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CloneCD 5 beta adds DVD support

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 29 Jul 2004 12:06 User comments (9)

CloneCD 5 beta adds DVD support Not a day without a news release from Slysoft. The foxy software developers and distributors have updated the legendary CloneCD software to support reading and writing of most DVD formats. CloneCD appears not to defeat DVD protections, but Slysoft offers the AnyDVD driver as a solution for that.
CloneCD Beta:
  • New: Added ability to read most DVD formats. Note: DVD must not be copy protected, use AnyDVD if it is
  • New: Added ability to write DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW,DVD+R Dual Layer and DVD-RAM
  • New: Added ability to erase DVD-RW and DVD+RW
  • New: Added .dvd "split file" image format. This format works with FAT32 partitions and is compatible with VirtualCloneDrive.
  • New: Added ability to write .iso and .udf formats created with other applications (e.g., Nero, DVD2One, DVDShrink or CloneDVD)

  • Source: SlySoft

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    9 user comments

    129.7.2004 13:51

    Slysoft are an excellent firm, But I have given up having any dvd etc on my pc, as your article says not a day goes by without news from slysoft, Very True Until recently lt it was a case of not a day goes by that I had to uninstall and reinstall an upgrade or replace a dodgy broken anydvd , I didnt want my pcs registry in tatters so despite the software being first rate too many updates in the past has left me looking at a blank or error message and having to battle to rescue my computer, A lot of companys seem to be guilty of lots of upgrades and fixes,I dont know if anyone else shares my views if you have a good program especially like anydvd Unless its really essential leave it alone

    230.7.2004 11:09

    Most groups are always tweaking there software this will always happen. John179

    330.7.2004 19:24

    Well, with updates, they can either "pack" it in weekly/monthly releases, or release it as soon as they can. Since I have a broadband connection, I opt for the second option. Personally, I don't use CloneCD that much, as it doesn't produce .bin and .cues effectively. Or maybe it's the way I burn it.

    41.8.2004 22:17

    CloneCD doesn't make .bin/.cue files at all. it makes its own kind of files: .ccd, .img, .sub. The ccd is what is used for the actual image, and im not sure what the img files do, but the sub stores the subchannel data.

    57.8.2004 3:34

    AnyDVD IS A DIRECT COPY OF DVD Region+css Free.Which I have been using succesfully on my computer for some time now.I hope Slysoft have payed the owners for the code they are using considering the price they are charging for anyDVD. Alex M.

    67.8.2004 17:29

    daemonzx6, it actually used to make .bin and .cue files, so that's why I put "effectively". It burns .bin and .cue files perfectly though.

    724.9.2004 6:22

    hi all! there's a way to burn back a game with the ccd file corrupted? and if it doesnt, there's a way to repair it? ty all guys, i'll be waiting 4 ur answers! :)

    824.9.2004 9:32

    Probably not. The only way I can think of repairing it is replacing it, which is hardly a method =) Anyway, that was an off-topic post.

    Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

    925.9.2004 2:10

    well ty for the answer, even tho that wasnt what i was wishing to read! i'm sorry if i did a off-topic post, i'm a newbie, i dont know at all ur rules. i'll be trying to be more careful since now! ;) ty all

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