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DivX v5.2 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2004 14:29 User comments (2)

DivX v5.2 released After quite a long delay, a new version of the popular MPEG-4 codec, DivX, has been released.
The new version has quite a long changelog, but the most notable changes are actually in the distribution method; now the adware version of the DivX has been abandoned and replaced with a fully functional 6-months trial version of the full DivX Pro. Also, now there are two separate editions of the DivX available -- one for the Windows 2000/XP and one for the Windows 98/ME.

The full changelog is here:
  • New:
    • Localized versions for French, German and Japanese
    • Bi-directional coding using an adaptive method
    • Fully adaptive multiple consecutive B-frames
    • MPEG-2/H.263 quantization choice
    • Built-in bitrate calculator
    • Update checking tool
    • Automatic update notification for the DivX encoder
    • Fast mode, revamped for better performance, compression and quality
    • Feedback mode which is now multithreaded, taking advantage of HyperThreaded or dual CPU for better efficiency
    • 3 point GMC support in the DivX decoder
  • Changed:
    • "Slowest" mode removed as the quality differential with "Slow" mode was insignificant, yet the performance differential was massive
    • DivX Pro Adware bundle replaced by DivX Pro 6-month free trial
  • Improved:
    • Smooth playback supporting multiple consecutive B-frames
    • Quantizer, now using quant scale in video packets
  • Fixed (Encoder):
    • A rare issue where rate control sometimes inserted Q=31 frames in video combining low light conditions, high bitrate and specific motion patterns
    • Fastest mode to respect the user-specified average bitrate (Old "Fastest" behavior can be obtained by disabling profiles and performing 1-Pass, Quality-based encoding with Q=3)
  • Fixed (Decoder):
    • A crash occurring in some rare cases with clips that have dimensions divisible only by 2 and use YUY2 color mode
    • Black screen when decoding old buggy MPEG-4 clips that lack VOL header
    • Internal flush operation with "Smooth playback" feature
    • Intra inverse quantization (type 1)
    • Support for generic MPEG-4 (XVID and 3ivX)
    • Data partitioning clip
    • Deblocking to no longer cause solid blocks to appear during playback
    • DivX decoder to always play DivX video

Download the trial version for Win2k/XP from here:

...and for Win98/ME from here:

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2 user comments

118.7.2004 22:40

Well finally... But no new DivX player? The only thing that doesn´t work for me and still no update?

218.7.2004 23:10

yea ive been waiting too

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