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LAME 3.94 alpha 11 - testing continues (Update from 4.2.2003)

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 10 Feb 2003 16:14 User comments (7)

LAME 3.94 alpha 11 - testing continues (Update from 4.2.2003) The release of the LAME 3.93 was more or less a failure. The concensus is that the version 3.92 (or it's variant 3.90.2 by Hydrogen Audio people) is still the recommended LAME version to use. As we can see, the latest CDEx version also reverts back to 3.92 LAME engine version.
The MP3 audiophiles now have their ears targeted towards the upcoming LAME 3.94 version, which will include plenty of internal changes. Due to these changes the pre-configured settings for optimal results, the presets, need to be redesigned.

At Hydrogen Audio you can follow and take part in LAME 3.94 alpha testing. Very technical stuff, not at all suitable for newbies.

UPDATE 10.02.2003:

LAME 3.94 has just been updated from alpha 10 to 11, so here's a new link.

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7 user comments

15.2.2003 7:09

My understanding was that 3.93.1 was a good release and fixed the bugs that initially appeared in 3.93 - is this not the case?

27.2.2003 1:21

There is a level of uncertainty. 3.93.1 aims to fix things, but it has not been properly tested and verified for quality. Community around LAME is pretty much ignoring the 3.93 family and working on the 3.94

The old school is back. All hail the new !

310.2.2003 12:09

[sorry mi bad english] Then we should use 3.92?? What is the best version? I decided dont use 3.93.1, is this correct?? Thanks if you can help me

Paz e Porros
Peace and Joints

410.2.2003 20:31

Yes, 3.92 seems to be the recomended one right now.

511.2.2003 10:00

Thanks ghostdog for your comment. I will use 3.92 definitively

Paz e Porros
Peace and Joints

613.2.2003 9:36

I think the FGH encoder in Nero now sounds better than LAME, where as about a year back, I would have been the other way around. LAME 3.92 & 2.94a10 128kbps (-q0)sounds a little watery such as in Bee Gees - You Win Again, where as Nero's MP3 encoder sounds clearer although its high treble isn't as good. Nero's MP4 encoder at 128kbps sounds pretty close to the original and Vorbis ~128kbps sounds identical to the original for me on nearly all songs. At least LAME is one encoder that's still in good development.

729.3.2003 18:10

u used -q0, dont do that, -q0 is broken i think, try -q2 instead. and please turn on joint stereo -mj, because lame has an excellent joint stereo implementation, people tellung joint stereo is bad used xing, and dont know better ;-) but i would suggest u dont use these switches at all, lame was tuned and u can use the --alt-preset option to turn the best switches on automagically... for ur 128 cbr file use: lame --alt-preset cbr 128 in.wav out.mp3 then u should compare... anyways the best quality u get when using: lame --alt-preset standard in.wav out.mp3 but then u dont get a 128 kbit cbr file, ull get a 192 kbit vbr file... but the quality will then be superior! Eugene

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