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DVDXCopy v1.4 released!

Written by Jari Ketola @ 28 Jan 2003 4:44 User comments (12)

DVDXCopy v1.4 released! 321Studios has released version 1.4 of their popular DVD backup software DVDXCopy. The new version brings tons of much requested features such as:
·Windows 98 SE & Millennium Edition support
·Gearworks now used as the default burning engine
·Option to use Nero as an external burning engine (requires full, registered version of Nero Burning Rom)

You can find more information and the v1.4.0 update at

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12 user comments

128.1.2003 15:33

My dvdxcopy stop running and give me an error message after 78 percent completion what is the problem.

228.1.2003 16:51

I made the sad mistake of deleting version 1.3, which was working fine. Now this 1.4 version won't work, I keep getting "can't initialize DVD burn library" or something to that effect. WHY DO THEY RELEASE IT WHEN IT STILL HAS BUGS? I tried to go back and download 1.3, but it's gone. Never again...

329.1.2003 3:24

I just read that this new version has problems and it does work with windows ME. Please advise.

429.1.2003 4:34

I'm having the same problem as shubb. I keep getting "cant initialize DVD burn library", since I put in v 1.4 of DVDXCopy in. I'm using Window 2000 PE, and even v 1.3 only worked about half the time, but had different problems. Is there any fix to the latest problem??

Old Bob

529.1.2003 4:43

I've tried version 1.4 and have a problem: the program split my DVD not at the beginning of a chapter, but 2-3 minutes before the chapter ends. This is fine for movie, but totally disaster when backing up a music DVD. AZMom

629.1.2003 9:28

but hey, it's still a very cool program.. backing up dvd's is tough.. hats off to them for creating the best/only single step backup program..

729.1.2003 9:30

I installed 1.4 works fine, No problems... I just would like to know why they are making Gearworks the default burning engine. When I used version 1.3 for my backups, I never got it to work until I switched to Nero as an external burning engine. Also it plays back on some players while the same disk will give a "BAD DISC" in some players ( set top players)????

829.1.2003 14:56

Can anyone actually prove DVDXcopy is not a SCAM & really works.......who has burned DVD to DVD with a push of 1 button as they claim at 321 Studios ?? I tried everthing & they ( Mary at 321 Studios ) got more money out of me & won't refund my money as promised--NO QUESTIONS ASKED THEY STATE.Has anyone gotten their money back or have they too - been given the run around? I believe the people saying they love their DVDXcopy & how great it is really don't exist & are paid to post make believe reviews to get 321 Studios (DVDXcopy) Millions of dollars for a BOGUS PRODUCT that does NOT WORK - - LOOK at the things said,& one reads that most people are having problems to get the thing to work at all.......SCAM????

929.1.2003 19:38

I've been completely happy with 1.3 that I attained off the self from Fry's. I have been around computers and software long enough to know when something is working you don't want to mess with it. Can anyone give me a good reason(s) why I would want to switch to 1.4? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

1030.1.2003 1:54

TheTruth: Works for me, I use it for DVD-9s that can't be fitted to one DVD-R without re-encoding, so I simply split the disc over two blanks. You can be as sceptic as you want, but AFAIK only problems left are that in some setups some existing DLLs conflict with DVDXCopy. Nice tool. Obviously you wont believe me, because 321 advertises on our site, but that's your problem -- people who know our site and our style know already that for us, such things mean nothing in our reporting. But anyway, all DVDXCopy questions should be posted to DVDXCopy support forums, not here:

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1130.1.2003 9:03

1.4 installs fine, seems to copy dvd, but gives error msg can't initialize dvd burning files". Anyone know what to do to make it work??


1213.2.2003 13:04

I think the people selling the dvdxcopy software are simply pulling a scam I have installed the software upgrades on three diferent occasions and it has never worked. My PC has crashed and restarted on every atempt to burn a dvd with it. Then to add insult to injury on the forth upgrade it tell me that my licience to install the software has expired, and I am still wating for them to getback to me with a new licience ID

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