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Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 21 May 2003 12:44 User comments (12) releases Dr.DivX DivX Networks have released their much anticipated DivX encoding software. This could really make video encoding mainstream.
  • Encode video into DivX in 3 easy steps
  • Encode from a variety of inputs including MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, AviSynth, WMV, Live Capture and DV
  • Auto-detection of cropping.
  • Auto-detection of interlace and 3:2 pull down.
  • Auto-detection of resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Create and save custom encoding profiles.
  • Batch encoding mode to encode hundreds of video clips with ease.
  • Integrated EKG to fine-tune your video.
  • DivX Certified encoding profiles for playback on DivX Certified hardware devices.
  • Convert any video to high quality DivX in three easy steps

    Dr. DivX now makes the act of creating DivX video as easy as the act of watching it.

    Dr. DivX lets you create DivX video from any source right on your computer in just three easy steps. So now you can take that great video of yours and instantly post it online, burn it to a CD or email it to all your friends.

    Enables ANYONE to encode great looking video

    Brought to you by the same people that created the revolutionary DivX video codec, Dr. DivX is the first and only official DivX Encoding application. Dr. DivX was designed to enable anyone, from the freshest-faced video newbie to the most grizzled encoding veteran, to create great looking DivX video without breaking a sweat. Thanks to Dr. DivX, once a complicated and time-consuming process of compressing and creating high quality video can now be completed with a few simple steps in a matter of seconds.

    Other encoding applications can take up to sixty steps and/or require hands-on knowledge of video encoding techniques and technology. Dr. DivX was designed to allow the average user to dive right into the act of video encoding with no prior experience or expertise.
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    12 user comments

    121.5.2003 17:10

    yeah right why would I pay $49 for a watered down version of virtual dub?

    When Did I Realize I Was God?
    Well I Was Praying And Suddenly
    I Realized I Was Talking To Myself.

    222.5.2003 22:11

    "Dr. Divx now makes the act of creating DivX video as easy as watching it." Uh-huh. *Sure......* (If they say so). I don't plan on spending $50 to find out. I'm glad you're quoting them rather than offering a definitive statement here. We 'grizzled encoding veterans' tend to take announcements like this with a healthy grain of salt. -- Mike --

    323.5.2003 2:19

    Has anyone heard of easydivx, does the same thing for free...



    423.5.2003 2:22 Takes around 2- 4 hours and looks mint. Also anyone heard of the new divx/dvd player... Personally i'm going into dvd's now as it's become so easy.



    523.5.2003 10:51

    Anyone with experience installing this over the older Divx software? I have managed to produce varying anoying conflicts in the past. The price of course is an issue, but if it is really decent software, and not crash and burn-ware I'd probably go for it.

    624.5.2003 19:53

    HA sounds good but on the front page of this site there is a add about Kazaa becoming the top internet site, now wh would i buy a program when i could visit kazaa and get a better one or that one for, FREE!!!!!!!! Gotta LOVE P2P

    725.5.2003 12:39

    I have checked the site, there doesn't seem to be any discount if you already have divxpro (you get it free with this program). Does easydivx encode mpeg files now ?

    825.5.2003 14:38

    I can totally dig on easydivx which is free, whereas Dr. Divx costs $50 and from a theoretical standpoint does the same exact thing. I have used easydivx numerous times and can personally attest that the program does exactly what it advertises, which is convenient for taking multiple movies with me on my laptop when burned to a DVD disc.


    925.5.2003 22:54

    Hey Odyssey I just recently got easy divx, now for the past three days i have been teaching myself on how to burn vcd and svcd's and it is driving me up the wall, now i downloaded easy divx and i used it to rip the dvd but i cant find any directions on how to burn the movie after ripping it!!!! From what i read on the easy divix home page it is intended to burn a whole dvd on a cdr for back up, is that true or do i need a dvdr to burn it on and is it compatiable with my cd writer? In desprate need of help man, some one help me figure out how to burn my avis and my dvds on to cdrs in svcd form please, nero worked but the dang thing always burns them upside down?

    1027.5.2003 0:51

    Hey guys, I have used easydivx for a couple of years now, but I am now moving onto copying dvd's to dvd-r as this is relatively cheap now. However 'kyle737' hope this helps... Easydivx is a application that allows you to back-up a dvd. A dvd is basically a film in mpeg-2 format but spreaded out over gigs of space so that it looks mint. However easydivx re-encodes the dvd files into mpeg-4 format so that you can burn a movie to cd-r. The reason for this is that mpeg-4 is better quality than mpeg-2 @ a smaller size. Here is some instructions on how to get this application to work... Firstly you need to make sure you have the divx codec installed as this is what is used to re-encode the vob files from the dvd. I think the latest easydivx has this included in the installation. 1. - Place a dvd in your dvd drive and open it through powerDVD or whatever software you use to watch a dvd with, make sure you go in and out of every area so that the easydivx has access to all files on the dvd. The reason for doing this is that dvd's are locked and can only be unlocked when being watched, or by using a dvd decrypter which we will leave this at this stage as there is no need to use one. Next open your easydivx application and it should have already chosen the correct files to re-encode. Then just follow the easy steps. Please note you can only play these movies on a PC as dvd players cannot read mpeg-4 format. Well there is currently a divx player that has just come out..



    1122.6.2003 16:14

    Does a moderator want to remove that key gen site?

    123.7.2005 13:27

    yes =)

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