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SlySoft updates AnyDVD and CloneCD

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Jul 2004 10:19 User comments (1)

SlySoft updates AnyDVD and CloneCD SlySoft has updated both of their higly popular products. CloneCD is the 'original' disc to disc duplicator for protected CDs, while AnyDVD is an extremely powerful driver for disabling DVD and AudioCD copy protections.
  • New: Greatly improved read speed of CSS protected DVDs with Plextor Drives PXW-708 and PXW-712 For the improved speed you must set AnyDVD's drive speed control to "Fast & Noisy"
  • New: Added simple Editor to change CSS Key values or the "substitute" flag in the AnyDVD archive
  • New: Improved display of Title Sets in CSS key archive browser
  • New: Windows AutoInsertNotification will be temporary disabled, if the Settings window is open.
  • New: Added "Silent Install" option. (SetupAnyDVD.exe /S)
  • New: The driver will now switch into "Safe Mode" on program exit on Windows 2000/XP
  • New: More conservative driver design on Windows 2000/XP
  • New: Windows 2000/XP driver will automatically adapt its operation depending on the behaviour of the underlying port driver. This greatly improves compatibility with other 3rd party drivers.
  • Change: After a fresh installation of AnyDVD, "SafeMode"is now switched off, because many InterVideo DVDCopy2 customers complained.
  • Change: The disabled "SafeMode" box is no longer checked on Windows 9X/ME, as many customers were confused.
  • Change: Clicking "Default" in the settings dialog will no longer change the "SafeMode" setting.
  • Fix: Changing "Safe Mode" in the settings dialog had no effect, until inserted media has been removed
  • Fix: "Blue Screen of Death" crash 0x7E 0xC0000005 with some applications (e.g., Virtual PC 2004) on Windows 2000/XP
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

  • Change in CloneCDTray: Displays sheep icon on Windows ME
  • Fix in CloneCDTray: Deadlock when clicking into tray icon
  • Fix in ElbyCDFL: "Blue Screen of Death" crash 0x7E 0xC0000005 with
  • some applications (e.g., Virtual PC 2004) on Windows 2000/XP
  • Updated ElbyCDIO
  • Updated languages

    Grap them from SlySoft
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    1 user comment

    114.7.2004 10:21

    why is clone cd still being called the "disc to disc duplicator"? I thought that after version 3.3.4 CloneCD no longer makes exact 1:1 copies. So wouldn't Nero pretty much be the same when copying CDs as these new versions of CloneCD?

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