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321 Studios launches "Five Days of Protest" campaign

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Mar 2004 13:17 User comments (13)

321 Studios launches "Five Days of Protest" campaign 321 Studios, the company behind DVD X Copy products, launched yesterday a consumer activism campaign called "Five Days of Protest" which does exactly what it says; encourages consumers to make their voices heard by the lawmakers and by the rest of the public.
The "schedule" includes public demonstrations, email campaigns, phone campaign targeting studio executives and a campaign that spreads the message of fair use rights across the Net discussion boards, chat rooms and forums.


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13 user comments

12.3.2004 16:33

phone campaign targeting studio executives is a waste of time or like talking to deaf.

22.3.2004 19:41

I agree the execs don't care but at least 321's trying to rouse people's interest and being proactive. I got a call with a recorded message from 321 with Disney's phone #.

32.3.2004 21:02

they got shut down for making and selling a program that steals from movie industry. Now they want me to protest on their behalf? Am I missing something. As much as I hate them greedy a-holes it's hard to go along with this.

43.3.2004 5:08

Kickback -- You are missing something, and I disagree. As a librarian by profession, I suggest to all that the preservation of fair use is entirely legitimate and worthwhile. Without it, the government would be able to create a precedent that in the end would not only shut down 321 Studios, but even severly hamper ordinary library research. You're probably too young to remember libraries without even xerox machines let alone Internet connections. Without fair use, one could argue that placing copiers in libraries would be illegal. Anyone care to go back to using pens & pencils in your local library? One could argue many extreme interpretations, and there are plenty of lawyers for hire to make entirely valid if extreme legal arguments. Why single out 321 for being greedy? Everyone has to make a living. The 321 products I've tried simply aren't suited for large scale copying of DVDs in any case. DVD XCopy (I do own a license) has as its main advantage ease of use. I personally don't use it any more as I've learned how to do the job better with other tools. DVD XCopy does open the door for the novice user, though, and introduce some to the wider area of video technology. I suspect this is the reason why the movie makers are so upset about 321. However, the technological cat is already out of the bag. The movie people may wreak their vengeance upon 321, but at a practical level it won't do them much good. Were I in the shoes of 321, I might consider at this point releasing a freeware version of some sort just to spite the b@stards.

53.3.2004 7:51

Does anyone here understand what the MR. BIG wants, he wants to keep the money rolling in, I mean come on, CD's get scratched just by looking at them, I for one backing up EVERY movie & playstation game that I PAY for and that is me protecting MY investment. Why should I have to pay $16.00 - $50.00 AGAIN.. If MR. BIG would replace my messed up cd's,- free of charge then maybe companies and hackers would have nothing to gain by making such software.

63.3.2004 7:52

Beaters, what do you think of the idea of a class action suit against the movie industry sighting blatant disregard of fair use doctrine in the first place? I never did understand how they got away with that. Guess it started with pre-recorded VHS tapes. Since they are relatively immune to damage and there was not much point or need to change formats nobody bitched much about the macrovision. I think that set the precedent. DVDs on the other hand are SO easy to wreck that I feel like I need (have the right?) to back them up to protect my investment. Guess they (hollywood) would much rather we keep buying them over and over.

73.3.2004 8:01

Kickback - you've got me really interested, if using software to back up legally owned media is stealing then what is your particular interest for frequenting this site enough to become a junior member?

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83.3.2004 8:02

ILHS86 "MR. BIG would replace my messed up cd's,- free of charge" That is a REALLY good idea. Perhaps they would charge "shipping and handling" (and would STILL make money), but that is an excellent idea. Make those hollywood and music industry gas bags put up or shut up.

93.3.2004 9:44

The concept of a class action suit in interesting. However, I'm afraid this may be another case of "the judge has been paid off." In this case the legislature has been paid off as well. They don't call the DMCA the "Mickey Mouse Protection Act" for nothing. The consumer is behind the 8 ball here. This is an election year and all of the legislators are listening very closely to their sugar daddies, er, constituents. They have already packed the federal courts with rich Republican types. I see no relief in sight unless someone ponies up big $$, which isn't very likely in this instance. In our government palms need to be greased to get results. Pardon my cynicism, but IMO, that is what all this boils down to.

103.3.2004 10:00

When the government refuses to listen to the people, it is time for the people to take matters into their own hands and restore democratic government thru use of force. "From time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots"

113.3.2004 11:17

Beaters, Yah, I agree with you, but it was a fun idea. Well, I'm going to check out the link and see what they have to say anyhoo. I'm getting pretty sick of being treated like a criminal by the content "owners" and feeling more like a victim than a constituent when it comes to the guvmnt. BTW, great post.

123.3.2004 14:05

Nephilim, what do you think about someone using the nick "kickback" on this site and then posting comments about people "stealing" with 321 software? Not trying to slam you kickback, your opinion is as valid as anybody else's. It's just kind of ironic in light of your post. My opinion is, I don't consider making a back up copy of a DVD I paid for to be stealing. Making a bunch of them and selling them (or even giving them away) is a different matter.

133.3.2004 17:30

Great point about the nick Gray :) I agree everyone has the right to their opinion but AD is an interesting choice for making that kind of point. I wonder if he realizes this is one huge group of totally deaf ears on that subject :) _

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