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Easy CD-DA Exctractor update

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 20 Jul 2004 10:45 User comments (1)

Easy CD-DA Exctractor update Software developers don't have summer vacations? Well that's just fair, since web administrators don't have either.
Poikosoft has released a quite significant update to their famous audio CD ripper, that is best known of it's ability to bypass copy protections. Now everyone has the chance to try the software as the changelog promises that there are no functional limitations in the trial version. Also included are a couple of fixes and improvements.
Changes for Easy CD-DA Extractor 7.0.9:
  • Compilation discs are now handled better; Different Output Filename(s) field for Compilation and Normal CD's
  • A little bug where the file handle was left open in Musepack decoder fixed
  • ID3 track number in Audio File Format Converter no longer gives "Integer Error" when the field is cleared
  • The Audio CD Ripper tracklist component updated, now works perfectly with commands from "Edit" menu
  • Sample rate conversions are now up to 5 times faster, but still with best possible sound quality
  • Trial version no longer contains any functional limitations
  • Download now!

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    1 user comment

    121.7.2004 8:49

    Oh come on, web administrators should take a holiday right now! It is the Summer Holidays :) I just went to Niagra Falls in one of those 6 star hotels. Only overnight though, too expensive for a whole week! Rooms were so damn big, and we had a bubble bath and 2 queen sized beds and 1 king. Anyway, onto the main point: I've tried this, and it's really really good. The user interface is really easy to understand and use, and it's quick with practically no bugs.

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