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VirtualDub v1.5.2 released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 02 May 2003 14:33

A new version of the popular freeware video edition software, VirtualDub has been released. Here's a quote from
Feature-wise, 1.5.2 is a minor release, with fixes for a couple of regressions in the 1.5.x series, as well as some fixes for AVI format incompatibilities with other programs. One new feature is logging, which means VirtualDub now notifies you of issues that it used to silently correct. Another is error control -- you can now tell VirtualDub to attempt to work around decode errors rather than bombing the whole operation. Of course, if a codec crashes, the operation will definitely stop anyway. Finally, you can now convert to any other frame rate, the so-called "fractional decimation" people have been asking for. This feature can actually target any exact AVI rational frame rate, but the UI only allows you to enter the frame rate in ten-thousands of fps. Edit a script directly if you want to hit a specific value. The temporal resampling is point-sampling, so expect some jerkiness if you attempt, say, an NTSC-to-PAL conversion.

You can download the latest version at our sofware archive.

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