 2009FlashGot v1.1.7.9
13 Feb 2009FlashGot v1.1.7.8
27 Jan 2009FlashGot v1.1.7.7
24 Jan 2009FlashGot v1.1.7.6
11 Jan 2009FlashGot v1.1.7.2
28 Dec 2008FlashGot v1.1.7
16 Dec 2008FlashGot v1.1.6
01 Dec 2008FlashGot v1.1.5
13 Nov 2008FlashGot v1.1.4
24 Oct 2008FlashGot v1.1.3
05 Oct 2008FlashGot v1.1.2
20 Sep 2008FlashGot v1.1.1.6
07 Sep 2008FlashGot v1.1.1.1
31 Aug 2008FlashGot v1.1
11 Aug 2008FlashGot v1.0.5
13 Jul 2008FlashGot v1.0.4.5
10 Jul 2008FlashGot v1.0.4.4
23 Jun 2008FlashGot v1.0.4.2
21 Jun 2008FlashGot v1.0.4
11 Jun 2008FlashGot v1.0.3
29 May 2008FlashGot v1.0
06 May 2008FlashGot v0.9.9
18 Apr 2008FlashGot v0.9.7
07 Apr 2008FlashGot v0.9.5
25 Mar 2008FlashGot v0.9
13 Mar 2008FlashGot v0.8.8
02 Mar 2008FlashGot v0.8.3
18 Feb 2008FlashGot v0.8.1
17 Feb 2008FlashGot v0.8
06 Feb 2008FlashGot v0.7.9
26 Jan 2008FlashGot v0.7.7
17 Jan 2008FlashGot v0.7.5
02 Jan 2008FlashGot v0.7.2
22 Dec 2007FlashGot v0.7.1
28 Nov 2007FlashGot v0.7
15 Nov 2007FlashGot v0.6.9.9
01 Nov 2007FlashGot v0.6.9.7
24 Oct 2007FlashGot v0.6.9.3
18 Oct 2007FlashGot v0.6.9.1
29 Sep 2007FlashGot v0.6.9
08 Sep 2007FlashGot v0.6.8
07 Sep 2007FlashGot v0.6.7
03 Sep 2007FlashGot v0.6.5
29 Aug 2007FlashGot v0.6.4
16 Jul 2007FlashGot v0.6.2
15 Jul 2007FlashGot v0.6.1
07 Jun 2007FlashGot v0.5.99
04 Jun 2007FlashGot v0.5.98.070331
29 Mar 2007FlashGot v
29 Mar 2007FlashGot v0.5.98.070327
03 Mar 2007FlashGot v0.5.98.070302
01 Mar 2007FlashGot v0.5.98
07 Feb 2007FlashGot v0.5.97.03
30 Nov 2006FlashGot v0.5.97.02
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FlashGot v1.1.4

I had been using flashget which was introduced to me by RUBY or is it the rube now ?? for a long time as its a fantastic way to send large files at a bandwidth you can regulate and without eating up your own at the same time. this new version has the bugs worked out of it and can handle even larger files now that it has competition from fileflyer and pando. <br/>all in all I like it and plan on using it along time. <br/> <br/> The Dr. Mengle aka the ghost