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eMule v0.43a released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Jul 2004 2:44 User comments (2)

eMule v0.43a released A new version of the highly popular open source P2P tool, eMule, has been released. The new version, eMule v0.43a includes tons of changes since the previous version (v0.42g) and most notably tries to address several security issues. The full changelog is here:
  • bluecow/. : eMule now supports PeerCache, a technology which allows ISPs to reduce the bandwidth usage by caching instead of throttling the downloadspeed
  • Unk: Option to block people from adding you as a friend through SMIRC.
  • Ornis: Option to auto resume paused downloads only for same category as a completed download (additional to option of prefering same category)
  • Ornis: Dont show "new message" loginfo for filtered messages
  • bluecow: eMule is entering defcon level 3..
    • *) TCP connection attempts from filtered IPs are refused right at TCP protocol level.
    • *) TCP connection attempts from banned clients are refused at TCP protocol level.
    • *) LowID callback requests from servers are dropped if IP is filtered or banned.
    • *) Received sources (servers, source exchange) are filtered to drop already banned clients.
    • *) All UDP packets from banned clients are ignored.
    • *) Extra safety code to prevent connecting to an IP filtered IP or banned client.
  • .: eMule can open the ports it needs on the internal WinXP(SP1 or 0) firewall itself either permanently (connection pref) or on each startup (extended settings)
  • zz: Possible fix to the reported cases when eMule doesn't reach the upload limit.
  • bluecow: Added some protocol procedure sanity checks to avoid getting flooded by bugged clients.
  • bluecow: Fixed a flaw in the IP filter which lead to not reading some lines from PeerGuardian filter lists which had a bad format.
  • bluecow: Added new context menu item in Shared Files window (only for completed '' files) to install eMule Skins.
  • zz: Changed upload bandwidth throttler to minimize the number of ACK packets.
  • zz: Some changes to speed up UploadSpeedSense preparing phase, when a ttl doesn't respond to pings. Also changed the upload limit during preparing phase to 2 KB/s instead of 512 bytes/s to prevent kademlia from getting false "firewalled" status.
  • zz: Changed the equal-for-all implementation in upload bandwidth throttler to minimize packet fragmentation on tcp level.
  • bluecow: Reworked the 'charset' selection for emule web interface to use proper codepage value in returned HTML code.
  • bluecow: Reworked searching via web interface in relation to file type search parameter. (New web templates!)
  • bluecow: Changed option to remove dead servers: Any server which exceeds a max. failure limit is removed from server list.
  • bluecow: Added "Document" file type for published files and also to search parameter for eD2K and Kad.
  • Ornis: Splitted statistics to be stored in "Statistics.ini"
  • bluecow: Many small fixes for changing language during runtime.
  • zz: Improved a4af manager. Set the file you want first to "high" download priority (priorities now effects a4af decisions). You can chose to get the files in a category in their alphabetical order. A source may be (automatically) swapped to another file to enable source exchange on that file. Respects reask times in all cases, so it may take a while before sources are moved (but this change prevents banning due to a4af actions).
  • bluecow: Added unzipping of IP filter files from PeerGuardian ZIP files.
  • Unk: Completely reworked the gui structure for SMIRC.
  • Unk: SMIRC will now get available channel modes from the server on connect.
  • Unk: You can now set/unset TypeD channel modes.. You can also unset TypeC channel modes. (More support may be added later)
  • bluecow: Reworked IP Filter tool window to support large IP filter lists more effeciently.
  • bluecow: Added progress information for part files when getting hashed or copied to incoming folder.
  • bluecow: Added color customization (via skin profile) for server info, log, chat and IRC windows.
  • .: Added loglevels for verbose output in order to allow showing only important messages
  • .: Fixed a bug which caused that some known contacts were never deleted, even if not needed anymore
  • .: Complete sources are now shown as percentage in a new column. If there are zero complete sources for a file, this colum is marked red
  • Unk: SMIRC will now get available user modes from the server on connect to allow it to use servers that use non standard usermodes.
  • Unk: SMIRC Now creates a dynamic nick menu showing which Op commands are available based on the user you click and user modes available.
  • Unk: SMIRC can now handle an nicklist from the server that contains ALL usermodes not just the major mode.
  • Unk: SMIRC is now able to detect what type of MODE change was done so it can handle/display it correctly.
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with inaccurate completed size for part files.
  • bluecow: Couple of minor bug fixes and optimisations in bar shader related usage for part files and downloading/uploading clients.
  • bluecow: Fixed bug which sometimes draws randomly yellow blocks for sources.
  • Ornis: Category-wide resume will now also care for out-of-diskspace-paused downloads
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with specifying empty directories for incoming and temp folders.
  • bluecow: Added server LowID statistics to Server and Statistics window.
  • bluecow: Added stats for showing amount of data saved by I.C.H.
  • bluecow: Added saving/restoring of corrupted part list to part.met files so that I.C.H. can work on those parts even after eMule was restarted.
  • bluecow: Fixed potential crash bug under Win98 with helper icon in search parameters window.
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with wrong part count for very large files. [thx Pichuein]
  • bluecow: Fixed bug in Directory preferences dialog which changed the active directory.
  • Ornis: Fixed a bug in the toolbar button code, when all buttons were removed
  • Ornis: (possibly) fixed the issue of misplaced category tabs (couldnt reproduce it at all, for testing)
  • Ornis: Fixed webinterface exploit (content length misuse)
  • bluecow: Added context menu command for creating eD2K links with hashsets to Shared Files window.
  • bluecow: Fixed data rate control for rates > 80kb [thx zz]
  • bluecow: Properly completing and sharing of files when no hashset is available.
  • bluecow: Files without hashsets are no longer shared until they are completed or a hashset was received.
  • bluecow: Added support for HTTP redirection for websources.
  • bluecow: Added icons for websources in transfer window.
  • bluecow: Added a setting to preferences.ini (Section "Statistics", Keyword "SaveInterval") to specify the time interval in seconds for saving statistics. Default value is 60 sec.
  • Ornis: title tags for images in Webinterface template "chicane" [mARKUS]
  • bluecow: Added pasting of extended eD2K links for http:// sources and hashsets.
  • bluecow: Added downloading from http:// sources.
  • Unk: Rewrote most of the core of SMIRC to make it more stable and faster..
  • Unk: I now read the entire receive buffer in SMIRC's socket on each receive. Messages were getting left in the buffer and backlog'd..
  • Unk: SMIRC connection status could get a little messed up and not tell the user it failed to connect. (fix)
  • Unk: Added a simple nick completer to SMIRC.
  • Unk: Updated zz's USS and throttler.. With some modifications.. (I'm commiting this because I know blue wants to merge, this is still a work in progress..)
  • bluecow: Fixed crash with downloading of several files with same filename and reloading the shared files list.
  • bluecow: Optimized periodically stats file writing.
  • bluecow: Added filehash evaluation for completed part files when hashset is missing.
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with duplicate scrollbars in search window.
  • bluecow: Kad search expression parsing: The Kad keyword is now part of the ed2k search expression to support " " expressions.
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with receiving of new ed2k meta tags which used a too large tag type range for string types.
  • bluecow: Removed auto restoring of search parameters when a search results tab is selected and/or closed.
  • bluecow: Reworked saving of onlinesig.dat to provide better support for other applications which are reading that file concurrently.
  • bluecow: Changed all file shareing modes (at OS level only) to allow read only access by other applications.
  • bluecow: eD2K and Kad searches are shown as still active or stopped with an appropriate icon in the search results list.
  • bluecow: Inactive search results panes show new received search results with red colored text in tab control.

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14.7.2004 11:58

oh holy god save me, more guide updating :(

26.7.2004 6:40

All in the name of progress! :P

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